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We’ve Made It Easier to Make Meaningful Connections

Team Peanut
Team Peanut11 months ago2 min read

Letting your personality shine through on your Peanut profile is one of the fastest ways to make meaningful connections.

New packs on Peanut

That’s why we’re excited to introduce new-and-improved profiles! Alongside a fresh look, we’ve launched brand new packs that make it easier to share more about yourself.

You can now add an unlimited number of packs, choosing among 73 interests and descriptions to express more of your personality directly on your profile.

Why? Because the more you share about yourself, the higher your chances are of making connections.

As a platform that’s committed to kindness and inclusivity, we encourage you to be your most authentic self on Peanut. Our new packs make that easier than ever!

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What Packs can I choose from on Peanut?

You’ll find:

  • Zodiac signs
  • Pronouns
  • Your interests: From books to board games, and fitness to fashion.
  • Your personality: Are you an adrenaline junkie? Sleep deprived? Thrifty?
  • Your goal: You might want to meet friends and plan meetups, or find support and connect with experts.

All of these personality identifiers help us match you with like-minded people, and give your new connections the perfect opportunity to break the ice.

To update yours, head to the profile tap > tap edit profile > scroll down and go wild!

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