210 Viking & Old Norse Baby Names

210 Viking & Old Norse Baby Names

After Nordic names or Norse mythology names for your little warrior? Here’s the ultimate list of Viking names and Norse baby names for the perfect fit.
If you love a unique baby name or are into your history, Norse baby names are a great place to start.

While we usually associate the term ‘Norse’ with Vikings, it generally means Norwegian or Scandinavian people, particularly in ancient times.

Nonetheless, the Viking reference does give rise to some pretty badass Nordic names.

With imagery of warriors, mythical creatures, and religious connotations, these old Norse names will make your little boy or girl stand out.

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  • Popular Viking names
  • How did Vikings name their children?
  • What are old Norse names?
  • What are good Viking names?
  • What is a Viking girl name?
  • What are some Norse names and meanings?
  • What is the rarest baby name?

Popular Viking names

Curious what the most popular VIking names are?

Well, you’ll probably recognize a few of these old Norse names:

  1. Astrid: Meaning “beautiful”.
  2. Erik: Meaning “absolute ruler”.
  3. Freya: Meaning “noblewoman”.
  4. Garth: Meaning “yard”.
  5. Hallie: Meaning “dweller at the meadow by the manor”.
  6. Jensen: Meaning “son of Jen”.
  7. Khristopher: Meaning “bearing Christ”.
  8. Kirsten: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  9. Linnea: Meaning “linden tree”.
  10. Mia: Meaning “bright”.

How did Vikings name their children?

First up, a quick history lesson.

Many Viking children were named after their parents for their family name ‒ so Thor, as the son of Odin, would be known as Thor Odinson.

As for first names, ancient Vikings named their children much in the same ways we do in the modern Western world.

Inspired by ancestors, seasons, personality traits, and even alliteration for a bigger brood (yup, like the Kardashians!) were all used to name Viking babies.

What is Viking word for baby?

The Viking word for a young baby seems to have been lost in time, but we do know that they called children a word close to the Germanic bjor or the Scottish bairn, meaning “child”.

What are old Norse names?

Let’s dive straight in with some inspiring Viking baby names and their meanings.

You may even recognize a few that are still popular today, as some have been modernized for our English-speaking tongues.

Old Norse names for girls

Let’s start with some beautiful and powerful Norse names for girls.

  1. Aina: Meaning “forever”.
  2. Åse: Meaning “goddess”.
  3. Berit: Meaning “exalted one”.
  4. Eula: Meaning “well-spoken”.
  5. Frey: Meaning “noblewoman”.
  6. Fraya: Meaning “noblewoman”.
  7. Gertrud: Meaning “spear”.
  8. Gro: Meaning “grow”.
  9. Inga: Meaning “Ing’s protection”.
  10. Ingeborg: Meaning “Ing’s stronghold”.
  11. Ingemar: Meaning “of the sea”.
  12. Inger: Meaning “Ing’s protection”.
  13. Ingmar: Meaning “of the sea”.
  14. Ingo: Meaning “Ing’s protection”.
  15. Karyna: Meaning “pure”.
  16. Keerstin: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  17. Kristyn: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  18. Krystyna: Meaning “bearing Christ”.
  19. Linea: Meaning “linden tree”.
  20. Linnae: Meaning “linden tree”.
  21. Linnaea: Meaning “linden tree”.
  22. Lynea: Meaning “linden tree”.
  23. Lynnea: Meaning “linden tree”.
  24. Mea: Meaning “bright”.
  25. Norna: Meaning “whisper”.
  26. Olga: Meaning “holy”.
  27. Olia: Meaning “holy”.
  28. Rayne: Meaning “queen”.
  29. Raynee: Meaning “queen”.
  30. Sigrid: Meaning “victorious horse rider”.
  31. Silia: Meaning “blind one”
  32. Siriana: Meaning “beautiful victory”.
  33. Solveig: Meaning “daughter of the sun”.
  34. Thora: Meaning “thunder”.
  35. Thurid: Meaning “beautiful Thor”.
  36. Thyra: Meaning “helpful”.
  37. Tora: Meaning “thunder”.
  38. Treena: Meaning “pure”.
  39. Trina: Meaning “pure”.
  40. Trinette: Meaning “pure”.
  41. Valkyrja: Meaning “chooser of the fallen”.
  42. Vivica: Meaning “war fortress”.

Old Norse names for boys

Now let’s hear it for the boys ‒ strong, mighty Viking male names:

  1. Anders: Meaning “brave”.
  2. Bergen: Meaning “meadow between the mountains”.
  3. Bergin: Meaning “meadow between the mountains”.
  4. Birger: Meaning “keeper”.
  5. Booth: Meaning “lived in a barn”.
  6. Carlson: Meaning “free settlement”.
  7. Carr: Meaning “swamp”.
  8. Denmark: After the Scandinavian country.
  9. Ericson: Meaning “son of the eternal ruler”.
  10. Erikson: Meaning “son of the eternal ruler”.
  11. Garald: Meaning “spear ruler”.
  12. Guss: Meaning “magnificent”.
  13. Gustav: Meaning “staff of the gods”.
  14. Haakon: Meaning “high son”.
  15. Hagan: Meaning “youthful”.
  16. Hakan: Meaning “high son”.
  17. Hans: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  18. Haroldo: Meaning “army ruler”.
  19. Heraldo: Meaning “army ruler”.
  20. Jansen: Meaning “son of Jan”.
  21. Janson: Meaning “son of Jan”.
  22. Jens: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  23. Joran: Meaning “farmer”.
  24. Jorn: Meaning “farmer”.
  25. Joron: Meaning “boar wave”.
  26. Jurgen: Meaning “farmer”.
  27. Karlson: Meaning “son of Karl”.
  28. Kristopher: Meaning “bearing Christ”.
  29. Kristophor: Meaning “bearing Christ”.
  30. Krystof: Meaning “bearing Christ”.
  31. Krzysztof : Meaning “bearing Christ”.
  32. Larson: Meaning “son of Lars”.
  33. Latham: Meaning “from the barn”.
  34. Norell: Meaning “from the north”.
  35. Osman: Meaning “God’s protection”.
  36. Osmin: Meaning “God’s protection”.
  37. Osmund: Meaning “God’s protection”.
  38. Steffen: Meaning “crown”.
  39. Waddell: Meaning “go”.

Gender-neutral old Norse names

Many Viking names were gender-neutral or are considered unisex in modern days, so here are some nonbinary Norse baby names to browse:

  1. Bo: Meaning “to reside”.
  2. Boden: Meaning “shelter”.
  3. Bodie: Meaning “shelter”.
  4. Bodin: Meaning “shelter”.
  5. Boe: Meaning “to reside”.
  6. Crosbie: Meaning “at the cross”.
  7. Crosby: Meaning “at the cross”.
  8. Dag: Meaning “day”.
  9. Denby: Meaning “from Denmark”.
  10. Denney: Meaning “from Denmark”.
  11. Dennie: Meaning “from Denmark”.
  12. Denny: Meaning “from Denmark”.
  13. Eino: Meaning “one”.
  14. Jorey: Meaning “farmer”.
  15. Kåre: Meaning “curly-haired”.
  16. Karmen: Meaning “song”.
  17. Ker: Meaning “from the swampy place”.
  18. Kerr: Meaning “from the swampy place”.
  19. Kersten: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  20. Kiersten: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  21. Kierstin: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  22. Kierstynn: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  23. Kirstine: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  24. Kirstynn: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  25. Kyrstin: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  26. Kjarr: Meaning “swamp”.
  27. Lambert: Meaning “bright land”.
  28. Leif: Meaning “descendant”.
  29. Lief: Meaning “heir”.
  30. Nels: Meaning “cloud”.
  31. Randi: Meaning “shield.
  32. Troels: Meaning “Thor’s arrow”.
  33. Trygve: Meaning “trustworthy”.
  34. Tyrell: Meaning “stubborn”.
  35. Wayde: Meaning “go”.

What are good Viking names?

The Vikings were around between the 8th and 11th centuries and chose their names based on the gods or mythical animals.

Some even had ‘bynames’, which could mean ‘son or daughter of’, or some even refer to personal qualities and possessions, such as Asgot with the Mighty Sword.

What is a good name for a Viking boy?

As Viking men traveled more often than women, we’re more likely to see Viking male names, such as:

  1. Arne: Meaning “eagle”.
  2. Garold: Meaning “spear ruler”.
  3. Harald: Meaning “lord and ruler”.
  4. Njal: Meaning “giant”.
  5. Ødger: Meaning “wealthy spear”.
  6. Skarde: Meaning “cleft chin”.
  7. Sten: Meaning “stone”.
  8. Sune: Meaning “son”.
  9. Thordis: Meaning “spirit of thunder”.
  10. Torsten: Meaning “Thor’s stone”.

What is a Viking girl name?

As with many other cultures, for example, with Japanese baby names, old Norse names tend to give boys more powerful, warrior-like characteristics.

Viking girl names, meanwhile, follow the classic diminutive pattern of small and timid characteristics, such as:

  1. Aelfsi: Meaning “one who is like an elf or nymph”.
  2. Anitra: Meaning “grace”.
  3. Estrid: Meaning “god and beautiful”.
  4. Frida: Meaning “peace”.
  5. Helga: Meaning “sacred”.
  6. Ingrid: Meaning “Ing’s beauty”.
  7. Kareena: Meaning “pure”.
  8. Lidwina: Meaning “people’s friend”.
  9. Sif: Meaning “wife and bride”.
  10. Tove: Meaning “dove”.
  11. Trine: Meaning “pure”.

However, just like Celtic baby names, there are a few female Viking baby names for the aspiring warrior princess.

What is a badass name for a girl?

If you can picture your little girl killing it on the football field or leading the boardroom, you’ll want to give her one of the bravest Viking baby names.

Try one of these for a beautiful, heroic moniker:

  1. Birget: A variant of the Westernized Bridget, this means a “protecting woman”.
  2. Bodil: Meaning “fighter”, for the little girl who never gives up the fight.
  3. Diss: Perfect for little ones with a lot of character, Diss means “one who is spirited”.
  4. Gerrie: A versatile name that can be lengthened to Geraldine, in Norse, this means “the one who rules with the mighty spear”.
  5. Hilda: This derivative of Brunhild relates to the Visigothic legend, and literally means “fighter”.
  6. Olaug: If you’ve already got little ones renowned for tearing up the house, this epithet could be perfect for your next baby girl! Olaug means “the destroyer” – great for kids who love to draw on the walls.
  7. Signe: Meaning “new victory”, so your little valkyrie will always be successful in every endeavor.
  8. Turid: Keep one eye on the weather on the night of your baby’s birth. If it’s a thunderstorm, you may want to consider naming her Turid – which means “master of thunder”.
  9. Valkyrie: After the mythical female Viking warriors.

What’s a cool Viking name?

Now for some cool Viking names to give your little one confidence and power:

  1. Ari: Meaning “eagle”.
  2. Aristide: Meaning “best”.
  3. Beret: Meaning “exalted one”.
  4. Eilert: Meaning “edge of a sword”.
  5. Frode: Meaning “wisdom”.
  6. Gudrun: Meaning “secret lore”.
  7. Herold: Meaning “army ruler”.
  8. Meya: Meaning “bright”.
  9. Rayna: Meaning “queen”.
  10. Roar: Meaning “famous spear”.
  11. Rune: Meaning “secret”.
  12. Signa: Meaning “new victory”.
  13. Siri: Meaning “beautiful victory”.
  14. Stefan: Meaning “crown”.

What are some Norse names and meanings?

If you’re after a Viking name with a specific meaning, we’ve got you covered.

Take a peek and see which of these Nordic names takes your fancy.

How do you say raven in Norse?

We love this lilting Viking baby name for girls.

Ravens were important in Norse mythology, representing the eyes of Odin and acting as messengers of the gods.

  1. Revna: Meaning “raven”.

What name means warrior in Norse?

Warriors were also key in Norse and Viking culture, so there are lots of Viking warrior names to choose from:

  1. Brynjar: Meaning “armored warrior”.
  2. Einar: Meaning “lone warrior”.
  3. Herleif: Meaning “descendent of warriors”.
  4. Ivar: Meaning “bow warrior”.
  5. Iver: Meaning “bow warrior”.
  6. Ragnar: Meaning “warrior”.

What is bear in Norse?

There are powerful Viking names that mean bear for boys and girls, to inspire your little cub with strength and protection:

  1. Bjarne: Meaning “bear”.
  2. Bjørn: Meaning “bear”.
  3. Orsola: Meaning “little she-bear”.
  4. Sula: Meaning “little she-bear”.
  5. Ursa: Meaning “bear”.
  6. Ursala: Meaning “bear”.
  7. Ursula: Meaning “bear”.
  8. Yrsa: Meaning “bear”.

What Norse name means life?

There’s just one notable Norse name that means life ‒ it’s short, sweet, and still popular in Scandinavian countries today:

  1. Liv: Meaning “life”.

What is the Norse word for wolf?

Wolves are another common component of Norse mythology, so there are a few Viking names meaning wolf that you may already know:

  1. Fenris: Meaning “mythical wolf”.
  2. Rafe: Meaning “counsel of the wolf”.
  3. Rolf: Meaning “counsel of the wolf”.
  4. Ulf: Meaning “wolf”.
  5. Ulfhild: Meaning “battle wolf”.
  6. Ulrika: Meaning “wolf power”.

What Norse name means fire?

Fans of Marvel may know a name similar to this one:

  1. Logi: Meaning “fire”.

What is the rarest baby name?

If you’re looking for something of a more rare Norse name, be prepared to have trouble with the spelling!

Many Viking baby names use diacritics (accents or punctuation marks above letters), so be mindful of this, too.

You can choose names such as:

  1. Åge: Meaning “ancestor”.
  2. Arkyn: Meaning “eternal son of the king”.
  3. Askild: Meaning “gods’ helmet”.
  4. Cuyler: Meaning “archer”.
  5. Dagny: Meaning “a new day”.
  6. Destin: Meaning “determined”.
  7. Egil: Meaning “respect”.
  8. Geir: Meaning “spear man”.
  9. Gorm: Meaning “he worships God”.
  10. Gudbrand: Meaning “divine sword”.
  11. Gunhild: Meaning “fight”.
  12. Gunnar: Meaning “army”.
  13. Haldor: Meaning “rock of Thor”.
  14. Halfdan: Meaning “half Danish”.
  15. Halvar: Meaning “defender of the rock”.
  16. Hjalmar: Meaning “helmet-wearing fighter”.
  17. Jarl: Meaning “noble man”.
  18. Knud: Meaning “knot”.
  19. Narve: Meaning “enclosed”.
  20. Odine: Meaning “wild and eager”.
  21. Osmond: Meaning “divine protection”.
  22. Sigrun: Meaning “close friend”.
  23. Svend: Meaning “worker”.
  24. Toke: Meaning “Thor’s helmet”.
  25. Uhtred: Meaning “pre-dawn counsel”.
  26. Viggo: Meaning “battle”.

So take your pick from these powerful, strong Norse and Viking baby names for your little vikingr.

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