165 Norse Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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If you love a unique baby name or are into your history, Norse baby names are a great place to start. While we usually associate the term ‘Norse’ with Vikings, it generally means Norwegian or Scandinavian people, particularly in ancient times.

Norse Baby Names

Nonetheless, the Viking reference does give rise to some pretty badass Nordic names. With imagery of warriors, mythical creatures, and religious connotations, these old Norse names will make your little boy or girl stand out.

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  • What is the rarest baby name?
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What are good Viking names?

The Vikings were around between the 8th and 11th century, and chose their names based on the gods or mythical animals. Some even had ‘bynames’, which could mean ‘son or daughter of’, or some even refer to personal qualities and possessions, such as Asgot with the Mighty Sword.

As Viking men travelled more often than women, we’re more likely to see Norse baby boy names, such as:

  1. Arne – ‘eagle’
  2. Harald – ‘lord and ruler’
  3. Bjorn – ‘bear’
  4. Torsten – ‘Thor and stone’
  5. Leif – ‘descendant’
  6. Erik – ‘absolute ruler.’

What is the name for a female Viking?

As with many other cultures, for example, with Japanese baby names, old Norse names tend to give boys more powerful, warrior-like characteristics. Norse baby girl names, meanwhile, follow the classic diminutive pattern of small and timid characteristics, such as:

  1. Aelfsi – ‘one who is like an elf or nymph’
  2. Tove – ‘dove’
  3. Sif – ‘wife and bride’
  4. Helga – ‘sacred’
  5. Estrid – ‘god and beautiful.’

However, just like Celtic baby names, there are a few female Viking baby names for the aspiring warrior princess.

What is a badass name for a girl?

If you can picture your little girl killing it on the football field or leading the boardroom, you’ll want to give her one of the bravest Viking baby names. Try one of these for a beautiful, heroic moniker:

  1. Hilda
    This derivative of Brunhild relates to the Visigothic legend, and literally means ‘fighter.’

  2. Birget
    A variant of the Westernized Bridget, this means a ‘protecting woman.’

  3. Diss
    Perfect for little ones with a lot of character, Diss means ‘one who is spirited.’

  4. Gerrie
    A versatile name that can be lengthened to Geraldine, in Norse this means ‘the one who rules with the mighty spear.’

  5. Turid
    Keep one eye on the weather on the night of your baby’s birth. If it’s a thunderstorm, you may want to consider naming her Turid – which means ‘the master of natural thunder.’

  6. Olaug
    If you’ve already got little ones renowned for tearing up the house, this epithet could be perfect for your next baby girl! Olaug means ‘the destroyer’ – great for kids who love to draw on the walls.

What is the rarest baby name?

If you’re looking for something of a rarer Scandinavian baby name, be prepared to have trouble with the spelling! Many old Norse baby names use diacritics (accents or punctuation marks above letters), so be mindful of this, too. You can choose names such as:


  1. Askild – ‘the gods’ helmet’
  2. Jarl – ‘noble man’
  3. Narve – ‘enclosed.’


  1. Dagny – ‘a new day’
  2. Sigrun – ‘close friend’
  3. Odine – ‘wild and eager.’

And just for fun…

If you’ve not found your perfect Viking baby name just yet, have a scroll through our list of top Norse names for your newborn.

  1. Aina
  2. Anders
  3. Anitra
  4. Ari
  5. Aristide
  6. Beret
  7. Bergen
  8. Bergin
  9. Berit
  10. Bjarne
  11. Bo
  12. Boden
  13. Bodie
  14. Bodin
  15. Boe
  16. Booth
  17. Carlson
  18. Carr
  19. Crosbie
  20. Crosby
  21. Dag
  22. Denby
  23. Denmark
  24. Denney
  25. Dennie
  26. Denny
  27. Eilert
  28. Einar
  29. Eino
  30. Ericson
  31. Erikson
  32. Eula
  33. Fenris
  34. Fraya
  35. Frey
  36. Freya
  37. Garald
  38. Garold
  39. Garth
  40. Gudrun
  41. Guss
  42. Gustav
  43. Haakon
  44. Hagan
  45. Hakan
  46. Hallie
  47. Hans
  48. Haroldo
  49. Heraldo
  50. Herold
  51. Inga
  52. Ingeborg
  53. Ingemar
  54. Inger
  55. Ingmar
  56. Ingo
  57. Ingrid
  58. Ivar
  59. Iver
  60. Jansen
  61. Janson
  62. Jens
  63. Jensen
  64. Joran
  65. Jorey
  66. Jorn
  67. Joron
  68. Jurgen
  69. Kareena
  70. Karlson
  71. Karmen
  72. Karyna
  73. Keerstin
  74. Ker
  75. Kerr
  76. Kersten
  77. Khristopher
  78. Kiersten
  79. Kierstin
  80. Kierstynn
  81. Kirsten
  82. Kirstine
  83. Kirstynn
  84. Kristopher
  85. Kristophor
  86. Kristyn
  87. Krystof
  88. Krystyna
  89. Krzysztof
  90. Kyrstin
  91. Lambert
  92. Larson
  93. Latham
  94. Lidwina
  95. Lief
  96. Linea
  97. Linnae
  98. Linnaea
  99. Linnea
  100. Lynea
  101. Lynnea
  102. Mea
  103. Meya
  104. Mia
  105. Nels
  106. Norell
  107. Norna
  108. Olga
  109. Olia
  110. Orsola
  111. Osman
  112. Osmin
  113. Osmund
  114. Rafe
  115. Rayna
  116. Rayne
  117. Raynee
  118. Rolf
  119. Signa
  120. Signe
  121. Silia
  122. Siri
  123. Siriana
  124. Solveig
  125. Stefan
  126. Steffen
  127. Sula
  128. Thora
  129. Thordis
  130. Treena
  131. Trina
  132. Trine
  133. Trinette
  134. Tyrell
  135. Ulrika
  136. Ursa
  137. Ursala
  138. Ursula
  139. Valkyrie
  140. Vivica
  141. Waddell
  142. Wayde

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