220+ Beautiful Norwegian Baby Girl Names

220+ Beautiful Norwegian Baby Girl Names

Norwegian baby girl names conjure images of fjords, Vikings, the Northern lights, polar bears… what more could you want?
Norwegian girl names are strong, tough, and oh-so-pretty, and there are so many to choose from!

From short, punchy Viking girl names and Norse mythology names to popular Norwegian girl names with beautiful meanings, we’ve traversed fjords and voyaged through Svalbard to find you the best Norwegian baby girl names.

In this article: 📝

  • What is a Viking name for a girl?
  • What is the most popular girl’s name in Norway?
  • Mythological Norse goddess names
  • More Norwegian baby girl names

What is a Viking name for a girl?

Viking women were strong, no-nonsense warriors, and female Viking names are the perfect inspiration for choosing your Norwegian baby girl name!

Here are 20 of the best girl Viking names for your little valkyrie:

  1. Aldith: Meaning “veteran combatant”.
  2. Aloisa: Meaning “renowned fighter”.
  3. Arvid: Meaning “valiant fighter or warrior”.
  4. Batilde: Meaning “female warrior”.
  5. Branka: Meaning “magnificent protector”.
  6. Brina: Meaning “defender”.
  7. Ebbe: Meaning “courageous”.
  8. Freydis: Meaning “noblewoman”. Also the name of a renowned female Viking, Freydis Eiríksdóttir.
  9. Hedda: Meaning “conflict”.
  10. Hilde: Meaning “battle fortress”.
  11. Hildi: Meaning “ready for war”.
  12. Hjalmprimul: Meaning “female warrior”.
  13. Hunnulv: Meaning “she-wolf”.
  14. Kindra: Meaning “the greatest champion”.
  15. Labrenda: Meaning “sword”.
  16. Lova: Meaning “sounds of battle”.
  17. Serrilda: Meaning “armed warrior woman”.
  18. Ulka: Meaning “the home’s authority”.
  19. Urszula: Meaning “small female bear”.
  20. Valkyrie: Meaning “female Viking”.

What is the most popular girl’s name in Norway?

There are lots of popular Norwegian girl’s names that have made it across the pond.

Here are the 20 most popular girl’s names in Norway and beyond:

  1. Ada: Meaning “graceful and noble”.
  2. Agnes: Meaning “pure” and “sacred”.
  3. Amelia: Meaning “work” or “hard-working”.
  4. Bergdis: Meaning “protected by spirits”.
  5. Celine: Meaning “heavenly”.
  6. Dina: Meaning “from the valley”.
  7. Ella: Meaning “fairy” and “light”.
  8. Elyna: Meaning “light” or “torch”.
  9. Emma: Meaning “universal” or “whole”.
  10. Emilie: Meaning “complete” or “ambitious”.
  11. Felicia: Meaning “lucky” or ’happy things”.
  12. Frida: Meaning “peace”.
  13. Grethe or Greta: Meaning “pearl”.
  14. Hailee: Meaning “hero”.
  15. Hanna: Meaning “favored”.
  16. Ingrid: Meaning “beautiful”.
  17. Karina: Meaning “favored”.
  18. Nora: Meaning “honor”.
  19. Ottilie: Meaning “riches”.
  20. Selma: Meaning “safe”.

Mythological Norse goddess names

How about a Norwegian girl’s name with a touch of mythology?

Check out our list of the best Norse goddess names:

  1. Abellona: The Norse goddess of the Sun ‒ a perfect Norwegian name for girls born on a sunny summer’s day.
  2. Astride, Astrilde, or Astrid: One of the sweetest Norwegian girl names, Astride is known as the Norse goddess of love. The name Astride also means “burning love”.
  3. Atla: If your little peanut is born by the sea, how about naming her after the Norse goddess of the water, Atla? Atla also means “wild”.
  4. Bestla: One of the lesser-known Norse goddesses, Bestla is the mother of some of the most powerful gods: Odin, Vili, and Ve. The official meaning of Bestla is uncertain, but Norse scholars think it means “wife” or “bark”.
  5. Eir: (pronounced ‘ire’) Perfect if your fertility journey hasn’t been the easiest, Eir is the Norse goddess of healing and medicine.
  6. Embla: A perfect Norwegian girl’s name for your first baby girl, Embla is the first woman in Norse mythology. Embla also means “elm tree”.
  7. Eostre: If your baby girl makes an appearance around Easter, Eostre is the perfect Norwegian girl name. Eostre is the Norse goddess of the dawn, and Eostre was one of the earliest mentions of Easter.
  8. Freja, Freija, Freia, Frejia, Freyia, or Freya: One of the more popular Norwegian girl names, Freja is the Norse goddess of love and battle. Freja also means “noblewoman”. Not sure about the Freja pronunciation? It’s pronounced “fray-yah”.
  9. Frigga or Frigg: In the Marvel universe, Frigga is the mother of Thor, the god of thunder. In traditional Norse mythology, Thor wasn’t actually her son, although she raised him with Odin, her husband. Frigga is the Norse goddess of the earth, and her name means “beloved”.
  10. Gejfun: (gey-fn) One of the more unusual Norwegian girl names, Gejfun is the Norse goddess of chastity, with her name meaning “pure”.
  11. Gerd, Gerth, or Gerðr: A beautiful Norwegian girl’s name if your baby girl has finally arrived after a long TTC journey, Gerd is the Norse goddess of fertility.
  12. Hela, Hella, or Hel: One of the more gothic Norwegian girl names on our list, Hela is the Norse goddess of the underworld.
  13. Hlín: (pronounced h-leen) Another of the lesser-known Norwegian girl names after a goddess, Hlín is the Norse goddess of protection. The name Hlín also means “fortification”.
  14. Idun or Idunn: A lovely Norwegian girl’s name if your baby is born in spring, Idun is the Norse goddess of spring and youth.
  15. Laga: One of the shorter Norwegian baby girl names, Laga is the Norse goddess of springs and wells of water.
  16. Nerthus: Another of the more uncommon Norwegian female names, Nerthus is the Norse goddess of fertility as well as peace.
  17. Nott: Nott is known as the Norse goddess of night sky. Nott is a beautiful, short Norwegian name for girls born on the darkest night.
  18. Saga: A beautifully poetic, traditional Norwegian name meaning “epic story”. Saga is also known as the Norse goddess of poetry and history.
  19. Sigyn: Another of the popular Norwegian girl names after a Norse goddess of fertility. Sigyn also means “triumphant” in Old Norse.
  20. Siv: One of the more well-known Norse goddesses, Siv is the Norse goddess of fertility and agriculture. Siv also means “bride” in Old Norse.
  21. Skuld: For the baby girl who’s simply ‘meant to be’, Skuld is one of the Norse goddesses of destiny and fate. The name Skuld also means “forthcoming” ‒ a future feminist, perhaps?
  22. Snotra: While the name Snotra may not conjure the best images in the English-speaking world, in Norway, Snotra is a beautiful traditional Norwegian name. Snotra was the Norse goddess of wisdom.
  23. Urd: Another of the Norse goddesses of destiny, Urd is a short-but-sweet Norwegian girl’s name meaning “fate”.
  24. Var: One of the more unusual Norse goddess names, Var is the goddess of promises. The name Var also means “covenant”.
  25. Vor: Like Snotra, Vor is one of the Norse goddesses of wisdom. Vor also means “cautious one”.
  26. Weth: One of the tougher Norse mythological names, Weth is the Norse goddess of anger, with Weth meaning “annihilation”. Perfect for the baby girl who arrives into the world with a roar.
  27. Yggdrasil: One of the most well-known Norse goddess names, Yggdrasil is the goddess of life and is represented by the Tree of Life.

More Norwegian baby girl names

Haven’t yet found the perfect choice from our Norwegian baby girl names?

Never fear, we’ve got lots more Norse mythology names, traditional Norwegian names, and more female Viking names:

  1. Agda: Meaning “good”.
  2. Agnetha: Meaning “holy” or “pure”.
  3. Agot: Meaning “good-hearted”.
  4. Aina: Meaning “eternal”.
  5. Alvilde: Meaning “to shine”.
  6. Anette: Meaning “favored” or “gracious”.
  7. Angrboda: Meaning “she who announces grief”.
  8. Anina or Anita: Meaning “grace” or “favor”.
  9. Anja: Meaning “gracious”.
  10. Ann, Anna, or Anne: Meaning “eagle”.
  11. Anniken: Meaning “gracious”.
  12. Ashild: Meaning “God fighting”.
  13. Aslaug: Meaning “God” or “wife”.
  14. Asta: Meaning “star-like” or “love”.
  15. Asvoria: Meaning “divine wisdom”.
  16. Audhilda: Meaning “wealth” or “fortune”. Can be shortened to Aud.
  17. Aundy: Meaning “new prosperity”.
  18. Beret: Meaning “glorious” or “bright”.
  19. Bergljot: Meaning “protection” or “light”.
  20. Bertine: Meaning “intelligent maiden” or “bright and shining”.
  21. Bifrost: Meaning “bridge from earth to heaven” or “shimmering path”.
  22. Birgit: Meaning “powerful” or “strong”.
  23. Bodilla: Meaning “fighting woman”.
  24. Borghild: Meaning “refuge from war”.
  25. Brendette: Meaning “sword”.
  26. Brenn: Meaning “raven”.
  27. Brita: Meaning “noble”.
  28. Brynhildr: Meaning “shield battle”.
  29. Canutte: Meaning “fruit of the earth”.
  30. Cilja or Cilje: Meaning “she that surrounds”.
  31. Dagmar: Meaning “glorious”.
  32. Dagny: Meaning “new day started”.
  33. Dagrun: Meaning “day” or “secret”.
  34. Dordi: Meaning “gift from God”.
  35. Eisa: Meaning “glowing embers”.
  36. Eivor: Meaning “good luck” or “island”.
  37. Elin: Meaning “light” or “beautiful”.
  38. Elli: Meaning “eternity”.
  39. Else or Elsa: Meaning “rebellious” or “promise of God”.
  40. Erika: Meaning “ruler”.
  41. Erla: Meaning “wagtail bird”.
  42. Estrith or Estrid: Meaning “beautiful goddess”.
  43. Finna: Meaning “fair”.
  44. Garda: Meaning “shelter”.
  45. Geirdriful: Meaning “spear thrower”.
  46. Gertrud: Meaning “spear”.
  47. Gimle: Meaning “new heaven”.
  48. Göndul: Meaning “wand commander”.
  49. Grid: Meaning “harmony”.
  50. Groa: Meaning “gardener”.
  51. Gunhild: Meaning “fight”.
  52. Gunnr: Meaning “war”.
  53. Gunvor: Meaning “cautious in war”.
  54. Hanne: Meaning “favored by God”.
  55. Hege: Meaning “meditation”.
  56. Helga: Meaning “revered woman”.
  57. Heidi: Meaning “noble” or “graceful”.
  58. Heidrun: Meaning “bright”.
  59. Herja: Meaning “devastate”.
  60. Hervör: Meaning “sage”.
  61. Hilda: Meaning “fighter”.
  62. Holde: Meaning “concealed”.
  63. Hrist: Meaning “one who shivers”.
  64. Hulda: Meaning “secrecy”.
  65. Ida: (pronounced ee-dah) Meaning “industrious” or “prosperous”.
  66. Ilka: Meaning “industrious”.
  67. Ingeborg: Meaning “protection”.
  68. Inger: Meaning “beautiful goddess”.
  69. Ingunn: Meaning “love”.
  70. Ingvlid: Meaning “dedicated to ancestors” or “battle”.
  71. Isane: Meaning “resolute”.
  72. Janne: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  73. Jorunn: Meaning “love of horses”.
  74. Juni: Meaning “born in June”.
  75. Kára: Meaning “stormy”.
  76. Karen or Karin: Meaning “pure”.
  77. Kari: Meaning “pure”.
  78. Karoline: Meaning “free woman”.
  79. Kine: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  80. Kirsten, Kjersti, Kristin, or Kristine: Meaning “walks with God”.
  81. Kjellfrid: Meaning “beautiful”.
  82. Laila: Meaning “holy”.
  83. Lene: (pronounced leh-nuh) Meaning “bright” or “light”.
  84. Lilli: Meaning “abundance”.
  85. Linda: Meaning “beautiful”.
  86. Linn: Meaning “soft”.
  87. Linnea: Meaning “lime tree”.
  88. Lisbeth: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  89. Liss or Lise: Meaning “promise of God”.
  90. Liv: Meaning “protection”.
  91. Lovise: Meaning “well-known fighter”.
  92. Lulla: Meaning “legendary female warrior”.
  93. Magnhild: Meaning “strong”.
  94. Malin: Meaning “high tower” or “woman of Magdela”.
  95. Margit or Marit: Meaning “pearl”.
  96. Marie: Meaning “rebellious woman”.
  97. Marte: Meaning “lady”.
  98. Mathea: Meaning “gift from God”.
  99. Mathilde: Meaning “strength” or “might in battle”.
  100. Mette: Meaning “pearl”.
  101. Mist: Meaning “cloud”.
  102. Moja: Meaning “great”.
  103. Mona: Meaning “noble”.
  104. Monica: Meaning “advisor”.
  105. Nanna: Meaning “courageous”.
  106. Neci: Meaning “fiery”.
  107. Niel: Meaning “winner”.
  108. Nina: Meaning “grace” or “mercy”.
  109. Olaug: Meaning “ancestor”.
  110. Olga: Meaning “sanctified”.
  111. Oula: Meaning “resolve”.
  112. Prima: Meaning “battle”.
  113. Ragnhild: Meaning “advising in battle”.
  114. Randgrid: Meaning “shield demolisher”.
  115. Randi: Meaning “shield” or “shrine”.
  116. Reginleif: Meaning “daughter of the Gods”.
  117. Reidun: Meaning “lovely in the nest”.
  118. Revna: Meaning “raven”.
  119. Rita: Meaning “pearl”.
  120. Róta: Meaning “hail” and “tempest”.
  121. Runa: Meaning “secret tradition”.
  122. Signe: Meaning “one who is victorious”.
  123. Sigrdrífa: Meaning “triumph inciter”.
  124. Sigrid: Meaning “victory”.
  125. Sigrún: Meaning “symbol of triumph”.
  126. Silje: Meaning “blind”.
  127. Sissel: Meaning “without sight”.
  128. Signy: Meaning “latest victory”.
  129. Sjofn: Meaning “woman”.
  130. Skadi: Meaning “damage”.
  131. Skögul: Meaning “high soaring”.
  132. Solveig: Meaning “strong house” or “daughter of the Sun”.
  133. Svana: Meaning “like a swan”.
  134. Svipul: Meaning “varying”.
  135. Synnøve: Meaning “gift of the Sun”.
  136. Terese or Therese: Meaning “harvest”.
  137. Thyra: Meaning “helpful”.
  138. Tonje: Meaning “new thunder”.
  139. Toril or Torill: Meaning “Thor’s battle” or “thunder battle”.
  140. Tove: Meaning “dove”.
  141. Trine: Meaning “pure”.
  142. Turid or Thurid: Meaning “beautiful” or “peace”.
  143. Ulfhild: Meaning “wolf” or “battle”.
  144. Ulli: Meaning “gem of the sea”.
  145. Unnr or Unni: Meaning “to love” or “to wave”.
  146. Verdandi: Meaning “becoming” or “happening”.
  147. Vigdis: Meaning “war goddess”.
  148. Vinga: Meaning “wing”.
  149. Viola: Meaning “violet flower”.
  150. Viveka: Meaning “battle refuge”.
  151. Wanda: Meaning “wanderer”.
  152. Wencke: Meaning “friend”.
  153. Werna: Meaning “defender”.
  154. Wibeke: Meaning “warrior”.
  155. Willa: Meaning “will” or “helmet”.
  156. Yrsa: Meaning “wild” or “she-bear”.
  157. Yulla: Meaning “affluent”.
  158. Zylla: Meaning “just”.

There you have it ‒ 225 beautiful Norwegian baby girl names for your little peanut.

Which ones have made your shortlist? Share your favorites with the rest of the mamas and mamas-to-be on Peanut.

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