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450+ Magnificent Norwegian Baby Names (With Meanings)

2 years ago21 min read
Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Norwegian baby names have traveled around the world, across Scandinavia, Europe, and beyond.

Norwegian Baby Names

With a myriad of Norse mythology names, Viking warrior names, traditional Norwegian names, and more popular Norwegian names, you’re sure to find the perfect moniker for your little peanut in our ultimate guide to Norwegian names (and meanings)!

In this article: 📝

  • What are common Norwegian names?
  • What are the most popular baby names in Norway?
  • What are good Viking names?
  • What are some Norse god names?
  • More Norwegian baby girl names
  • More Norwegian baby boy names
  • Gender-neutral Norwegian baby names

What are common Norwegian names?

You might find some Norwegian names have made their way across the pond ‒ here are the top 10 Norwegian baby names around the world.

  1. Anders: Meaning “brave”. ♂
  2. Fredrik: Meaning “peace” and “power”. ♂
  3. Grethe or Greta: Meaning “pearl”. ♀
  4. Hailee: Meaning “hero”. ♀
  5. Hans or Jan: Meaning “God is gracious”. ♀♂
  6. Ingrid: Meaning “beautiful”. ♀
  7. Jørgen: Meaning “farmer”. ♂
  8. Karl: Meaning “free man”. ♂
  9. Kristoffer or Christoffer: Meaning “holds Christ in his heart”. ♂
  10. Rüdiger, Rutger, or Roger: Meaning “famous spear”. ♂

What are the most popular baby names in Norway?

So how about the most popular baby names in Norway?

It’s a mix of both traditional Norwegian names and modern Norwegian first names, inspired by other languages and cultures.

Here are the top 20 Norwegian girl names:

  1. Amelia or Amalie: Meaning “work” or “hard-working” in Latin.
  2. Carina: Meaning “beloved” in Scandinavian, Italian, and English.
  3. Dorothea: Meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
  4. Ella: Meaning “her” in Spanish.
  5. Ellinore: Meaning “sun ray” in Greek.
  6. Evy: Meaning “to breathe” or “life” in Hebrew.
  7. Frida: Meaning “peace” in German.
  8. Hanna: Meaning “favored” in Hebrew.
  9. Heidi: Meaning “noble” or “graceful” in German.
  10. Hilda: Meaning “fighter” in Norse.
  11. Josefine: Meaning “God will add” in French.
  12. Kaia: Meaning “the sea” in Hawai’ian.
  13. Karolina: Meaning “warrior” in Danish and Russian.
  14. Katarina: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  15. Katja: Meaning “pure” in Russian.
  16. Linnea: Meaning “lime tree” in Scandinavian.
  17. Mikaela: Meaning “she who is like God” in Hebrew.
  18. Nora: Meaning “light” in French and Arabic.
  19. Sylvie: Meaning “wood spirit” in Latin.
  20. Vera: Meaning “faith” in Slavic.

And the top 20 Norwegian boy names:

  1. Aksel: Meaning “peace of the Lord” in Hebrew.
  2. Alexander: Meaning “defender of men” in Greek. Can be shortened to Alex, Xan, or Xander.
  3. Elias: Meaning “the Lord is my God” in Hebrew.
  4. Emil: Meaning “rival” or “trying to excel” in Latin.
  5. Isak: Meaning “God will laugh” in Hebrew.
  6. Jonas: Meaning “dove” in Hebrew.
  7. Johan or Johannes: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  8. Kristian or Christian: Meaning “follower of Christ” in Latin.
  9. Lucas: Meaning “bringer of light” in Latin.
  10. Markus: Meaning “dedicated to Mars” or “warlike” in German. Can be shortened to Mark.
  11. Mathias: Meaning “gift from God” in Hebrew. Can be shortened to Mat or Matty.
  12. Mikkel: Meaning “he who resembles God” in Hebrew.
  13. Mohammad: Meaning “praised” in Arabic.
  14. Nikolai: Meaning “victory of the people” in Slavic. Can be shortened to Nik or Nikki.
  15. Noah: Meaning “rest” in Hebrew.
  16. Sebastian: Meaning “revered” in Latin. Can be shortened to Seb.
  17. Theodor: Meaning “gift from God” in Greek. Can be shortened to Theo.
  18. Tobias: Meaning “God is good” in Hebrew. Can be shortened to Toby.
  19. Victor: Meaning “conqueror” in Latin.
  20. William: Meaning “strong-willed warrior” in English and German. Can be shortened to Will, Willy, Bill, Billy, or Liam.

What are good Viking names?

Viking names are strong, no-nonsense, and powerful ‒ why not choose a Norse battle-worthy name for your little peanut to give them a fierce edge?

Here are 20 of the best female Viking names for your little valkyrie:

  1. Aldith: Meaning “veteran combatant”.
  2. Aloisa: Meaning “renowned fighter”.
  3. Arvid: Meaning “valiant fighter or warrior”.
  4. Batilde: Meaning “female warrior”.
  5. Branka: Meaning “magnificent protector”.
  6. Brina: Meaning “defender”.
  7. Ebbe: Meaning “courageous”.
  8. Freydis: Meaning “noblewoman”. Also the name of a renowned female Viking, Freydis Eiríksdóttir.
  9. Hedda: Meaning “conflict”.
  10. Hilde: Meaning “battle fortress”.
  11. Hildi: Meaning “ready for war”.
  12. Hjalmprimul: Meaning “female warrior”.
  13. Hunnulv: Meaning “she-wolf”.
  14. Kindra: Meaning “the greatest champion”.
  15. Labrenda: Meaning “sword”.
  16. Lova: Meaning “sounds of battle”.
  17. Serrilda: Meaning “armed warrior woman”.
  18. Ulka: Meaning “the home’s authority”.
  19. Urszula: Meaning “small female bear”.
  20. Valkyrie: Meaning “female Viking”.

And 20 of the fiercest Viking warrior names for your baby boy:

  1. Asger: Meaning “spear of god”.
  2. Bard or Baard: Meaning both “peace” and “battle”.
  3. Brandt: Meaning “sword”.
  4. Brynjar: (brin-yahr) Meaning “armored warrior”.
  5. Einar: Meaning “one who fights alone”.
  6. Erik: Meaning “ruler forever”. Erik was also the name of the founder of the first Viking settlement in Greenland.
  7. Geir: Meaning “spearman”.
  8. Gudbrand: Meaning “sword of God”.
  9. Halvar or Halvor: Meaning “rock defender” or “defender of the earth”.
  10. Herleif: Meaning “descended from warriors”.
  11. Hjalmar: (hyal-mahr) Meaning “warrior with a helmet”.
  12. Hoder or Hoðr: (ho-dr) Meaning “battle”. Also the name of a Norse god.
  13. Holger: Meaning “island of spears”.
  14. Hrooar: (h-roo-ahr) Meaning “spear warrior”.
  15. Ødger: (ed-ger) Meaning “wealth” and “spear”.
  16. Ragnar: Meaning “counsel” and “army”. Also the name of the most famous Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok.
  17. Roar: (roo-aar) Meaning “famous spear”. A similar sound to Hrooar, but with a slightly different meaning.
  18. Sigurd: Meaning “victorious advisor”. Also the name of another famous Viking, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye.
  19. Tore: Meaning “thunder warrior”. A Viking boy’s name after the Norse god, Thor.
  20. Viggo: Meaning “battle”.

What are some Norse god names?

There are a lot of Norwegian names based on Old Norse gods and goddesses ‒ titans who were believed to keep the world turning, bringers of light, darkness, life, art, fertility… the list goes on!

So if you’re looking for Norwegian baby names with a touch of mythology and legend, check out these top 40 Norse gods names:

  1. Abellona: The Norse goddess of the Sun.
  2. Aegir or Ægir: The Norse god of the ocean, storms, and banquets.
  3. Astride, Astrilde, or Astrid: The Norse goddess of love.
  4. Atla: The Norse goddess of the water. Atla also means “wild”.
  5. Balder: The Norse god of light and purity.
  6. Bestla: The mother of the most powerful Norse gods: Odin, Vili, and Ve.
  7. Bragi: (brah-zhee) The Norse god of poetry.
  8. Dagr: The Norse god of day.
  9. Delling: The Norse god of the dawn.
  10. Eir: (pronounced ‘ire’) The Norse goddess of healing and medicine.
  11. Forseti: The Norse god of justice.
  12. Freja, Freija, Freia, Frejia, Freyia, or Freya: The Norse goddess of love and battle. Freja also means “noblewoman”.
  13. Freyr: The Norse god of rain, harvest, and fertility.
  14. Frigga or Frigg: The Norse goddess of the earth. Frigga also means “beloved”.
  15. Gejfun: (gey-fn) The Norse goddess of chastity. Gejfun also means “pure”.
  16. Gerd, Gerth, or Gerðr: The Norse goddess of fertility.
  17. Heimdall: The guardian of the Norse gods. Heimdall also means “white god”.
  18. Hela, Hella, or Hel: The Norse goddess of the underworld.
  19. Hlín: (pronounced h-leen) The Norse goddess of protection. Hlín also means “fortification”.
  20. Hod, Höd, Hoder, or Hodur: The Norse god of darkness and night.
  21. Idun or Idunn: The Norse goddess of spring and youth.
  22. Laga: The Norse goddess of springs and wells of water.
  23. Loki: The Norse god of chaos and mischief. Loki also means “airy” or “god of air” in Norse, as well as “lock” or “knot” in Old German.
  24. Meili: The Norse god of travel. Meili also means “mile-stepper”.
  25. Mímir: The Norse god of knowledge. Mímir also means “he who remembers”.
  26. Nerthus: The Norse goddess of fertility and peace.
  27. Njord: The Norse god of the sea and guardian of wealth.
  28. Nott: The Norse goddess of night.
  29. Odin: The Norse god of knowledge, war, art, and wisdom. Odin also means “raging”.
  30. Sigyn: The Norse goddess of fertility. Sigyn also means “triumphant”.
  31. Siv: The Norse goddess of fertility and agriculture. Siv also means “bride”.
  32. Skuld: The Norse goddess of destiny and fate. Skuld also means “forthcoming”.
  33. Thor: The Norse god of the sky, thunder, storms, strength, and trees.
  34. Tyr: The Norse god of war and justice. Tyr is also a Norse rune meaning “balance”.
  35. Ullr: The Norse god of hunting and skiing.
  36. Urd: The Norse goddess of destiny. Urd also means “fate”.
  37. Ve: (vay) The Norse god of creation.
  38. Vidar or Víðarr: The Norse god of revenge and vengeance. Vidar also means “ruler”.
  39. Vili: The Norse god of the senses and wit. Vili also means “giver of reason”.
  40. Weth: The Norse goddess of anger. Weth also means “annihilation”.

More Norwegian baby girl names

Not quite found the perfect Norwegian name for your baby girl?

Never fear, we’ve got 152 more beautiful Norwegian girl names, complete with meanings, for you to choose from:

  1. Ada: Meaning “graceful and noble”.
  2. Agda: Meaning “good”.
  3. Agnetha or Agnes: Meaning “holy” or “pure”.
  4. Agot: Meaning “good-hearted”.
  5. Aina: Meaning “eternal”.
  6. Alja: Meaning “entire”.
  7. Alvilde: Meaning “to shine”.
  8. Ambor: Meaning “amber”.
  9. Anette or Anesa: Meaning “favored” or “gracious”.
  10. Angrboda: Meaning “she who announces grief”.
  11. Anina or Anita: Meaning “grace” or “favor”.
  12. Anja: Meaning “gracious”.
  13. Ann, Anna, or Anne: Meaning “eagle”.
  14. Ashild: Meaning “God fighting”.
  15. Aslaug: Meaning “God” or “wife”.
  16. Asta: Meaning “star-like” or “love”.
  17. Asvoria: Meaning “divine wisdom”.
  18. Audhilda: Meaning “wealth” or “fortune”. Can be shortened to Aud.
  19. Aundy: Meaning “new prosperity”.
  20. Beret: Meaning “glorious” or “bright”.
  21. Bergljot: Meaning “protection” or “light”.
  22. Bertine: Meaning “intelligent maiden” or “bright and shining”.
  23. Birgit or Birgitte: Meaning “powerful” or “strong”.
  24. Bjarnilla: Meaning “noble bear”.
  25. Bodilla: Meaning “fighting woman”.
  26. Borghild: Meaning “refuge from war”.
  27. Brendette: Meaning “sword”.
  28. Brita or Britta: Meaning “noble”.
  29. Brynhildr: Meaning “shield battle”.
  30. Canutte: Meaning “fruit of the earth”.
  31. Cilja or Cilje: Meaning “she that surrounds”.
  32. Dagmar: Meaning “glorious”.
  33. Dagny: Meaning “new day started”.
  34. Dordi: Meaning “gift from God”.
  35. Eisa: Meaning “glowing embers”.
  36. Elin: Meaning “light” or “beautiful”.
  37. Elli: Meaning “eternity”.
  38. Else or Elsa: Meaning “rebellious” or “promise of God”.
  39. Elyna: Meaning “light” or “torch”.
  40. Embla: Meaning “elm tree”.
  41. Eostre: Meaning “Easter”.
  42. Erika: Meaning “ruler”.
  43. Erla: Meaning “wagtail bird”.
  44. Estrith or Estrid: Meaning “beautiful goddess”.
  45. Finna: Meaning “fair”.
  46. Garda: Meaning “shelter”.
  47. Geirdriful: Meaning “spear thrower”.
  48. Gertrud: Meaning “spear”.
  49. Glyrna: Meaning “glower”.
  50. Grid: Meaning “harmony”.
  51. Groa: Meaning “gardener”.
  52. Gunhild: Meaning “fight”.
  53. Hanne: Meaning “favored by God”.
  54. Hege: Meaning “meditation”.
  55. Helga: Meaning “revered woman”.
  56. Heidi: Meaning “noble” or “graceful”.
  57. Heidrun: Meaning “bright”.
  58. Herja: Meaning “devastate”.
  59. Hervör: Meaning “sage”.
  60. Hilda: Meaning “fighter”.
  61. Holde: Meaning “concealed”.
  62. Hrist: Meaning “one who shivers”.
  63. Hulda: Meaning “secrecy”.
  64. Ida: (pronounced ee-dah) Meaning “industrious” or “prosperous”.
  65. Ilka: Meaning “industrious”.
  66. Ingeborg: Meaning “protection”.
  67. Inger: Meaning “beautiful goddess”.
  68. Ingvlid: Meaning “dedicated to ancestors” or “battle”.
  69. Isane: Meaning “resolute”.
  70. Juni: Meaning “born in June”.
  71. Kára: Meaning “stormy”.
  72. Karen or Karin: Meaning “pure”.
  73. Kari: Meaning “pure”.
  74. Karina: Meaning “favored”.
  75. Karoline: Meaning “free woman”.
  76. Kine: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  77. Kirsten, Kjersti, Kristin, or Kristine: Meaning “walks with God”.
  78. Kjellfrid: Meaning “beautiful”.
  79. Laila: Meaning “holy”.
  80. Lene: (pronounced leh-nuh) Meaning “bright” or “light”.
  81. Lilli: Meaning “abundance”.
  82. Linda: Meaning “beautiful”.
  83. Linn: Meaning “soft”.
  84. Linnea: Meaning “lime tree”.
  85. Lisbeth: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  86. Liss or Lise: Meaning “promise of God”.
  87. Liv: Meaning “protection”.
  88. Lovise: Meaning “well-known fighter”.
  89. Lulla: Meaning “legendary female warrior”.
  90. Magnhild: Meaning “strong”.
  91. Majbritt: Meaning “loved one”.
  92. Malin: Meaning “high tower” or “woman of Magdela”.
  93. Margit or Marit: Meaning “pearl”.
  94. Marie: Meaning “rebellious woman”.
  95. Marte: Meaning “lady”.
  96. Mathea: Meaning “gift from God”.
  97. Mathilde: Meaning “strength” or “might in battle”.
  98. Mette: Meaning “pearl”.
  99. Mirja: Meaning “star of the sea”.
  100. Moja: Meaning “great”.
  101. Mona: Meaning “noble”.
  102. Monica: Meaning “advisor”.
  103. Moya: Meaning “mother” or “great”.
  104. Nanna: Meaning “courageous”.
  105. Neci: Meaning “fiery”.
  106. Nina: Meaning “grace” or “mercy”.
  107. Olga: Meaning “sanctified”.
  108. Ottilie: Meaning “riches”.
  109. Oula: Meaning “resolve”.
  110. Prima: Meaning “battle”.
  111. Ragnhild: Meaning “advising in battle”.
  112. Randgrid: Meaning “shield demolisher”.
  113. Randi: Meaning “shield” or “shrine”.
  114. Reginleif: Meaning “daughter of the Gods”.
  115. Reidun: Meaning “lovely in the nest”.
  116. Revna: Meaning “raven”.
  117. Rita: Meaning “pearl”.
  118. Róta: Meaning “hail” and “tempest”.
  119. Runa: Meaning “secret tradition”.
  120. Saga: Meaning “epic story”.
  121. Signe: Meaning “one who is victorious”.
  122. Sigrdrífa: Meaning “triumph inciter”.
  123. Sigrid: Meaning “victory”.
  124. Silje: Meaning “blind”.
  125. Sissel: Meaning “without sight”.
  126. Signy: Meaning “latest victory”.
  127. Sjofn: Meaning “woman”.
  128. Skadi: Meaning “damage”.
  129. Solveig: Meaning “strong house” or “daughter of the Sun”.
  130. Svana: Meaning “like a swan”.
  131. Svipul: Meaning “varying”.
  132. Synnøve: Meaning “gift of the Sun”.
  133. Terese or Therese: Meaning “harvest”.
  134. Thyra: Meaning “helpful”.
  135. Tonje: Meaning “new thunder”.
  136. Trine: Meaning “pure”.
  137. Ulfhild: Meaning “wolf” or “battle”.
  138. Ulli: Meaning “gem of the sea”.
  139. Unnr or Unni: Meaning “to love” or “to wave”.
  140. Verdandi: Meaning “becoming” or “happening”.
  141. Vigdis or Vigdess: Meaning “war goddess”.
  142. Vinga: Meaning “wing”.
  143. Viola: Meaning “violet flower”.
  144. Viveka: Meaning “battle refuge”.
  145. Wanda: Meaning “wanderer”.
  146. Werna: Meaning “defender”.
  147. Wibeke: Meaning “warrior”.
  148. Willa: Meaning “will” or “helmet”.
  149. Yggdrasil: Meaning “Tree of Life”.
  150. Yrsa: Meaning “wild” or “she-bear”.
  151. Yulla: Meaning “affluent”.
  152. Zylla: Meaning “just”.

More Norwegian baby boy names

If you’re expecting a strong baby boy, how about browsing this ultimate list of 136 of the best Norwegian boy names:

  1. Age: (ah-guh) Meaning “ancestors” or “wisdom”.
  2. Alf: Meaning “friend of the elves” or “noble friend”.
  3. Andor: Meaning “eagle”.
  4. Aric: Meaning “eternal ruler”.
  5. Arkyn: Meaning “eternal king’s son”.
  6. Arne: Meaning “eagle”.
  7. Arnfinn: Meaning “eagle” and “from Finland”.
  8. Arnkell: Meaning “parts of an eagle”.
  9. Arvid: Meaning “tree of the eagle”.
  10. Asbjørn: Meaning “bear god”.
  11. Birger: Meaning “helper”.
  12. Bjarke, Bjarne, or Bjørn: Meaning “bear”.
  13. Calder: Meaning “rough water”.
  14. Canute: Meaning “knot”. Also the name of a famous Viking ruler, King Canute.
  15. Carr: Meaning “swamp”.
  16. Colborn: Meaning “burning coals”.
  17. Crosby: Meaning “cross farm”.
  18. Cuyler: (kiel-ehr) Meaning “archer”.
  19. Dag: Meaning “day”.
  20. Darby: Meaning “place for deer”.
  21. Destin: Meaning “determined”.
  22. Dustin: Meaning “stone of Thor”.
  23. Edvard: Meaning “wealthy guard”.
  24. Egil: Meaning “respect”.
  25. Eirik: Meaning “strong ruler”.
  26. Eldir: Meaning “fire-starter”.
  27. Eluf: Meaning “only son”.
  28. Erland: Meaning “outsider” or “foreigner”.
  29. Erling: Meaning “heir of the clan-chief”.
  30. Espen: Meaning “god bear”.
  31. Eyolf or Eyulf: Meaning “lucky wolf”.
  32. Fell: Meaning “mountains”.
  33. Fenrir: Meaning “giant wolf”.
  34. Filip: Meaning “friend of horses” in Norwegian. Can be shortened to Phil.
  35. Finnbjorn: Meaning “fair” or “white”.
  36. Fiske: (fis-kuh) Meaning “fish”.
  37. Fridtjof: (freet-yov) Meaning “thief” or “peace”.
  38. Frode: (fruw-dah) Meaning “wise”.
  39. Galinn: Meaning “enchanted”.
  40. Garth: Meaning “enclosed space”.
  41. Gaute: Meaning “people from Sweden”.
  42. Gjurd: (gyurd) Meaning “god of peace”.
  43. Goran: Meaning “mountain man”.
  44. Gorm: Meaning “attentive”.
  45. Gudmund: Meaning “God protects”.
  46. Gunnar: Meaning “army”.
  47. Gustaf: Meaning “god-staff”.
  48. Hafdan: Meaning “half-Danish”.
  49. Hagen: Meaning “eldest son”.
  50. Hakon: Meaning “highest son”.
  51. Haldor: Meaning “rock of Thor”.
  52. Halstein: Meaning “rock”.
  53. Harald: Meaning “army ruler”.
  54. Hemming: Meaning “shapeshifter”.
  55. Henrik: Meaning “ruler of the home” in Norwegian and German.
  56. Herman: Meaning “soldier” in German.
  57. Holmes: Meaning “island”.
  58. Hrafn: (rah-vn) Meaning “raven”.
  59. Hugin: Meaning “thought”.
  60. Huldr: Meaning “place where holly grows”.
  61. Igor: Meaning “farmer”.
  62. Ingolf: Meaning “wolf of Ing”.
  63. Ivar: Meaning “archer” or “yew tree”.
  64. Jakob: Meaning “supplanter” in Scandinavian.
  65. Jari: (yah-ree) Meaning “he will rise up”.
  66. Jarl or Jarle: (yarl) Meaning “chieftain” or “ruler”.
  67. Jostein: (yo-steen) Meaning “horse-stone”.
  68. Jørn: (yorn) Meaning “farmer”.
  69. Kasper: Meaning “treasurer”.
  70. Kettil, Kjell, or Kjetil: Meaning “cauldron”.
  71. Kirk: Meaning “church”.
  72. Kirkland: Meaning “land near a church”.
  73. Kirkwood: Meaning “church near a wood”.
  74. Klintr: Meaning “cliff”.
  75. Knut: (kuh-nood) Meaning “knot”.
  76. Kory or Corey: Meaning “lives near a hollow”.
  77. Lamont: Meaning “lawyer”.
  78. Ludvig: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  79. Magnus or Magne: Meaning “mighty”.
  80. Manning: Meaning “powerful man” or “honest man”.
  81. Marius: Meaning “male”.
  82. Mikjel: Meaning “he who resembles God”.
  83. Mjolnir: Meaning “Thor’s hammer”.
  84. Morten: Meaning “moor town” or “dedicated to Mars”.
  85. Nils: Meaning “people of victory”.
  86. Njal: (n-yal) Meaning “giant”.
  87. Oddmund: Meaning “protector sword”.
  88. Oddvar: Meaning “cautious sword”.
  89. Olav or Oluf: Meaning “relic” or “ancestral heritage”.
  90. Olsen: Meaning “son of Olav”.
  91. Oskar: Meaning “spear of God”. Can be shortened to Oz.
  92. Osmond: Meaning “divine protection”.
  93. Ove: Meaning “protected by God”.
  94. Øystein: Meaning “island stone”.
  95. Øyvind: Meaning “island” or “good fortune”.
  96. Pål: Meaning “humble” or “small”.
  97. Per: Meaning “rock”.
  98. Petter: Meaning “uncle”.
  99. Ragnarok: Meaning “end of days” or “final battle of the gods”.
  100. Ralph or Ralf: Meaning “wise as a wolf”.
  101. Randolph: Meaning “wolf” and “shield”.
  102. Rangvald: Meaning “judgment” or “powerful”.
  103. Rasmus: Meaning “beloved”.
  104. Reidar: Meaning “home” and “warrior”.
  105. Roald: Meaning “famous ruler”.
  106. Ronald: Meaning “wise ruler”.
  107. Roscoe: Meaning “near a forest”.
  108. Selby: Meaning “farm of willow trees”.
  109. Sigmundr or Sigmund: Meaning “protector”.
  110. Sindre: Meaning “mythical dwarf”.
  111. Skoll: Meaning “good health” or “cheers”.
  112. Sondre: Meaning “south”.
  113. Ståle: (st-ahl) Meaning “steel” or “strong”.
  114. Sten or Stein: (sten or steen) Meaning “stone”.
  115. Steinar: Meaning “guardian of the stone”.
  116. Stian: Meaning “wanderer”.
  117. Stig or Stigr: Meaning “voyager”.
  118. Sven or Sveinn: Meaning “boy”.
  119. Sverre: Meaning “wild”.
  120. Tallak: Meaning “Thor’s game”.
  121. Tarben, Torbjorn, or Torben: Meaning “Thor’s bear”.
  122. Terje: (ter-yeh) Meaning “Thor’s spear”.
  123. Thorsen: Meaning “Thor’s son”.
  124. Thorsten, Thursten, Torsten, or Thurston: Meaning “Thor’s stone”.
  125. Thurmund: Meaning “Thor’s protector”.
  126. Torkel: Meaning “Thor’s cauldron”.
  127. Torvald: Meaning “Thor’s ruler”.
  128. Trond: Meaning “grow” and “thrive”.
  129. Trygve: (trig-vuh) Meaning “trustworthy”.
  130. Uffi: Meaning “wolf”.
  131. Uhtred: Meaning “counsel before dawn”.
  132. Ulf or Uffe: Meaning “wolf”.
  133. Ulrik: Meaning “noble ruler”.
  134. Valdemar: Meaning “powerful” or “famous”.
  135. Vegard: Meaning “protection”.
  136. Yngvar: Meaning “protected by the god of war”.

Gender-neutral Norwegian baby names

If you’re looking for a unisex name for your little peanut, we’ve also got 40 beautiful and strong gender-neutral Norwegian names for you to peruse:

  1. Anniken: Meaning “gracious”.
  2. Ari: Meaning “eagle”.
  3. Arild: Meaning “battle commander”.
  4. Bergdis: Meaning “protected by spirits”.
  5. Bifrost: Meaning “bridge from earth to heaven” or “shimmering path”.
  6. Bo: Meaning “to live”.
  7. Brenn: Meaning “raven”.
  8. Colby: Meaning “dark town”.
  9. Dagrun: Meaning “day” or “secret”.
  10. Ebbe: Meaning “wild boar”.
  11. Eivor: Meaning “good luck” or “island”.
  12. Even or Eivind: Meaning “winner” or “gift”.
  13. Frey: Meaning “lord”.
  14. Gimle: Meaning “new heaven”.
  15. Göndul: Meaning “wand commander”.
  16. Gunnr: Meaning “war”.
  17. Gunvor: Meaning “cautious in war”.
  18. Hati: Meaning “golden”.
  19. Håvard: Meaning “protector”.
  20. Ingmar, Ingemar or Ingvar: Meaning “famous”.
  21. Ingunn: Meaning “love”.
  22. Janne: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  23. Jens: (yens) Meaning “God is gracious”.
  24. Jorunn: Meaning “love of horses”.
  25. Kåre: (kehr) Meaning “large” or “curly hair”.
  26. Leif: (layf or life) Meaning “ancestor” or “one who is loved”.
  27. Mist: Meaning “cloud”.
  28. Munin: Meaning “memory”.
  29. Niel: Meaning “winner”.
  30. Olaug: Meaning “ancestor”.
  31. Oliver or Olive: Meaning “ancestral descendants”. Can be shortened to Oli.
  32. Rune: Meaning “secret lore”.
  33. Sigrún: Meaning “symbol of triumph”.
  34. Skögul: Meaning “high soaring”.
  35. Tove: Meaning “Thor is beautiful” or “dove”.
  36. Toril or Torill: Meaning “Thor’s battle” or “thunder battle”.
  37. Turid or Thurid: Meaning “beautiful” or “peace”.
  38. Var: Meaning “covenant”.
  39. Vor: Meaning “cautious one”.
  40. Wencke: Meaning “friend”.

There you have it! 458 of the most popular, traditional, and unique Norwegian baby names for boys, girls, and they-bies.

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