49 Classic Old-Fashioned Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings

49 Classic Old-Fashioned Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings

Keen to look through the history books for name inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Check out these charming old-fashioned baby girl names.
Like all things vintage, old-fashioned baby girl names are making a comeback.

So if you’re looking to harness a combination of old-world charm and modern chic, you may just find your perfect match amongst these gems.

Looking for uncommon old-fashioned baby girl names like Beatriz and Birdie?

Or how about more traditional girl names like Emma and Olivia?

Whatever your preference, one of these classic options may just have your baby’s name on it.

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  • What is a good old-timey name?
  • Old-fashioned girls’ names with a floral touch
  • What is a rare female name?
  • Traditional girl names making a comeback

What is a good old-timey name?

Old-fashioned names can be a great way to honor well-loved family members from previous generations.

Or to tap into the sheer power of the mighty women who have made history through the ages.

Names like Emmeline (after Ms. Pankhurst), Frida (as in Kahlo), and Rosa (Parks) remind us that having the courage to stand up for our beliefs and speak our truth can change the course of history.

Softer names like Iris, Florence, and Posey are all gentleness and beauty.

And uncommon old-fashioned baby girl names can also be a great pick.

It’s unlikely you’d find two girls by the name of Anaȉs, Callista, or Esmeralda in the same preschool class.

Old-fashioned girls’ names with a floral touch

Flowery girls’ names encapsulate beauty, growth, and resilience — a perfect combination.

  1. Aster: This vintage girl’s name means “star” in Greek and is also a type of flower.
  2. Azalea: Azaleas are colorful blooms that like dry sandy soil. The name originates from the Greek word for “dry.”
  3. Antoinette: This pretty French name means “a girl in flower or bloom.” It can be shortened to the sweet Nettie.
  4. Daisy: This old English name is a floral favorite and means “Day’s Eve.”
  5. Flora: Simply “flower.”
  6. Hazel: This name refers to the hazelnut tree as well as the beautiful brown color found in many eyes.
  7. Iris: This flowery name means “rainbow” and has Greek roots.
  8. Ivy: Referring to the enchanting climbing plant, this name may just grow on you.
  9. Lily: This gorgeous flower name has connotations of purity and innocence.
  10. Myrtle: This botanical name refers to the evergreen myrtle plant and also means “victory.”
  11. Olive: Like Ivy and Hazel, this plant-based name was popular at the turn of the 1800s, and is still very popular today.
  12. Posey: This pretty girl’s name literally means “a bunch of flowers.” It can also be spelled as Posy.
  13. Rose, Rosa, and Rosie: This sweet-smelling name also has historic links to the courageous civil rights leader Rosa Parks.
  14. Violet: Both color and flower, this pretty old-fashioned girl name is growing in popularity again.
  15. Willow: The strength of the willow tree is well known. The singer P!nk and actress Jada Smith both chose this nature-inspired classic girl’s name for their daughters.

What is a rare female name?

Looking for a hidden gem? These uncommon old-fashioned baby girl names are beautiful and rare, just like your baby girl.

  1. Anaȉs: This name was made famous by the female French-American writer Anaȉs Nin. It means “grace.”
  2. Beatriz: This beautiful old-fashioned Latin name is often shortened to Bea. It means “she who brings joy.”
  3. Birdie: With Germanic roots, this joyful name means “bright, famous, little bird’”
  4. Callista: Derived from the name of the Greek nymph Calisto, Callista means “most beautiful, feminine.”
  5. Delilah: This old-fashioned girl’s name is of Hebrew and Arabic origins and means “delicate.”
  6. Edwina: An English name that is the feminine version of Edwin and means “rich friend.”
  7. Elsa: This name had a surge of popularity in 2014 thanks to the resounding success of the Disney movie Frozen. It has two meanings, “noble” and “my god is bountiful.”
  8. Esmé: This old-fashioned girls’ name means “esteemed” and has been gaining in popularity over recent years.
  9. Genevieve: Made famous by Saint Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris who defended the city against Attila the Hun in 451, the name Genevieve has remained popular through the ages.
  10. Mabel: This sweet old-fashioned name is a unique choice. It means “loveable” or “dear.”
  11. Ophelia: This Shakespearean name means “aid.”
  12. Thea: From its Greek roots, Thea means “goddess” or “godly.”
  13. Veda: Coming from Sanskrit roots, this ancient name means “knowledge and wisdom.”

Traditional girl names making a comeback

These traditional girls’ names are enjoying a return to popular culture.

Classic names like Ava and Sophia both find themselves on the 2021 Top 10 baby names in the U.S.

So, these names strike the perfect balance between old-world charm and modern chic.

  1. Amelia: With Latin origins, this name means “industrious” and “productive.”
  2. Ava: “Lively” and “bird-like” are the meanings of this short but sweet girl’s name.
  3. Barbara: Coming from the Greek word barbarous, this name means “stranger” or “traveler from a foreign land.”
  4. Charlotte: Often shortened to Lottie or Charlie, this ever-popular name means “free.”
  5. Cora: This name has Greek origins and means “maiden” or “daughter.”
  6. Emma: Sometimes shortened to Em, Emma means “whole” or “universal.”
  7. Eleanor: Meaning “shining light,” this old-time feminine name is a beautiful choice.
  8. Gwendolyn: This name has Welsh origins and means “white,” “blessed,” or “fair.”
  9. Lucille: This beautiful French name meaning “light.”
  10. Millicent: The old French and Germanic origins of this name give it different meanings. “brave strength” is the French meaning of this name, while the Germanic version is “strong in work.”
  11. Meredith: Up until the last century, this was a traditional boys’ name. Since then, it has become a popular name for girls. It means “great ruler.”
  12. Olivia: Inspired by nature, this name means “olive tree’.
  13. Pearl: Could a traditional girl’s name have a more precious meaning than “pearl”?
  14. Prudence: “Good judgment.”
  15. Ruby: This traditional girl’s name speaks of passion and fire and refers to the deep red precious stone.
  16. Rebekah: This Hebrew name has Biblical links and means “captivating” or “to tie or bind.”
  17. Sophia: This classical Greek name means “wisdom.”
  18. Theresa: This pretty and old-fashioned girl’s name means “late summer.”
  19. Ursula: A beautiful girl’s name with Latin roots, Ursula means ‘little bear’.
  20. Verity: This name with Latin origins means “truth.”
  21. Wilhelmina: This German and Dutch name means “willing to protect.”

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