359 Old-Fashioned Baby Names & Their Meanings

359 Old-Fashioned Baby Names & Their Meanings

Retro is in—and there’s no way that old fashioned baby names are going to escape the trend.
Perhaps we’ve finally realized that we live in a world where all the best ideas have already been had. Or we’ve finally admitted that our parents (and grandparents and great-grandparents) were right.

Whatever the reason, the old is new—and old-fashioned baby names are seriously cool.

The best part? Your baby’s name is unlikely to go out of style. (Seriously, if you’re wondering what names were popular in the 1700s? you can rest assured that the name you pick has some staying power.)

But there are just so many great ‘old’ baby names to choose from… But we’re here to help, so we’ve whittled it down to our top 359 old-fashioned baby names.

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that while we’ve separated these out into old-fashioned girl names and old-fashioned boy names for ease, don’t let this hamper your decision in any way. If you like a name for your baby, then that’s the name your baby should have.

In fact, nowadays, there are quite a few names that can be used for both baby boys, girls, and they-bies. So we’ve also snuck in a few gender-neutral old-fashioned baby names, too ‒ so you can be sure to find the perfect old-timey baby name here.

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  • Gender-neutral old-fashioned baby names
  • What are rare old-fashioned names for babies?

What is an old-fashioned girls’ name?

These old-fashioned baby girl names are très chic.

Each one is every bit as enchanting as the next—and will show you firsthand why going vintage is best.

Popular old-fashioned girl names

Wondering what the most popular ‘old’ names for girls are? Well…

  1. Beatrix: The name Beatrix likely derived from the Latin Viatrix, meaning “traveler”. What better way to send your little one off on life’s adventures? In addition, your baby would share their name with the inimitable children’s book author, Beatrix Potter.
  2. Clara: Here’s a name that doesn’t mess about. With its Latin origin (from Clarus), this old-fashioned baby name means “bright” and—you’d better sit down for this one— “famous”. Well, there you have it, folks. A star is born.
  3. Florence: Florence oozes positivity and promise. With its Latin origin, this beautiful old-timey baby name for girls means “flourishing”. What a gift to give your little peanut. And, of course, they’ll be born with their own soundtrack— supplied by English Indie Rock band Florence and the Machine, of course.
  4. Mabel: So, this name has about one of the most perfect meanings around: “lovable and dear”. You can be guaranteed that this will be the ideal fit for your adorable baby-to-be.
  5. Olivette: If you’ve been leaning toward the name Olivia, why not give it more of a classic twist with the twinkling sound of Olivette? Meaning “olive tree”, this sweet, ‘old’ baby name is individual and memorable. We love it.

More old-fashioned baby names for girls

Not quite found the perfect old-timey girl names for your little one?

Well, never fear ‒ we’ve got lots more old-fashioned girls’ names for you:

  1. Adelaide: Meaning “noble kind”.
  2. Adeline: Meaning “noble”.
  3. Agatha: Meaning “honorable”.
  4. Agnes: Meaning “pure” or “holy”.
  5. Alexandra: Meaning “defender of people”.
  6. Alice: Meaning “noble”.
  7. Alma: Meaning “kind”.
  8. Amara: Meaning “bitter”.
  9. Amelia: Meaning “work”.
  10. Anita: Meaning “gracious”.
  11. Annette: Meaning “merciful”.
  12. Arlene: Meaning “pledge”.
  13. Barbara: Meaning “foreign”.
  14. Bea: Meaning “bringer of joy”.
  15. Beatrice: Meaning “she who makes people happy”.
  16. Bernadette: Meaning “bear”. 🐻
  17. Bernice: Meaning “bringer of victory”.
  18. Bessie: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  19. Betsy or Betty: Meaning “God is perfection”.
  20. Bonnie: Meaning “beautiful”.
  21. Camille: Meaning “religious helper”.
  22. Catherine: Meaning “pure”.
  23. Celia: Meaning “heaven”.
  24. Connie: Meaning “constant”.
  25. Cordelia: Meaning “daughter of the sea”.
  26. Dahlia: After the dahlia flower.
  27. Daisy: Meaning “day’s eye”.
  28. Darcy: Meaning “dark one”.
  29. Darlene: Meaning “darling”.
  30. Dodie: Meaning “gift of God”.
  31. Dolores: Meaning “sorrow”.
  32. Dora: Meaning “gift”. 🎁
  33. Dorothy or Dot: Meaning “gift of God”.
  34. Edith: Meaning “riches”.
  35. Edna: Meaning “pleasure”.
  36. Elaine: Meaning “shining light”.
  37. Eleanor: Meaning “shining light”.
  38. Eloise: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  39. Elsbeth or Elsie: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  40. Emily: Meaning “rival”.
  41. Emma: Meaning “whole”.
  42. Enid: Meaning “spirit”.
  43. Esther: Meaning “star”. ⭐
  44. Ethel: Meaning “noble”.
  45. Etta: Meaning “ruler of the home”.
  46. Eugenie: Meaning “good genes”.
  47. Evelyn: Meaning “beautiful bird”.
  48. Faye: Meaning “fairy”. 🧚
  49. Fern: After leafy forest ferns.
  50. Gabrielle: Meaning “God is my strength”.
  51. Genevieve: Meaning “woman of the race”.
  52. Georgette or Georgia: Meaning “farmer”.
  53. Geraldine: Meaning “she rules with a spear”.
  54. Gertie: Meaning “strong spear”.
  55. Gertrude: Meaning “strength”.
  56. Gladys: Meaning “royalty”.
  57. Gloria: Meaning “immortal glory”.
  58. Grace: Meaning “God’s grace”.
  59. Greta: Meaning “pearl”.
  60. Harriet: Meaning “power”.
  61. Hattie: Meaning “ruler of the home”.
  62. Hazel: Meaning “from the hazelnut tree” or “green-brown”.
  63. Helen: Meaning “light”.
  64. Hilda: Meaning “battle”.
  65. Ida: Meaning “prosperous”.
  66. Imogen: Meaning “maiden”.
  67. Ines or Inez: Meaning “virtue”.
  68. Irene: Meaning “peace”.
  69. Iris: Meaning “rainbow”. 🌈
  70. Ivy: After the climbing plant.
  71. Jane, Joan, or Jean: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  72. Josephine: Meaning “God shall grow”.
  73. Judith: Meaning “woman from Judea”.
  74. Kate or Katherine: Meaning “pure”.
  75. Kitty: Meaning “pure” or “cat”. 😻
  76. Lacy: Meaning “cheerful”.
  77. Laura: Meaning “laurel plant”.
  78. Lillian: Meaning “lily”.
  79. Liza: Meaning “God’s promise”.
  80. Lois: Meaning “better”.
  81. Loretta: Meaning “laurel”.
  82. Lorraine: Meaning “famous army”.
  83. Louise or Luisa: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  84. Lucille or Lucinda: Meaning “light”.
  85. Lydia: Meaning “beautiful one”.
  86. Margaret or Marjorie: Meaning “pearl”.
  87. Marilyn: Meaning “sea of bitterness”.
  88. Martha: Meaning “lady”.
  89. Mathilde: Meaning “might and strength”.
  90. Maude: Meaning “mighty in battle”.
  91. Maureen: Meaning “daughter of the sea”. 🌊
  92. Maxine: Meaning “greatest”.
  93. Minnie: Meaning “bitter”.
  94. Miriam: Meaning “wished for”.
  95. Mollie or Molly: Meaning “sea of bitterness”.
  96. Myrtle: Meaning “evergreen shrub”.
  97. Nancy or Nanette: Meaning “grace”.
  98. Nellie: Meaning “shining light”.
  99. Nora: Meaning “light”.
  100. Norma: Meaning “Norse”.
  101. Octavia: Meaning “eighth”.
  102. Olive: Meaning “peace”.
  103. Opal: Meaning “jewel”.
  104. Patricia: Meaning “noble”.
  105. Pearl: The precious stone.
  106. Peg or Peggy: Meaning “pearl”.
  107. Penelope: Meaning “weaver”.
  108. Phoebe: Meaning “bright”.
  109. Phyllis: Meaning “foliage”.
  110. Polly: Meaning “humble”.
  111. Pollyanna: Meaning “optimistic”.
  112. Priscilla: Meaning “ancient”.
  113. Prudence: Meaning “good judgment”.
  114. Queenie: Meaning “ruler”.
  115. Rhea: Meaning “flowing stream”.
  116. Rosa or Rose: The flower of love. 🌹
  117. Rosalind: Meaning “lovely rose”.
  118. Rosamund: Meaning “rose of the world”.
  119. Rosemary: Meaning “dew of the sea”.
  120. Ruby: The red precious stone.
  121. Ruth: Meaning “friend”.
  122. Sadie: Meaning “princess”.
  123. Sandra: Meaning “defender of men”.
  124. Scarlet: Meaning “red”. ❤️
  125. Selma: Meaning “beautiful view”.
  126. Sophia: Meaning “wisdom”.
  127. Stella: Meaning “star”.
  128. Sue, Susan, Susannah, or Shoshana: Meaning “lily”.
  129. Sylvia: Meaning “spirit of the wood”.
  130. Tabitha: Meaning “gazelle”.
  131. Theresa: Meaning “huntress”.
  132. Trudy: Meaning “ruler of the spear”.
  133. Ursula: Meaning “she-bear”.
  134. Valentina: Meaning “strong and healthy”.
  135. Vera: Meaning “faith”.
  136. Viola or Violet: Meaning “purple”. 💜
  137. Virginia: Meaning “maiden”.
  138. Wanda: Meaning “wanderer”.
  139. Wilma: Meaning “protection”.
  140. Winifred: Meaning “joy and peace”.

What is an old-fashioned boys’ name?

Some of these old names for boys are making a serious comeback—and with good reason.

Somehow, they seem to work as well for babies as they do adults, providing the best mixture of cuteness and old-world charm.

So let’s dive into all our old-timey boys’ names!

Popular old-fashioned boy names

Some ‘old’ boy names have stayed with us for centuries, and are still popular today, like:

  1. Archie: Made popular by everything from a famous comic to a tiny royal, the name Archie works on its own or as the abbreviation for the ever-delightful Archibald. And its origin is quite something too. This proud name means “genuine and brave”.
  2. Everett: This fancy name is steeped in sophistication. What’s more, it means “strong as a boar”. You’re set to have a mighty munchkin on your hands. As old-fashioned names go, this one is making quite a comeback, becoming more and more popular with parents of the 21st century.
  3. Henry: The perfect name for the little person who is about to burst into your home and (let’s face it) rule the roost, Henry aptly means “home ruler”. One of the more pertinent of the historic old-fashioned baby names, perhaps?
  4. Leonard: From the old German, the name Leonard is packed with a powerful punch. It means “lion strength”. Whoah. A great choice of old-fashioned baby names for cat lovers—and anyone who can appreciate the cute factor in a little person called Leo or Lenny.
  5. Orlando: Guess what this gorgeous name means? None other than “famous throughout the land”. If you decide on this sweet option, your little one would of course be in good company: Orlando Bloom, for one. (And for any fans of Shakespeare and/or Virginia Woolf, this name is naturally a hit.)

More old-fashioned baby names for boys

Need more ideas for your perfect old-fashioned boys’ name? Keep scrolling!

  1. Abe or Abraham: Meaning “father of nations”.
  2. Albert: Meaning “famous nobility”.
  3. Alfred: Meaning “elf counsel”.
  4. Allen or Alan: Meaning “little rock”.
  5. Alvin: Meaning “elf-friend”.
  6. Amos: Meaning “to carry”.
  7. Arnold: Meaning “eagle ruler”.
  8. Aron: Meaning “mountaineer”.
  9. Arthur or Artie: Meaning “bear”.
  10. Atticus: Meaning “from Attica”.
  11. August: Meaning “powerful”.
  12. Barron: Meaning “noble man”.
  13. Bartholomew: Meaning “many furrows”.
  14. Basil: Meaning “royal”. 👑
  15. Beau: Meaning “handsome”.
  16. Benedict: Meaning “blessed”.
  17. Benjamin: Meaning “son of the right hand”.
  18. Bennett: Meaning “blessed”.
  19. Bernard: Meaning “brave bear”.
  20. Blaine: Meaning “yellow”. 💛
  21. Brady: Meaning “spirited”.
  22. Carlo: Meaning “man”.
  23. Charles: Meaning “free man”.
  24. Chester: Meaning “fortress”.
  25. Clarence: Meaning “bright and famous”.
  26. Clark: Meaning “scribe”.
  27. Clifford: Meaning “ford by a cliff”.
  28. Clyde: Meaning “warm”.
  29. Cole: Meaning “black as coal”.
  30. Cornelius: Meaning “strong-willed”.
  31. Cyrus: Meaning “sun”. ☀️
  32. Damion: Meaning “tame”.
  33. Dean: Meaning “valley”.
  34. Dennis: Meaning “follower of Dionysus”.
  35. Donald: Meaning “world-ruler”.
  36. Earl: Meaning “warrior”.
  37. Edison: Meaning “fortunate at war”.
  38. Edmund: Meaning “fortunate protection”.
  39. Edwin: Meaning “fortunate friend”.
  40. Elijah: Meaning “Yahweh is my God”.
  41. Elmer: Meaning “tip of a sword”.
  42. Emile: Meaning “to excel”.
  43. Ernest: Meaning “serious”.
  44. Erwin: Meaning “army friend”.
  45. Eugene: Meaning “well-born”.
  46. Floyd: Meaning “gray”.
  47. Frank: Meaning “free man”.
  48. Franklin: Meaning “free landowner”.
  49. Frederic: Meaning “peaceful ruler”.
  50. George: Meaning “farmer”.
  51. Gerald: Meaning “spear ruler”.
  52. Gunther: Meaning “battle”.
  53. Gus: Meaning “great”.
  54. Harmon: Meaning “soldier”.
  55. Harold: Meaning “army commander”
  56. Harvey: Meaning “eager for battle”.
  57. Hector: Meaning “to hold”.
  58. Henry: Meaning “house ruler”.
  59. Herbert: Meaning “bright warrior”.
  60. Howard: Meaning “brave heart”.
  61. Hugh: Meaning “spirit”.
  62. Humphrey: Meaning “peaceful bear cub”.
  63. Ian: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  64. Irving: Meaning “green river”.
  65. Ivor: Meaning “yew”.
  66. Jack: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  67. Jasper: Meaning “treasurer”.
  68. Jedediah: Meaning “beloved of the Lord”.
  69. Jeffrey: Meaning “divine peace”.
  70. Joel: Meaning “the Lord is God”.
  71. John: Meaning “graced by God”.
  72. Jonas: Meaning “dove”. 🕊️
  73. Joseph: Meaning “God will add”.
  74. Josiah: Meaning “God heals”.
  75. Julien: Meaning “soft-haired”.
  76. Kenneth: Meaning “handsome”.
  77. Lawrence: Meaning “bright one”.
  78. Leo or Leon: Meaning “lion”. 🦁
  79. Levi: Meaning “united”.
  80. Lewis: Meaning “famous battle”.
  81. Lloyd: Meaning “gray-haired”.
  82. Louis: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  83. Lucas: Meaning “bringer of light”.
  84. Luther: Meaning “people’s army”.
  85. Marshall: Meaning “horsekeeper”.
  86. Martin: Meaning “warlike”.
  87. Marvin: Meaning “eminent”.
  88. Mickey: Meaning “he who is like God”.
  89. Milton: Meaning “from the mill town”.
  90. Nathaniel: Meaning “given by God”.
  91. Neal or Neil: Meaning “passionate”.
  92. Nelson: Meaning “champion”.
  93. Neville: Meaning “new village”.
  94. Noah: Meaning “rest”.
  95. Norman: Meaning “man from the north”.
  96. Oliver: Meaning “from the olive tree”.
  97. Orson: Meaning “bear cub”.
  98. Oscar: Meaning “spear of the gods”.
  99. Oswald: Meaning “God’s power”.
  100. Otis: Meaning “wealth”.
  101. Owen: Meaning “youthful”.
  102. Paul: Meaning “humble”.
  103. Peter: Meaning “stone”.
  104. Ralph: Meaning “counsel”.
  105. Randall: Meaning “wolf’s shield”.
  106. Raymond: Meaning “advice and protection”.
  107. Reed: Meaning “red-haired”.
  108. Reginald: Meaning “advice ruler”.
  109. Richard: Meaning “powerful and brave”.
  110. Robert: Meaning “bright fame.”
  111. Rodney: Meaning “fame”.
  112. Roger: Meaning “famous spear”.
  113. Ronald: Meaning “counsel”.
  114. Roy: Meaning “king”.
  115. Russell: Meaning “red-haired”.
  116. Samuel: Meaning “God has heard”.
  117. Shadrack: Meaning “in command of the Babylonian god of the moon”.
  118. Sherman: Meaning “shearer”.
  119. Spencer: Meaning “steward”.
  120. Stanley: Meaning “stone wood”.
  121. Sterling: Meaning “high quality”.
  122. Terrence: Meaning “smooth”.
  123. Theodore: Meaning “gift from God”.
  124. Tobias or Tobin: Meaning “God is good”.
  125. Vernon: Meaning “alder tree”.
  126. Victor: Meaning “winner”. 🏆
  127. Vincent: Meaning “conquer”.
  128. Waldo: Meaning “ruler”.
  129. Wallace: Meaning “foreigner”.
  130. Walter: Meaning “commander of the army”.
  131. Warren: Meaning “guard”.
  132. Wayne: Meaning “wagon driver”.
  133. Wilbur: Meaning “wild boar”.
  134. William or Willie: Meaning “strong-willed warrior”.
  135. Winston: Meaning “joy and stone”.
  136. Wright: Meaning “carpenter”.

Gender-neutral old-fashioned baby names

Traditionally speaking, these old-fashioned baby names were originally for either baby boys or baby girls, but, in time, they’ve changed to be acceptable for boys, girls, and non-binary babies.

  1. Addison: Meaning “child of Adam”.
  2. Bertie: Meaning “raven”.
  3. Beverly: Meaning “beaver meadow”.
  4. Billie: Meaning “resolute protector”.
  5. Carol or Carole: Meaning “free person”.
  6. Cassady or Cassidy: Meaning “clever one”.
  7. Cecil: Meaning “blind”.
  8. Constance: Meaning “constant”.
  9. Dale: Meaning “valley”.
  10. Doris: Meaning “sea”.
  11. Ellis: Meaning “the Lord is my God”.
  12. Emmett: Meaning “universal”.
  13. Frances or Francis: Meaning “free one”.
  14. Gail or Gael: Meaning “Gaelic person”.
  15. Gert: Meaning “strong spear”.
  16. Glenn: Meaning “valley”.
  17. Hayden: Meaning “hay field”.
  18. James: Meaning “supplanter”.
  19. Joyce: Meaning “Lord”.
  20. June: Meaning “follower of Juno, Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth”.
  21. Lee: Meaning “meadow”.
  22. Max: Meaning “greatest”.
  23. Michael: Meaning “who is like God”.
  24. Morgan: Meaning “great queen”.
  25. Murphy: Meaning “sea-warrior”.
  26. Patsy: Meaning “noble”.
  27. Peyton: Meaning “fighting man’s town”.
  28. Pierce: Meaning “puncture”.
  29. Presley: Meaning “priest’s clearing”.
  30. Preston: Meaning “village with a priest”.
  31. Quentin: Meaning “fifth”.
  32. Quincy: Meaning “fifth-born”.
  33. Quinn: Meaning “wise”.
  34. Ray: Meaning “advisor”.
  35. Shirley: Meaning “bright shire”.
  36. Windsor: Meaning “riverbank with a winch”.
  37. Wren: Meaning “small songbird”.

What are rare old-fashioned names for babies?

Some old-fashioned baby names aren’t all that common in modern times, but they’re still beautiful and powerful nonetheless.

  1. Althea: Meaning “healer”. ♀
  2. Ambrose: Meaning “immortal”. ♂
  3. Ansel: Meaning “divine protection”. ♂
  4. Birdie: Meaning “little bird”. ♀
  5. Blevins: Meaning “wolf”. ♂
  6. Blythe: Meaning “cheerful”. ♀
  7. Calliope: Meaning “beautiful voice”. ♀
  8. Cassius: Meaning “vain”. ♂
  9. Clellon: Meaning “just”. ♂
  10. Colette: Meaning “people of victory”. ♀
  11. Dessie: Meaning “desired”. ♀
  12. Elon: Meaning “oak tree”. ♂
  13. Elrod: Meaning “God is the king”. ♂
  14. Eula: Meaning “well-spoken”. ♀
  15. Galatea: Meaning “she who is fair”. ♀
  16. Glennis or Glynis: Meaning “holy”. ♀
  17. Gracy: Meaning “angel”. ♂
  18. Hedda: Meaning “strife”. ♀
  19. Hedy: Meaning “delightful”. ♀
  20. Holden: Meaning “from the hollow in the valley”. ♂
  21. Jarrett: Meaning “brave spear”. ♂
  22. Jeanetta: Meaning “little grace of God”. ♀
  23. Langstone: Meaning “long stone”. ♂
  24. Netta: Meaning “plant”. ♀
  25. Orville: Meaning “golden town”. ♂
  26. Posey: Meaning “flowers”. ♀
  27. Rawlins: Meaning “wolf-counsel”. ♂
  28. Rolla: Meaning “farmer”. ♀
  29. Rollo: Meaning “wolf”. ♂
  30. Rutherford: Meaning “cattle ford”. ♂
  31. Sal: Meaning “savior”. ♂
  32. Seraphina: Meaning “fiery”. ♀
  33. Silas: Meaning “forest”. ♂
  34. Una: Meaning “beauty and truth”. ♀
  35. Whitman: Meaning “white man”. ♂
  36. Wilber: Meaning “bright will”. ♂

So, your suspicions have been confirmed: old-fashioned names are actually in fashion—and they’re the best way to ensure that your little one’s name will stand the test of time.

Proving their worth across centuries, old-fashioned baby names age well and have pretty wonderful meanings.

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