270+ One Syllable Girl Names That Make a Big Statement

270+ One Syllable Girl Names That Make a Big Statement

Looking for the best one-syllable girl names? From classic picks to fun and unique choices, you’re sure to find something you love.
One-syllable girl names are all the rage.

From the traditional one-syllable girl names like Anne and Kate to the more modern options like Air and Zen, single-syllable girl names are incredibly diverse.

Whatever your taste and style, you’ll find the perfect one-syllable name for your daughter ‒ there’s something out there for everyone!

In this article: 📝

  • Popular one-syllable girl names
  • Pretty one-syllable girl names
  • Vintage one-syllable girl names
  • Unique one-syllable girl names

Popular one-syllable girl names

  1. Anne: Meaning “grace” in Latin.
  2. Ash: Meaning “happy” in Hebrew.
  3. Beau: Meaning “beautiful” in French.
  4. Bess: Meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  5. Beth: Meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  6. Bette: Meaning “God’s promise” in Hebrew.
  7. Blair: Meaning “meadow” in Old English.
  8. Blaise: Meaning “lisp” in French.
  9. Blake: Meaning “dark” in Old English.
  10. Bryn: Meaning “hill” in Welsh.
  11. Cass: Meaning “treasurer” in Persian.
  12. Cate: Meaning “pure” in Latin.
  13. Chris: Meaning “bearing Christ” in Greek.
  14. Claire: Meaning “bright” in Latin.
  15. Dawn: For a baby born as the sun rises.
  16. Deb: Meaning “bee” in Hebrew. 🐝
  17. Dee: Meaning “dark” in Welsh.
  18. Em: Meaning “universal” in Latin.
  19. Flo: Meaning “flower” in Latin. 💮
  20. Fran: Meaning “free one” in Latin.
  21. Gail: Meaning “my father rejoices” in Hebrew.
  22. Gray: A short-but-sweet gender-neutral name.
  23. Gwen: Meaning “holy” in Welsh.
  24. Gwynne: Meaning “holy” in Welsh.
  25. Han: Meaning “God is gracious” in Scandinavian.
  26. Jan: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  27. Jane: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  28. Jay: Meaning “rejoice” in Latin.
  29. Jaz: Meaning “bringer of treasure” in English.
  30. Jeanne: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  31. Jenn: Meaning “fair and soft” in Welsh.
  32. Jess: Meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  33. Jill: Meaning “youthful” in Latin.
  34. Jo: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  35. Joan: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  36. June: Meaning “young” in Latin.
  37. Kate: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  38. Kay: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  39. Kim: Meaning “noble” in English.
  40. Lee: Meaning “meadow” in English.
  41. Liz: Meaning “God’s promise” in Hebrew.
  42. Lu: Meaning “famous warrior” in Latin.
  43. Lynne: Meaning “lake” in Celtic.
  44. May: Perfect for a springtime baby.
  45. Mags: Meaning “pearl” in Greek.
  46. Meg: Meaning “pearl” in Greek.
  47. Mel: Meaning “darkness” in Old English.
  48. Paige: Meaning “servant” in English.
  49. Pam: Meaning “honey” in Greek. 🍯
  50. Reed: Meaning “red hair” in Old English.
  51. Reese: Meaning “fiery” in Welsh. 🔥
  52. Rose: After the flower of love. 🌹
  53. Roux: Meaning “red” in French. ❤️
  54. Roz: Meaning “rose” in Old English.
  55. Ruth: Meaning “friend” in Hebrew.
  56. Sam: Meaning “God hears” in Hebrew.
  57. Sue: Meaning “lily” in Hebrew.
  58. Val: Meaning “valiant” in Latin.

Pretty one-syllable girl names

  1. Bao: Of Chinese origin, this sweet name means “precious treasure”.
  2. Bea: “Pilgrim or traveler”, Bea is short for the old classics Beatrice and Beatrix.
  3. Belle: Means “beautiful”. Simple as that.
  4. Bex: With Hebrew origins (Rebecca), Bex means “captivating”. And with that “x” on the end, it’s kinda like Becca ‒ but with that little something extra thrown in.
  5. Bliss: Enough said.
  6. Bree: Means “strength”. Sounds sweet. And of course, if you replace that “i” with an “e”: cheese. 🧀
  7. Brooke: A small stream. (Warning: you may have a babbling one.)
  8. Char: Short for a bunch of names (Charlie, Charmaine, Charlotte) and oh-so-sweet on its own. It means “free man”.
  9. Cho: Of Japanese origin, it means “butterfly”. 🦋
  10. Dea: “Goddess”. That’s what it means in Latin. Plain and simple.
  11. Dot: Short for Dorothy which means “gift from God”. And something about a yellow brick road.
  12. Dove: As a first name or a middle name, who doesn’t want to bring some peace into the world? 🕊
  13. Drew:Wise”. That’s what it means. There you have it.
  14. Elle: Simply means “she” in French.
  15. Eve: “To breathe”. “To live”. Ah.
  16. Faith: You gotta have it, apparently.
  17. Fawn: A young deer that you can, well, fawn over.
  18. Faye: From the Middle English faie, this name means “fairy”. 🧚
  19. Fern: Sure, the greenery. But it also means “bold voyager”. And if you’re a Charlotte’s Web fan? 🐷
  20. Fleur: Yes, this means “flower” in French. Exquisite. 🌼
  21. Grace: Love, kindness, goodness…
  22. Greer: “Watchful”. “Alert”. Nothing gets past this one.
  23. Hope: Hope never goes out of style.
  24. Jade: Like the gemstone. Fun fact? Jade was referred to as the “stone of the colic” in Spanish. Why? This precious gem was said to cure colic in babies. Good omen? Sounds like it.
  25. Jai: Of Indian origin, it means “victorious”.
  26. Kai: Of Hawaiian origin, Kai means “sea”. 🌊
  27. Lane: Means “little pathway”. Nice way to kick off the journey ahead.
  28. Leaf: Apart from the evergreen obvious, Leaf also means to “page through a book”.
  29. Light: Yeah, this one just cuts to the chase.
  30. Lis: Shortened form of Elisabeth and Melissa, Lis means both “honeybees” and “devotion” ‒ a pretty special combination when it comes to meaning.
  31. Liv: With its Nordic origins, Liv means “protection”. (Of course, it also sounds like “live”. So there’s that.)
  32. Lou: “Famous warrior” ‒ that’s what Lou means. Yup. That’s your daughter, mama!
  33. Lux: Means “light” and sounds like luxury. You can’t go wrong.
  34. Mae: From English origins, Mae is a shortened form of Mary and Margaret. Also, the month of May gets its name from Maia, the Roman goddess of growth and mamahood.
  35. Minh: Of Vietnamese origin, Minh means “bright and clear”.
  36. Neve:Snow”. That’s what this sweet Irish name means. (If you want to go fully Irish, the spelling is Niamh.) 🌨️
  37. Pax:Peaceful”. Perfect.
  38. Pearl: For a little jewel. This name has become popular recently after years in the dark. Get it while stocks last.
  39. Prim: “Original”. “First”. Popular.
  40. Rain: Simple. Refreshing. It means “blessings from above”.
  41. Sage: Who wouldn’t want a sage in their home? Plus, the herb, if it’s one you love.
  42. Scout: “To listen”. That’s what Scout means. Any fans of To Kill a Mockingbird out there?
  43. Shay: “Gift”. From Hebrew and Irish origins, Shay also means “stately”.
  44. Skye: As in, above, the heavens, etc. But also the Isle of Skye, a magnificent island in Scotland.
  45. Tess: Short forms of Esther and Theresa, this soft-sounding name means “to reap”.
  46. Thuy: Of Vietnamese origin, Thuy means “water”.
  47. Tor: From the Old Norse, Tor has two contrasting meanings: “turtle dove” (sweet) and “thunder” (powerful). So yes, it’s a sort of choose-your-own-adventure kind of name.
  48. Viv: This one means “lively”.
  49. Wynne:Pure and fair”. And of course, it sounds victorious.
  50. Yaz: Of Turkish origin, Yaz means “summer”. Bliss.
  51. Zo: Of African origins, Zo means “spiritual leader”.

Vintage one-syllable girl names

  1. Al: Meaning “fair” in Old English.
  2. Ayn: Meaning “favor” in Hebrew.
  3. Beck: Meaning “stream” in Old Norse.
  4. Bekke: Meaning “cheek” in Norwegian.
  5. Bell: Meaning “beautiful” in French.
  6. Blaine: Meaning “yellow” in Gaelic. 💛
  7. Blythe: Meaning “cheerful” in English.
  8. Bo: Meaning “handsome” in French.
  9. Britt: Meaning “from Breton” in French.
  10. Brynne: Meaning “hill” in Welsh.
  11. Cal: Meaning “devotion” in Hebrew.
  12. Cam: Meaning “crooked nose” in Scottish Gaelic.
  13. Cat: Meow. 🐈
  14. Ceil: Meaning “blind” in Latin.
  15. Charm: 💖
  16. Clarke: Meaning “scholar” in Latin.
  17. Clove: For the luckiest baby. 🍀
  18. Dan: Meaning “God is my judge” in Hebrew.
  19. Dale: Meaning “valley” in English.
  20. Dree: Meaning “strong” in Greek.
  21. Dru: Meaning “strong” in Greek.
  22. Dune: Meaning “sand hill” in French. Also great for sci-fi fans.
  23. Firth: Meaning “arm of the sea” in Scottish.
  24. Flynn: Meaning “ruddy” in Irish Gaelic.
  25. Gab: Meaning “hero of God” in Hebrew.
  26. Gen: Meaning “spring” in Japanese.
  27. Izz: Meaning “honor” in Arabic.
  28. Jean: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  29. Jewel: For the baby with a little extra sparkle. 💎
  30. Jinx: Meaning “spell” in English.
  31. Joss: Meaning “merry one” in English.
  32. Jude: Meaning “praised” in Greek.
  33. Jules: Meaning “youthful” in French.
  34. Kat: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  35. Kit: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  36. Kyle: Meaning “strait” in Scottish and Irish.
  37. Lark: After the songbird.
  38. Leith: Meaning “lion” in Gaelic. 🦁
  39. Lile: Meaning “lily” in English.
  40. Maeve: Meaning “intoxicating” in Irish.
  41. Mai: After the month of May.
  42. Mar: Meaning “sea” in Spanish and Portuguese.
  43. Maude: Meaning “powerful battler” in Old German.
  44. Max: Meaning “greatest” in Greek.
  45. Nash: Meaning “by the ash tree” in English.
  46. Nic: Meaning “victory of the people” in Greek.
  47. Nell: Meaning “shining light” in Latin.
  48. Noir: Meaning “black” in French. 🖤
  49. North: If it’s good enough for the Kardashians…
  50. Nur: Meaning “light” in Arabic.
  51. Nyx: Meaning “night” in Latin.
  52. Pao: Meaning “bread” in Portuguese. 🍞
  53. Paz: Meaning “peace” in Latin. ☮️
  54. Peg: Meaning “pearl” in Greek.
  55. Penn: Meaning “hill” in English.
  56. Quinn: Meaning “wise” in Gaelic.
  57. Rae: Meaning “sunlight” in English.
  58. Reign: For true royalty.
  59. Reeve: Meaning “bailiff” in English.
  60. Rex: Meaning “king” in Latin. 👑
  61. Rey: Meaning “king” in French.
  62. Rue: Meaning “regret” in English.
  63. Rye: Meaning “king” in Gaelic.
  64. Shae: Meaning “admirable” in Gaelic.
  65. Skai: A quirky spelling of Sky.
  66. Sloane: Meaning “warrior” in Irish.
  67. Sol: Meaning “sun” in French. ☀️
  68. Storm: For a thundering baby.
  69. Swayze: Meaning “Swiss” in German.
  70. Tai: Meaning “highest” in Chinese.
  71. Teague: Meaning “poet” in Celtic.
  72. Tex: All the pride of Texas.
  73. Trix: Meaning “brings joy” in Latin.
  74. Wan: Meaning “gentle” in Chinese.
  75. West: Fans of old westerns?
  76. Wren: After the small songbird.
  77. Xun: Meaning “swift one” in Chinese.

Unique one-syllable girl names

If you’re looking for something a little different, here are the most unique one-syllable girl names:

  1. Au: Meaning “unite” in Japanese.
  2. Aye: Meaning “sword” in German. ⚔️
  3. Baye: Meaning “walls of a castle” in Old French. 🏰
  4. Bean: Meaning “friendly” in Middle English.
  5. Bee: 🐝
  6. Bird: 🐦
  7. Bloom: 🌸
  8. Blue: 💙
  9. Boo: Meaning “beautiful” in French.
  10. Brave: For your courageous babe.
  11. Brett: Meaning “from Breton” in Old English.
  12. Bri: Meaning “noble” in Celtic.
  13. Carm: Meaning “fruitful” in Hebrew.
  14. Cher: Meaning “dear” in French.
  15. Chi: Meaning “twig” in Vietnamese.
  16. Cloud: ☁️
  17. Cree: After the Native American tribe.
  18. Cruise: Meaning “brave” in English.
  19. Dai: Meaning “generation” in Japanese.
  20. Day: Every day is a new start.
  21. Dew: 💧
  22. Dream: Your dream come true. 💤
  23. Ece: Meaning “queen” in Turkish.
  24. Flor: Meaning “flower” in Portuguese.
  25. France: Bonjour, bebe!
  26. Frost: ❄️
  27. Gem: 💎
  28. Heer: Meaning “riches” in Arabic.
  29. Hind: Meaning “group of camels” in Arabic. 🐪
  30. James: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  31. Joud: Meaning “generosity” in Arabic.
  32. Joie: A different spelling of Joy.
  33. Joyce: Meaning “lord” in Latin.
  34. Kerr: Meaning “dark” in Irish.
  35. Khole: Meaning “victory of the people” in Greek.
  36. Koi: After the pricey fish.
  37. Lace: An elegant one-syllable girl name.
  38. Lake: Perfect for a baby born by water.
  39. Lam: Meaning “forest” in Vietnamese.
  40. Lei: Meaning “thunder” in Chinese. ⛈️
  41. Love: ❤️
  42. Luz: Meaning “light” in Latin.
  43. Lyre: For a musical baby. 🎶
  44. March: For an Aries or Pisces baby, or fans of Little Women.
  45. Mars: After the planet of passion and war.
  46. Maze: For a baby who’ll always find their way.
  47. Mehr: Meaning “sun” in Persian. ☀️
  48. Moon: 🌙
  49. Muse: For the baby who inspires you.
  50. Myr: Meaning “sea” in French.
  51. Naz: Meaning “pride” in Turkish.
  52. New: Enough said.
  53. Noor: Meaning “light” in Arabic.
  54. Owl: An unusual but cute one syllable girl name.
  55. Peace: ☮️
  56. Pink: 💗
  57. Pip: Meaning “lover of horses” in Greek. 🐎
  58. Poe: Meaning “peacock” in Greek. Or for more gothic fans of Edgar Allen Poe. 🦚
  59. Praise: 🙌
  60. Prue: Meaning “caution” in English.
  61. Queen: So you can always remember who’s really in charge.
  62. Reet: Meaning “tradition” in Indian.
  63. Rhys: Meaning “fire” in Welsh. 🔥
  64. Sai: Meaning “one who strives” in Indian.
  65. Saint: Meaning “holy” in Latin.
  66. Shai: Meaning “gift” in Hebrew. 🎁
  67. Shawn: Meaning “God is gracious” in Irish.
  68. Shu: Meaning “warm-hearted” in Chinese.
  69. Snow: ☃️
  70. Spring: 🌱
  71. Sri: Meaning “radiance” in Sanskrit.
  72. Starr: So your baby will always shine.
  73. Swan: 🦢
  74. Tal: Meaning “dew” in Hebrew.
  75. Tam: Meaning “twin” in Aramaic. 👯
  76. Tate: Meaning “cheerful” in English.
  77. Tea: Fancy a cuppa? 🫖
  78. Teal: For a baby born with blue-green eyes.
  79. Tink: Meaning “mender of pots and pans” in Old English.
  80. True: Honesty.
  81. Vale: Meaning “valley” in English.
  82. Vi: Meaning “purple” in English. 💜
  83. Ward: Meaning “guardian” in English.
  84. Yaa: Meaning “born on a Thursday” in Akan.
  85. Zee: Meaning “wolf” in Hebrew. 🐺
  86. Zen: Meaning “meditation” in Japanese.

There you have it, mama.

Our top picks for the best one-syllable girl names.

After something just a little longer?

How about these two-syllable girl names to inspire you?

And if you have a few names that you simply can’t choose between, how about asking the other moms-to-be of Peanut for a second (third, fourth) opinion?

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