60 Perfect Palindrome Baby Names

60 Perfect Palindrome Baby Names

Looking for the ideal name for your new arrival? We’ve got you covered. Check out the beautiful symmetry in these perfect palindrome names.
If you’re looking to give your little one a balanced start in life, exploring the world of palindrome baby names may be just the ticket.

So let us refer you to these ideal names that should be on your radar.

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What is a palindrome?

A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same way forward as it does backward.

So when you take a trip in a kayak, fulfill your civic duty, or drive in a racecar at noon you are paying homage to the beautiful balance in these words.

And if you’re looking for the most fitting example for your upcoming position, there is, of course: mom.

If you feel like getting really advanced, they also come in longer forms.

If you’ve ever seen a santa at NASA, asked was it a car or cat I saw? or given the instruction to your guests to step on no pets, yip, you’ve been using palindromes.

Palindrome baby names bring with them a subtle magic.

They just seem so poised, containing a certain quality that you can’t always put your finger on, but you know you like to hear.

With their built-in symmetry, it’s not hard to see how these names come as close as one can to the perfect choice.

Ready to dive in? Let’s explore our favorites.

Palindrome boy names

  1. Abba: While more recent connotations of this name recall an iconic Swedish pop band, this Hebrew name means “father.”
  2. Aca: With its ancient Greek roots, Aca means “defender of men.” It’s short, it’s mighty, and it’s perfectly balanced.
  3. Aoloa: This heavenly Hawaiian name means “long cloud.” But that’s not its only meaning. It’s also a “distinguished person.”
  4. Aza: If you think this name sounds powerful, you’re exactly right — because that is what it means. It has Arabic roots.
  5. Bob: This adorable name never goes out of style. Use it on its own or as a shortened form of Robert. Robert has Germanic roots and means “bright” and “fame.”
  6. Davad: If you want to add some spice to the popular name David, this might be a great option. It has Hebrew roots and means “beloved.”
  7. Ebbe: Here’s another name that packs a powerful palindrome punch. It’s of Norse origins and means “brave” or “strong boar.”
  8. Edde: From the Old English word Eade, this name means “an abundance of wealth.” It’s also associated with the popular name Edward, which comes from the same root.
  9. Efe: This sweet name is perfect if you’re planning to have more babies to name after this one. It means “older brother” and is of Turkish roots.
  10. Eze: Looking for a palindrome name with a royal flair? Eze is an ideal choice. It means “king” and comes from Igbo roots.
  11. Jalaj: This lyrical name has Sanskrit roots and is made up of two elements: jala meaning “water” and ja meaning “born.” If you’re planning a water birth, this name might be the perfect way to go with the flow.
  12. Kanak: With its Sanskrit roots, Kanak means “golden one.” It’s a name that works just as well for any gender.
  13. Kerek: This name has Hungarian roots from the surname Kerekes, which refers to a “wheelwright.” With this name, they’ll always be on a roll.
  14. Kilik: This name has ancient Anglo-Saxon roots and refers to people from a specific area of Yorkshire called Kilnwick.
  15. Naman: With its Sanskrit roots, this delightful name means “salutations” or “pleasantness.”
  16. Natan: As a shortened form of the Hebrew name Nathan, this divine name means “god has given.” Nathan is an alternative spelling.
  17. Navan: This name has Sanskrit origins and means “champion.”
  18. Nirin: This Thai name means “eternal.” If you love the name but want to explore beyond the palindrome, an alternative spelling is Niran.
  19. Nolon: If you’re looking for another version of the Irish name Nolan, this could be it. It means “champion.”
  20. Noon: Baby born right in the middle of the day? This name might be the perfect fit. It is the time when the sun is at its highest, after all.
  21. Odo: With Germanic roots, this affluent name means “wealthy” and is related to the names Otto, Udon, and Odon.
  22. Okko: This Nordic name is a diminutive of the name Oskari, the Finnish version of Oscar. It means “friend of the deer.”
  23. Otto: One of the better-known palindrome names, this German option means “wealth.” Otto the Great was an emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
  24. Rayar: This celestial Hindi name means “way of heaven.”
  25. Reinier: From Dutch roots, Reinier means “deciding warrior.”
  26. Renner: Originally a surname of High German roots, Renner means “to run.”
  27. Salas: With its Spanish roots, this name speaks of home — it means “rooms” and “halls.”
  28. Sebes: From Hungarian roots, Sebes means “one who is fast.”
  29. Talat: This beautiful name has Turkish roots and means “face” or “sight.”

Palindrome girl names

If you’re having a little madam (yep, that’s one too), we’ve got the perfect options for you.

  1. Ada: Meaning “noble,” this charming name has German roots.
  2. Ailia: With Scottish roots, this musical name means “light.”
  3. Aja: This cute Indian name has a rather interesting meaning — “goat.” Maybe a good choice for an Aries baby?
  4. Ala: From its Arabic roots, Ala means “excellence” or “praise.”
  5. Aleela: This Swahili name is full of feels. It means “one who cries” — perfect for a sensitive little soul.
  6. Alula: This name of Arabic origins is full of courage and hope. It means “first leap.”
  7. Ama: With its origins stemming from the Akan people of Ghana, Ama means “born on a Saturday.”
  8. Anana: This one also has West African roots and means “the fourth born.”
  9. Anina: With its Aramaic origins, Anina means “grace” or “my prayers are answered.”
  10. Anna: One of the better-known options on our list, Anna means “grace” or “favor.”
  11. Anna-Susanna: Yep, we’re also astonished that this is a palindrome. Anna means “grace,” and Susanna means “lily.”
  12. Arora: An alternative spelling to Aurora, this name means “dawn.” It’s also one of the names of Sleeping Beauty.
  13. Asa: With its Hebrew roots, this gender-neutral name means “healer.”
  14. Ava: If you’re looking for a palindrome name that’s made the Top 10 in the US, this is the ideal choice. It means “birdlike” or “lively.”
  15. Aviva: This rejuvenating name has Hebrew roots and means “springtime.”
  16. Aya: This name has a few meanings, depending on its roots. From Turkish origins, it means “angel,” and from its Arabic origins, it means “miracle” or “amazing.” It also has Old German roots and means “sword.”
  17. Aziza: With both Hebrew and Arabic roots, Aziza means “beloved” and “mighty” — what a combo!
  18. Ede: With the same roots as Edward, this Old English name means “wealthy.”
  19. Elle: This classic name has a lot going on. From Greek origins, it means “sun ray.” But it’s also the French word for “she.” 🎵*She is my sunshine.*🎵
  20. Emme: This interesting variant of Emma or Emmeline means “universal” and has German roots.
  21. Eevee: Looking for an alternative spelling for the sweet Evie? Eevee might just be the perfect choice. It means “life.”
  22. Eve: From its Hebrew and Latin roots, this ever-popular Biblical name means “life” or “animal.”
  23. Habibah: With Arabic roots, this is the feminine version of the name Habib. It means “love.”
  24. Halah: This Arabic name means “nimble.”
  25. Hannah: Another supremely popular choice, Hannah means “grace.”
  26. Izzi: This is a fun diminutive of the lovely Isabel. It means “promised to God.”
  27. Lal: From Persian roots, this adorable name means “beloved” or “precious.”
  28. Lil: For lovers of the lily flower, this one’s a perfect pick.
  29. Nan: With its Hebrew roots, this name means “grace.”
  30. Pip: We have to say that we think this one is the winner for sheer cuteness. It means “lover of horses” and can be used for any gender. If you’re a Dickens fan, this may be the perfect fit if you have Great Expectations for your little one.
  31. Viv: It’s short, sweet, and has Latin roots. It means “lively.”

All the best with your choice!

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