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Peanut: Tinder for Moms (& So Much More!)

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Finding it tough to make mom friendships? Wondering how to make friends while pregnant? Dealing with menopause when your friends aren’t? Let us introduce you to Peanut: not just Tinder for moms.

Peanut: Tinder for Moms

When the Peanut app first launched in 2017, “Tinder for moms” pretty much summed us up in a (pea)nut shell.

But, after over four years, growing team Peanut, and expanding the Peanut app, now we’re so much more.

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  • Finding friends going through menopause

Is there a Tinder for moms app?

Making mom friendships can be hard to come by, particularly if you’ve recently moved to a new area or your current friends aren’t in ‘the family way’.

That’s why Peanut is one of the best apps for new moms ‒ it makes it so much easier to find mom friends. So if you’re looking after your own little peanut thinking “I need more mom friends!”, wondering how to meet other moms who understand what life can be like with a mini human, Peanut’s exactly what you’re after.

Get advice on Peanut

Making mom friends isn’t the easiest thing in the world ‒ if you’re a first-time mom with a newborn baby, you barely have time to step out of the house, let alone go out to make mom friends.

This is where Peanut steps in.

In just a few swipes, you can make meaningful connections with other mamas: Peanut is the mom-friend app!

Tinder for pregnant women

If you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, it can be hard finding people in the same situation.

Whether you’re frantically Googling “I’m pregnant, how do I make friends?” or “how to make pregnant friends”, you’re in the right place.

Peanut can help, as one of the best apps for make friends when pregnant or trying to conceive.

Sometimes, Googling pregnancy symptoms can come up with some scary answers, when, chances are, it’s totally normal, and other mamas-to-be have experienced the same.

Other times, you might be staring at a pregnancy test for so long, you get line eyes and need a second opinion.

On Peanut, it’s easy to share a snap of your pregnancy test to see what other mamas-to-be think, or to ask our pregnancy community (or your pregnancy Group) whether your symptoms are normal.

Plus, with our Bump Buddies feature, you can connect with other mamas-to-be with a similar due date, so you can navigate every stage of pregnancy, together.

Finding friends going through menopause

Continuing our mission to make sure no woman navigates womanhood alone, we created Peanut Menopause.

There’s very little information about menopause out there, and there’s a stigma around talking about it ‒ apart from as the butt of a joke.

Menopause can be such a life-changing event, and if you’re dealing with menopause when your friends aren’t, finding friends going through menopause can make all the difference.

Menopause is another stage of womanhood, so we want you to know that we’re here for you ‒ along with the rest of the Peanut community!

Is Peanut app just for moms?

No, Peanut’s not just Tinder for moms!

Women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, going through menopause, postmenopause, perimenopause, with children or without, are all welcome to join!

Is there an app for moms to make friends?

There certainly is: Peanut!

It’s free to download, and created just for women.

Is Peanut a safe app?

Yes, Peanut is totally safe.

We have a community support team dedicated to keeping our Peanut community safe, and we also have a few tips on how you can stay extra safe.

Now you know there’s more to Peanut than just Tinder for moms.

We’re here to support you, whether you’re TTC, pregnant, or going through menopause.

So what are you waiting for? Join our Peanut Community ‒ we think you’ll fit right in.

And if you’re new to Peanut, check out our beginners guide.

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