70 Persian Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

70 Persian Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

Finding the Persian baby boy name for your baby-to-be is no small feat. As you search for the perfect baby name, you’re bound to consider a couple of factors: origin, history, sound, meaning, popularity, rarity, or even cuteness!
Persian boy names score high in all of these - they’re beautiful, sound good in other languages and have ancient and strong meanings.

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What are popular Persian baby boy names?

While the top Persian names for boys tend to change a lot, these popular names remain winning year after year. So here’s a selection of Persian baby boy names that are guaranteed to be cool for years to come.

  1. Ahmad: “Most commendable, most praiseworthy.”
  2. Ali: Noble and exalted.
  3. Ashraf: Most honorable one.
  4. Babak: Beloved father.
  5. Behrouz: Prosperous.
  6. Behzad: Best-born.
  7. Farhad: Helper.
  8. Farid: The One.
  9. Farzad: Splendid.
  10. Hossein: Beautiful.
  11. Kamran: Prosperous and fortunate.
  12. Karim: Generous, noble, honorable.
  13. Nader: Rare and exceptional.
  14. Reza: Contentment.
  15. Salman: Safe or secure.
  16. Solayman: Peaceful.
  17. Soroush: Happiness.

What are strong Persian boy names?

Many Persian baby boy names are those of ancient kings, mythological heroes and legendary warriors. If you’re looking for a strong name for a strong baby boy, look no further.

  1. Abbas: Lion
  2. Amir: Prince or high ranking official.
  3. Arash: A Persian archer.
  4. Bijan: Hero.
  5. Borzou: “High in status.”
  6. Cyrus: Cyrus the Great.
  7. Eskandar: Alexander the Great.
  8. Fereydoon: Persian mythical king and her.
  9. Firouz: Man of triumph.
  10. Kai-Khosrow: Legendary king of the Kayanian dynasty.
  11. Kasra: Wise king.
  12. Khosrow: King.
  13. Mahmoud: Praise.
  14. Mansour: “He who is victorious.”
  15. Manuchehr: Heaven’s face - the name of a mythical Persian king.
  16. Nasser: Victorious.
  17. Parviz: The son of a Mughal emperor. Means fortunate and happy.
  18. Rostam: A legendary hero in Persian mythology. The son of Zal and Rudaba.
  19. Sharyar: King of kings.

What are cool Persian boy names?

If you’re looking for cool Persian baby boy names, check these top names out for something fun and unique.

  1. Amin: “Truthful.”
  2. Ashkan: An ancient Persian King.
  3. Darius: Rich and Kingly.
  4. Hassan: Handsome or good.
  5. Javad: Righteous, from the Arabic name Jawad.
  6. Kaveh: Mythical hero in the Shahnameh epic.
  7. Kazem: “One who shares something among people.”
  8. Masoud: Fortunate, prosperous, happy. What more could you wish for your baby boy?
  9. Mehrdad: Gift of the sun.
  10. Shahin: Falcon.

What are rare Persian boy names?

On the hunt for cute Persian names for boys that will stand out in the crowd (in the best way, of course!)? This list is for you:

  1. Azad: Free.
  2. Aziz: Powerful, respected, beloved.
  3. Bahman: Snow avalanche.
  4. Davud: Persian form of David.
  5. Esfandiar: Pure creation, also from the epic.
  6. Hormoz: Lord of wisdom.
  7. Jahan: World.
  8. Jamshid: Mythological king of Persia.
  9. Kambiz: Ancient king.
  10. Navud: “Good news”
  11. Payam: “Message.”
  12. Rahman: Gracious and merciful.

What are cute Persian baby names for boys?

Finally, if you’re looking for a cute Persian baby boy name for your baby-to-be, we’ve got a couple of favorites to share with you.

  1. Arman: Wish, hope.
  2. Giv: “Character from the Shahnameh.”
  3. Keyvan: Saturn.
  4. Kian: King.
  5. Mahdi: Rightly guided.
  6. Milad: Son of the Sun.
  7. Mirza: Prince in Farsi.
  8. Morteza: The One pleasing God.
  9. Omid: Hope.
  10. Pirouz: Victorious.
  11. Ramin: Rescuer from hunger and pain.
  12. Shapour: Son of the king. The name of three Sassanid emperors.
  13. Zal: Hero and protector of ancient Persia.

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