85 Persian Baby Girl Names for Your Daughter-to-Be

85 Persian Baby Girl Names for Your Daughter-to-Be

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We’ve decided to make your life easier by compiling the ultimate list of Persian baby girl names for your daughter-to-be.
Looking for something sweet and meaningful? Or maybe, you want a name that honors nature? Alludes to your Persian roots? Or even a name that has religious or spiritual connotations?

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of pretty Persian girl names to choose from.

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  • What are popular Persian baby girl names?
  • What are cool Persian baby names for girls?
  • What are rare Persian girl names
  • What are cute Persian girl names

What are popular Persian baby girl names?

As you wait for your little bundle of joy and try to figure out which moniker will suit her best, take a look at these popular Persian girl names for some inspo:

  1. Anahita: Persian goddess of fertility and water.
  2. Ariana: One who belongs to the noble people.
  3. Ava: Voice, sound in Farsi.
  4. Azadeh: Free.
  5. Daria: Sea.
  6. Farah: Happy.
  7. Fatemeh: “A woman who abstains.”
  8. Leila: Daughter of the night.
  9. Mahnaz: Glory or beauty of the moon.
  10. Maryam: A type of flower.
  11. Mona: Name of a God.
  12. Nahid: Planet Venus.
  13. Nasrin: Wild rose.
  14. Nazanin: Sweetheart, lovely, delightful.
  15. Niloufar: Water lily in Farsi.
  16. Roxana: Light.
  17. Sara: Pure and genuine.
  18. Shirin: Sweet. Also, the name of a Persian queen.
  19. Soraya: Princess.
  20. Tara: Star.
  21. Yasmin: From the Jasmine plant. In Farsi, it means gift from God.

What are cool Persian baby names for girls?

Searching for an awesome name that will make heads turn? Here you go!

  1. Alya: Moonlight.
  2. Asal: Honey in farsi.
  3. Bahar: Spring.
  4. Baran: Rain in Farsi.
  5. Dana: Wise.
  6. Donya: World. Because, she is your world.
  7. Esther: Means star. Jewish wife of the King of Persia.
  8. Firuzeh: Woman of triumph.
  9. Iman: Faith.
  10. Iran: Not a name per se - but sweet for your daughter-to-be.
  11. Mahsa: “Like the moon.”
  12. Mehr: Persian form of Mithra
  13. Mina: Azure, enamel in Farsi.
  14. Minoo: Heaven in Farsi.
  15. Neda: Call, proclaim.
  16. Nima: Just.
  17. Noor: Light.
  18. Parisa: Fairy-like.
  19. Roya: Sweet dreams and fantasy.
  20. Shadi: Happiness.
  21. Shahnaz: Delight of the king.
  22. Shams: Sun.
  23. Yasaman: Variant of Yasmin.
  24. Zahra: Sparkingly, bright, beautiful.
  25. Ziba: Beautiful.

What are rare Persian girl names

She’s unique in a good way. These names are guaranteed to make the other mamas wonder why they didn’t think of that first.

  1. Arezou: Desire
  2. Elaheh: Goddess.
  3. Fariba: Charming.
  4. Farzaneh: Wise and intelligent.
  5. Fereshteh: Angel in Farsi.
  6. Gol: Flower
  7. Golnar: Pomegranate.
  8. Jaleh: Dewy
  9. Katayoun: The wife of Goshtasb in the Shahnameh.
  10. Mahtab: Moonlight.
  11. Masoumeh: Sinless and innocent.
  12. Mehr-Afarin: Creator of sun and kindness.
  13. Parvin: The Pleiades.
  14. Rana: Elegant.
  15. Roshan: Bright.
  16. Samira: Feminine form of Samir, means “companion in evening talk” in Arabic.
  17. Sepideh: Break of dawn.
  18. Shahrazad: Free city. Name of the fictional storyteller of the 1001 nights.
  19. Shiraz: The city of poets and roses.
  20. Shiva: Charming and eloquent.
  21. Shokoufeh: Blossom.
  22. Zarin: Made of gold.

What are cute Persian girl names

Nothing cuter than a cute babe with a cute name. Cuteness overload guaranteed.

  1. Azar: Fire.
  2. Delara: Adorning the heart.
  3. Golnaz: Delight and comfort, derived from “flower.”
  4. Laleh: Tulip.
  5. Mahin: Related to the moon.
  6. Manijeh: Delicate.
  7. Marjan: Coral.
  8. Mehr-Naz: Friendship and sun, the name of a character in the Shahnameh.
  9. Mojgan: Eyelashes in Persian.
  10. Negar: Beloved.
  11. Negin: Gemstone.
  12. Parvaneh: Butterfly in Farsi.
  13. Setareh: Star.
  14. Shohreh: Famous in Farsi.
  15. Sima: Face.
  16. Vida: Visible in Persian.
  17. Zohreh: Venus.

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