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30 Persian Baby Names With Their Meanings

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Alongside poetry, saffron and rugs, Iran has a beautiful culture to offer. Interestingly, most Persian baby names either originate from an ancient epic by the poet Ferdowsi called The Book of Kings - in Farsi, the Shahnameh - or are derived from Arabic.

Persian Baby Names

Whether you want to honor your Middle Eastern heritage or just love the sound of an ancient Iranian name, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of Persian names for your baby-to-be.

What are common Persian baby names?

You’ll definitely hear these as you walk down the streets of Tehran… or even Los Angeles. These names have the ultimate cool factor.

10 common Persian names for boys:

  1. Ali: Noble and exalted.
  2. Amir: Prince or high ranking official.
  3. Bijan: Hero.
  4. Cyrus: Cyrus the Great.
  5. Darius: Rich and Kingly.
  6. Farhad: Helper.
  7. Hossein: Beautiful.
  8. Mahdi: Rightly guided.
  9. Ramin: Rescuer from hunger and pain.
  10. Reza: Contentment.

10 common Persian names for girls:

  1. Ariana: One who belongs to the noble people.
  2. Esther: Means star. Jewish wife of the King of Persia.
  3. Farah: Happy.
  4. Leila: Daughter of the night.
  5. Nazanin: Sweetheart, lovely, delightful.
  6. Parisa: Fairy-like.
  7. Samira: Princess.
  8. Shirin: Sweet. Also, the name of a Persian queen.
  9. Yasmin: From the Jasmine plant. In Farsi, it means gift from God.
  10. Zohreh: Venus.

What are unique and rare Persian names?

If you’re looking for a name that stands out in the crowd - look no more.

Rare Persian baby boy names:

  1. Esfandiar: Pure creation, also from the epic.
  2. Eskandar: Alexander the Great.
  3. Kaveh: Mythical hero in the Shahnameh epic.
  4. Mehrdad: Gift of the sun.
  5. Soroush: Happiness.

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Rare Persian baby girl names:

  1. Bahar: Spring.
  2. Daria: Sea.
  3. Donya: World. Because she’s your world!
  4. Niloufar: Water lily in Farsi.
  5. Persia: Not a Persian name per se- but what’s stopping you?

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