36 Persian Baby Names With Their Meanings

36 Persian Baby Names With Their Meanings

Alongside poetry, saffron, and artistic rugs, Iran has a vibrant culture to offer.

And Persian names are no different.

Interestingly, most Persian baby names either originate from an ancient epic by the poet Ferdowsi called The Book of Kings (the Shahnameh in Farsi) or are derived from Arabic.

If you wish to honor your Middle Eastern heritage or just love the sound of an ancient Iranian name, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of Persian names for your baby-to-be.

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  • What are some good Persian names?
  • What is a Persian strong name?
  • What are rare and unique Persian names?

What are some good Persian names?

You’ll definitely hear these as you walk down the streets of Tehran… or even Los Angeles.

These names are effortlessly cool, utterly unique, and ripe with deeper meaning.

We’ve split them by gender but encourage you to follow your instincts if a name strikes your fancy:

10 common Persian names for boys:

Persian male names are a rich mix of strong leader energy and a sweet protector – where do you see your babe?

  1. Ali: Meaning “noble and exalted”.
  2. Amir: Meaning “prince” or “high-ranking official”.
  3. Bijan: Meaning “hero”.
  4. Cyrus: Meaning “sun”. One of the more popular Iranian boy names, perhaps inspired by the founder of the Achaemenian Empire, Cyrus the Great. Known as the Father of Iran, Cyrus was held in high esteem by his people and those on distant shores. Striking the balance between conquering hero and diplomatic leader, Cyrus is a powerful name to inspire baby to err right even when on the rise.
  5. Darius: Meaning “rich and kingly”.
  6. Farhad: Meaning “helper”.
  7. Hossein: Meaning “beautiful”.
  8. Mahdi: Meaning “rightly guided”.
  9. Ramin: Meaning “rescuer from hunger and pain”.
  10. Reza: Meaning “contentment”.

10 common Persian names for girls:

Persian female names have a beauty that is far more than skin-deep.

Read on and discover the famous queens and heroines worthy of poetry and pages in history:

  1. Ariana: Meaning “one who belongs to the noble people”.
  2. Esther: Meaning “star”. Outside of its links to the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of love and fertility, Ishtar, Esther possesses a fascinating backstory. According to The Book of Esther, Esther was the Jewish wife of the King of Persia who saves her people from genocide.
  3. Farah: Meaning “happy”.
  4. Leila: Meaning “daughter of the night”, Leila is rooted in the 7th century Arab story of Layla and Majnun – a tragedy akin to Romeo and Juliet.
  5. Nazanin: Meaning “sweetheart”, “lovely”, or “delightful”.
  6. Parisa: Meaning “fairy-like”.
  7. Samira: Meaning “princess”.
  8. Shirin: Meaning “sweet”. Another name linked to a Persian queen.
  9. Yasmin: Meaning “from the Jasmine plant”. In Farsi, Yasmine means “gift from God”.
  10. Zohreh: Meaning “the planet Venus”.

What is a Persian strong name?

Persian heritage is infused with strong ties to art, intricate design, and arresting architecture.

But their strength also lies in their traditions of poetry and literature.

Persian myths are filled with battles, trials, and tragedies, giving rise to strong Iranian names endowed with great meaning, such as:

  1. Rustam: Meaning “tall”, “strong”, and “brave”, Rustam is one of the most beloved folk heroes from the Shahnama. Represented as the very best of the holy warriors (the Iranian paladins), Rustam is celebrated for his prowess, loyalty, and empowering strength.
  2. Arash: Meaning “hero”. It’s a fitting meaning for a legendary figure known as Arash the Archer. More than a brave warrior, Arash is lauded for bringing peace and tranquility to Persia and Turan.
  3. Siavash: Meaning “keeper of the black stallions”, Siavash is forever known as the legendary Iranian prince who exiled himself to preserve his chastity.
  4. Tahmina: The wife of the warrior hero Rustam and daughter of the king of Samangan. Meaning “powerful” and “strong”, there’s no doubting the strength of this Persian female name.
  5. Avalie: Meaning “the one who has huge strength and desire”.
  6. Anahita: Anahita stems from the Iranian water goddess of wisdom and healing. Her name means “pure” and “immaculate”. Closely intertwined with water’s cleansing properties, Anahita is life-giving embodied – little wonder ancient Persian soldiers would pray to her before battle.

What are rare and unique Persian names?

Persian baby names naturally capture attention.

But if you want a name that really stands out from the crowd, it’s got to be one of these:

Rare Persian baby boy names:

Give your baby boy the edge with one of these top five Persian male names:

  1. Esfandiar: Meaning “pure creation”. Inspired by the legendary Iranian hero Esfandiyār – one of the great characters of the Shahnameh epic.
  2. Eskandar: Meaning “defender of the people”. A Persian variation of the Greek name Alexander.
  3. Kaveh: Meaning “royal”. Another mythical hero from the Shahnameh epic.
  4. Mehrdad: Meaning “gift of the sun”.
  5. Soroush: Meaning “happiness”.

Rare Persian baby girl names:

We’re pulling from nature to give you the best of rare Persian girl names:

  1. Bahar: Meaning “spring”. A name of youth, growth, and fresh beginnings.
  2. Daria: A sweet Persian water name meaning “sea”.
  3. Niloufar: Keeping with the theme, Niloufar means “water lily” in Farsi.
  4. Irsia: Meaning “rainbow”.
  5. Donya: Meaning “world”.

36 Persian names to get you started but only a small taste of the trove of hidden jewels this ancient culture holds.

If you find yourself still wanting, you’ll find much more to explore in our longer lists of Persian baby girl names and Persian baby boy names.

Best of luck, mama!

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