60+ Perfect Pisces Baby Names for Your Little One

60+ Perfect Pisces Baby Names for Your Little One

Looking for the perfect name for your new arrival? If they’re due between February and March, one of these Pisces baby names might just be the best fit.

If you have a little one due somewhere between February 19 and March 20, you might be looking for Pisces names to honor the stars they’ll be born under.

As the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces holds a special place as the grand finale of the astrological year.

Pisces is symbolized by two fish, sometimes portrayed as knotted together and at others swimming in opposite directions. ♓

They are known for their emotional intelligence, sensitivity, and kindness.

And of course, because these little fish make up a water sign, they are very good at going with the flow.

So what is a good choice for a Pisces name?

Water-themed options are great, as are names that honor the flowers and gemstones associated with the sign.

And on our list, we’ve also included some names inspired by famous Pisces.

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  • What is a good name for a Pisces boy?
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Is Pisces a boy or a girl name?

Pisces is a great gender-neutral option if you’d like to honor your new arrival by naming them right after their star sign.

From Latin roots, it means, not surprisingly, “the fish.”

Pisces is also one of the largest constellations in the night sky, lying between Aries and Aquarius.

And if you want to explore a little further afield, we’ll take you through our top picks.

What is a Pisces girl name?

These are our favorite Pisces girl names:

  1. Amethyst. This beautiful February birthstone makes for a unique girl’s name.
  2. Avonlea. Meaning “river by a field,” Avonlea is also the fictional Canadian town from Anne of Green Gables.
  3. Beverley. “Beaver stream”
  4. Brooke. This sweet name can mean both “small stream” and “water.”
  5. Brooklyn. A great way to pay homage to the NYC borough, this name refers to someone who lives near a small stream.
  6. Cascade. From its French roots, Cascade refers to a waterfall.
  7. Cherith. This name has Hebrew roots and means “winter stream.”
  8. Cordelia. The name of King Lear’s favorite daughter in Shakespeare’s play, Cordelia means “heart” and “daughter of the sea,” making it a perfect name for a caring water baby.
  9. Dayla. “To draw water”
  10. Derya. With its Persian roots, Derya means “sea.”
  11. Doris. From its Greek roots, this classic name means “gift from the sea.”
  12. Dwyn. This one has Welsh roots and means “wave.”
  13. Eyre. With Norse roots, Eyre means “gravel bank river.”
  14. Irvette. “Friend of the sea”
  15. Kaimana. This mighty Hawaiian name means “power of the sea.”
  16. Kallan. With its Scandinavian roots, Kallan means “stream” or “river.”
  17. Laguna. From its Italian roots, Laguna means “pond” or “lake.”
  18. Lily. This sweet name makes the list because the water lily is aptly a Pisces’ birth flower.
  19. Lynn. This popular Welsh and Celtic name means “lake,” “waterfall,” or “pool.”
  20. Marina. “Of the sea”
  21. Maya. Maya has a few different meanings depending on its origins. In Sanskrit, Māyā means magic. In the Māori language, it means bravery, and in the Tupi language of Brazil, it means “mother.” As a shortened form of Maria, it means “of the sea” or “beloved,” making it an excellent Pisces option.
  22. Mira. With its Latin roots, Mira means either “ruler,” “peace,” or “ocean.”
  23. Mercy. This is the perfect name to encapsulate the compassion of the Pisces.
  24. Moana. Meaning “ocean,” this name has shot to stardom because of the Disney movie of the same name.
  25. Nahla. This name of Arabic origin means “first drink of water.”
  26. Naida. “Water nymph”
  27. Nixie. This adorable German name also means “water nymph.”
  28. Ondine. From its Latin roots, Ondine means “little wave.”
  29. Rayan. This pretty Arabic name has a few different meanings. “Watered” is one of them, but it also means “luxuriant” or “heaven’s flower.”
  30. Talia. With its Hebrew roots, Talia means “dew of God.”
  31. Tallulah. “Leaping water”
  32. Zarya. This powerful Slavic name means “water priestess.”

What is a good name for a Pisces boy?

Why not try one of these charming Pisces boy names:

  1. Bach. This musical name of German origin means “someone who lives by a stream.”
  2. Barbeau. “Fisherman”
  3. Beck. Originally a surname of Germanic and Hebrew origins, Beck means “brook” or “stream.”
  4. Bourne. “Someone who lives by a stream.”
  5. Bradman. “At the wide river”
  6. Calder. “Rough waters”
  7. Caspian. Meaning “white,” this name also refers to the Caspian Sea between Europe and Asia.
  8. Deniz. This name has Turkish roots and simply means “sea.”
  9. Dylan. This lovely gender-neutral name means “son of the sea” or “born from the ocean.”
  10. Eaton. From its Old English roots, Eaton means “homestead by a river.”
  11. Fisher. As it sounds, this name refers to a fisherman.
  12. Irving.Green water”
  13. Jordan. With its Hebrew roots, Jordan means “to flow down” or descend.” It also refers to the river in which Jesus Christ was baptized, making it a symbolic option for Christians.
  14. Kai. This Hawaiian name means “sea.”
  15. Lamar. From French and Spanish roots, Lamar means “of the sea.”
  16. Morgan. From its Welsh roots, Morgan means “sea-born,” “sea-song,” or “sea-circle.”
  17. Nen. From Egyptian roots, this name means “ancient waters.”
  18. Orwell. “Branch of a river”
  19. Pike. This name makes the cut because it’s a type of fish.
  20. Rio. “River”
  21. Struan. This sweet-sounding Scottish name means “stream.”

Famous Pisces names

Get inspired by these celebrated Pisces.

  1. Dakota. This famous Pisces has been in the acting game since she was a young child. It’s Dakota Fanning.
  2. Daniel. The name’s Craig. Daniel Craig. And yes, he’s also a Pisces.
  3. Drew. This inspiring Pisces has graced our screens for decades. It’s, of course, Ms. Barrymore.
  4. Emily. Here’s another Hollywood favorite. This sparkly Pisces is Emily Blunt.
  5. Erykah. Ms. Badu is also a Pisces and offers us a unique twist on the popular name Erica.
  6. Josh. Singer and songwriter Josh Groban has a late February birthday.
  7. Lupita. Academy award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o is another talented Pisces.
  8. Kristin. This one’s for the Sex and the City fans. Kristen Davis is also a Pisces.
  9. Rihanna. As in the Rihanna. This Pisces has certainly made a splash.
  10. Sidney. Hollywood icon Sidney Poitier gives us this inspiring Pisces name.

All the best with your choice!

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