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This is How We’re Keeping Pods Safe

Chloe, Team Peanut
Chloe, Team Peanutover 1 year ago2 min read

In case you missed it, we’ve just launched Pods - live audio conversations to help you stay connected in real-time.

Pods, live audio conversations

Pods are safe spaces to discuss anything and everything, with women who understand.

We always want to ensure that Peanut remains a positive and supportive space for women to engage in fun and meaningful conversations, including in Pods. That’s why we’re taking time to reiterate our commitment to safeguarding our community, and also asking for your help to keep these spaces safe and inclusive.

How we’re keeping pods safe

Since our conception, we’ve had a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech, racism, bigotry, and abusive behavior of any kind on Peanut. This type of behavior goes against our mission and is never welcome.

Along with a number of system checks, our dedicated Community Support team review any content that we feel doesn’t have a place on Peanut. We also investigate any in-app reports or emails that we receive from our community and take immediate action. The same can be said for any reports to do with Pods.

As an actively anti-hate and anti-racist platform, anyone engaging in racist or hateful behavior receives a lifetime ban from Peanut. Period.

How you can help us too

If you spot something that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a Pod, you can help us by doing the following. ⬇️

  • Read and feel familiar with our community guidelines.
  • Report any content that’s off-limits (Tap the three dots in the right hand corner of a pod to do this).
  • Report any users that are concerning you, or acting inappropriately.
  • Block any users to quickly remove yourself from any triggering situations or if you’re no longer happy to be connected.
  • Show up as an ally and support others with respectful and mindful discussion.

We also encourage everyone to be respectful of any Pods that are specifically created by - or for - women from Black, Asian, and ethnic minority communities to come together to connect. These spaces, like some groups on Peanut, may only be reserved for those with lived experience or close affiliation to those specific identities. These are fully welcomed and protected on our platform.

Your safety comes first, always.

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