121 Polish Baby Boy Names With Meanings

121 Polish Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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Polish baby boy names give new moms a huge variety of choice thanks to their history. As a nation, Poland has had to endure more than most, giving rise to hundreds of names meaning ‘strength’ or warrior – particularly for Polish male names.
But we also have other influences, for example, religion or movements of people. Some 2 million Polish people have emigrated to North America, for example, making Polish American baby boy names highly popular. But what about your little one?

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What are some Polish boy names?

A lot of Polish male names for boys bring up images of strength and protection, for example:

  1. Aleksander
  2. Aurelian
  3. Balint
  4. Birger
  5. Bronsilaw
  6. Emeryk
  7. Emeryth
  8. Jedrick
  9. Jedrzej
  10. Juliste
  11. Ludwik

Equally, we have the religious connotations, from both Christianity and Judaism. Some religious names in Polish include:

  1. Betzalel
    This one will keep your little one protected for life, as it literally means ‘in God’s shadow.’

  2. Bogdi
    This is a derivative of the name Bogdan and means ‘given by God.’

  3. Bogumil
    If you’re a family of faith, this Polish baby name means ‘one who is dear to God.’

  4. Boguslav
    The apple of your eye is also God’s, as this name means ‘God’s glory.’

  5. Gabryjel
    Like the angel Gabriel, this has connotations of guardians, meaning ‘God is my shelter.’

  6. Janusz
    This is a variant of the more Westernized John and means ‘God is gracious.’

  7. Jan
    Perfect for your first baby boy, Jan means ‘gift from God.’

  8. Lazor
    This one’s all about divine intervention as it means ‘God has helped.’

What are common Polish names?

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, there are plenty of popular Polish boy names to choose from. According to a 2021 survey of the most popular Polish baby boy names and girl names, these made the top 10:

  1. Antoni
  2. Jan
  3. Aleksander
  4. Jakub
  5. Franciszek
  6. Szymon
  7. Filip
  8. Mikołaj
  9. Leon
  10. Stanisław

You’ll see that some of these have come up before as they have those nods to ‘strength.’ If you really want your little one to dominate the boardroom or the football field, check out these cool Polish names below.

What are strong male names?

For a blunt, short, and strong Polish name for males, you can’t go wrong with:

  1. Aleksy
  2. Alojzy
  3. Anatol
  4. Bartek
  5. Blazej
  6. Borys
  7. Darek
  8. Gawel
  9. Iwo
  10. Jacek
  11. Julek
  12. Kamil
  13. Krzys
  14. Kuba
  15. Lew
  16. Leslaw
  17. Lucjan
  18. Marcin
  19. Narcyz
  20. Olek
  21. Raclaw
  22. Roch
  23. Tytus
  24. Wit
  25. Zenon

But if traditional isn’t your thing, you can always try these less common Polish names below.

What is the rarest male name?

These names are a little softer sounding, which makes them rarer in the Polish language!

  1. Ambrozy – meaning ‘immortal’
  2. Bazyli – meaning ‘king’
  3. Bratumil – meaning ‘dear brother’
  4. Cibor – meaning ‘honor battle’
  5. Cyprian – meaning ‘from Cyprus’
  6. Dobrogost – meaning ‘good guest’
  7. Donat – meaning ‘given’
  8. Jozafat – meaning ‘Yahweh (an ancient Israeli god) has judged’
  9. Lubomierz – meaning ‘love world’
  10. Metody – meaning ‘with the road’
  11. Milogost – meaning ‘gracious guest’
  12. Serafin – meaning ‘the fiery one’
  13. Uriasz – meaning ‘Yahweh is my light.’

And if you’ve still not decided…53 more Polish boy names to choose from

If you’re still not there yet, think about things like pronunciation. The English V becomes W in Polish, for example, while Y is pronounced like a J – a soft sound, like in ‘measure.’ If you’re not a native, try to say some of these names out loud to pick your perfect Polish baby boy name:

  1. Andrzej
  2. Athanasi
  3. Blazh
  4. Bogdan
  5. Bolesław
  6. Borivoi
  7. Bozho
  8. Brajan
  9. Byelobog
  10. Chedomir
  11. Chernobog
  12. Dariusz
  13. Dawid
  14. Dazhdbog
  15. Dragomir
  16. Eliasz
  17. Georgei
  18. Grzegorz
  19. Henryk
  20. Iwan
  21. Janusz
  22. Jerzy
  23. Józef
  24. Kazimierz
  25. Kresimir
  26. Krzysztof
  27. Lech
  28. Liudevit
  29. Maciej
  30. Marek
  31. Marian
  32. Mariusz
  33. Milosh
  34. Mirche
  35. Moimir
  36. Paweł
  37. Perun
  38. Pridbor
  39. Stefan
  40. Stribog
  41. Svarog
  42. Svetovid
  43. Tikhomir
  44. Tomasz
  45. Vasilli
  46. Vitislav
  47. Vladimeru
  48. Volos
  49. Walerian
  50. Władysław
  51. Yarognev
  52. Zbignev
  53. Zdzisław
  54. Zygmunt

A Polish boy name for every day of the week

Whether you’re a native or have Polish heritage, or you just want to try something different, a Polish boy name is a strong choice. Go for something that’s a tongue twister or a Polish variant of an English name – the choice is yours! Also, don’t miss our big list of Polish baby names.

Whatever you decide, why not ask the mamas of Peanut what they think?

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