The Best 91 Polish Baby Girl Names for New Babies

The Best 91 Polish Baby Girl Names for New Babies

Whether you’ve got Polish heritage or are just looking for something a little different, Polish girl names come with hundreds of variants to suit your baby daughter. Many Polish baby names stem from religion such as Christianity and Judaism, or from nature – in particular, Polish female names.
Choose from a range of Polish women names or something more traditional to pay homage to this beautiful Slavic country.

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  • Do all female Polish names end in A?
  • What is the most popular girl name in Poland?
  • What is the rarest girl name?
  • 77 more names to add to your list
  • Take your pick of girl Polish names

Do all female Polish names end in A?

First things first – you may have heard that Polish names for girls all end in A. It’s true! This is often because they are the feminized version of male names. This is a custom that’s common in other cultures, for example in Portuguese with Paolo and Paola.

What is the most common name in Poland?

It’s no surprise, then, that Antoni is the most popular name in Poland, and has a female derivative, Antonina. In fact, some of the most popular male Polish names cross over into the female list, for example:

  1. Gabriel becomes Gabriela, meaning ‘God is my strength.’
  2. Igor becomes Iga, meaning ‘warrior.’
  3. Wiktor becomes Wiktoria, meaning ‘one who conquers.’

What is the most popular girl name in Poland?

Straight away, we can see many similarities between female Polish names and English variants, making these an unusual variant and unique choice for your daughter. In fact, the most common Polish girl names are close ‘cognates’ with English variants, such as:

  1. Julia
    We can see that Julia has the same spelling as the English variant, but in Polish the J is pronounced like a Y. Julia means ‘youthful.’

  2. Zuzanna
    Without a diacritic, Zs are pronounced the same in Polish as they are in English – so we have the Polish variant of Susanna. There are also Hebrew variants such as Shoshana. This biblical name means ‘lily.’

  3. Zofia
    Akin to the English Sofia, this means ‘wisdom’ and has a similar pronunciation to Zuzanna.

  4. Hanna
    Though missing the final H due to Polish naming customs, this one is very similar, and means ‘full of grace.’

  5. Maja
    Just as J becomes Y in Polish, we see Maya spelt Maja. This means ‘splendid’ or ‘from God.’

  6. Oliwia
    As with Wiktor, the letter V often becomes W in Polish, giving rise to the name Oliwia – or ‘olive tree.’

What is the rarest girl name?

If you want to avoid popular Polish girl names, you can try something a little different. Many rarer Polish girl names go against the custom of timid, beautiful imagery – instead, tending to favor masculine, war-like meanings. For example, we have:

  1. Aleska – ‘defender of mankind’
  2. Jadzia – ‘war, battle’
  3. Manina – ‘warlike’
  4. Ramona – ‘wise protection’
  5. Nelka – ‘stone.’

77 more names to add to your list

You really are spoilt for choice with this beautiful language, so if you’ve not found the right baby name just yet, try one of these:

  1. Albinka
  2. Aldona
  3. Alina
  4. Alka
  5. Anastazja
  6. Ania
  7. Anieli
  8. Anka
  9. Antonina
  10. Aurele
  11. Aureli
  12. Balbina
  13. Basha
  14. Beata
  15. Beate
  16. Bodgana
  17. Bogna
  18. Bohgana
  19. Doroata
  20. Edyta
  21. Elwira
  22. Elzbieta
  23. Euzebia
  24. Ewa
  25. Fela
  26. Felka
  27. Franciszka
  28. Gizela
  29. Grazyna
  30. Gutka
  31. Halina
  32. Heniuta
  33. Henka
  34. Hortenspa
  35. Iwona
  36. Jadwiga
  37. Jana
  38. Janah
  39. Janalee
  40. Lila
  41. Lodoiska
  42. Lucja
  43. Lucyna
  44. Ludka
  45. Luisa
  46. Mada
  47. Margisia
  48. Margita
  49. Marjan
  50. Marjon
  51. Marta
  52. Marysia
  53. Masia
  54. Matyidy
  55. Mela
  56. Melka
  57. Minka
  58. Morela
  59. Nadzia
  60. Nata
  61. Natia
  62. Olesia
  63. Otylia
  64. Paulina
  65. Petra
  66. Petronela
  67. Rahel
  68. Rasia
  69. Rasine
  70. Roch
  71. Roz
  72. Rozalia
  73. Rozyuka
  74. Sylwia
  75. Tekli
  76. Teodory
  77. Teodozji

Take your pick of girl Polish names

The beauty of the Polish language is that there are so many baby girl names and meanings. You can pay tribute to history or go for something a little more modern that works with English cognates.

Whatever you choose, why not ask the mamas of Peanut what they think?

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