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120 Polish Baby Names for Strong Boys and Girls

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

With themes of strength, stoicism, and religion, Polish baby names are the ideal choice for any parent who sees their child going far in life. This Slavic country has overcome centuries of suffering and emerged stronger – the perfect analogy for a determined child.

Polish Baby Names

Many Polish names also have religious connotations (think Pope John Paul II), while others give a nod to nature. Choose from some of the best-known Polish baby names below to honor this beautiful country.

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  • What are common Polish names?
  • What are popular Polish girl names?
  • What are some Polish boy names?
  • What are some bratty names?
  • More Polish baby names for your newborn
  • Pick a Polish baby name that suits you

What are common Polish names?

If you’re looking for instantly recognizable traditional Polish names, you’re in luck. Each year, the Ministry of Digital Affairs runs a survey on the most popular Polish names, so you can choose from monikers such as:


  1. Antoni – a Polish variant of Anthony, this means ‘priceless one’
  2. Wojciech – there is no English equivalent for this Polish boy’s name, which means ‘warrior’
  3. Filip – a more phonetically friendly spelling of Philip, this means ‘fond of horses.’

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  1. Zuzanna – take a more fun approach to the traditional Susan, meaning ‘lily’
  2. Maria – with its religious connotations, Maria means ‘mother of Jesus’ or ‘wished-for child’
  3. Maja – switching out the Y for a J, Maja means ‘splendid.’

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What are popular Polish girl names?

Did you notice what those three common Polish girl baby names had in common? That’s right – in Polish, all female names end in the letter A! This follows a popular custom to ‘feminize’ male names, such as with Spanish baby names – think Juan and Juana.

Some of the most popular Polish baby names for girls have their roots in religion, for example:

  1. Natalia
    If this one seems familiar (think Boa Natal in Portuguese), it’s because it means just that – Christmas Day!

  2. Dorota
    This Polish variant of Dorothy means ‘gift of God.’

  3. Judyta
    Rather than a nod to the Christian faith, this variant of Judith means ‘Jewish woman.’

  4. Iza
    For a shorter and sweeter version of Isabel, Iza means ‘my god is an oath.’

What are some Polish boy names?

Predictably, as in many other cultures, Polish boy names have themes of masculinity, strength, and war. You can choose from baby names such as:

  1. Aleksy
    A variant of the Westernized Alex, this means ‘defender.’

  2. Lew
    For another short and sweet alternative, Lew means ‘lion.’

  3. Apolinary
    This longer Polish boy name means ‘strength.’

  4. Marek
    With other variants such as Marian and Mariusz, this simply means ‘male.’

What are some bratty names?

If you’re looking for a little more of a rebellious name for your baby boy or girl, you can’t go wrong with:

  1. Daniela (f) – ‘survivor’
  2. Emilia (f) – ‘rival’
  3. Olesia (f) – ‘protector’
  4. Gustaw (m) – ‘staff of the Goths’
  5. Igor (m) – ‘warrior’
  6. Konrad (m) – ‘brave counsel.’

More Polish baby names for your newborn

Still not found quite the right fit? Pick from this list of boys’ and girls’ Polish baby names:

  1. Adok
  2. Albin
  3. Aleksandr
  4. Alina
  5. Andnej
  6. Apoloniusz
  7. Armand
  8. Armandek
  9. Aron
  10. Artur
  11. Augustyn
  12. Aurelius
  13. Bazyli
  14. Bendek
  15. Bialas
  16. Bialy
  17. Boguchwal
  18. Bogufal
  19. Bogumierz
  20. Bogumil
  21. Boguslaw
  22. Bogusz
  23. Bohusz
  24. Boleslaw
  25. Borys
  26. Boryslaw
  27. Bozydar
  28. Bratumil
  29. Brunon
  30. Budzislaw
  31. Budzisz
  32. Budzyk
  33. Casimir
  34. Casimire
  35. Casimiro
  36. Castimer
  37. Chwalibog
  38. Cibor
  39. Cyprian
  40. Cyrek
  41. Dionizy
  42. Dobieslaw
  43. Dobromierz
  44. Dobromil
  45. Dobroslaw
  46. Dobry
  47. Dodek
  48. Donat
  49. Dorek
  50. Dyzek
  51. Edek
  52. Egidiusz
  53. Elek
  54. Eljasz
  55. Emmilian
  56. Erek
  57. Felcia
  58. Feliks
  59. Flawiusz
  60. Florian
  61. Frandszk
  62. Fryderyk
  63. Gerik
  64. Gerwazy
  65. Gnegon
  66. Henryk
  67. Hieronim
  68. Holleb
  69. Jacek
  70. Jack
  71. Jan
  72. Janah
  73. Janek
  74. Januarius
  75. Jarek
  76. Jedrek
  77. Jerzy
  78. Josep
  79. Kaspar
  80. Kazimierz
  81. Kazimir
  82. Kazmer
  83. Konstancji
  84. Krzysztof
  85. Laiurenty
  86. Liuz
  87. Lubomir
  88. Luboslaw
  89. Ludwik
  90. Lujan
  91. Lukasz
  92. Maksym
  93. Maksymilian
  94. Mandek
  95. Marcin
  96. Marcinek
  97. Maurycy
  98. Mauty
  99. Michal
  100. Mikolai

Pick a Polish baby name that suits you

Whether you’re a native or are looking for Polish American baby names (some 2.2 million Poles emigrated to the US), you have a wide choice with varying themes. For more ideas on the best baby names for your little one, why not ask the mamas of Peanut?

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