Top 1000 Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2024

Top 1000 Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2024

Are you wondering, What are the most popular baby boy names? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we have the 1000 best baby boy names that are favorites in the US for 2024.
Every year, the US Social Security Administration puts together a list of the most popular baby boy names in use across the country.

While you’ll probably be familiar with many of them, the list includes more unusual boy names too.

So, without further ado, let’s serve up some popular baby names for boys.

By the way, you don’t have to use them just for boys!

If the name feels right for your little one ‒ girl, boy, or anything in between ‒ then go for it!

In this article: 📝

  • What is the #1 most popular boy name?
  • What are the top 10 names for boys?
  • What is a cool name for a boy?
  • What is a unique boy name in 2024?
  • What boys’ names will be popular in 2024?

What is the #1 most popular boy name?

At the moment, there’s a clear winner for the most common boy name in the US ‒ you won’t be surprised at this one:

  1. Liam: Meaning “guardian” in Irish Gaelic.

What are the top 10 names for boys?

Now let’s take a look at the other most popular boy names of 2022 in the US.

The top boy names for 2022 were still pretty traditional ‒ lots of classic Hebrew and Latin names you’ll recognize here:

  1. Noah: Meaning “rest” in Hebrew.
  2. Oliver: Meaning “olive” in Latin. 🫒
  3. Elijah: Meaning “Yahweh is my God” in Hebrew.
  4. James: Meaning “supplanter”. Hebrew
  5. William: Meaning “resolute protector” in Old German.
  6. Benjamin: Meaning “son of the right hand” in Hebrew and Arabic.
  7. Lucas: Meaning “bringer of light” in Latin.
  8. Henry: Meaning “ruler of the home” in German.
  9. Theodore: Meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
  10. Jack: Meaning “God is gracious” in Old English.
  11. Levi: Meaning “united” in Hebrew.
  12. Alexander: Meaning “defender of men” in Greek.
  13. Jackson: Meaning “son of Jack” in English.
  14. Mateo: Meaning “gift of God” in Italian.
  15. Daniel: Meaning “God is my judge” in Hebrew.
  16. Michael: Meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  17. Mason: Meaning “stoneworker” in English.
  18. Sebastian: Meaning “venerable” in Latin.

What is a cool name for a boy?

If you didn’t find any you liked in the top 20, here are the rest of the top 100 boy names in the US of 2022 into 2024.

And if you’re wondering, What are cool names for a boy?, this section of the list might be perfect for you.

These names are still familiar to most people, but not quite as common as the top 20, so they’ve got a bit of that “cool” and unusual factor.

  1. Logan: Meaning “little hollow” in Scottish Gaelic.
  2. Owen: Meaning “youthful” in Welsh.
  3. Samuel: Meaning “God has heard” in Hebrew.
  4. Jacob: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  5. Asher: Meaning “happiness” Hebrew.
  6. Aiden: Meaning “little fire” in Irish Gaelic. 🔥
  7. John: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  8. Joseph: Meaning “God will give” in Hebrew.
  9. Wyatt: Meaning “brave at war” in Old English.
  10. David: Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew.
  11. Leo: Meaning “lion” in Latin. 🦁
  12. Luke: Meaning “light-giving” in Latin.
  13. Julian: Meaning “youthful” in Latin.
  14. Hudson: Meaning “son of Hugh” in English.
  15. Grayson: Meaning “son of the gray one” in English.
  16. Matthew: Meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  17. Ezra: Meaning “helper” in Hebrew.
  18. Gabriel: Meaning “man of God” in Hebrew.
  19. Carter: Meaning “cart driver” in English.
  20. Isaac: Meaning “one who laughs” in Hebrew.
  21. Jayden: Meaning “thankful” in Spanish.
  22. Luca: Meaning “light-bringer” in Latin.
  23. Anthony: Meaning “priceless one” in Roman.
  24. Dylan: Meaning “son of the sea” in Welsh.
  25. Lincoln: Meaning “pool colony” in Old English.
  26. Thomas: Meaning “twin” in Latin. 👯
  27. Maverick: Meaning “rebel” in English.
  28. Elias: Meaning “my God is Yahweh” in Hebrew.
  29. Josiah: Meaning “God has healed” in Hebrew.
  30. Charles: Meaning “free man” in German.
  31. Caleb: Meaning “faithful” in Hebrew.
  32. Christopher: Meaning “bearer of Christ” in Greek.
  33. Ezekiel: Meaning “God’s strength” in Hebrew.
  34. Miles: Meaning “soldier” in Latin.
  35. Jaxon: Meaning “son of Jack” in English.
  36. Isaiah: Meaning “God is salvation” in Hebrew.
  37. Andrew: Meaning “manly” in Greek.
  38. Joshua: Meaning “God is salvation” in Hebrew.
  39. Nathan: Meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  40. Nolan: Meaning “noble” in Irish.
  41. Adrian: Meaning “son of Adria” in Latin.
  42. Cameron: Meaning “crooked river” in Irish Gaelic.
  43. Santiago: Meaning “Saint James” in Spanish.
  44. Eli: Meaning “high” in Hebrew.
  45. Aaron: Meaning “exalted” in Hebrew.
  46. Ryan: Meaning “little king” in Irish.
  47. Angel: For your gift from heaven above. 👼
  48. Cooper: Meaning “barrel maker” in English.
  49. Waylon: Meaning “courageous fighter” in Old English.
  50. Easton: Meaning “east town” in English.
  51. Kai: Meaning “sea” in Hawaiian, “shell” in Japanese, and “earth” in Welsh.
  52. Christian: Meaning “follower of Jesus” in English.
  53. Landon: Meaning “long hill” in English.
  54. Colton: Meaning “coal town” in English.
  55. Roman: Meaning “from Rome” in English.
  56. Axel: Meaning “father of peace” in German.
  57. Brooks: Meaning “little river” in English.
  58. Jonathan: Meaning “God has given” in Hebrew.
  59. Robert: Meaning “shining with fame” in German.
  60. Jameson: Meaning “son of James” in English.
  61. Ian: Meaning “God is gracious” in Scottish.
  62. Everett: Meaning “strong boar” in Old English.
  63. Greyson: Meaning “son of the gray one” in English.
  64. Wesley: Meaning “western forest” in English.
  65. Jeremiah: Meaning “God will raise” in Hebrew.
  66. Hunter: Meaning “one who hunts” in English.
  67. Leonardo: Meaning “brave as a lion” in German.
  68. Jordan: Meaning “flow down” in Hebrew.
  69. Jose: Meaning “God will give” in Hebrew.
  70. Bennett: Meaning “blessed” in Latin.
  71. Silas: Meaning “forest” in Latin.
  72. Nicholas: Meaning “victory of the people” in Greek.
  73. Parker: Meaning “park keeper” in English.
  74. Beau: Meaning “beautiful” in French.
  75. Weston: Meaning “western town” in English.
  76. Austin: Meaning “great” in Latin.
  77. Connor: Meaning “lover of hounds” in Irish Gaelic. 🐕
  78. Carson: Meaning “son of the marsh-dwellers” in Scottish Gaelic.
  79. Dominic: Meaning “from God” in Latin.
  80. Xavier: Meaning “new house” in Arabic. 🏠

What is a unique boy name in 2024?

Now let’s look to the future to see what “unique” looks like in 2024.

Here are some of the less popular boys’ names of 2022, which we think will be climbing the ranks for the coming year.

  1. Jaxson: Meaning “son of Jack” in English.
  2. Jace: Meaning “healer” in Hebrew.
  3. Emmett: Meaning “universal” in Irish.
  4. Adam: Meaning “earth” in Hebrew. 🌎
  5. Declan: Meaning “full of goodness” in Irish Gaelic.
  6. Rowan: Meaning “red-haired” in Irish. 🧑‍🦰
  7. Micah: Meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  8. Kayden: Meaning “strong companion” in Arabic.
  9. Gael: Meaning “joyful” in Celtic.
  10. River: For a baby that goes with the flow.
  11. Ryder: Meaning “horseman” in English.
  12. Kingston: Meaning “king’s town” in English.
  13. Damian: Meaning “to tame” in Greek.
  14. Sawyer: Meaning “person who saws” in English.
  15. Luka: Meaning “light-bringer” in Latin.
  16. Evan: Meaning “rock” in Hebrew. 🪨
  17. Vincent: Meaning “to conquer” in Latin.
  18. Legend: For the baby who’s determined to make a name for themselves.
  19. Myles: Meaning “soldier” in Latin.
  20. Harrison: Meaning “son of Harry” in English.
  21. August: Meaning “venerable” in English.
  22. Bryson: Meaning “son of nobleman” in Old English.
  23. Amir: Meaning “prince” in Arabic.
  24. Giovanni: Meaning “God is gracious” in Old Italian.
  25. Chase: Meaning “hunter” in Old French.
  26. Diego: Meaning “supplanter” in Spanish.
  27. Milo: Meaning “dear” in Slavic.
  28. Jasper: Meaning “treasurer” in Persian.
  29. Walker: Meaning “cloth washer” in Old English.
  30. Jason: Meaning “healer” in Greek.
  31. Brayden: Meaning “wise” in Irish.
  32. Cole: Meaning “victory of the people” in Greek.
  33. Nathaniel: Meaning “God has given” in Hebrew.
  34. George: Meaning “farmer” in Greek.
  35. Lorenzo: Meaning “laurel crown” in Latin.
  36. Zion: Meaning “highest point” in Hebrew.
  37. Luis: Meaning “famous warrior” in Spanish.
  38. Archer: Meaning “bowman” in English. 🏹
  39. Enzo: Meaning “home ruler” in Italian.
  40. Jonah: Meaning “dove” in Hebrew. 🕊️
  41. Thiago: Meaning “supplanter” in Portuguese.
  42. Theo: Meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
  43. Ayden: Meaning “little fire” in Irish Gaelic.
  44. Zachary: Meaning “God remembers” in Hebrew.
  45. Calvin: Meaning “little bald one” in Old French.
  46. Braxton: Meaning “badger” in Old English. 🦡
  47. Ashton: Meaning “ash tree town” in English.
  48. Rhett: Meaning “advisor” in Latin.
  49. Atlas: Meaning “to carry” in Greek.
  50. Jude: Meaning “praised” in Greek.
  51. Bentley: Meaning “meadow with coarse grass” in Old English.
  52. Carlos: Meaning “free man” in Spanish.
  53. Ryker: Meaning “rich” in German. 💰
  54. Adriel: Meaning “belonging to God” in Hebrew.
  55. Arthur: Meaning “bear” in Latin. 🐻
  56. Ace: Meaning “unity” in English.
  57. Tyler: Meaning “tile maker” in English.
  58. Jayce: Meaning “healer” in Greek.
  59. Max: Meaning “greatest” in Greek.
  60. Elliot: Meaning “the Lord is my God” in Hebrew.
  61. Graham: Meaning “gravelly homestead” in English.
  62. Kaiden: Meaning “warrior” in Arabic.
  63. Maxwell: Meaning “greatest” in Greek.
  64. Juan: Meaning “God is gracious” in Spanish.
  65. Dean: Meaning “valley” in Old English.
  66. Matteo: Meaning “gift of God” in Italian.
  67. Malachi: Meaning “messenger of God” in Hebrew.
  68. Ivan: Meaning “God is gracious” in Slavic.
  69. Elliott: Meaning “the Lord is my God” in Hebrew.
  70. Jesus: Meaning “the Lord is salvation” in Hebrew.
  71. Emiliano: Meaning “eager” in Spanish.
  72. Messiah: Meaning “anointed one” in Hebrew.
  73. Gavin: Meaning “white hawk” in Scottish.
  74. Maddox: Meaning “fortunate” in Welsh.
  75. Camden: Meaning “winding valley” in Scottish.
  76. Hayden: Meaning “of the hay fields” in Old English.
  77. Leon: Meaning “lion” in Greek.
  78. Antonio: Meaning “flower” in Greek. 💮
  79. Justin: Meaning “righteous” in Latin.
  80. Tucker: Meaning “cloth-softener” in Old English.
  81. Brandon: Meaning “king” in Celtic.
  82. Kevin: Meaning “handsome” in Irish.
  83. Judah: Meaning “praise” in Hebrew.
  84. Finn: Meaning “fair” in Irish.
  85. King: 👑
  86. Brody: Meaning “ditch” in Scottish.
  87. Xander: Meaning “defender of men” in Greek.
  88. Nicolas: Meaning “victory of the people” in Greek.
  89. Charlie: Meaning “free man” in Old English.
  90. Arlo: Meaning “fortified hill” in Old English.
  91. Emmanuel: Meaning “God with us” in Hebrew.
  92. Barrett: Meaning “strife” in Old English.
  93. Felix: Meaning “lucky” in Latin.
  94. Alex: Meaning “defender of men” in Greek.
  95. Miguel: Meaning “who is like God” in Spanish.
  96. Abel: Meaning “breath” in Hebrew.
  97. Alan: Meaning “handsome” in German.
  98. Beckett: Meaning “beehive” in Old English. 🐝
  99. Amari: Meaning “strength” in Yoruba. 💪
  100. Karter: Meaning “person who travels by cart” in English.
  101. Timothy: Meaning “honouring God” in Greek.
  102. Abraham: Meaning “exalted father” in Hebrew.
  103. Jesse: Meaning “gift of God” in Dutch.
  104. Zayden: Meaning “growth” in Arabic.
  105. Blake: Meaning “dark” in Celtic.
  106. Alejandro: Meaning “defender of men” in Spanish.
  107. Dawson: Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew.
  108. Tristan: Meaning “sad” in French.
  109. Victor: Meaning “victorious” in English.
  110. Avery: Meaning “ruler of elves” in Old English.
  111. Joel: Meaning “the Lord is God” in Hebrew.
  112. Grant: Meaning “tall” in English.
  113. Eric: Meaning “forever ruler” in Norse.
  114. Patrick: Meaning “nobleman” in Latin.
  115. Peter: Meaning “rock” in Greek.
  116. Richard: Meaning “strong ruler” in German.
  117. Edward: Meaning “wealth” in Old English.
  118. Andres: Meaning “warrior” in Spanish.
  119. Emilio: Meaning “rival” in Latin.
  120. Colt: Meaning “young male horse” in English.
  121. Knox: Meaning “round-topped hill” in Old English.
  122. Beckham: Meaning “homestead by the stream”. A future soccer star, maybe? ⚽
  123. Adonis: Meaning “handsome man” in Greek.
  124. Kyrie: Meaning “Lord” in Greek.
  125. Matias: Meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  126. Oscar: Meaning “spear of the gods” in Irish.
  127. Lukas: Meaning “light-bringer” in Latin.
  128. Marcus: Meaning “dedicated to Mars” in Latin.
  129. Hayes: Meaning “hedged area” in Old English.

    230 Caden: Meaning “friend” in Arabic.
  130. Remington: Meaning “raven-family town” Old English.
  131. Griffin: Meaning “prince” in Welsh.
  132. Nash: Meaning “by the ash tree” in English.
  133. Israel: Meaning “triumphant with God” in Hebrew.
  134. Steven: Meaning “crown” in Greek.
  135. Holden: Meaning “hollow valley” in English.
  136. Rafael: Meaning “God has healed” in Hebrew.
  137. Zane: Meaning “beauty” in Arabic.
  138. Jeremy: Meaning “God will uplift” in Hebrew.
  139. Kash: Meaning “universe” in Sanskrit.
  140. Preston: Meaning “priest’s town” in Old English.
  141. Kyler: Meaning “archer” in Dutch.
  142. Jax: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  143. Jett: Meaning “black” in English. 🖤
  144. Kaleb: Meaning “devotion to God” in Hebrew.
  145. Riley: Meaning “valiant” in Gaelic.
  146. Simon: Meaning “flat-nosed” in Greek.
  147. Phoenix: After the mythical bird who rises from the ashes.
  148. Javier: Meaning “new house” in Spanish.
  149. Bryce: Meaning “freckled” in Scottish.
  150. Louis: Meaning “famous warrior” in French.
  151. Mark: Meaning “warlike” in Latin.
  152. Cash: Meaning “universe” in Sanskrit.
  153. Lennox: Meaning “elm grove” in Scottish Gaelic.
  154. Paxton: Meaning “peace town” in Old English.
  155. Malakai: Meaning “my angel” in Hebrew.
  156. Paul: Meaning “humble” in Latin.
  157. Kenneth: Meaning “handsome” in Gaelic.
  158. Nico: Meaning “victory of the people” in Greek.
  159. Kaden: Meaning “companion” in Arabic.
  160. Lane: So your baby always knows they’re on the right path.
  161. Kairo: Meaning “victorious one” in Hebrew.
  162. Maximus: Meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  163. Omar: Meaning “flourishing” in Arabic.
  164. Finley: Meaning “fair-haired courageous one” in Irish.
  165. Atticus: Meaning “belonging to Attica” in Latin.
  166. Crew: Meaning “chariot” in Latin.
  167. Brantley: Meaning “fiery torch” in Norse.
  168. Colin: Meaning “people of victory” in Greek.
  169. Dallas: Meaning “from the dales” in Scottish.
  170. Walter: Meaning “commander of the army” in Old German.
  171. Brady: Meaning “one with broad eyes” in Irish Gaelic.
  172. Callum: Meaning “dove” in Scottish Gaelic.
  173. Ronan: Meaning “little seal” in Irish. 🦭
  174. Hendrix: Meaning “ruler of the home” in Old German. Perhaps a musical baby? 🎸
  175. Jorge: Meaning “farmer” in Spanish and Portuguese.
  176. Tobias: Meaning “God is good” in Greek.
  177. Clayton: Meaning “town made of clay” in English.
  178. Emerson: Meaning “powerful” in German.
  179. Damien: Meaning “subdue” in Greek.
  180. Zayn: Meaning “beauty” in Arabic.
  181. Malcolm: Meaning “devotee of Saint Columba” in Scottish Gaelic.
  182. Kayson: Meaning “healer” in Greek.
  183. Bodhi: Meaning “awakening” in Sanskrit.
  184. Bryan: Meaning “noble” in Celtic.
  185. Aidan: Meaning “little fire” in Irish Gaelic.
  186. Cohen: Meaning “priest” in Hebrew.
  187. Brian: Meaning “noble” in Celtic.
  188. Cayden: Meaning “exciting” in American.
  189. Andre: Meaning “manly” in Greek.
  190. Niko: Meaning “victorious” in Greek.
  191. Maximiliano: Meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  192. Zander: Meaning “defender of men” in Greek.
  193. Khalil: Meaning “friend” in Arabic.
  194. Rory: Meaning “red king” in Irish Gaelic.
  195. Francisco: Meaning “free man” in Latin.
  196. Cruz: Meaning “cross” in Spanish and Portuguese.
  197. Kobe: Meaning “turtle” in Swahili. 🐢
  198. Reid: Meaning “red-haired” in English.
  199. Daxton: Meaning “conquering warrior” in French.
  200. Derek: Meaning “people-ruler” in Old German.
  201. Martin: Meaning “god of war” in Latin.
  202. Jensen: Meaning “son of Jens” in Norse.
  203. Karson: Meaning “son of Cars” in English.
  204. Tate: Meaning “cheerful” in Norse.
  205. Muhammad: Meaning “praiseworthy” in Arabic.
  206. Jaden: Meaning “God has heard” in Hebrew.
  207. Joaquin: Meaning “established by God” in Spanish.
  208. Josue: Meaning “God is salvation” in Portuguese.
  209. Gideon: Meaning “great destroyer” in Hebrew.
  210. Dante: Meaning “everlasting” in Latin.
  211. Cody: Meaning “helpful person” in Gaelic.
  212. Bradley: Meaning “broad meadow” in Old English.
  213. Orion: Meaning “rising in the sky” in Greek.
  214. Spencer: Meaning “steward” in English.
  215. Angelo: Meaning “angel” in Italian.
  216. Erick: Meaning “ruler of the home” in German.
  217. Jaylen: Meaning “tranquil” in Greek and Hebrew.
  218. Julius: Meaning “downy-bearded” in Latin.
  219. Manuel: Meaning “God is with us” in Hebrew.
  220. Ellis: Meaning “kind” in Welsh.
  221. Colson: Meaning “charcoal” in Greek.
  222. Cairo: Meaning “victorious” in Arabic.
  223. Gunner: Meaning “warrior” in German.
  224. Wade: Meaning “to go” in English.
  225. Chance: For a lucky baby. 🍀
  226. Odin: Meaning “raging” in Scandinavian.
  227. Anderson: Meaning “son of Anders” in Norse.
  228. Kane: Meaning “little battler” in Irish.
  229. Raymond: Meaning “famous protector” in German.
  230. Cristian: Meaning “follower of Christ” in Latin.
  231. Aziel: Meaning “God is my power” in Hebrew.
  232. Prince: For the next ruler of the roost. 🤴
  233. Ezequiel: Meaning “strength of God” in Hebrew.
  234. Jake: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  235. Otto: Meaning “prosperity” in German.
  236. Eduardo: Meaning “wealthy guard” in Mexican.
  237. Rylan: Meaning “where rye is grown” in Old English.
  238. Ali: Meaning “sublime” in Arabic.
  239. Cade: Meaning “barrel” in Old German.
  240. Stephen: Meaning “crowned” in Latin.
  241. Ari: Meaning “eagle” in Norse. 🦅
  242. Kameron: Meaning “crooked river” in Irish Gaelic
  243. Dakota: Meaning “friend” in Dakota, a Native American language.
  244. Warren: Meaning “rabbit burrow” in English. 🐇
  245. Ricardo: Meaning “brave” in Portuguese.
  246. Killian: Meaning “bright-headed” in Irish Gaelic.
  247. Mario: Meaning “ruler of Mars” in Italian.
  248. Romeo: Meaning “Roman” in Italian.
  249. Cyrus: Meaning “sun” in Persian. ☀️
  250. Ismael: Meaning “God will hear” in Hebrew.
  251. Russell: Meaning “red-haired” in Norse.
  252. Tyson: Meaning “son of Ty” in Norse.
  253. Edwin: Meaning “rich friend” in Old English.
  254. Desmond: Meaning “gracious defender” in Old English.
  255. Nasir: Meaning “helper” in Arabic.
  256. Remy: Meaning “oarsman” in Latin.
  257. Tanner: Meaning “leather maker” in English.
  258. Fernando: Meaning “courageous” in Spanish and Portuguese.
  259. Hector: Meaning “to hold” in Greek.
  260. Titus: Meaning “honorable” in Latin.
  261. Lawson: Meaning “son of Lawrence” in English.
  262. Sean: Meaning “God is gracious” in Irish.
  263. Kyle: Meaning “narrow” in Irish.
  264. Elian: Meaning “the Lord is my God” in Hebrew.
  265. Corbin: Meaning “little crow” in French.
  266. Bowen: Meaning “son of Owen” in Welsh.
  267. Wilder: Meaning “wild” in English.
  268. Armani: Meaning “warrior” in Italian.
  269. Royal: For the baby boy who’s born to wear a crown.
  270. Stetson: Meaning “boxer” in Old English.
  271. Briggs: Meaning “bridges” in Old English.
  272. Sullivan: Meaning “dark eyes” in Irish Gaelic.
  273. Leonel: Meaning “lion” in Latin.
  274. Callan: Meaning “battle” in Scottish Gaelic.
  275. Finnegan: Meaning “son of the fair-haired one” in Irish.
  276. Jay: After the songbird.
  277. Zayne: Meaning “beauty” in Arabic.
  278. Marshall: Meaning “master of horses” in French.
  279. Kade: Meaning “from the wetlands” in Scottish.
  280. Travis: Meaning “to cross” in Old French.
  281. Sterling: Meaning “little star” in Old English. 🌟
  282. Raiden: Meaning “god of thunder and lightning” in Japanese. 🌩️
  283. Sergio: Meaning “guardian” in Italian.
  284. Tatum: Meaning “Tata’s homestead” in Old English.
  285. Cesar: Meaning “head of hair” in Latin.
  286. Zyaire: Meaning “river” in African.
  287. Milan: Meaning “union” in Sanskrit.
  288. Devin: Meaning “poet” in Irish.
  289. Gianni: Meaning “God is gracious” in Italian.
  290. Kamari: Meaning “moon” in Arabic. 🌙
  291. Royce: Meaning “fame” in German.
  292. Malik: Meaning “sovereign” in Arabic.
  293. Jared: Meaning “he descends” in Hebrew.
  294. Franklin: Meaning “free man” in German.
  295. Clark: Meaning “scribe” in English. ✍️
  296. Noel: Meaning “Christmas” in French. 🎄
  297. Marco: Meaning “warlike” in Italian.
  298. Archie: Meaning “genuine and bold” in Scottish.
  299. Apollo: Meaning “destroyer” in Greek.
  300. Pablo: Meaning “small” in Latin.
  301. Garrett: Meaning “hard spear” in Irish.
  302. Oakley: Meaning “oak forest” in English.
  303. Memphis: Meaning “enduring and beautiful” in Egyptian.
  304. Quinn: Meaning “wise” in Irish Gaelic.
  305. Onyx: Meaning “black gemstone” in English.
  306. Alijah: Meaning “ the Lord is my God” in Hebrew.
  307. Baylor: Meaning “deliverer of goods” in English.
  308. Edgar: Meaning “prosperous” in English.
  309. Nehemiah: Meaning “God comforts” in Hebrew.
  310. Winston: Meaning “joyful stone” in English.
  311. Major: Meaning “greater” in English.
  312. Rhys: Meaning “ardent” in Welsh.
  313. Forrest: For a baby born to an outdoorsy family. 🌳
  314. Jaiden: Meaning “thankful one” in Hebrew.
  315. Reed: Meaning “red-haired” in Irish.
  316. Santino: Meaning “little saint” in Italian.
  317. Troy: Meaning “foot soldier” in Irish.
  318. Caiden: Meaning “fighter” in American.
  319. Harvey: Meaning “battle worthy” in Celtic.
  320. Collin: Meaning “people of victory” in Greek.
  321. Solomon: Meaning “peace” in Hebrew. ☮️
  322. Donovan: Meaning “dark” in Irish.
  323. Damon: Meaning “conquer” in Greek.
  324. Jeffrey: Meaning “God’s peace” in German.
  325. Kason: Meaning “son of the marsh-dwellers” in Scottish.
  326. Sage: Meaning “wise” in English.
  327. Grady: Meaning “noble” in Irish.
  328. Kendrick: Meaning “greatest champion” in Welsh.
  329. Leland: Meaning “meadow land” in Old English.
  330. Luciano: Meaning “bringer of light” in Latin.
  331. Pedro: Meaning “rock” in Spanish.
  332. Hank: Meaning “home ruler” in German.
  333. Hugo: Meaning “mind” in German.
  334. Esteban: Meaning “crown” in Greek.
  335. Johnny: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  336. Kashton: Meaning “money” in English.
  337. Ronin: Meaning “wave man” in Japanese.
  338. Ford: Meaning “river crossing” in English.
  339. Mathias: Meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  340. Porter: Meaning “gatekeeper” in English.
  341. Erik: Meaning “forever ruler” in Norse.
  342. Johnathan: Meaning “God has given” in Hebrew.
  343. Frank: Meaning “free” in German.
  344. Tripp: Meaning “stumble” in English.
  345. Casey: Meaning “watchful” in Irish Gaelic.
  346. Fabian: Meaning “bean-grower” in Roman.
  347. Leonidas: Meaning “son of a lion” in Greek.
  348. Baker: For the baby boy who’ll grow up to make some mean cakes! 🍰
  349. Matthias: Meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  350. Philip: Meaning “lover of horses” in Greek.
  351. Jayceon: Meaning “to heal” in Greek.
  352. Kian: Meaning “ancient” in Gaelic.
  353. Saint: For your little angel.
  354. Ibrahim: Meaning “father of many” in Hebrew.
  355. Jaxton: Meaning “son of Jack” in English.
  356. Augustus: Meaning “venerable” in English.
  357. Callen: Meaning “rock” in Gaelic.
  358. Trevor: Meaning “settlement” in Welsh.
  359. Ruben: Meaning “behold, a son” in Spanish.
  360. Adan: Meaning “earth” in Hebrew.
  361. Conor: Meaning “lover of hounds” in Irish Gaelic.
  362. Dax: Meaning “leader” in French.
  363. Braylen: Meaning “broad valley” in English.
  364. Kaison: Meaning “rebel” in American.
  365. Francis: Meaning “free man” in French.
  366. Kyson: Meaning “rebel” in American.
  367. Andy: Meaning “manly” in Greek.
  368. Lucca: Meaning “bringer of light” in Latin.
  369. Mack: Meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  370. Peyton: Meaning “fighting man’s estate” in Irish.
  371. Alexis: Meaning “defender of men” in Greek.
  372. Deacon: Meaning “messenger” in Greek.
  373. Kasen: Meaning “rebel” in American.
  374. Kamden: Meaning “winding valley” in American.
  375. Frederick: Meaning “peaceful ruler” in German.
  376. Princeton: Meaning “prince’s town” in English.
  377. Braylon: Meaning “wide hillside” in English.
  378. Wells: Meaning “spring stream” in English.
  379. Nikolai: Meaning “victorious” in Greek.
  380. Iker: Meaning “visitation” in Basque.
  381. Bo: Meaning “beautiful” in French.
  382. Dominick: Meaning “from God” in Latin.
  383. Moshe: Meaning “savior” in Hebrew.
  384. Cassius: Meaning “hollow” in Irish Gaelic.
  385. Gregory: Meaning “watchful” in Latin.
  386. Lewis: Meaning “renowned warrior” in German.
  387. Kieran: Meaning “little dark one” in Irish Gaelic.
  388. Isaias: Meaning “God is salvation” in Hebrew.
  389. Seth: Meaning “appointed” in Hebrew.
  390. Marcos: Meaning “dedicated to Mars” in Portuguese.
  391. Omari: Meaning “flourishing” in Swahili.
  392. Shane: Meaning “graced by God” in Irish.
  393. Keegan: Meaning “son of fire” in Irish Gaelic.
  394. Jase: Meaning “healer” in Hebrew.
  395. Asa: Meaning “healer” in Hebrew.
  396. Sonny: A perfect name for your baby boy. 👦
  397. Uriel: Meaning “God is my flame” in Hebrew.
  398. Pierce: Meaning “rock” in Welsh.
  399. Jasiah: Meaning “God will save” in Hebrew.
  400. Eden: Meaning “paradise” in Hebrew.
  401. Rocco: Meaning “rest” in Italian.
  402. Banks: Meaning “lives by the river” in English.
  403. Cannon: Meaning “rule” in English.
  404. Denver: Meaning “green valley” in French.
  405. Zaiden: Meaning “increasing” in Arabic.
  406. Roberto: Meaning “bright fame” in Italian.
  407. Shawn: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  408. Drew: Meaning “manly” in Greek.
  409. Emanuel: Meaning “God is with us” in Hebrew.
  410. Kolton: Meaning “young male horse” in English.
  411. Ayaan: Meaning “gift from God” in Hindi.
  412. Ares: Meaning “war” in Greek.
  413. Conner: Meaning “lover of wolves” in Irish Gaelic. 🐺
  414. Jalen: Meaning “tranquil” in Greek.
  415. Alonzo: Meaning “noble” in Old German.
  416. Enrique: Meaning “home-ruler” in Spanish.
  417. Dalton: Meaning “valley” in Old English.
  418. Moses: Meaning “pull out of water” in Hebrew.
  419. Koda: Meaning “friend” in Dakota.
  420. Bodie: Meaning “one who brings news” in Scandinavian. 📰
  421. Jamison: Meaning “son of James” in English.
  422. Phillip: Meaning “lover of horses” in Greek.
  423. Zaire: Meaning “the river that swallows all rivers” in Kongo.
  424. Jonas: Meaning “dove” in Hebrew.
  425. Kylo: Meaning “sky” in Latin.
  426. Moises: Meaning “pull out of water” in Hebrew.
  427. Shepherd: For a baby boy born on a ranch. 🐑
  428. Allen: Meaning “little rock” in Irish.
  429. Kenzo: Meaning “healthy” in Japanese.
  430. Mohamed: Meaning “praiseworthy” in Arabic.
  431. Keanu: Meaning “cool breeze” in Hawaiian.
  432. Dexter: Meaning “right-handed” in Latin.
  433. Conrad: Meaning “bold counsel” in German.
  434. Bruce: Meaning “willowlands” in Scottish.
  435. Sylas: Meaning “of the forest” in Latin.
  436. Soren: Meaning “stern” in Danish.
  437. Raphael: Meaning “God has healed” in Hebrew.
  438. Rowen: Meaning “red-haired” in Irish Gaelic.
  439. Gunnar: Meaning “soldier” in English.
  440. Sutton: Meaning “southern town” in English.
  441. Quentin: Meaning “fifth” in Latin.
  442. Jaziel: Meaning “allotted by God” in Hebrew.
  443. Emmitt: Meaning “universal” in Irish.
  444. Makai: Meaning “who resembles God” in Hebrew.
  445. Koa: Meaning “warrior” in Hawaiian.
  446. Maximilian: Meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  447. Brixton: Meaning “meeting place” in English.
  448. Dariel: Meaning “open” in Old English.
  449. Zachariah: Meaning “God is renowned” in Hebrew.
  450. Roy: Meaning “king” in French.
  451. Armando: Meaning “armed man” in Spanish.
  452. Corey: Meaning “in a hollow” in Greek.
  453. Saul: Meaning “prayed for” in Hebrew.
  454. Izaiah: Meaning “salvation of God” in Hebrew.
  455. Danny: Meaning “God is my judge” in Hebrew.
  456. Davis: Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew
  457. Ridge: Meaning “edge of mountain” in English. ⛰️
  458. Yusuf: Meaning “God increases” in Arabic.
  459. Ariel: Meaning “lion of God” in Hebrew.
  460. Valentino: Meaning “healthy” in Italian.
  461. Jayson: Meaning “healer” in Hebrew.
  462. Ronald: Meaning “counsel” in Scandinavian.
  463. Albert: Meaning “noble” in German.
  464. Gerardo: Meaning “spear strength” in Spanish.
  465. Ryland: Meaning “where rye is grown” in English.
  466. Dorian: Meaning “from Doris” in Greek.
  467. Drake: Meaning “dragon” in Norse. 🐉
  468. Gage: Meaning “pledge” in French.
  469. Rodrigo: Meaning “famous ruler” in Spanish.
  470. Hezekiah: Meaning “God will strengthen” in Hebrew.
  471. Kylan: Meaning “narrow” in Gaelic.
  472. Boone: Meaning “blessing” in Old French.
  473. Ledger: Meaning “stone-layer” in Old English.
  474. Santana: Meaning “holy” in Spanish.
  475. Jamari: Meaning “beauty” in Arabic.
  476. Jamir: Meaning “handsome” in Arabic.
  477. Lawrence: Meaning “shining one” in English.
  478. Reece: Meaning “enthusiastic” in Welsh.
  479. Kaysen: Meaning “healer” in Hebrew.
  480. Shiloh: Meaning “heavenly peace” in Hebrew.
  481. Arjun: Meaning “white and dazzling” in Sanskrit.
  482. Marcelo: Meaning “warrior” in Spanish.
  483. Abram: Meaning “father of many” in Hebrew.
  484. Benson: Meaning “son of Ben” in English.
  485. Huxley: Meaning “Hugh’s meadow” in Old English.
  486. Nikolas: Meaning “victorious” in Greek.
  487. Zain: Meaning “beauty” in Arabic.
  488. Kohen: Meaning “priest” in Hebrew.
  489. Samson: Meaning “son of Sam” in English.
  490. Miller: Meaning “person who mills” in English.
  491. Donald: Meaning “world-wielder” in Celtic.
  492. Finnley: Meaning “son of the fair-haired one” in Irish Gaelic.
  493. Kannon: Meaning “clergymen” in English.
  494. Lucian: Meaning “bringer of light” in Latin.
  495. Watson: Meaning “son of Walter” in English.
  496. Keith: Meaning “wood” in Gaelic.
  497. Westin: Meaning “from the west” in English.
  498. Tadeo: Meaning “praise” in Spanish.
  499. Sincere: Meaning “honest” in English.
  500. Boston: Perfect for a Massachusetts-born babe.
  501. Axton: Meaning “sword stone” in English.
  502. Amos: Meaning “carried by God” in Hebrew.
  503. Chandler: Meaning “candle-seller” in French.
  504. Leandro: Meaning “lion man” in Latin.
  505. Raul: Meaning “wolf counsel” in Spanish.
  506. Scott: Meaning “man with shield” in Latin.
  507. Reign: Meaning “ruler” in English.
  508. Alessandro: Meaning “defender of men” in Greek.
  509. Camilo: Meaning “noble” in Italian.
  510. Derrick: Meaning “gifted ruler” in German.
  511. Morgan: Meaning “sea-born” in Welsh.
  512. Julio: Meaning “youthful” in Latin.
  513. Clay: Meaning “clay worker” in English.
  514. Edison: Meaning “son of Edward” in English.
  515. Jaime: Meaning “may God protect” in Hebrew.

    617 Augustine: Meaning “venerable” in English.
  516. Julien: Meaning “youthful” in Latin.
  517. Zeke: Meaning “God strengthens” in Hebrew.
  518. Marvin: Meaning “sea friend” in Welsh.
  519. Bellamy: Meaning “good friend” in French.
  520. Landen: Meaning “long hill” in Old English.
  521. Dustin: Meaning “brave warrior” in Norse.
  522. Jamie: Meaning “may God protect” in Hebrew.
  523. Krew: Meaning “chariot” in Latin.
  524. Kyree: Meaning “noble” in Greek.
  525. Colter: Meaning “young male horse” in English.
  526. Johan: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  527. Houston: Meaning “settlement on the hill” in English.
  528. Layton: Meaning “meadow settlement” in English.
  529. Quincy: Meaning “fifth” in Latin.
  530. Case: Meaning “vigilant” in Irish.
  531. Atreus: Meaning “fearless” in Greek.
  532. Cayson: Meaning “vigilant” in Irish.
  533. Aarav: Meaning “wisdom” in Sanskrit.
  534. Darius: Meaning “possessing goodness” in Persian.
  535. Harlan: Meaning “rocky land” in Old English.
  536. Justice: Maybe this baby’s a whiz with a gavel? 👨‍⚖️
  537. Abdiel: Meaning “servant of God” in Hebrew.
  538. Layne: Meaning “path” or “road” in English.
  539. Raylan: Meaning “wise protection” in German.
  540. Arturo: Meaning “bear” in Irish.
  541. Taylor: Meaning “tailor” in English.
  542. Anakin: Meaning “warrior” in American.
  543. Ander: Meaning “manly” in Greek.
  544. Hamza: Meaning “steadfast” in Arabic.
  545. Otis: Meaning “wealth” in Old English.
  546. Azariah: Meaning “helped by God” in Hebrew.
  547. Leonard: Meaning “brave as a lion” in German.
  548. Colby: Meaning “dark settlement” in Norse.
  549. Duke: Meaning “nobleperson” in English.
  550. Flynn: Meaning “son of the red-haired one” in Irish.
  551. Trey: Meaning “three” in Spanish.
  552. Gustavo: Meaning “royal staff” in Swedish.
  553. Fletcher: Meaning “arrow maker” in English.
  554. Issac: Meaning “one who laughs” in Hebrew.
  555. Sam: Meaning “God hears” in Hebrew.
  556. Trenton: Meaning “trespasser” in Irish Gaelic.
  557. Callahan: Meaning “bright-headed” in Irish Gaelic.
  558. Chris: Meaning “bearing Christ” in Greek.
  559. Mohammad: Meaning “praiseworthy” in Arabic.
  560. Rayan: Meaning “thinker” in Persian.
  561. Lionel: Meaning “like a lion” in Greek.
  562. Bruno: Meaning “armor” in German.
  563. Jaxxon: Meaning “son of Jack” in English.
  564. Zaid: Meaning “master” in Arabic.
  565. Brycen: Meaning “son of Bryce” in English.
  566. Roland: Meaning “famous land” in French.
  567. Dillon: Meaning “loyal” in Irish.
  568. Lennon: Meaning “lover” in Irish.
  569. Ambrose: Meaning “immortal” in Latin.
  570. Rio: Meaning “river” in Portuguese.
  571. Mac: Meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  572. Ahmed: Meaning “highly praised” in Arabic.
  573. Samir: Meaning “companion” in Arabic.
  574. Yosef: Meaning “God will add” in Hebrew.
  575. Tru: An alternative spelling of True.
  576. Creed: Meaning “guiding principle” in Latin.
  577. Tony: Meaning “priceless one” in Latin.
  578. Alden: Meaning “old friend” Old English.
  579. Aden: Meaning “little fire” in Irish.
  580. Alec: Meaning “defender of men” in Greek.
  581. Carmelo: Meaning “orchard” in Italian.
  582. Dario: Meaning “possessing goodness” in Italian.
  583. Marcel: Meaning “young warrior” in French.
  584. Roger: Meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  585. Ty: A short version of Tyler.
  586. Ahmad: Meaning “highly praised” in Arabic.
  587. Emir: Meaning “prince” in Arabic.
  588. Landyn: Meaning “long hill” in English.
  589. Skyler: Meaning “scholar” in English.
  590. Mohammed: Meaning “praiseworthy” in Arabic.
  591. Dennis: Meaning “follower of Dionysus” in Greek.
  592. Kareem: Meaning “noble” in Arabic.
  593. Nixon: Meaning “the son of Nicholas” in English.
  594. Rex: Meaning “king” in Latin.
  595. Uriah: Meaning “my light is Yahweh” in Hebrew.
  596. Lee: Meaning “wood clearing” in English.
  597. Louie: Meaning “famous warrior” in French.
  598. Rayden: Meaning “god of lightening and thunder” in Japanese.
  599. Reese: Meaning “ardent” in Welsh.
  600. Alberto: Meaning “noble” in German.
  601. Cason: Meaning “son of the marsh-dwellers” in Scottish.
  602. Quinton: Meaning “fifth” in Latin.
  603. Kingsley: Meaning “king’s wood” in English.
  604. Chaim: Meaning “life” in Hebrew.
  605. Alfredo: Meaning “elf counselor” in Italian.
  606. Mauricio: Meaning “dark-skinned” in Spanish and Portuguese.
  607. Caspian: Meaning “white” in English.
  608. Legacy: Because his name will be in glowing lights.
  609. Ocean: For a sea-faring baby. 🌊
  610. Ozzy: Meaning “divine power” in German.
  611. Briar: Meaning “thorny place” in English.
  612. Wilson: Meaning “son of Will” in English.
  613. Forest: Perfect if you’re already planning camping adventures.
  614. Grey: One of the less colorful popular boy names, but we still love it!
  615. Joziah: Meaning “God has healed” in Hebrew.
  616. Salem: Meaning “safe” in Hebrew.
  617. Neil: Meaning “champion” in Irish Gaelic.
  618. Remi: Meaning “cure” in French.
  619. Bridger: Meaning “lives near the bridge” in English.
  620. Harry: Meaning “home ruler” in German.
  621. Jefferson: Meaning “son of Jeffrey” in English.
  622. Lachlan: Meaning “from the land of lakes” in Scottish.
  623. Nelson: Meaning “son of Nels” in Scandinavian.
  624. Casen: Meaning “vigilant” in Irish.
  625. Salvador: Meaning “savior” in Spanish and Portuguese.
  626. Magnus: Meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  627. Tommy: Meaning “twin” in Greek.
  628. Marcellus: Meaning “warlike” in Latin.
  629. Maximo: Meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  630. Jerry: Meaning “spear” in Old English.
  631. Clyde: Meaning “friendly” in Scottish.
  632. Aron: Meaning “mount of strength” in Hebrew.
  633. Keaton: Meaning “place of hawks” in Old English.
  634. Eliam: Meaning “people of God” in Hebrew.
  635. Lian: Meaning “waterfall” in Chinese.
  636. Trace: Meaning “discover” in English.
  637. Douglas: Meaning “black river” in Scottish.
  638. Junior: For the littlest member of your household.
  639. Titan: Meaning “giant” in English.
  640. Cullen: Meaning “handsome” in Irish Gaelic.
  641. Cillian: Meaning “”bright-headed in Irish Gaelic.
  642. Musa: Meaning “pulled from the water” in Arabic.
  643. Mylo: Meaning “dear” in Slavic.
  644. Hugh: Meaning “mind” in German.
  645. Tomas: Meaning “twin” in Greek.
  646. Vincenzo: Meaning “victorious” in Italian.
  647. Westley: Meaning “western forest” in English.
  648. Langston: Meaning “long stone” in English.
  649. Byron: Meaning “place by the cowsheds” in Old English.
  650. Kiaan: Meaning “grace of God” in Sanskrit.
  651. Loyal: One of our favorite virtue baby names.
  652. Orlando: Meaning “fame of the land” in Spanish.
  653. Kyro: Meaning “victorious one” in Greek.
  654. Amias: Meaning “beloved” in Latin.
  655. Amiri: Meaning “prince” in Hebrew.
  656. Jimmy: Meaning “he who supplants” in Hebrew.
  657. Vicente: Meaning “victorious” in Italian.
  658. Khari: Meaning “kingly” in Swahili.
  659. Brendan: Meaning “prince” in Irish Gaelic.
  660. Rey: Meaning “king” in French.
  661. Ben: Meaning “son” in Hebrew.
  662. Emery: Meaning “power” in Old English.
  663. Zyair: Meaning “beauty” in Arabic.
  664. Bjorn: Meaning “bear” in Scandinavian.
  665. Evander: Meaning “good man” in Scottish.
  666. Ramon: Meaning “protection” in Spanish.
  667. Alvin: Meaning “noble friend” in Old English.
  668. Ricky: Meaning “brave” in German.
  669. Jagger: Meaning “carter” in Old English.
  670. Brock: Meaning “badger” in Old English.
  671. Dakari: Meaning “rejoice” in Shona.
  672. Eddie: Meaning “wealthy guardian” in Old English.
  673. Blaze: Meaning “fire” in Latin.
  674. Gatlin: Meaning “companion” in Old German.
  675. Alonso: Meaning “ready for battle” in Spanish.
  676. Curtis: Meaning “courteous” in Old French.
  677. Kylian: Meaning “war strife” in Irish Gaelic.
  678. Nathanael: Meaning “God has given” in Hebrew.
  679. Devon: Meaning “poet” in Irish.
  680. Wayne: Meaning “wagon driver” in Old English.
  681. Zakai: Meaning “pure” in Hebrew.
  682. Mathew: Meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  683. Rome: Meaning “from the city of Rome” in English.
  684. Riggs: Meaning “one who lives on the ridge” in English.
  685. Aryan: Meaning “noble” in Sanskrit.
  686. Avi: Meaning “sun and air” in Sanskrit.
  687. Hassan: Meaning “handsome” in Arabic.
  688. Lochlan: Meaning “land of lakes” in Scottish.
  689. Stanley: Meaning “stony meadow” in Old English.
  690. Dash: Meaning “from the ash tree” in English.
  691. Kaiser: Meaning “ruler” in German.
  692. Benicio: Meaning “blessed” in Latin.
  693. Bryant: Meaning “virtuous” in Old English.
  694. Talon: Meaning “claw of a bird” in English.
  695. Rohan: Meaning “ascending” in Arabic.
  696. Wesson: Meaning “son of Westley” in English.
  697. Joe: Meaning “God will add” in Hebrew.
  698. Noe: Meaning “rest” in Hebrew.
  699. Melvin: Meaning “gentle lord” in Irish Gaelic.
  700. Vihaan: Meaning “dawn” in Sanskrit.
  701. Zayd: Meaning “beauty” in Arabic.
  702. Darren: Meaning “little great one” in Irish Gaelic.
  703. Enoch: Meaning “disciplined” in Hebrew.
  704. Mitchell: Meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  705. Jedidiah: Meaning “beloved of the Lord” in Hebrew.
  706. Brodie: Meaning “little ridge” in Scottish.
  707. Castiel: Meaning “my cover is God” in Hebrew.
  708. Ira: Meaning “watchful” in Hebrew.
  709. Lance: Meaning “servant” in English.
  710. Guillermo: Meaning “strong-willed warrior” in Spanish.
  711. Thatcher: Meaning “roof maker” in English.
  712. Ermias: Meaning “God will rise” in Hebrew.
  713. Misael: Meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  714. Jakari: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  715. Emory: Meaning “industrious leader” in Old German.
  716. Mccoy: Meaning “fire” in Irish.
  717. Rudy: Meaning “famous wolf” in German.
  718. Thaddeus: Meaning “gift of God” in Aramaic.
  719. Valentin: Meaning “healthy” in Latin.
  720. Yehuda: Meaning “praise” in Hebrew.
  721. Bode: Meaning “command” in American.
  722. Madden: Meaning “little dog” in Irish.
  723. Kase: Meaning “watchful” in Irish Gaelic.
  724. Bear: For your little cub. 🐻
  725. Boden: Meaning “blond” in Irish Celtic.
  726. Jiraiya: Meaning “young thunder” in Japanese.
  727. Maurice: Meaning “dark-skinned” in Latin.
  728. Alvaro: Meaning “guardian” in Spanish.
  729. Ameer: Meaning “prince” in Arabic.
  730. Demetrius: Meaning “follower of Demeter” in Greek.
  731. Eliseo: Meaning “God is my salvation” in Italian and Spanish.
  732. Kabir: Meaning “powerful” in Arabic.
  733. Kellan: Meaning “slender” in Irish Gaelic.
  734. Allan: Meaning “handsome” in Irish.
  735. Azrael: Meaning “helped by God” in Hebrew.
  736. Calum: Meaning “dove” in Scottish Gaelic.
  737. Niklaus: Meaning “defender of people” in Greek.
  738. Ray: Meaning “king” in French.
  739. Damari: Meaning “eternal” in Hebrew.
  740. Elio: Meaning “sun” in Spanish and Italian.
  741. Jon: Meaning “God has given” in Hebrew.
  742. Leighton: Meaning “meadow town” in Old English.
  743. Axl: Meaning “father is peace” in Hebrew.
  744. Dane: Meaning “God is my judge” in Hebrew.
  745. Eithan: Meaning “long-lived” in Hebrew.
  746. Eugene: Meaning “well-born” in Latin.
  747. Kenji: Meaning “intelligent” in Japanese.
  748. Jakob: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  749. Colten: Meaning “young male horse” in English.
  750. Eliel: Meaning “my God is God” in Hebrew.
  751. Nova: Meaning “new” in Latin.
  752. Santos: Meaning “saint” in Spanish.
  753. Zahir: Meaning “bright” in Arabic.
  754. Idris: Meaning “smart” in Arabic.
  755. Ishaan: Meaning “sun” in Indian.
  756. Kole: Meaning “victorious” in Greek.
  757. Korbin: Meaning “raven” in Latin.
  758. Seven: Seventh child, maybe?
  759. Alaric: Meaning “all-powerful ruler” in German.
  760. Kellen: Meaning “slender” in Irish Gaelic.
  761. Bronson: Meaning “son of Bron” in English.
  762. Franco: Meaning “free man” in German.
  763. Wes: Meaning “west” in English.
  764. Larry: Meaning “crowned with laurel” in English.
  765. Mekhi: Meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  766. Jamal: Meaning “beauty” in Arabic.
  767. Dilan: Meaning “loyal” in French.
  768. Elisha: Meaning “God is my salvation” in Hebrew.
  769. Brennan: Meaning “sorrow” in Irish.
  770. Kace: Meaning “healer” in Hebrew.
  771. Van: Meaning “marsh” in Old English.
  772. Felipe: Meaning “lover of horses” in French.
  773. Fisher: Fishing for a dream? 🎣
  774. Cal: Meaning “faithful” in Hebrew.
  775. Dior: Meaning “golden” in French.
  776. Judson: Meaning “son of Jude” in English.
  777. Alfonso: Meaning “ready for battle” in Spanish.
  778. Deandre: Meaning “manly” in Greek.
  779. Rocky: Meaning “rest” in English.
  780. Henrik: Meaning “ruler of the home” in German.
  781. Reuben: Meaning “behold, a son” in Spanish.
  782. Anders: Meaning “manly” in Greek.
  783. Arian: Meaning “silver” in Welsh.
  784. Damir: Meaning “give peace” in Slavic.
  785. Jacoby: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  786. Khalid: Meaning “immortal” in Arabic.
  787. Kye: Meaning “narrow” in Welsh.
  788. Mustafa: Meaning “chosen” in Arabic.
  789. Jadiel: Meaning “one who will judge” in Hebrew.
  790. Stefan: Meaning “crowned” in Latin.
  791. Yousef: Meaning “God increases” in Arabic.
  792. Aydin: Meaning “little fire” in Irish Gaelic.
  793. Jericho: Meaning “city of moon” in Arabic.
  794. Robin: After the festive, red-breasted bird.
  795. Wallace: Meaning “foreigner” in English.
  796. Alistair: Meaning “defender of the people” in Scottish.
  797. Davion: Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew.
  798. Alfred: Meaning “elf-friend” in Scandinavian.
  799. Ernesto: Meaning “sincere” in Spanish.
  800. Kyng: A unique spelling of King.
  801. Everest: Meaning “dweller on the Eure river” in English.
  802. Gary: Meaning “spear” in Old English.
  803. Leroy: Meaning “king” in French.
  804. Yahir: Meaning “God will enlighten” in Hebrew.
  805. Braden: Meaning “broad valley” in Old English.
  806. Kelvin: Meaning “ship friend” in Old English.
  807. Kristian: Meaning “follower of Jesus” in English.
  808. Adler: Meaning “eagle” in German.
  809. Avyaan: Meaning “without imperfections” in Sanskrit.
  810. Brayan: Meaning “noble” in German.
  811. Jones: Meaning “God is gracious” in English.
  812. Truett: Meaning “dry wood and river bend” in English.
  813. Aries: Meaning “ram” or “god of war” ‒ a perfect name for an Aries baby!
  814. Joey: Meaning “God will give” in Hebrew.
  815. Randy: Meaning “shield” in German. 🛡️
  816. Jaxx: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  817. Jesiah: Meaning “the Lord exists” in Hebrew.
  818. Jovanni: Meaning “God is gracious” in Italian.
  819. Azriel: Meaning “God is my help” in Hebrew.
  820. Brecken: Meaning “freckled” in Irish.
  821. Harley: Meaning “hare’s meadow” in Old English.
  822. Zechariah: Meaning “God remembers” in Hebrew.
  823. Gordon: Meaning “spacious fort” in Scottish.
  824. Jakai: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  825. Carl: Meaning “free man” in German.
  826. Graysen: Meaning “son of the gray-haired one” in English.
  827. Kylen: Meaning “narrow” in Scottish Gaelic.
  828. Ayan: Meaning “watchful” in Arabic.
  829. Branson: Meaning “son of Bran” in English.
  830. Crosby: Meaning “at the cross” in Scandinavian.
  831. Dominik: Meaning “from God” in Latin.
  832. Jabari: Meaning “fearless” in Swahili.
  833. Jaxtyn: Meaning “son of Jack” in English.
  834. Kristopher: Meaning “bearer of Christ” in Greek.
  835. Ulises: Meaning “famous warrior” in Latin.
  836. Zyon: Meaning “highest point” in Hebrew.
  837. Fox: 🦊
  838. Howard: Meaning “noble watchman” in Old English.
  839. Salvatore: Meaning “savior” in Italian.
  840. Turner: Meaning “wood-worker” in Old English.
  841. Vance: Meaning “marshland” in Old English.
  842. Harlem: Meaning “home on a wooded hill” in Dutch.
  843. Jair: Meaning “he shines” in Hebrew.
  844. Jakobe: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  845. Jeremias: Meaning “God will raise” in Hebrew.
  846. Osiris: Meaning “mighty” in Egyptian.
  847. Azael: Meaning “made of God” in Hebrew.
  848. Bowie: Meaning “fair-haired” in Irish Gaelic.
  849. Canaan: Meaning “trader” in Hebrew.
  850. Elon: Meaning “oak tree” in Hebrew.
  851. Granger: Meaning “farmer” in French.
  852. Karsyn: Meaning “son of the marsh-dwellers” in Scottish Gaelic.
  853. Zavier: Meaning “new house” in Arabic.
  854. Cain: Meaning “possessed” in Hebrew.
  855. Dangelo: Meaning “of the angels” in Italian.
  856. Heath: Meaning “lives by the heathland” in English.
  857. Yisroel: Meaning “God contended” in Hebrew.
  858. Gian: Meaning “God is gracious” in Italian.
  859. Shepard: Meaning “sheep herder” in English.
  860. Harold: Meaning “army-ruler” in German.
  861. Kamdyn: Meaning “winding valley” in Scottish.
  862. Rene: Meaning “born again” in French and Latin.
  863. Rodney: Meaning “island near the clearing” in Engish.
  864. Yaakov: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  865. Adrien: Meaning “son of Adria” in Latin.
  866. Kartier: Meaning “cart driver” in English and French.
  867. Cassian: Meaning “curly-headed” in Latin.
  868. Coleson: Meaning “son of Cole” in English.
  869. Ahmir: Meaning “prince” in Arabic
  870. Darian: Meaning “possessing goodness” in Persian.
  871. Genesis: Meaning “origin” in Hebrew.
  872. Kalel: Meaning “voice of God” in Hebrew.
  873. Agustin: Meaning “magnificent” in Spanish.
  874. Wylder: Meaning “wild” in English.
  875. Yadiel: Meaning “God has heard” in Hebrew.
  876. Ephraim: Meaning “productive” in Hebrew.
  877. Kody: Meaning “helpful person” in Gaelic.
  878. Neo: Meaning “new” in Latin.
  879. Ignacio: Meaning “born from the fire” in Spanish.
  880. Osman: Meaning “God’s protection” in Scandinavian.
  881. Aldo: Meaning “noble” in German.
  882. Abdullah: Meaning “servant of God” in Arabic.
  883. Cory: Meaning “from the hollow” in Irish Gaelic.
  884. Blaine: Meaning “yellow” in Celtic. 💛
  885. Dimitri: Meaning “follower of Demeter” in Greek.
  886. Khai: Meaning “sea” in Hawaiian, “shell” in Japanese”, and “earth” in Welsh.
  887. Landry: Meaning “ruler” in French.
  888. Palmer: Meaning “pilgrim” in Old English.
  889. Benedict: Meaning “the blessed one” in Latin.
  890. Leif: Meaning “heir” in Scandinavian.
  891. Koen: Meaning “priest” in Hebrew.
  892. Maxton: Meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  893. Mordechai: Meaning “follower of Marduk” in Hebrew.
  894. Zev: Meaning “wolf” in Hebrew.
  895. Atharv: Meaning “knowledge” in Arabic.
  896. Bishop: Meaning “overseer” in English.
  897. Blaise: Meaning “stutter” in French.
  898. Davian: Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew

What boys’ names will be popular in 2024?

The jury’s still out on what the most popular boy names of 2024 will be, but we think there will be a shift from the traditional to the unique.

And names that are more classically “male” or “female” sounding might just move aside for more gender-neutral options, so these are our top picks for 2024:

  1. Rowan
  2. Wren
  3. Jordan
  4. Kai
  5. Luca
  6. Leo
  7. Logan
  8. Noah
  9. Brooks
  10. Arlo

There you have it ‒ the most popular boy names of 2022, along with some predictions for 2024.

We hope you found some inspiration!

And if you want to take a peek at the top baby names across all genders, we’ve got you covered, right here.

Why not share your favorites with the other moms-to-be of Peanut?

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