1001 Most Popular Baby Girl Names of 2024

1001 Most Popular Baby Girl Names of 2024

Looking for a list of top girl names that will bring an end to your name hunt for good? You just found it!
It’s here! The definitive list of top girls names for 2024 – 1001 to be exact.

We’ve researched the trends and delved into the classics, all to help you find the best name for your baby girl.

We’re taking inspo from the hottest TV shows (Any Bridgerton or House of Dragon fans?), the return of retro (did it ever really leave?), and the appeal of main character energy.

And if you’re thinking Stranger Things may be coming out on top, the adjectives names trend may surprise you.

Ooh and let’s not overlook the latest wave of cross-cultural lite names.


You might want to take a seat—because there are a whopping 1001 of them.

In this article: 📝

  • What is the coolest name in 2024?
  • What is the #1 female name?
  • What are the top 50 girl names?
  • What is a unique girl name?
  • What is the cutest name for a girl?
  • What are some old names for girls?
  • What names are rare for girls?
  • What is a modern name for a girl?
  • What are top girl names from literature?
  • What is the prettiest girl’s name?

What is the coolest name in 2024?

Let’s begin with the most pressing question: what is the coolest girl name in 2024?

Modern mamas are all about that main character energy – which means focusing more on identity and values than fleeting mainstream favorites.

It also means bye-bye minimalism and hellooo maximalist energy.

It’s early days yet, but we’ve got our eye on the rising stars set to pique many a new mama’s interests:

  1. Ambrosia: Starting off strong with this divine name meaning “immortality”.
  2. Deandra: Meaning “divine” or “protector”. Could even be an enchanting mix of the two.
  3. Amiyah: An atmospheric little name that means “night rain”.
  4. Circe: Meaning “bird”. In Greek mythology, Circe is the daughter of the sun god Helios and an enchantress known for her deep knowledge of herbs and potions. Witchy.
  5. Esme: Meaning “esteemed”.
  6. Teagan: Inspired by the popular Irish boy’s name Tadhg, meaning “poet” or “philosopher”.
  7. Emersyn: This top girl’s name means “brave” or “powerful”.
  8. Nevaeh: Meaning “heaven”. If you are wondering why Nevaeh looks as blissful as its meaning, it is literally heaven spelled backward.
  9. Euphemia: Meaning “well-spoken”.
  10. Amaryllis: Rooted in the Ancient Greek verb amarýssō meaning “to sparkle”. ✨
  11. Valerie: Meaning “strong” and “brave”.
  12. Eloise: Meaning “famous warrior”, Eloise has quite the reputation for mischief thanks to Kay Thompson’s capricious fictitious character Eloise – long before a certain Bridgerton came on the scene.
  13. Calixta: A modern twist on Calista meaning “most beautiful”.
  14. Andromeda: A Greek mythological name meaning “protector” or “ruler of humankind”.
  15. Ximena: A Portuguese variation of Simon meaning “one who hears”.
  16. Arabella: Meaning “yielding to prayer”, Arabella gained major appeal as a woman worthy of worship in the Arctic Monkey’s Arabella.
  17. Skylar: This top gender-neutral name means “scholar”. Manifest mama!
  18. Ottoline: Meaning “prosperous in battle”. What can be more inspiring (and cool) than being named for a beloved 19th-century socialite turned literary and political hostess. Could Lady Ottoline Morrel be one of the earliest influencers?
  19. Dulcinea: Meaning “sweetness”.
  20. Atlanta: Named after the Greek mythological hero Atlas, Atlanta means “secure and immovable”.
  21. Hyacinth: Meaning “blue larkspur flower”. In Greek mythology, Hyacinth was the name of a hero of divine beauty and the epic love of Apollo.

What is the #1 female name?

Wondering what are the top girl names for the new year?

These girl’s names rarely waver from the top spot and with good reason.

They’re solid classics that translate beautifully across cultures and are never far from the imagination.

Not to mention they provide plenty of inspo for fresh and unique baby names.

Keen to feel inspired? Check them out:

  1. Olivia: Meaning “olive”.
  2. Emma: Meaning “whole” or “universal” from the German word ermen.
  3. Ava: Meaning “voice” from the Persian Āvā or “birdlike” from the Latin word avis.
  4. Sophia: An Ancient Greek name meaning “wisdom”.
  5. Isabella: This Italian variation of Elizabeth means *God is my oath”.
  6. Charlotte: Meaning “free one”.
  7. Amelia: Meaning “industriousness”.
  8. Mia: Rooted in the Egyptian word mr meaning “beloved” but you may love the Italian translation of “mine” for your little mini you.
  9. Harper: Meaning “harp player”.
  10. Evelyn: A variation of the French name Aveline meaning “wished for” – a sweet name for a long-awaited baby girl. 🌸

What are the top 50 girl names?

We’ve gathered 50 more top girl names that never fall out of fashion (or favor).

Can you picture calling any of these up the stairs:

  1. Abigail: Meaning “my father’s joy”.
  2. Emily: Inspiring a competitive spirit, this elegant-looking name means “rival”. May also mean “persuasive” from the Greek word aimylos – in case baby needs an edge.
  3. Ella: Meaning “goddess” in modern Hebrew.
  4. Elizabeth: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  5. Camila: Meaning “religious attendant”.
  6. Luna: This enduring favorite means “moon”.
  7. Sofia: A French variation of Sophia meaning “wisdom”.
  8. Capri: Meaning “Italian island”.
  9. Avery: Meaning “ruler of the elves”, this cute girl’s name is perfect for honoring your beloved fantasy genre.
  10. Mila: Meaning “miracles” from the Spanish name Milagros.
  11. Aria: Meaning “melody” in Italian, this eloquent girl’s name is inspired by the elaborate song in an opera reserved for a solo voice.
  12. Scarlett: Meaning “red”, Scarlett radiates passion, courage, and Gone with the Wind vibes.
  13. Penelope: Meaning “weaver”, Penelope can be traced all the way back to Homer’s Odyssey*.
  14. Layla: An Arabic girl’s name meaning night or dark. Spooky
  15. Chloe: Meaning *blooming” or “fertility” – that’s one way of celebrating your pregnancy success story!
  16. Victoria: Meaning “victory,” Victoria is the OG Victorian name.
  17. Madison: A variation of Mathieson meaning “son of Matthew” but we prefer the more gender-neutral “descendant of Matthew” (brownie points for the badass vibe).
  18. Eleanor: Meaning “shining light”.
  19. Grace: From the Latin word gratia meaning “blessing*, Grace is elegant in every way (Grace Kelly anyone?).
  20. Nora: Meaning “light”.
  21. Riley: Meaning “courageous” or “rye clearing”.
  22. Zoey: Meaning “life”.
  23. Hannah: Meaning “favor” or “grace” from the Hebrew root ḥ-n-n.
  24. Hazel: Fro the Old English word hæsel meaning “hazelnut tree* – a tempting name for a hazel-eyed beauty.
  25. Lily: Meaning “pure”, Lily is a firm favorite for compound names.
  26. Ellie: An adorable nickname for Eleanor meaning “light”.
  27. Lillian: Meaning “lily” or “oath from God” if you like it as a fun take on Elizabeth.
  28. Zoe: Meaning “life”.
  29. Stella: Meaning “star”.
  30. Aurora: A romantic-sounding girl’s name meaning “dawn”.
  31. Natalie: Inspired by the Latin phrase natale domini meaning “birth of the Lord”.
  32. Emilia: Meaning “rival” or “excel” from the Latin word aemulus.
  33. Everly: A dainty little name sounds with a touch of wildness meaning “boar in a woodland clearing”. Expressive.
  34. Leah: Meaning “delicate” or “weary” from the Hebrew word la’ah.
  35. Aubrey: From the German boy’s name Alberic, this low-key badass girl’s name means “elf ruler”.
  36. Willow: A graceful tree name meaning “willow”.
  37. Addison: Meaning “descendant of Adam”.
  38. Lucy: From the Latin lux meaning “light”.
  39. Audrey: A renowned British name that has stood the test of time (thanks to a certain Audrey Hepburn), Audrey means “noble strength”.
  40. Bella: Meaning “beautiful”.

What are more popular women names for 2024?

We’re casting the net wide to gather all the inspo you need to choose a top girl’s name for your newborn.

Here are more top picks for popular girl’s names in 2024:

  1. Nova: Meaning “new”. Fitting right?
  2. Adele: Meaning “noble”.
  3. Brooklyn: Meaning “one who lives by the brook”. You could also follow in the footsteps of the famous New York borough and trace Brooklyn’s meaning to the Dutch town of Breukelen, meaning “broken land”. Pretty gritty right?
  4. Paisley: Meaning “place of worship”.
  5. Savannah: Meaning “a large grassy plain”.
  6. Alaska: Meaning “mainland”.
  7. Claire: Meaning “bright” or “clear” from the Latin clarus.
  8. Aisling: A popular Irish name meaning “dream”.
  9. Isla: A Scottish name meaning “island”.
  10. Alma: Meaning “nourishing”.
  11. Naomi: Meaning “pleasantness”.
  12. Elena: Meaning “bright, shining light”.
  13. Dakota: Meaning “allies”.
  14. Keira: Meaning “little dark one”.
  15. Caroline: Meaning “free”.
  16. Eliana: This variation of Eliyanah means “God has answered”.
  17. Gwyneth: Meaning “happiness”.
  18. Anna: Meaning “grace”.
  19. Maya: From the Sanskrit word Māyā meaning “dream” or “illusion”. In Māori, Maya also means *bravery”.
  20. Valentina: Meaning “healthy” or “strong” from the Roman name Valentinus.
  21. Ruby: Meaning “precious red stone”.
  22. Aimee: Meaning “beloved”.
  23. Ivy: Meaning “climbing evergreen plant”, this nature-inspired name symbolizes faithfulness and devotion (because of its steadfast attachment). If it’s good enough for Beyonce…
  24. Amy: Meaning “well-loved”.
  25. Beth: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  26. Ariana: Related to the classic Greek name Ariadne, Ariana means “most sacred”.
  27. Madelyn: Meaning “woman from Magdala”.
  28. Alice: Meaning “noble”.
  29. Kinsley: From the Old English name Cynesige, meaning “king’s meadow”.
  30. Hailey: Though grounded in the meaning “Hay’s meadow”, Hailey has the status as high-flying space name thanks to Halley’s Comet.
  31. Gabriella: A Spanish variation of Gabriele meaning “God is my strength”.
  32. Allison: Meaning “noble”.
  33. Gianna: Related to Giovanna meaning “God is gracious”.
  34. Serenity: Meaning “peaceful”. Zen 🧘
  35. Samantha: Meaning “God has heard”.
  36. Sarah: Meaning “princess” – an enduring top girl’s name that never goes out of style.
  37. Autumn: Meaning “season of harvest”. The ultimate fall baby name!
  38. Quinn: Meaning “wise”. 🦉
  39. Eva: Meaning “life”.
  40. Piper: An adorable girl’s name meaning “pipe player”.
  41. Sophie: Inspired by the gorgeous Greek name Sophia meaning “wisdom”.
  42. Sadie: Once a nickname for Sarah, Sadie has struck out as another top girl’s name meaning “princess”.
  43. Delilah: Meaning “delicate”.
  44. Josephine: Meaning “Jehovah increases”.
  45. Adeline: A beautiful French name meaning “noble”.
  46. Lydia: Meaning “beautiful”.
  47. Clara: Meaning “bright” or “clear”.
  48. Vivian: From the vivacious Latin name Vivianus, Vivian is an equally vivid name meaning “lively”.
  49. Madeline: Meaning “​​from Magdala”. Could also mean “little girl” from the German Mädelein.
  50. Peyton: A non-binary name meaning “fighting man’s estate”.
  51. Julia: Meaning “youthful”.
  52. Charley: Meaning “free one”.
  53. Julianne: Meaning “youthful”.
  54. Natalia: Meaning “Christmas day”, Natalia is made for December babies. Or, you know, for making you feel like every day is Christmas. Awww
  55. Jade: Meaning “precious gemstone”.
  56. Maria: Across translations, Maria’s meaning includes “bitter”, “rebellious”, “beloved”, and “of the sea” – as changeable as the ocean itself.
  57. Everleigh: Meaning “boar meadow”.
  58. Melanie: This Medieval girl’s name means “dark”.
  59. Mackenzie: Meaning “born of fire”.
  60. Hadley: Meaning “heather field”.
  61. Katelyn: Meaning “pure”.
  62. Kaylee: Meaning “pure”.
  63. Arianna: Meaning “most holy”.
  64. Isabelle: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  65. Melody: Meaning “music” or “song”.
  66. Eliza: Another variation of Elizabeth meaning “pledged to God”.
  67. Lyla: Meaning “night”.
  68. Katherine: Meaning “pure”.
  69. Aubree: Meaning “elf ruler”.
  70. Adalynn: Meaning “noble kind”.
  71. Kylie: Meaning “boomerang”, Kylie is the ultimate Australian baby name. It’s rooted in the ancient Noongar word kylie which describes a boomerang that doesn’t come back but is well capable of going the distance. Got to love that energy.
  72. Faith: Meaning “trust” or “devotion”.
  73. Sinead: A popular Irish girl’s name meaning “God is gracious”.
  74. Mary: Meaning “bitter”, “beloved”, or “rebellious”.
  75. Margaret: Meaning “pearl”.
  76. Iris: Meaning “rainbow”. What a way to celebrate your beautiful rainbow baby.
  77. Alexandra: Meaning “defender of man”.
  78. Jasmine: A Persian name meaning “gift from God”.
  79. Charlie: We love this non-binary take on Charles. That it means “free person” makes it all the sweeter.
  80. Amaya: Meaning “the end”.
  81. Taylor: Rooted in the French word tailleur meaning “cutter of cloth”.
  82. Isabel: Meaning “pledged to God”.
  83. Ashley: Meaning “dweller near the ash tree meadow”.
  84. Khloe: Meaning “blooming”.
  85. Ryleigh: Meaning “brave” or “rye clearing”. The OG of Riley.
  86. Alexa: The cooler sibling to Alexandra, Alexa means “defender of the people”.
  87. Amara: Meaning “everlasting”.
  88. Andrea: Meaning “virile”.
  89. Parker: Meaning “park keeper”.
  90. Norah: Meaning “rest” or “repose”.
  91. Eden: Meaning “place of pleasure”, or better yet “paradise”.
  92. Elliana: In Hebrew, Elliana means “my God has answered”. Can also mean “sun ray” in Greek.
  93. Brianna: Meaning “high” or “exalted”.
  94. Emerson: Meaning “brave” or “powerful”.
  95. Cecillia: Meaning “blind”.
  96. Remi: Meaning “oarsman”.
  97. Josie: Meaning “God will increase”.
  98. Alina: A contraction of the German name Adelaide which means “bright”, “beautiful”, or “noble”.
  99. Reese: Meaning “passionate” or “fiery”.
  100. Bailey: Meaning “steward”.
  101. Lucia: Meaning “light”.
  102. Adalyn: Meaning “noble kind”.
  103. Molly: An Irish take on Mary meaning “star of the sea”, Molly is steeped in Gaelic tradition. Molly Malone anyone?
  104. Sara: Meaning “princess”.
  105. Daisy: Meaning “the day’s day”, Daisy captures the beauty of fresh beginnings.
  106. London: Meaning “city in the grove”. This name carries big energy.
  107. Jordyn: Meaning “down-flowing”.
  108. Esther: Meaning “star” from the Old Persian word stāra. Could also mean “to be hidden” according to the Hebrew root s-t-r. A popular Jewish girl’s name.
  109. Genevieve: Meaning “woman of the race”.
  110. Annabel: Formed from the pleasing unity of Anna, meaning “grace”, and Belle, meaning “beautiful”. A “graceful beauty,” perhaps?
  111. Alyssa: Meaning “rational”.
  112. Ariel: Meaning “lion of God”. Not bad for a little mermaid. 🧜‍♀️
  113. Aliyah: Meaning “rising” or “ascending”.
  114. Londyn: This cooler shade of London means “river too wide to cross”. If you want an edgier meaning to match Londyn’s energy, you could always take inspo from the Celtic element lond which means “wild” or “bold”.
  115. Juliana: Meaning “youthful”.
  116. Morgan: Meaning “sea-born”.
  117. Summer: Yes, this warming name is tailor-made for a summer child but its meaning lies in the German root sam/sem, meaning “half-year” or “season”.
  118. Juliette: A whimsical name meaning “youthful”.
  119. Trinity: Meaning “triad”, this girl’s name is rooted in the Holy Trinity but climbed to iconic heights with a little known movie called The Matrix.
  120. Blakely: Meaning “dark wood”, Blakely is a subtle Gothic name.
  121. Alaia: Meaning “joyous”.
  122. Kayla: From the Yiddish baby name Kaila meaning “the laurel crown.
  123. Alaina: Meaning “precious”.
  124. Brynlee: A modern American creation in the spirit of Hailee or Everlee meaning “mountain clearing”.
  125. Catalina: Meaning “pure”.
  126. Sloane: Meaning “raider” from the ancient Irish clan name Ó Sluaghadháin.
  127. Rachel: Meaning “ewe”. Friends fans will afirm Rachel is no sheep.
  128. Lilly: Meaning “purity” or “innocence”.
  129. Ember: Meaning “spark”, Ember is rooted in the Old English word æmerge which means “to burn” or “to glow”.
  130. Juniper: Meaning “evergreen” or “youth producing”.
  131. Sydney: Meaning “wide meadow”.
  132. Gem: Meaning “jewel”. Naturally.
  133. Jocelyn: Meaning “joyful”.
  134. Freya: An Old Norse name meaning “noble lady”.
  135. Amada: Meaning “loved”.
  136. Amelie: Meaning “industrious”.
  137. Angie: Meaning “messenger”.
  138. April: Meaning “to open” from the Latin aperire.
  139. Betty: Meaning “oath of God”.
  140. Brienne: Meaning “high” or “exalted”.
  141. Britta: Meaning “exalted one”.
  142. Calli: Meaning “beautiful”.
  143. Chanel: Meaning “canal”.
  144. Charlize: Meaning “free one”.
  145. Christiana: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  146. Clarice: Meaning “bright” or “clear”.
  147. Clary: Meaning “bright”.
  148. Daphne: Meaning “victory”.
  149. Esmeralda: Meaning “emerald”.
  150. Fiona: Meaning “fair”.
  151. Frances: Meaning “free one”.
  152. Francesca: Meaning “from France”.
  153. Elsa: Meaning “God is my oath”. A sweet short name
  154. Gretha: Meaning “pearl”.
  155. Lane: Meaning “path”.
  156. Lana: Meaning “little rock”.
  157. Maggie: Meaning “pearl”.
  158. Meghan: Meaning “pearl”.
  159. Meryl: Meaning “shining sea”.
  160. Noah: Meaning “rest”.
  161. Penny: Meaning “weaver”.
  162. Primrose: Meaning “first rose of spring”.
  163. Rey: Meaning “king”.
  164. Ripley: Meaning “strip of land”.
  165. Rita: Meaning “pearl”.
  166. Roxanne: Meaning “dawn”.
  167. Rue: Meaning “herb”.
  168. Siena: Meaning “orange red”.
  169. Tina: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  170. Siobhan: Meaning “god is gracious”.
  171. Veronica: Meaning “she who brings victory”.
  172. Viola: Meaning “violet”.
  173. Wanda: Meaning “wanderer”.

What is a unique girl name?

If you’re looking for something a little different:

  1. Abeni: A Yoruba name meaning “girl prayed for” – a touching name for a long-awaited daughter.
  2. Addilyn: Meaning “noble one”.
  3. Rainbow: Meaning “rainbow”.
  4. Maeby: Meaning “bitter one”.
  5. Aislinn: Inspired by the traditional Aisling, these Irish-influenced name also means “dream”.
  6. Aitana: Meaning “glory”.
  7. Logan: Meaning “little hollow”.
  8. Akiko: A Japanese girl’s name meaning “bright child”.
  9. Alamea: Meaning “ripe”.
  10. Alani: This Hawaiian name means “orange”.
  11. Aleah: Meaning “sublime”.
  12. Alejandra: “defender of humankind”.
  13. Alivia: An American variation of Olivia meaning “olive tree”.
  14. Allegra: Meaning “happy”.
  15. Anais: An unusual girl’s name of mixed origin meaning “grace” or “holy”.
  16. Dylan: Meaning “born of the ocean”.
  17. Lennon: Meaning “lover”.
  18. Liesl: Meaning “God is an oath”.
  19. Anoki: Meaning “actor”. Write baby’s future in the stars!
  20. Twyla: Meaning “twilight”.
  21. Anouk: A Dutch girl’s name meaning “grace”.
  22. Aolani: Meaning “heavenly cloud”.
  23. Appoline: Meaning “of Apollo”.
  24. Ariya: From the Sanskrit word āryā meaning “honorable”.
  25. Arriety: Meaning “dainty”.
  26. Aspen: Meaning “quaking tree”.
  27. Banks: Meaning “edge of the river”.
  28. Beata: A Swedish baby name meaning “blessed”.
  29. Bellamy: Meaning “handsome friend” from the Latin words bel, meaning “fine” or “fair”, and ami meaning “companion”.
  30. Benedicte: Meaning “blessed”.
  31. Benita: Meaning “the blessed one”.
  32. Berkley: Meaning “from the birch wood”.
  33. Bijou: A distinctly French feminine name meaning “jewel”.
  34. Bokang: A South African name meaning “praise God”.
  35. Brandi: Meaning “warm and comforting” – just like the after-dinner tipple.
  36. Blake: Meaning “dark-haired”.
  37. Briar: Meaning “thorny bush of wild roses”.
  38. Brinley: Meaning “burnt meadow”.
  39. Spencer: Meaning “steward”.
  40. Suzy: Meaning “lily”.
  41. Bodhi: Meaning “enlightenment”.
  42. Bunko: This Japanese name means “literary child”.
  43. Cadence: Meaning “rhythmic”.
  44. Shiloh: Meaning “tranquil”.
  45. Caitriona: The Gaelic version of Catherine meaning “pure”.
  46. Calais: Meaning “of the north wind”.
  47. Camber: Meaning “curved inwards”.
  48. Cameo: Meaning “unsculptured jewel”.
  49. Camryn: Meaning “crooked nose”.
  50. Cassiopeia: A celestial girl’s name bound in Greek mythology meaning “cassia juice”.
  51. Caoimhe: From the Old Irish cóem meaning “dear” or “noble”.
  52. Cerys: Meaning “love”.
  53. Chinami: A Japanese name meaning “one-thousand waves”.
  54. Cicely: Meaning “blind of self beauty”.
  55. Clementina: Meaning “clemency”.
  56. Collins: From the Gaelic surname O’Cuilleain meaning “holly”. A subtle winter name.
  57. Consuelo: A Spanish name meaning “consolation”.
  58. Cressida: Meaning “[gold])https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/baby-names-that-mean-gold)”.
  59. Daly: Meaning “assembly”.
  60. Dania: Meaning God is my judge”.
  61. Daleyza: A Mexican girl’s name meaning “delightful”.
  62. Deja: Meaning “again”.
  63. Delphi: Meaning “from Delphi”.
  64. Desta: Meaning “joy”.
  65. Destiny: Meaning “destiny” or “fate”.
  66. Dharma: An Indian name meaning “truth”.
  67. Dior: Meaning “golden”, Dior is a name that exudes luxury.
  68. Dixie: Meaning “the South”.
  69. Domino: Meaning “master”.
  70. Donya: Inspired by Donna meaning “lady”.
  71. Dorothea: Meaning “God’s gift”.
  72. Dream: In Old English, Dream means “noisy merriment”. It’s the German draugmas that gives the name the well-recognized meaning “illusion”.
  73. Eabha: A Celtic-style name meaning “life”.
  74. Ebba: Meaning “strong”.
  75. Edyn: A modern variation of Eden meaning “paradise”.
  76. Eleana: Meaning “God has answered”.
  77. Electra: Meaning “shining” or “amber”.
  78. Eleven: Meaning “one left”.
  79. Elfrida: Meaning “elf-strength”.
  80. Eilidh: Meaning “radiant one”.
  81. Elina: Meaning “bright light”.
  82. Elora: A Willow original girl’s name thought to mean “God is my light” – from the Hebrew Elnora.
  83. Emberly: A melodic form of Ember meaning “spark”.
  84. Emiko: Meaning “smiling child”.
  85. **Emileigh:**A modern styling of Emily with an old fashioned look. Emileigh means “rival”.
  86. Emmanuella: Meaning “God is with us”.
  87. Emory: Based on the Old German name Emery meaning “home strength”.
  88. Eudora: Meaning “good gift”.
  89. Everlee: Meaning “from the boar meadow”.
  90. Fatima: An Arabic name meaning “one who abstains”, though we much prefer the meaning “shining one”.
  91. Fiorella: Meaning “little flower”.
  92. Flannery: Meaning “red-haired”.
  93. Frederica: Meaning “peaceful ruler”.
  94. Fukiko: Meaning “wealth” and “noble”.
  95. Fumiyo: Meaning “generation”.
  96. Furaha: A Swahili girl’s name meaning “joy”.
  97. Garnet: Meaning “dark red gemstone”.
  98. Georgia: Meaning “agriculture”.
  99. Georgianna: Meaning “farmer”.
  100. Giada: An Italian variation of Jade.
  101. Giordana: An elegant alternative to Jordan meaning “down-flowing”.
  102. Gisela: Meaning “pledge” from the High German word gīsal.
  103. Gerda: A Scandinavian mythological name meaning “enclosure”.
  104. Gracie: This cute variation of Grace means “blessing”.
  105. Grier: A unique version of Gregory meaning “watchful”.
  106. Hadleigh: Related to the Old English name Hadley meaning “heather meadow”.
  107. Hanneke: Meaning “grace” and “favor”.
  108. Harmonee: Meaning “unity”.
  109. Haven: From the Old English word haefen meaning “safe place”.
  110. Heaven: Meaning “place of eternal happiness”.
  111. Helia: Meaning “sun”. ☀️
  112. Holiday: Meaning “holy day’.
  113. Imani: Meaning “belief”.
  114. Io: Meaning “violet”.
  115. Iona: Meaning “yew place”.
  116. India: One of the top women’s place names for more than 100 years. And with cute nicknames like Indie we don’t see it going anywhere soon.
  117. Islay: Meaning “island”.
  118. Itzayana: This Mayan relation to Itzayana means “shadow” or “protection”.
  119. Ivanna: A Slavic baby name meaning “God is gracious”.
  120. Moira: The Irish version of Mary meaning “bitter” or “beloved”.
  121. Neytiri: Inspired by the Egyptian word netjer meaning “god”.
  122. Izabella: A Polish variation of Isabella meaning “God’s promise”.
  123. Jakoba: Meaning “supplanter”.
  124. Jana: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  125. January: Inspired by the Roman god of beginnings, Janus, this name celebrates transitions and fresh starts.
  126. Jinx: Meaning “spell”.
  127. Jemila: Meaning “beautiful”.
  128. Journi: Meaning “journey” or cooler still “quest”.
  129. Kalena: Meaning “pure”.
  130. Kaya: Meaning “my elder sister” in Native American.
  131. Kalinda: Meaning “the sun”.
  132. Kima: Meaning “butterfly”.
  133. Kennedi: From the Gaelic surname O Cinneide meaning “helmeted chief”.
  134. Kinley: Meaning “fair-haired warrior”.
  135. Kalliope: Meaning “beautiful voice”.
  136. Karlee: A modern variation of Carla meaning “free one”.
  137. Karlotta: Meaning “free one”.
  138. Kaylani: Meaning “majestic”.
  139. Keaton: Meaning “place of hawks”.
  140. Keily: Meaning “graceful”.
  141. Lamees: Meaning “soft to the touch”.
  142. Lamya: Meaning “of dark lips”.
  143. Leopoldina: Meaning “of the people”.
  144. Leylani: Meaning “heavenly flowers”.
  145. Lila: Meaning “night”, “beauty”, or the pleasing combination “dark beauty”.
  146. Lilli: Meaning “lily” or “innocence”.
  147. Lindelwa: This African name means “awaited”.
  148. Lokelani: A Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly rose”.
  149. Lucilla: Meaning “light”.
  150. Mallory: Meaning “unfortunate”. Not the most appealing pick but could be quite the driving force.
  151. Malaysia: Meaning ”land of the Mountains”.
  152. Maren: Meaning “of the sea”. This rare water name brings a new modern look to Mary.
  153. Maia: Meaning “mother”.
  154. Malia: Hawaiian variation of Maria meaning “of the sea”.
  155. Naia: An unusual ocean name meaning “sea foam”.
  156. Naima: This blissful name means “contendedness” or “tranquil”.
  157. Nell: A short form of Eleanor meaning “shining light”.
  158. Noemi: This popular Hispanic girl’s name means “pleasant” and “delightful”.
  159. Oakley: Meaning “from the oak tree field”.
  160. Oona: From the Irish name ​​Úna meaning “lamb”.
  161. Embeth: A combination of Emma and Beth meaning “whole” or “God is my oath”.
  162. Opus: Meaning “a musical composition”.
  163. Ottilie: Meaning “prosperity in battle”.
  164. Paige: Meaning “young helper”.
  165. Paislee: Meaning “church”.
  166. Palmer: Meaning “pilgrim”.
  167. Paris: Paris could refer to the chic fashion capital often called the “City of Light” or to the Greek mythological figure whose love affair launched the Trojan war. The choice is yours.
  168. Pele: Meaning “miracle child”.
  169. Petra: Meaning “stone”.
  170. Revel: Meaning “rejoice”.
  171. Romana: Meaning “from Rome”.
  172. Romilly: Meaning “of Rome”.
  173. Romina: Meaning “from the land of Christians”.
  174. Rosaria: Meaning “rosary”
  175. Rosette: Meaning “little rose”.
  176. Sabra: Meaning “rest”.
  177. Saffron: Meaning “yellow flower”.
  178. Senece: Meaning “people of the standing rock”.
  179. Sevyn: Meaning “seven”.
  180. Shauna: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  181. Sherida: A unique name inspired by the Gaelic surname O’Sirideáin meaning “searcher”.
  182. Socorro: Meaning “aid” or “help”.
  183. Soledad: Meaning “solitude”.
  184. Solveig: A Scandinavian name meaning “daughter of the sun”.
  185. Sonnet: From the Italian word sonetto meaning “little song”.
  186. Soul: Meaning “soul”.
  187. Sunniva: Meaning “gift of the sun”.
  188. Sistine: Meaning “sixth” from the Latin sextus. Forever intertwined with Michelangelo’s greatest artistic achievements, Sistine is the perfect name for your little masterpiece.
  189. Siupo: Inspired by the Chinese nickname Siu Po meaning “small treasure”.
  190. Takane: Meaning “mountain peak”.
  191. Taliyah: Meaning “dew from God”.
  192. Tamsin: Meaning “twin”. A Gemini baby name maybe?
  193. Tansy: Meaning “immortality”.
  194. Toddene: A unique variation of Todd meaning “fox”.
  195. Triste: Meaning “full of sorrows”.
  196. Viviana: Meaning “lively”.
  197. Yaretzi: An Aztec name meaning “you’ll always be loved”. Says it all!
  198. Zephyr: Meaning “west wind”.
  199. Zion: Meaning “highest point”.
  200. Zora: Meaning “dawn”.

What is a strong girl name?

Strong girl names will always be in demand.

No surprise there.

But strong women come in many forms and with all manners of qualities.

So, we tried to honor the best of them:

  1. Nyla: Meaning “one who achieves”. There’ll be no stopping this lady.
  2. Hero: Meaning “demi-god”.
  3. Fia: Inspired by the Irish word fiadh meaning “wildness” and “respect”. What a balance.
  4. Rooney: Meaning “champion”.
  5. Rylee: Rooted in the Gaelic word raghalach meaning “valiant”.
  6. Aniya: Meaning “gracious and merciful”.
  7. Wednesday: Meaning “Woden’s day”. Inspired by the German god of war and wisdom, Wednesday boasts an undeniable presence. Just look at Wednesday Addams.
  8. Kennedy: Rooted in the Gaelic surname Ceannéidigh meaning “helmeted chief” or “leader” – a great choice for encouraging a strong will.
  9. Quinlan: Meaning “fit” or “strong”.
  10. Corin: Meaning “spear”.
  11. Emmeline: Meaning “hardworking”.
  12. Yvonne: Meaning “archer”.
  13. Brielle: A short form of Gabrielle meaning “God is my strength”.
  14. Minka: A Slovenian name meaning “strong”
  15. Dae: A Korean name meaning “greatness”.
  16. Arielle: Meaning “lion of God”.
  17. Sonia: Meaning “wisdom”.
  18. Dejana: Meaning “to act” or “to do” from the Slavic verb dejati.
  19. Audrey: Meaning “strength”.
  20. Lelia: Meaning “well-spoken”.

What girl names are fearless?

The next generation of fearless women is on the rise, and your lady is one of them.

Here’s some top girl names that mean business:

  1. Marcella: Meaning “warlike”.
  2. Alexis: Meaning “defender”.
  3. Ali: Meaning “champion”.
  4. Maryam: Meaning “beloved” and “rebellious”. Hey, baby can be both!
  5. Seraphina: Meaning “fiery” or “passionate”.
  6. Maude: Meaning “mighty in battle”.
  7. Bellatrix: Meaning “female warrior”.
  8. Millie: Meaning “gentle strength”.
  9. Milo: Meaning “soldier”.
  10. Halle: Meaning “heroine”.
  11. Gertie: Meaning “spear of strength”.
  12. Bernadette: Meaning “brave bear”.
  13. Daenerys: Once a popular favorite, Daenerys is probably one of the more controversial women names. Invented by George R. R. Martin, this Game of Thrones name could be rooted in the Hebrew Daniel meaning “God is my judge”. Daenerys may have taken a dark turn in the final season, but there’s no denying she is one determined, powerful woman.
  14. Louise: Meaning “renowned warrior”.
  15. Geraldine: Meaning “spear ruler”.
  16. Gertrude: Meaning “strength of a spear”.
  17. Aaliyah: This striking girl’s name means “high-born” or “exalted”.
  18. Wyatt: Meaning “brave in war”.
  19. Bear: Meaning “strong, brave bear”. This name speaks for itself really.
  20. Arya: This beloved Game of Thrones name means “noble”, but fans will associate Arya with far more than lofty lady status. Badass comes to mind.
  21. Emery: A gentle name with the tougher meaning of “industrious”. Emery is not afraid to get their hands dirty.
  22. Sigrid: Meaning “beautiful victory” from the Old Norse Sigríðr.
  23. Valeria: Meaning “to be strong”.
  24. Finley: Meaning “fair-haired hero” or “warrior”. There’s nothing delicate about your blond beauty.
  25. Cassandra: Meaning “the one who shines and excels over men”.
  26. Matilda: Meaning “mighty in battle”.

What is a cool goddess name?

What can be more maximalist than cool goddess names?


  1. Venus: Meaning “Roman goddess of love”.
  2. Aphrodite: Meaning “shining up from the sea” from the Greek word aphrós.
  3. Athena: Meaning “goddess of wisdom”. There’s no stopping this one!
  4. Harmony: From the Greek harmonia, meaning “unity” or “harmony”. In Greek mythology, Harmonia is the goddess of concord between friends, kin, and partners – no surprise from the love child of the god of war Ares and the love goddess Aphrodite.
  5. Cora: A name on both sides of the spectrum, Cora is widely considered the alternate name of Persephone, which means “bringer of death”. Or, you could always opt for the lighter meaning “virtuous” or “good” from the Irish word cóir.
  6. Anthea: An alternative name for the Goddess Hera meaning “flowery”.
  7. Rhea: Meaning “flowing”, Rhea is peak goddess energy. The name comes from the Greek Titan Rhea who is none other than the mother of the five eldest Olympian gods – including Zeus, Poseidon, and Zeus.
  8. Rhiannon: Meaning “great queen” from the Celtic element rīganī. Rhiannon is the Celtic goddess of fertility, though you may know her best as the bewitching figure in the Fleetwood Mac classic Rhiannon.
  9. Kali: Meaning “the fullness of time”. Kali is best known as the Hindi goddess of destruction, change, ultimate power, and time.
  10. Phoebe: Meaning “radiant. Phoebe was one of the first titans whose grandchildren included the moon goddess Artemis and the sun god Apollo.
  11. Thea: Meaning “divine” or “goddess”. Related to Theia, the goddess of sight and vision.
  12. Kaavia: Meaning “creative”. One of the names for Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of creativity, education, and music.
  13. Juno: Meaning “queen of heaven” The Roman equivalent of Greek goddess Hera.
  14. Laverne: Meaning “of spring” from the Latin vernus. Related to Laverna, the Roman goddess of thieves.
  15. Olympia: Meaning “from Mount Olympus”. The perfect name for letting baby decide the kind of goddess they wish to be.
  16. Sabrina: Meaning “the river Severn”. Inspired by the legendary Celtic princess Hafren – forever immortalized as the “goddess of the silver lake” by the English poet John Milton.
  17. Artemis: Inspired by the name Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt, Artemis means “twin of Apollo”. One of the more unique twin baby names.
  18. Titania: Meaning “of the Titans”. Why be a goddess when you can be a Titan?

What is a legendary name for a girl?

Speaking of maximalist girl names with divine energy, these legendary titles are handpicked for legacies in the making:

  1. Fable: Meaning “story” (from the Latin fabula), this unisex name comes with great potential.
  2. Arwen: Meaning “muse” or “noble maiden” – a fitting translation for the beautiful elven princess from Lord of the Rings.
  3. Legacy: Meaning “inheritance”. If you want to inspire legend, this epic girl’s name is one way to do it.
  4. Ariadne: Rooted in Greek mythology, Ariadne is the famous Cretan princess who helped the hero Theseus escape the labyrinth. Forever linked to mazes – thanks to the name’s reappearance in Inception – Ariadne actually means “most sacred”.
  5. Lyanna: This modern name comes straight out of the imagination of George R.R. Martin – which explains its fantasy vibe. Given to two strong-willed female characters, Lyanna is associated with courage.
  6. Zenobia: Meaning “life of Zeus”. Powerful energy!
  7. Lilith: Meaning “of the night”. This moody name is rooted in the Akkadian word līlītu, meaning “spirits”, and the Judaic myth of the primordial she-demon Lilith. Much has been written of Adam’s rebellious first wife – including her refusal to be under his thumb and her affair with an archangel. Lilith may be painted as a dangerous night demon, but you’ve got to respect a woman who knows and honors her own needs. That’s pretty badass.
  8. Genesis: This Hebrew gender-neutral name is one powerful way to celebrate baby’s big debut. Meaning “beginning” or “creation”, this is a Biblical name for the ages.
  9. Delia: Meaning “from Delos” – the island where Greek gods Artemis and Apollo were born.

What is a fun name for a girl?

Feeling playful?

Want to stray from the formal and traditional?

We say look to nature!

Nature names are always a common trend and here are our most captivating ones for your wild child:

  1. Amethyst: Meaning “intoxicate”.
  2. Astra: Meaning “star”.
  3. Avis: Meaning “bird”.
  4. Bay: Meaning “bathe”.
  5. Bee: A cute short form of Beatrice meaning “bringer of joy”.
  6. Blaze: Meaning “fire”.
  7. Bloom: Rooted in the Yiddish word blum, meaning “to flower”.
  8. Birch: Meaning “birch tree”.
  9. Birdie: Meaning “bird”.
  10. Breeze: Meaning “light, gentle wind”.
  11. Brook: Meaning “small stream”.
  12. Cascade: Meaning “to fall”.
  13. Cedar: Meaning “cedar tree”.
  14. Cherry: Meaning “cherry fruit” or “dear” from the French word chère.
  15. Clementine: Meaning “merciful”.
  16. Dale: Meaning “valley”.
  17. Dawn: Meaning “daybreak”.
  18. Dove: Inspiring peaceful thoughts, Dove means “dove”.
  19. Emerald: Meaning “green gemstone”.
  20. Fawn: Meaning “young deer”.
  21. Feather: Meaning “feather” but symbolizing freedom, growth, and spiritual connection. Not one to use lightly.
  22. Fern: Meaning “one who lives among the fern”. Did you know ferns represent new life and fresh beginnings to the Maori?
  23. Forrest: Meaning “of the woods”.
  24. Holly: Meaning “the holly tree”.
  25. Flora: Meaning “flower”. From the Latin word flos.
  26. Gale: Meaning “gives joy”. A short form of Abigail.
  27. Gaia: Meaning “earth”. In Greek mythology, Gaia is the name of mother earth.
  28. Gladiola: Meaning “little sword”.
  29. Heather: Meaning “evergreen flowering plant”.
  30. Jaelyn: Meaning “may God protect”.
  31. Lark: Meaning “lighthearted songbird”.
  32. Leaf: Meaning “heir” as a variation of the Scandinavian name Leif
  33. Lumi: Meaning “snow”. Finnish in origin.
  34. Lux: Meaning “light”.
  35. Magnolia: Meaning “flower”.
  36. Maple: Meaning “maple tree”.
  37. Marine: Meaning “from the sea”.
  38. Mbali: Meaning “flower”. South African in origin.
  39. Meadow: Meaning “a mown field”. A rare but pleasing name.
  40. Misty: Meaning “covered with mist”. Atmospheric.
  41. Moon: Why not skip luna and accept its meaning of “moon” as baby’s title.
  42. Oaklyn: Meaning “beautiful oak”.
  43. Ocean: Meaning “sea”.
  44. Pansy: Could mean the “velvety flowering plant”, but we love the meaning “thought” from the French penser.
  45. Peony: Meaning “healing”.
  46. Petal: Meaning “flower petals”. A long-held term of endearment.
  47. Plum: Forget Apple, we’re all about the moody hues of the “plum”.
  48. Poppie: Meaning “poppy flower”.
  49. Prairie: Meaning “meadow”.
  50. Rain: Meaning “abundant blessing from above”. Yes, really.
  51. Raven: Meaning “dark-haired” or “wise”.
  52. Reed: Meaning “red hair”.
  53. River: Meaning “water that flows”. For that easygoing cool vibe.
  54. Rosie: Meaning “rose”.
  55. Sage: Yes, it’s a spice but you can’t beat the alternative meaning of “wise” or “healthy”.
  56. Season: Meaning “time of sowing”.
  57. Sparrow: Meaning “small finch”.
  58. Spring: Meaning “to burst forth”.
  59. Solstice: Meaning “when the sun stands still”.
  60. Sky: Meaning “cloud” from the Old Norse word ský.
  61. Starr: Meaning “star” from the Middle English starre.
  62. Starling: Meaning “bird”.
  63. Swan: Meaning “to sound” or “to sing”.
  64. Terra: Meaning “earth”.
  65. Winter: Meaning “the time of winter”.
  66. Wren: Meaning “small songbird”.

What is the cutest name for a girl?

In search of a cute name for your top girl?

Here are a few adorable titles sure to endear baby to all who hear her name:

  1. Abby: Meaning “father’s joy”.
  2. Adea: Meaning “a kind gift from God”.
  3. Alee: Meaning “sublime”.
  4. Angelena: Meaning “messenger” or “angel”.
  5. Bo: Meaning “to live”.
  6. Billie: Meaning “determination”.
  7. Cali: Meaning “beautiful”.
  8. Candi: Meaning “clarity”.
  9. Carly: Meaning “free woman”.
  10. Chelsea: Meaning “chalk-wharf”.
  11. Coco: Before becoming a beloved Disney name in 2017, Coco held its own as one half of as iconic designer Coco Chanel. Depending on the origin, this adored name can mean “the celebrated one” or “cocoa bean”.
  12. Cricket: Meaning “cricket”.
  13. Crystal: Meaning “crystal”.
  14. Chrissy: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  15. Dot: A cute short form of Dorothy meaning “gift of God”.
  16. Eli: Meaning “elevated” or “ascent”.
  17. Elle: Meaning “she”.
  18. Elodie: Meaning “foreign riches”.
  19. Emmie: Meaning “industrious”.
  20. Franny: A cute variation of Francis meaning “free one”.
  21. Gia: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  22. Gai: Meaning “lighthearted”.
  23. Gin: Meaning “silver”.
  24. Gigi: Meaning “earth worker”.
  25. Ibby: An adorable petname for Elizabeth meaning “God is my oath”.
  26. Jamie: Meaning “supplanter”.
  27. Jayla: Meaning “God will protect” or “victory” in Sanskrit. Related to Jay.
  28. Jazlyn: An American-invented name inspired by Jazz.
  29. Jemma: Meaning “gem”.
  30. Jetta: Meaning “jet stream”. Could also mean “house ruler” as a variation of Henrietta.
  31. Jovie: Meaning “cheerful”.
  32. Juni: Meaning “born in June”.
  33. Keiko: Meaning “blessed child”.
  34. Kenzie: Meaning “the fair one”.
  35. Kitty: Meaning “pure”.
  36. Kiki: Meaning “double happiness”. An adorable name for a twin baby.
  37. Kyla: Meaning “victorious”.
  38. Lainey: Meaning “bright light”.
  39. Lori: Meaning “laurel”.
  40. Lotte: Meaning “free woman”. A short form of Charlotte.
  41. Maddie: Meaning “woman from Magdala”.
  42. Mai: A fun little name meaning “dance”.
  43. Maci: Meaning “gift of God”.
  44. Makenna: Meaning “the happy one”.
  45. Malani: Meaning “from heaven”.
  46. May: Inspired by the Roman fertility goddess Maia, this summer name means “month of May”.
  47. Mazzy: Meaning “pearl”.
  48. Mckenzie: Meaning “fair one”.
  49. Mckinley: Meaning “of the fair warrior”.
  50. Mellie: Meaning “dark”.
  51. Minnie: Meaning “intellect”.
  52. Myaa: Meaning “illusion” or “dream”.
  53. Myla: Meaning “merciful” or “soldier” from the Latin word miles.
  54. Nayeli: Zapotec in origin, this sentimental name means “I love you”.
  55. Nerina: Meaning “sea nymph”.
  56. Nettie: Inspired by the French girl’s name Annette.
  57. Nikki: Meaning “victory of the people”.
  58. Nina: Meaning “little girl”.
  59. Ngozi: African in origin, NGozi means “blessing”.
  60. Nola: A variation of the Irish girl’s name Nuala meaning “fair shoulder”.
  61. Pax: Meaning “peace”.
  62. Paz: Meaning “peace”.
  63. Poe: Meaning “peacock”.
  64. Ricky: Meaning “powerful ruler”.
  65. Robbie: A gender-neutral variation of Robert meaning “bright fame”.
  66. Roxy: Channel those Chicago vibes with this pet name for Roxanne meaning “dawn”.
  67. Ryan: From the Old Irish rían, meaning “little king”.
  68. Shae: Meaning “admirable”.
  69. Shelley: Meaning “clearing on a bank”.
  70. Suki: Meaning “loved one”.
  71. Suzie: Meaning “lily”.
  72. Sylvie: Meaning “from the forest”.
  73. Trixie: Meaning “bringer of joy”.
  74. Tyla: Meaning “tile maker”.
  75. Una: Meaning “lamb”.
  76. Quincy: Meaning “the fifth”.
  77. Vita: Meaning “life”.
  78. Zara: Meaning “blooming flower”.
  79. Zikhona: Meaning “we are blessed with girls”.
  80. Zuri: Meaning “beautiful”.

What are innocent girl names?

There’s a fine line between cuteness and innocence.

And we’re happy to draw it!

Read on for beautiful girl’s names with purity at their heart:

  1. Ayla: In Turkish, Ayla means “moonlight” – more specifically, “the halo of light around the moon”.
  2. Liliana: Inspired by the Latin word for “lily”, Liliana has come to mean “pure” or “innocent”.
  3. Snow Flower: Named for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan’s heroine. Snow Flower is best linked to the snowdrop which symbolizes innocence, sympathy, and hope.
  4. Kate: Meaning “pure”.
  5. Lilian: Meaning “purity”.
  6. Maddy: Meaning “maiden”.
  7. Shireen: Meaning “sweet”.
  8. Julianna: Meaning “youthful”.
  9. Charity: Meaning “giving” or “kindness”.
  10. Agata: Meaning “good” or “kind”.
  11. Halo: Meaning “divine aura”.
  12. Jemima: Meaning “dove”.
  13. Lilou: An endearing variation of Lily meaning “lily flower”.
  14. Leonora: Meaning “compassion” or “light”.

What are some old names for girls?

Want to go all vintage with your baby naming?

You’re already ahead of the curve mama.

2024 is big for retro and vintage girl names, with grandparents names and 80s titles taking the top spot.

Here are the top baby girl names from yesteryear:

  1. Angela: Meaning “messenger of God”. A historical name best remembered for American activist Angela Davis.
  2. Ferris: Related to the Irish name Fergus meaning “strength” or “virility”.
  3. Adelaide: Meaning “noble-natured”.
  4. Myra: Meaning “sweet-smelling oil” or “myrrh”.
  5. Agnes: Meaning “pure”.
  6. Margot: Meaning “pearl”.
  7. Albertina: Meaning “noble” or “bright”.
  8. Amanda: Meaning “worthy of love”.
  9. Wendy: Meaning “friend”.
  10. Anastasia: This acclaimed Russian name has been capturing imaginations for decades and means “resurrection” from the ancient Greek anastasis.
  11. Angelica: Meaning “angelic”.
  12. Antoinette: Meaning “priceless”.
  13. Antonia: An ancient Roman name meaning “praiseworthy”.
  14. Patti: Meaning “noble”.
  15. Astrid: Meaning “divinely beautiful”.
  16. Bianca: This Shakespearean name means “pure”.
  17. Bernice: Meaning “bringer of victory”.
  18. Bethany: Meaning “house of figs”.
  19. Monroe: Meaning “from the mouth of the river”.
  20. Beryl: Meaning “semi-precious stone”.
  21. Shelly: Meaning “little lamb”.
  22. Bess: A short form of Elizabeth meaning “God is my oath”.
  23. Betsy: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  24. Bette: Meaning “God’s promise”.
  25. Blanche: Meaning “white”.
  26. Briana: Meaning “noble” or “virtuous”.
  27. Brenda: Meaning “sword”.
  28. Bronte: Meaning “thunder” or “bestower”.
  29. Bridget: Meaning “exalted one”.
  30. Brigitte: Meaning “power” and “virtue”.
  31. Camilla: Meaning “helper of the priest”.
  32. Caterina: Meaning “pure”.
  33. Cheryl: Meaning “beloved”.
  34. Coral: A Victorian name meaning “sea growth”.
  35. Coretta: A variation of Cora meaning “maiden”.
  36. Dorothy: Meaning “God’s gift”.
  37. Dorris: Meaning “gift”.
  38. Edna: Meaning “delight”.
  39. Eileen: Meaning “strength” or “little bird”.
  40. Erica: Meaning “eternal ruler”.
  41. Ethel: Meaning “noble”.
  42. Eudora: Meaning “good gift”.
  43. Eula: Meaning “well-spoken”.
  44. Harriet: Meaning “home ruler”.
  45. Henrietta: Meaning estate ruler”.
  46. Hester: Meaning “star”.
  47. Hildegard: Meaning “battle enclosure”.
  48. Ingrid: Meaning “beautiful”.
  49. Irene: Meaning “peace”.
  50. Ira: Meaning “watchful one”.
  51. Irma: Meaning “universal”.
  52. Jacqueline: Meaning “at the heel”.
  53. Janelle: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  54. Janine: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  55. Jillian: Meaning “youthful”.
  56. Johanna: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  57. Judith: Meaning ““woman of Judea.”
  58. Lesley: Meaning “garden of holly”.
  59. Leighton: Meaning “leek town”. The translation may be underwhelming, but this Old English name has been in use since the 13th century which is pretty impressive.
  60. Lotta: Meaning “free one”.
  61. Mabel: Meaning “lovable”.
  62. Marguerite: Meaning “pearl”.
  63. Maria: Meaning “bitter”, “beloved”, or even “rebellious”.
  64. Marlene: Meaning “high tower”.
  65. Martha: Meaning “the lady”.
  66. Max: Meaning “the greatest”. Also known as the uni-sex name to kickstart the grandparent name trend. We’re not mad.
  67. Meredith: Meaning “great ruler”.
  68. Mildred: Meaning “gentle strength”.
  69. Millicent: Meaning “strong work”.
  70. Mireille: From the Occitan verb mirar meaning “to look” or “to admire”.
  71. Muriel: Meaning “bright sea”.
  72. Natalia: Meaning “born on Christmas day”.
  73. Nellie: Meaning “sun ray”.
  74. Olivette: Meaning “olive tree”.
  75. Pauline: Meaning “humble”.
  76. Patricia: Meaning “noble”.
  77. Polly: Meaning “star of the sea”.
  78. Robin: Meaning “bright fame”.
  79. Rosemary: Meaning “dew of the sea”.
  80. Ruth: Meaning “compassionate friend”.
  81. Shirley: Meaning “bright meadow”.
  82. Shona: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  83. Susannah: Meaning “lily”.
  84. Sybil: Meaning “prophetess”.
  85. Tabitha: Meaning “gazelle”.
  86. Tessa: Meaning “harvester”.
  87. Theresa: Meaning “to reap”.
  88. Yvette: Meaning “yew”.
  89. Verity: Meaning “truth”.
  90. Vivienne: Meaning “alive”.

What names are rare for girls?

In 2024 girl names are tipped to be more individualistic and unique than ever.

You may be hard-pressed to find a rare name for a girl.

Unless of course, you combine two top girl names into one…

Come and take a peak outside the box:

  1. Adalynn: Meaning “noble kind”.
  2. Annabella: Meaning “favored grace”.
  3. Annalise: Meaning “grace of God”.
  4. Annalyn: Meaning “graceful lake”.
  5. Annamaria: Meaning “beloved grace”.
  6. Anna-Mae: Meaning “God has favored me”.
  7. Annelore: Meaning “God has favored me”.
  8. Antonella: Meaning “first born”.
  9. Araminta: Meaning “prayerful defender”.
  10. Bellerose: Meaning “beautiful rose”.
  11. Belphoebe: Meaning “radiant beauty”.
  12. Branwen: Meaning “white raven”.
  13. Brynleigh: Meaning “burnt meadow”.
  14. Daisy-Mae: Meaning “may flower”.
  15. Danna: Meaning “God is my judge”.
  16. Daylily: Meaning “beautiful day”.
  17. Emmalou: Meaning “entire” or “universal”.
  18. Eleodora: Meaning “gift of the sun”.
  19. Elizabelle: Meaning “beautiful oath”.
  20. Ellamae: Meaning “beautiful fairy”.
  21. Esperanza: Meaning “hope”.
  22. Evaluna: Meaning “life moon”.
  23. Evie: Meaning “life”.
  24. Gracelyn: Meaning “graceful lake”.
  25. Hanna-Joy: Meaning “joyful favor”.
  26. Idabel: Meaning “work” or “oath”.
  27. Isabeau: Meaning “God’s promise”.
  28. Lara Jean: Meaning “cheerful” or “God is gracious”.
  29. Lila-Jo: Meaning “night” or “God is gracious”.
  30. Lilivere: Meaning “lily, white shadow” from the combination of Lily and Guinevere.
  31. Lilliana: Meaning “purity”.
  32. Lilybelle: Meaning “beautiful innocence”.
  33. Jamie-Lee: Meaning “supplanter” and “meadow”.
  34. Jolynne: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  35. Kelly-Eve: Meaning “warrior living”.
  36. Marianne: Meaning “beloved grace”.
  37. Marisol: Meaning “sea and son”.
  38. Maryblair: The legendary Disney animator and artist Mary Blair may have been our muse here. You can still appreciate her color styling in1950s animated favorites like Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland. Being named for an official Disney Legend is a rare flex but a great one!
  39. Marylark: Meaning “beloved songbird”.
  40. Mayalou: Meaning “brave, renowned warrior”.
  41. Mayrose: Meaning “rose of May”.
  42. Milou: Meaning “rebellious, famous warrior”.
  43. Pollyanna: Meaning “beloved favor”.
  44. Rikki-Lee: Meaning “eternal ruler” and “meadow”.
  45. Rosabel: Meaning “beautiful rose”.
  46. Rosemay: Meaning “rose of May”.
  47. Rozanne: Meaning “graceful rose”.
  48. Stelmaria: Meaning “star of the sea”.
  49. Willadean: Meaning “willow valley”.

What is a modern name for a girl?

It’s 2024, and adjective names are the new virtue names.

We’re talking bigging up baby from their first breath with intentional words that inspire.

So if you want something slick and modern for your baby check out these evocative names:

  1. Jewel: Meaning “precious stone”.
  2. Precious: Meaning “of great worth”.
  3. Lilac: Meaning “bluish”.
  4. Marvel: Meaning “to wonder” or “extraordinary”.
  5. Remarkable: Meaning “worthy of being noticed as extraordinary”.
  6. Joy: Meaning joyful”.
  7. Celestine: Meaning “heavenly”.
  8. Velvet: Meaning “soft fabric”.
  9. Honoria: Meaning “woman of honor”.
  10. Ace: Meaning “unity”.
  11. Stellar: Meaning “of the stars”.
  12. Jolie: Meaning “pretty”.
  13. Indigo: Meaning “deep blue dye”.
  14. Willowy: Meaning “willow tree”.
  15. Poet: Meaning “one who writes verse”.
  16. Stormy: Meaning “tempest”.
  17. Ash: From the Hebrew Asher meaning “happy”.
  18. Violet: From the Latin word viola meaning “purple”, Violet embodies royalty and strong leadership. Love it!
  19. Rose: Meaning “rose”.
  20. Sunny: Meaning “happy”.
  21. North: Meaning “north”.
  22. Sienna: An Italian girl’s name meaning “orange red”.
  23. Grey: Meaning “grey-haired”.
  24. Opal: Meaning “precious stone”.
  25. Justice: Meaning “righteous”, “just”, and “fair”. Hard to argue with that.
  26. Navy: Meaning “a fleet of ships” or “dark blue”.
  27. Jazzy: This could be a cool pet name for the Persian name Jasmine, meaning “gift from God”. But most will see Jazzy as an homage to the rhythmic genre and all the boldness that went with it.
  28. Lyrical: Meaning “songlike”.
  29. Crimson: Meaning “deep red”.
  30. Beau: Meaning “beautiful”.
  31. Blue: This color can mean anything you want depending on the shade. From loyalty and depth to freedom and tranquility, blue captures them all!

What is a royal female name?

Fans of The Crown may be eager for regals titles but we’re stepping away from the traditional Elizabeths and Victorias.

It seems 2024 is set to be the year of gilded women names.

We can think of no better way to capture the allure of royalty than golden halos, glistening crowns, and heavenly flowers.

Check them out:

  1. Adaline: Meaning “noble”.
  2. Fallon: Meaning “of a ruling family”.
  3. Raelynn: Meaning “beam of light”.
  4. Adelia: Meaning “noble kind”.
  5. Millay: Rooted in the Gaelic surname O’ Maolmhuaidh, meaning “noble chief”.
  6. Cassie: Meaning “shining over men”.
  7. Donatella: Meaning “gift of god”.
  8. Lena: Meaning “bright”.
  9. Leilani: This Hawaiian girl’s name means “royal child” or “heavenly flowers”. Definitely one of the more regal [flower names]((https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/flower-names-for-girls).
  10. Luciana: Meaning “light”.
  11. Amirah: Meaning “princess”.
  12. Kimberly: Meaning “From the meadow of the royal fortress” – one for the parents?
  13. Noble: Meaning “aristocratic**, Noble boasts major royal energy.
  14. Shaeleen: Springing from the Irish name Shae meaning “admirable”.
  15. Clea: Meaning “to praise”. A short form of Cleopatra – the famous Egyptian queen.
  16. Heidi: Meaning “nobility”.
  17. Lucille: Meaning “light”.
  18. Stefani: Meaning “crown”.
  19. Maeve: Meaning “intoxicating” or “she who rules”. A name fit for a queen – the Queen of Ireland to be exact.
  20. Arlette: Meaning “noble” or “honor”.
  21. Elsha: A Celtic girl’s name meaning “noble”.
  22. Steffi: Meaning “crown” or “garland”.
  23. Sonali: An Indian name meaning “golden”.
  24. Merideth: Meaning “great lord”.
  25. Roshina: Meaning “one who gives light”.
  26. Ryena: Meaning “queen”.
  27. Lauren: Meaning “crowned with laurels”.
  28. Reagan: This Irish gender-neutral name means “little king”.
  29. Queen It doesn’t get any more royal than “queen”.
  30. Reign: Meaning “ruler”, this lofty girl’s name just screams high-born vibes. We low-key love it.

What is the luckiest name for a girl?

Looking to manifest a little fortune baby’s way?

We can help:

  1. Clover: Meaning “meadow flower”, you may know this name best as a symbol of good luck.
  2. Chisuzu: Meaning “a thousand cranes”. In Japanese tradition, folding one thousand paper cranes gives you a chance to make a wish come true.
  3. Lakshmi: Rooted in the Hindi goddess of fortune, power, love, abundance, beauty (the list goes on), Lakshmi means “good omen”. We believe it!
  4. Zadie: Meaning “fortunate”.
  5. Evangeline: Meaning “bearer of good news”.
  6. Odette: Meaning “wealthy” or “fortunate heroine”.
  7. Florence: Meaning “flourishing” or “prosperous”.
  8. Laurie: Meaning “symbol of victory”.
  9. Mila: Meaning “miracles”.

What are top girl names from literature?

Some women names will always remain top favorites after featuring in a great work of fiction.

Check out our library of top literary girl names:

  1. Anne: Meaning “grace”.
  2. Arabelle: Meaning “prayerful”.
  3. Auden: Meaning “old friend”.
  4. Beatrice: Meaning “one who brings happiness”.
  5. Beatrix: Meaning “traveler”.
  6. Briony: Meaning “to sprout”.
  7. Calloway: Meaning “pepply place”.
  8. Camille: Meaning “helper to the priest”.
  9. Charmian: Meaning “joy” or “delight”.
  10. Chimamanda: A Nigerian name meaning “my God will not fail me”.
  11. Colette: Meaning “people of victory”.
  12. Cordelia: Meaning “daughter of the sea”.
  13. Dahlia: Meaning “valley flower”.
  14. Daniella: Meaning “God is my judge”.
  15. Denise: Meaning “follower of Dionysius”.
  16. Denver: Meaning “green valley”.
  17. Desdemona: Meaning “ill-fated”, this is a top Shakespearean girl’s name.
  18. Domenica: Meaning “belonging to God”.
  19. Elaina: Meaning “bright, shining light”.
  20. Ellis: Meaning “benevolent”.
  21. Estella: Meaning “star”.
  22. Guinevere: Meaning “white phantom”.
  23. Ginerva: Meaning “white wave”.
  24. Gwendolyn: Meaning “blessed ring”.
  25. Helena: Meaning “light” or “bright”.
  26. Hermia: Meaning “messenger”.
  27. Leia: Meaning “heavenly flowers”.
  28. Callie: Inspired by the Greek nymph Calisto, this mythological name means “beautiful” or “lovely”.
  29. Hermione: Meaning “messenger”. Hermione may be inspired by the Greek god Hermes, but will forever be a top Harry Potter girl’s name.
  30. Huxley: Meaning “Hugh’s meadow”.
  31. Ifemelu: The name of the main character in Americanah, Ifemelu means “something has happened”.
  32. Imogen: Meaning “maiden”.
  33. Jane: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  34. Jasmine: Meaning “gift from God”.
  35. Jo: Meaning “God is merciful”.
  36. Juliet: Meaning “youthful”.
  37. Portia: Meaning “pig”.
  38. Katherina: Meaning “pure”.
  39. Katniss: Meaning “aquatic plant”.
  40. Laura: Meaning “victory”.
  41. Lucinda: Meaning “light”.
  42. Lyra: Meaning “harp”.
  43. Lavinia: Meaning “from Lavinium”, Lavinia is a classic Greek name with a Victorian vibe.
  44. Louisa: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  45. Lois: Meaning “most beautiful”.
  46. Lorelai: Meaning “murmuring rock”, Lorelai is rooted in the legend of a siren who sings sailors to their doom. Alluring.
  47. Maisie: Meaning “pearl”.
  48. Mamie: Meaning “of the sea”.
  49. Meg: Meaning “pearl”.
  50. Megan: Meaning “pearl”.
  51. Melanctha: Meaning “black flower”.
  52. Melissa: Meaning “honeybee”.
  53. Michaela: Meaning “who resembles God”.
  54. Ninetta: Meaning “little girl”.
  55. Nenna: Meaning “darling”.
  56. Nerissa: Meaning “sea nymph”.
  57. Niobe: Meaning “fern”.
  58. Octavia: Meaning “eighth”.
  59. Ophelia: Meaning “benefit”.
  60. Pamela: Meaning “all honey”. Sweet!
  61. Pippi: Meaning “lover of horses”.
  62. Ramona: Meaning “wise protector”.
  63. Rebecca: Meaning “captivating”.
  64. Reece: Meaning “enthusiasm”.
  65. Romola: Meaning “from Rome”.
  66. Rosalind: Meaning “pretty rose”.
  67. Rosamond: Meaning “pure rose”.
  68. Sai: Meaning “flower”.
  69. Scout: Meaning “to listen”. The name of the curious protagonist of To Kill a Mockingbird.
  70. Serafina: Meaning “fiery”.
  71. Sheba: Meaning “promise”.
  72. Sidda: Meaning “one who is accomplished” from the Sanskrit siddha.
  73. Solange: Meaning “dignified”.
  74. Sugar: Meaning “sweet”.
  75. Susie: Meaning “lily”.
  76. Sylvia: Meaning “spirit of the wood”.
  77. Tali: Meaning “dew”.
  78. Tamara: Meaning “date palm”.
  79. Tatum: Meaning “Tata’s homestead”.
  80. Thisby: Related to the mythological Roman name Thisbe.
  81. Undine: Meaning “little wave”.
  82. Vera: Meaning “faith”.
  83. Verena: Meaning “true”.
  84. Vida: Meaning “life”.
  85. Vivi: Meaning “alive”.
  86. Virginia: Meaning “virginal queen”.
  87. Willa: Meaning “resolute protector”.
  88. Zuleika: Meaning “brilliant beauty”.

What is the prettiest girl’s name?

We’ve taken a name out of every trend to find you the prettiest girl’s name.

Whether you love the maximalist energy or feel swept up by retro feels, you’re bound to find a pretty name that matches baby’s aura.

How about:

  1. Ariella: Meaning “lion of God”. Fearsome and elegant – what a combination!
  2. Ndoni: A Zulu name meaning “beautiful lady”.
  3. Carmen: Meaning “song”. We love that it’s a variation of Caramel.
  4. Anwen: This Welsh name means “very beautiful”.
  5. Arundhati: Meaning “washed from the rays of the sun”.
  6. Tegan: Meaning “darling”.
  7. Rosalee: A gorgeous girl’s name meaning “rose”.
  8. Niamh: Meaning “radiant”. In Irish mythology, Niamh is the daughter of the legendary sea god Manannán Mac Lir known as Niamh of the Golden Hair. A fun alternative for a water baby.
  9. Serena: Meaning “tranquil”.
  10. Amor: What else could Amor mean but “love”. ❤️
  11. Aoife: From the Gaelic aoibh meaning “beauty” or “radiance”.
  12. Dora: Meaning “gift”.
  13. Selena: Meaning “the moon”.
  14. Pixie: Meaning “fairy”.
  15. Bibi: Meaning “lady of the house”, this cute 4-letter girl name is set to be a trending favorite.
  16. Rumi: Can you tell lite names are in? This adorable little name means “beauty” and “flow”.
  17. Marigold: Meaning “golden flower”, this is a fast favorite for the gilded name trend!
  18. Xiomara: Did we mention X-names are having a moment? Xiomara is a pretty option that means “famous in battle”.
  19. Moxie: Meaning “spirited energy”. An adjective with a vintage vibe, this X name ticks all the boxes!
  20. Harlow: Meaning “army hill”. A badass title that flows elegantly off the tongue.
  21. Astrophel: Meaning “the star lover”.
  22. Idalia: Meaning “behold the sun”.
  23. Bellissima: What can be prettier than an Italian adjective that literally means “very beautiful”?
  24. Evadne: Meaning “the pleasing one”. Evadne is a top mythological girl’s name who features in a whopping five different stories.
  25. Clio: Meaning “glory”, inspired by the Greek mythological figure Kleio – the muse of heroic poetry.
  26. Evaluna: Combining Eva and Luna, this compound name could best be translated as “living moon”. Boasting the radiance of the moon and a thirst for a full life, this is a wondrous name for any newborn.

And finally, our prettiest pick for top girl’s name of 2024?

It’s got to be:

  1. Luxe: This girl’s name embraces almost every trend of 2024. An adjective first and foremost meaning “high-quality” or “expensive”, Luxe can also be related to the classic Latin name Lux which means “light” – giving it that gilded edge. It’s got that travel lite appeal while also boasting that desired X-factor. All in all, Luxe sets the standard high for style, elegance, and deeper meaning. And your top girl should accept nothing less. That’s Luxe energy right there!

There you have it, 1001 of the best and brightest (literally) girl names from around the world.

You may even find plenty of inspo to fashion your own unique moniker that celebrates your baby’s energy best.

The Peanut mamas make an excellent sounding board FYI.

Happy creating!

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