140 Portuguese Baby Boy Names With Meanings

140 Portuguese Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Olá mãe!

Looking for the best Portuguese baby boy names for your little bebê?

Portuguese is the fastest-growing language in the world and is the official language in nine countries across the globe.

Whether you have Portuguese heritage or are simply in love with the land of piri piri chicken, port, and the perfect pastel de nata, Portuguese names for boys offer a world of depth and flavor.

Take your pick from our ultimate list of Portuguese boys’ names.

In this article: 📝

  • What is the most popular boy’s name in Portugal?
  • What is a good Portuguese name for a boy?
  • What Portuguese boy names mean strong?
  • What is blessing name in Portuguese?
  • What Portuguese name means protector?
  • What name means gift from God in Portuguese?
  • What Portuguese names mean sun?

What is the most popular boy’s name in Portugal?

According to the 2022 registry in Portugal, the top of the list of the most popular Portuguese boy names is… drum roll:

  1. Francisco. This timeless name of Latin origin means “free man”.

What is a good Portuguese name for a boy?

What are some other Portuguese male names? Let’s have a look.

  1. Abel. This Biblical name is literally a breath of fresh air. Its meaning? “Breath” or “vapor”.
  2. Abilio. The perfect name for a future talent, Abilio means “skillful”.
  3. Abrahan. The Portuguese version of the powerful “Abraham,” this name means “Father of a powerful nation”.
  4. Adão. This beautiful name is the Portuguese version of the name Adam and means “man of the earth”.
  5. Adalberto. Like the Germanic Adalbert, this name means “bright” and “noble”, and can be shortened to the sweet Bert.
  6. Agostinho. From the Latin Augustus, this powerful name means “exalted”.
  7. Afonso. “Ready for battle”. ⚔️
  8. Alberto. A slightly simpler version of Adalberto, this fun name means “noble” and “bright”.
  9. Aleixo. “Defender”.
  10. Alexandre. This classic name has a powerful meaning ‒ “defender of mankind”.
  11. Aloisio. For a little person with a fighting spirit, Aloisio means “famous fighter”.
  12. Anacleto. This interesting name means “one who is called back”.
  13. André.Brave”.
  14. Anselmo. This name gives your little one “divine protection”.
  15. António. “Worthy of praise”. Makes sense because Saint Anthony was known as a supreme carer of the poor and sick.
  16. Armando. “Soldier”.
  17. Artur. A version of Arthur, this mighty name means “bear-like”. 🧸
  18. Baltasar. “God protects the king”. Balthasar was one of the three wise men in the Christian nativity.
  19. Baptiste. “Baptizer”.
  20. Bieito. “Blessed”.
  21. Bonifacio. A name of a little person that has a “good fate” ahead of them.
  22. Caetano. Of Latin origin, this name refers to a resident of Caieta, a region in Italy. It’s also the name of the Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso.
  23. Carlos. A name that never goes out of style, Carlos means “free man”.
  24. Casimiro. “Bringer of peace”. 🕊️
  25. Celestino. “Heavenly”.
  26. Celio. A shorter version of Celestino, Celio also means “heavenly”.
  27. Celso. A name for someone of high status, Celso means “noble” and “proud”.
  28. Clemente. “Gentle” and “merciful”.
  29. Cosme. This name meaning “order” and “beauty” is sure to give your little one a good start.
  30. Cristiano. “Follower of Christ”. And the name of a renowned soccer star.
  31. Cruz. A popular name and surname, Cruz means “cross”.
  32. Daniel. This strong Biblical name means “God is my judge”.
  33. Davi. Meaning “beloved”, this charming name has a sweet musicality to it.
  34. Diamantino. A “determined leader”.
  35. Dinis. Related to the Greek god Dionysus, Dinis is a name for a lover of wine and theater.
  36. Diogo. A form of the name Jacob, Diogo means “may God protect”.
  37. Domingos. “Born on a Sunday”.
  38. Duante. “Watching over the land”.
  39. Eduardo. Of the same root as Duarte, Eduardo can be shortened to a playful Ed or Eddie.
  40. Eleuterio. A name that simply means “free”.
  41. Elpidio. “Hope”.
  42. Emilio. A high-society surname from Roman times, Emilio means “powerful rival”.
  43. Enzo. “Winner” in Italian, a common name in Portugal. 🏆
  44. Estevao. The Portuguese version of the name Steven, Estevao means “crown”. 👑
  45. Eugenio. “Well-born”.
  46. Eustaquio. “Fruitful”.
  47. Fausto.Luck”. 🍀
  48. Feliciano. This beautiful name simply means “happy”.
  49. Felipe. “Friend of horses”. 🐎
  50. Ferrāo. “Seeker of peace”.
  51. Fethee. “Judgment”.
  52. Flavio. “Blonde”.
  53. Frederico. This popular name means “peaceful ruler” and gives you the options of Fred and Freddie.
  54. Gabriel. As in the angel Gabriel. This heavenly name means “God has given me strength”.
  55. Gonçalo. “Fight” or “war”.
  56. Goredenna. “Black cloud”.
  57. Grau. “Brave spearman”.
  58. Gualter. This is a name for the “ruler of the army”.
  59. Gustavo. “Staff of the gods”.
  60. Heitor. The Portuguese form of Hector, Heitor means “holding fast”.
  61. Henriques. A surname and first name, Henriques means “son of Henry”.
  62. Herculano. Like the Greek mythological hero, Hercules.
  63. Hermenegildo. “Immense treasure”.
  64. Hilario. “Cheerful”. 😀
  65. Horado. “Timekeeper”.
  66. Hugo. A name for a person of exceptional intellect.
  67. Humberto. “Famous fighter”.
  68. Inacio.Fire”. 🔥
  69. Indā­bil. “Dark-skinned”.
  70. Isaac. “He will laugh”. 🤣
  71. Jaime. A Portuguese version of James, this name means “supplanter” ‒ someone who shakes things up.
  72. Januario. After Janus, the Roman god of doors and transitions. Also for a baby born in January.
  73. João. “Graced by God”.
  74. Joaquim. “Made by God”.
  75. Joãozinho. “God is gracious”.
  76. Jordão. “To descend”, the Portuguese version of Jordan.
  77. José. This ever-popular name means “God increases”.
  78. Julio. A name that may refer to a descendent of the Roman god Jupiter, Julio also means “youthful”.
  79. Leandro. “Lion of men”. 🦁
  80. Leonardo. A name for someone who is as strong as a lion, Leonardo has been worn by a variety of interesting characters from famous artists to ninja turtles.
  81. Lourenço. Coming all the way down from ancient Rome, this name was initially intended for someone from Laurentum, an important city in Roman history.
  82. Lucas. “Bright” and “shining”. 🌟
  83. Luís. “Famous warrior”.
  84. Macerio. “Blessed soul”.
  85. Mancio. “Fortune teller”. 🔮
  86. Manuel. From the Latin Immanuel, Manuel means “God is with us”.
  87. Mariano. Like the god of war, Mars.
  88. Martim. This name means “son of Mars” ‒ and Mars was the Roman god of war.
  89. Mauricio. “Dark-skinned”.
  90. Miguel. “God-like”.
  91. Nicolau. The Portuguese and Brazilian version of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people”.
  92. Nuno. “Honored”.
  93. Osvaldo. “God’s power”.
  94. Paulo. A Portuguese version of Paul, Paulo means “small”.
  95. Pedro. This well-loved name is a version of Peter and means “stone” or “rock”.
  96. Pires. “Son of Pedro”.
  97. Quim. “Established by God”.
  98. Rafael. “God has healed”.
  99. Raul. The Portuguese version of Ralph, Raul is for someone connected to wolves. 🐺
  100. Remigio. “Rower”. 🚣
  101. Ricardo. “Brave ruler”.
  102. Rodrigo. Both a first and last name, Rodrigo means “famous ruler”.
  103. Ronaldo. “Advisor of great power”.
  104. Rudolfo. “Legendary wolf”. 🐺
  105. Rufino. “Red-haired”.
  106. Salomão. “Peaceful”.
  107. Sebastião. Like Sebastian, Sebastião refers to a man from Sebaste.
  108. Salvador. This surreal name means “savior”.
  109. Samuel. “God has heard”.
  110. Santiago. A Portuguese version of St. James, Santiago might be an ideal fit if you’ve ever traveled the famous Camino.
  111. Silverio. A name for someone who loves the woods. 🌲🌲🌲
  112. Silvino. “From the forest”.
  113. Simão. This one means “obedient” and is the name of a famous Portuguese soccer player.
  114. Tadeu. “Given by God”.
  115. Tiago. “May God protect”.
  116. Tiburcio. “From Tibur”.
  117. Tomás.Twin”. 👶👶
  118. Tristao. “Sadness”.
  119. Ulisses. “Wrathful”.
  120. Umoja. “Unity”.
  121. Vasco. This name refers to someone from the Basque region and was made particularly famous by the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama.
  122. Vincente. “Conquering”.
  123. Xavier. “The new house”. 🏠

What Portuguese boy names mean strong?

  1. Bernardo.Strong as a bear”.
  2. Forte. While this one isn’t technically an approved Portuguese boy’s name, it is the Portuguese word for “strong”.
  3. Valentim. “Healthy and strong”.

What is blessing name in Portuguese?

  1. Benedito. From the Latin Benedictus, Benedito means “blessed”.

What Portuguese name means protector?

  1. Alvaro. “Protector of all”.
  2. Duarte. “Protector of the land”.
  3. Guilherme. “Determined protector”.

What name means gift from God in Portuguese?

  1. Mateus. This is the original Portuguese boy’s name that means “gift of God”, but there are a few different spellings you might want to add to your shortlist:
  2. Matias
  3. Matis
  4. Mathies
  5. Matiz
  6. Matthijs
  7. Matthéo
  8. Matheo

What Portuguese names mean sun?

  1. Sol. A Portuguese boy’s name that’s also popular in Spain, meaning “sun”. ☀️

And if you’re looking for the best Portuguese name for your baby girl, head here.

Wishing you all the best with your choice.

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