90 Portuguese Baby Girl Names

90 Portuguese Baby Girl Names

Colorful buildings, mouth-watering food, and enough soccer drama to make even the spectators sweat—there’s a lot to be inspired by when it comes to Portuguese culture. It’s no wonder that Portuguese baby girl names include a wealth of exciting options.
Steeped in tradition and musicality, Portuguese names for girls make excellent choices for babies born in and out of the diaspora. We’re guessing that if you’re wondering what is the prettiest name for a baby girl?, you may just find it on our list.

Top Portuguese baby girl names

What are popular Portuguese girl names?

  1. Agueda. “Good hearted” 💗
  2. Albertina. “Shining one”
  3. Alexandrina. This weighty name means “defender of men.” But it also comes with a range of fun built-in short versions—Alex, Lexi, Rina… take your pick.
  4. Anabela. A combo of Ana (meaning “grace”) and Bella (meaning “beautiful”).
  5. Andreia. Of the same root as Andrew, this mighty name means “brave” and “masculine.”
  6. Angelina. A name for your little angel, Angelina means “divine messenger”. 👼🏽
  7. Babetta. “Foreign woman”
  8. Beatriz. “She who brings happiness.”
  9. Belinha. “Promise of God”
  10. Benedita. “Blessed”
  11. Birgida. “Exalted one”
  12. Branca. A version of the name Blanche, Branca means “fair.”
  13. Bruna. “Dark colored hair”
  14. Calista. “Most beautiful” 💖
  15. Carolina. A name popular in so many parts of the world, it likely derives from the name Charles, which means “free person.” Another Portuguese variant is Carlota.
  16. Cassandra. “One who shines upon all.”
  17. Catia. A Portuguese version of Catherine, Catia means “chaste” and “pure.”
  18. Chica. “Little girl”
  19. Clarissa. From the name Clara, Clarissa means “bright” and “famous.” 🌟
  20. Daniela. “God is my judge.”
  21. Diana. “Divine”
  22. Doroteia. “Gift of God”
  23. Efigenia. Going all the way back to its Greek origins, Iphigenia was the daughter of Agamemnon in Greek mythology—and this is a variant of her name. It means “sacrifice.”

24. Emilia. Meaning “to excel,” Emilia is the powerful female character in Shakespeare’s Othello.

  1. Esmeralda. This precious name means “emerald”—and was made famous by The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  2. Estela. “Star” ⭐
  3. Eva. “Life” 💓
  4. Evora. An ideal name for nature lovers, Evora means “she who lives near yew trees.”
  5. Felisberta. “Wise woman”
  6. Fernanda. For those with an adventurous spirit, this name means “bold wanderer.”
  7. Fia. A perfect name for your wild child, this bold name means “weaver” and, yes, “wild.”
  8. Filomena. “Friend of strength
  9. Fortunata. “Blessed with good fortune”
  10. Francisca. “Free person”
  11. Fryda. “Peaceful leader”
  12. Gabriela. “God is my strength.”
  13. Genoveva. This is the Portuguese form of the name Genevieve. While its exact meaning is uncertain, its origins point to a combination of “woman” and “family.”
  14. Gertrudes. A potent name meaning “the strongest spear.” 🍢
  15. Gilma. “The one who advances.”
  16. Gloria. A glorious name that never goes out of style.
  17. Graca. “Grace” and “mercy”
  18. Gylda. This powerful name means “value” and “sacrifice.”
  19. Helena. “Bright”
  20. Inês. Related to the name Agnes, Inês means “holy” and “pure.”
  21. Iolanda. “Violet flower” 🌸
  22. Iria. “Peace” 🕊️
  23. Isabela. A version of the name Elizabeth, Isabela never seems to go out of style. It means both “beautiful” and “God is gracious.”
  24. Joana. Fun fact? Joana of Portugal was a Portuguese princess in the 17th century.
  25. Judite. This name refers to a woman from Judea, but may also mean “blessed”.
  26. Josefa. “God increases”
  27. Julinha. A Portuguese version of Julia, Julinha means “soft-haired.”
  28. Kiana. “Heavenly” ✨
  29. Lara. An ancient nymph, this name carries beauty, honor and strength.
  30. Laura. In Ancient times, the laurel plant was the symbol of victory and fame—and that’s where this ever-popular name descends from.
  31. Leonor. A perfect name for your little ray of sunlight. 🌞
  32. Liliana. A pure, innocent flower.
  33. Lina.Sunlight.” ☀️
  34. Lorena. A version of the name Lorraine, Lorena means “laurel tree” and “wisdom.”
  35. Luzia. “Light” 🌟
  36. Mae. Of Roman origin, this sweet name likely refers to the month of new buds and rebirth. 🌱
  37. Mafalda. This unusual name packs a powerful punch. It means “strength in battle.”
  38. Manoela. “God is with us.”
  39. Mara. While this name likely means “bitter” from its Hebrew origins, it also has connotations of great strength.
  40. Margarida. “Daisy flower” 🌼
  41. Maria. This classic name has a variety of meanings: “rebellious,” “beloved,” “wished for,” and even “bitterness.”
  42. Mariazinha. This unique name means “rebellious one”.
  43. Marina. A name for ocean lovers. 🐚
  44. Mariana. While this name appears sweet and gentle on the outside, it was likely derived from Mars, the Ancient Roman god of war. Badass indeed.
  45. Marissa. “Of the sea” 🌊
  46. Matilde. “Strength in battle” 💪🏽
  47. Micaela. This popular name is found in all parts of the world and means “who is like God?”
  48. Nathalia. Referring back to the Christian nativity, Nathalia means “the birthday of our Lord.”
  49. Nelinha. A version of the name Manuela, Nelinha means “God goes with you.”
  50. Neves. The Portuguese word for snow ❄️❄️❄️, this gorgeous name refers to one title of the virgin Mary.
  51. Noemia. The Portuguese version of Naomi, this sweet name means “pleasantness.”
  52. Paolina. This adorable derivative of the popular name Paul, Paolina means “small.”
  53. Pedrina. A cute form of the name Pedra, Pedrina means “rock.”
  54. Rafaela. This exquisite biblical name means “God has healed.”
  55. Renata. A name full of hope, Renata means to be born again.
  56. Rita. Sure, it was made lovely by a Beatles song, but this name goes much further back. It’s a version of Margaret, likely meaning “pearl” or “daisy.”
  57. Rosana. The magnificent first star of the day. ⭐
  58. Sara. A timeless name, Sara is a woman of high rank.
  59. Sofia. “Wisdom”
  60. Tatiana. This sweet-sounding name has been popular for millennia and honors a range of powerhouses from ancient saints to fairy queens. 👑
  61. Telma. This is a name for a girl with a fiery will. It means “volition.”
  62. Teresinha. From the Greek name Tereza, this beautiful Portuguese variation is a name for a huntress and harvester.
  63. Vera. Meaning “truth” and “faith,” this is a powerful name that never goes out of style.
  64. Victoria. Victory! 🥇
  65. Virginia. This name was passed down all the way from an Ancient Roman family—and may be of the same root as Virgo, the astrological maiden sign.
  66. Vitória. From the Latin Vincẽre, this is the perfect name for a little victor who is going to conquer your heart.

And if you’re looking for the perfect Portuguese name for your baby boy, head here.

All the best with making your choice.

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