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140 Portuguese Baby Names With Meanings

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Portugal is a European country with a lot to offer - secluded beaches, rugged mountains, inspiring folk music, and amazing food. What’s more, Portuguese baby names could give you a unique and meaningful moniker for your little one.

Portuguese Baby Names

There’s a lot of tradition in these names and even some rules that Portuguese parents are expected to follow when they’re naming their little one.

So let’s dive in, and see if your future baby’s name is somewhere on this list.

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  • What names are banned in Portugal?
  • Common Portuguese names

What names are banned in Portugal?

Why would Portugal keep a list of banned baby names? To encourage parents to use traditional Portuguese first names and keep their culture alive.

Gender-neutral names, nicknames, and foreign names are banned, though you find a way around this last rule if there’s a Portuguese version of the name you want to use. Tom might become Tomas, Emily becomes Èmilie, and Michael becomes Miguel.

The naming rules mean that there aren’t a lot of truly unique Portuguese baby names, but if you’re taking name inspiration from Portugal instead of actually living there, any one of these traditional monikers should stand out in your local playground.

Common Portuguese names

What is the most common first name in Portugal? For a boy, it’s Francisco, and for a girl, Maria. But if these aren’t doing it for you, you still have plenty of choices:

Portuguese baby boy names

  1. Afonso: A Portuguese and Galician form of the Old German name Alfons. It means ‘noble and ready’.
  2. Alexander: Meaning ‘defending men’.
  3. Andy: Meaning ‘manly and brave’.
  4. Angelino/Angelo: ‘Messenger’.
  5. Artur: ‘Noble or courageous’.
  6. Ayden/Aaiden: ‘Little fire’.
  7. Bernardo: ‘Strong as a bear’.
  8. Cruz: ‘The cross’.
  9. Daniel: ‘God is my judge’.
  10. David:Beloved’.
  11. Dinis: ‘Follower of Dionysius,’ who was the god of wine.
  12. Duarte: ‘He who watches over the land’.
  13. Eduardo: ‘Prosperous guardian’.
  14. Einar: ‘The lone warrior’.
  15. Elija: ‘Jehovah is my God’. There are lots of variants on this Portuguese baby boy name, including Eliah, Elias, and Élyas.
  16. Eloan: ‘Light’.
  17. Énaël: ‘God has answered’.
  18. Ethan: ‘Enduring’.
  19. Felix: ‘Successful’.
  20. Gabriel: ‘Man of God’.
  21. Gonçalo: ‘Fight or battle’.
  22. Guilherme: ‘Resolute protector’. This is a variant of William.
  23. Gustavo: ‘Staff’.
  24. Ilan: ‘Tree’.
  25. James: ‘May God protect’.
  26. Jannik: ‘God is gracious’. This is another name with a lot of versions including Janic, and Yannick.
  27. Javier: Meaning ‘bright’, this is a variant of Xavier.
  28. Joao: The Portuguese version of John, meaning ‘Jehovah has been gracious and has shown favor’. It’s one of the most popular Portuguese boy names at the moment.
  29. Jorge: A variant of George.
  30. Jose: ‘May God give increase’.
  31. Julian: ‘Dedicated to Jupiter’.
  32. Justino: ‘Just, upright, righteous’.
  33. Kylian: ‘Warrior’.
  34. Leon: ‘Lion’.
  35. Leonardo: ‘Lion-bold’.
  36. Leopoldo: ‘A bold man’.
  37. Levie/Levi: ‘United’.
  38. Liam/Lyam: ‘Strong-willed warrior and protector’.
  39. Louis: ‘Famous warrior’.
  40. Lourenço: ‘From Laurentum’.
  41. Lucas/Loucas: ‘Man from Lucania’.
  42. Luciano/Lucio: ‘Light or illumination’, and related to the name Luke.
  43. Marco/Marcos/Marques: ’Of Mars’ who was the god of war.
  44. Martim: Also meaning ‘dedicated to Mars’.
  45. Mason: ‘Stoneworker’.
  46. Mateus: ‘Gift of God’. Other Portuguese versions of this name include Matis, Mathies, Matiz, Matthijs, Matthéo, and Matheo.
  47. Maureo/Mauricio:Dark-skinned’.
  48. Max: ‘Greatest’.
  49. Miguel: ‘Who is like God?’, this is a form of Michael
  50. Milann/Mylan: Meaning either ‘gracious’ or ‘from Milan’.
  51. Nathan: ‘God has given’.
  52. Noah: Meaning ‘rest’.
  53. Oliver: ‘Olive tree’.
  54. Oscar/Oskar: ‘God spear,’ or ‘deer-lover’ or ‘champion warrior’.
  55. Patricio: ‘Patrician or noble’, a form of Patrick.
  56. Paulino/Paulo: ‘Little’, a form of Paul.
  57. Pedro: ‘A rock’, a form of Peter.
  58. Raphael/Rafael: ‘He has healed’.
  59. Rémy: ‘The oarsman’.
  60. Ricardo: Meaning ‘powerful’ or ‘strong ruler’.
  61. Roberto: ’Famed’ or ‘bright and shining’.
  62. Rodrigo: ‘Famous ruler’.
  63. Roque: ‘Rock’.
  64. Rosario: Meaning ‘rosary’, this name refers to the prayers honoring the Virgin Mary.
  65. Salvador: ‘The savior’.
  66. Samuel: ‘Name of God’.
  67. Santiago: ‘Saint James’.
  68. Silverio: This is a variant of Sylvanus, who was the god of trees.
  69. Teodoro: ‘God given’.
  70. Thélio: This name has roots in old saints’ names.
  71. Théo/Theo: ‘Divine gift’.
  72. Thomas/Tomas: ‘Twin’.
  73. Tiago/Thyago: ‘May God protect’.
  74. Valente: Meaning ‘strong’, this is a variant of Valentinus, which was used by three Roman emperors.
  75. Vicente: Meaning ‘conquering’.
  76. Vidal/Videl: ‘Life’.
  77. Zacarias: ‘Jehovah has remembered’.

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Portuguese baby girl names

  1. Alice: Meaning ‘of a noble kind’.
  2. Amelia: Meaning ‘brave’ and ‘diligent’.
  3. Ana/Anna: ‘Favor’ or ‘grace’ or ‘beautiful’.
  4. Beatriz: ‘Voyager or traveler’ and ‘blessed’. It’s a variant of the Latin name Beatrix.
  5. Benedita: ‘Blessed’.
  6. Calie/Callie: ‘Beautiful’.
  7. Camila/Kamilla: ‘Free born’.
  8. Carolina: From the French meaning ‘song of happiness or joy’.
  9. Casandra/Kassandra: Inspired by the mythological prophetess who no one would ever believe.
  10. Charlotte/Carlotte: The feminine version of the male name Carlota, which means ‘free man’.
  11. Clara: Meaning ‘famous’.
  12. Cloé/Chloe/Kloé: ‘Blooming’.
  13. Dayana/Dajana: ‘Heavenly, divine, bright, shining one’.
  14. Diana: Meaning ‘to shine’.
  15. Élea/Elëa: ‘Merciful’.
  16. Éléna/Elena: ‘The light of the sun’.
  17. Élise: ‘God is abundance’.
  18. Ella: ‘My God is my oath’.
  19. Ellin/Ellien/Ellyn: ‘Sunlike’.
  20. Elyana/Elianna: Meaning ‘my God has answered me’, this is a feminine form of the name Elijah.
  21. Elyna/Élina: Meaning ‘torch’ and related to the name Helen.
  22. Èmilie: Meaning ‘rival’. Portuguese parents can also use the variations Emilya, Emilia, Emilja, Emilía, Emmilia, Emylia, and Émilia.
  23. Emma/Ema: ‘Universal’.
  24. Eva: Meaning ‘life’ or ‘living one’.
  25. Francisca: The feminine variant of the popular Portuguese name Francisco, which means ‘french person’.
  26. Hailey: ‘Hay clearing’.
  27. Hannah: ‘Favor’ or ‘grace’.
  28. Ilyana: ‘Light, torch or sunray’.
  29. Inês: Meaning ‘pure’ and ‘gentle’.
  30. Isabella: ‘God is abundance’.
  31. Joana: ‘God is gracious’.
  32. Julia: ‘Dedicated to Jupiter’.
  33. Karlotta/Carlotta: Meaning ‘free woman’.
  34. Kelya: ‘Warrior’.
  35. Kiara/Chiara: Meaning ‘famous’.
  36. Lara: ‘Beauty’ or ‘water fairy’.
  37. Laura: Meaning ‘from Laurentum’.
  38. Léa: This name has several meanings including ‘lioness’ and ‘ruler’.
  39. Léonie: Also meaning ‘lioness’.
  40. Leonor: The meaning is unknown, but the name is thought to be a Portuguese variant of the name Eleanor.
  41. Lilly/Lili: ‘God is my oath’.
  42. Louna/Luna: ‘Moon’.
  43. Lya/Lia: This name has several meanings including ‘weary’, ‘lioness’, and ‘mistress’.
  44. Lyana: ‘Dedicated to Jupiter’.
  45. Madalena: ‘Appeared’.
  46. Malya/Mahlia: ‘Sea of bitterness’.
  47. Manuéla: ‘God is with us’.
  48. Margarida: ‘Daisy’.
  49. Maria: ‘Appeared’.
  50. Mariana: This is the female equivalent of Marianus and means ‘manly’.
  51. Matilde: ‘Mighty in battle’.
  52. Maya: Inspired by Maria, it means ‘sea of bitterness’.
  53. Mélina: ‘Sweet as honey’.
  54. Mia: ‘Star of the sea’.
  55. Mila: ‘Miracles’.
  56. Noémie: ‘Pleasantness’.
  57. Olivia: ‘Olive tree’.
  58. Sanrevelle: A very traditional Portuguese name.
  59. Sarah: ‘Princess’.
  60. Sophie/Sofia:Wisdom’.
  61. Talya/Tahlia: Meaning ‘dew from God’ or ‘flourishing’.
  62. Victoria/Wiktoria: ‘Conqueror’.
  63. Zoe: ‘Life’.

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