130+ Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Tell Loved Ones

130+ Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Tell Loved Ones

You’ve just found out you’re pregnant and you can’t wait to tell everyone! Congratulations! But first: some pregnancy announcement ideas.
It takes a village to raise a child.

Your pregnancy announcement is the signal for Team Baby to get going – and chances are, they can’t wait. But, um… how?

While there are no strict rules about how to make a pregnancy announcement, here are some guidelines that will help you answer the questions that are swimming in your head.

How do you write a pregnancy announcement? How do you make it look good? And, in a world populated with families scattered all over the globe, can you do a virtual pregnancy announcement?

Before you decide on what kind of pregnancy announcement will work best for you, ask yourself these questions (and actually jot down the answers—this will be useful to you as you get going.)

  • Are there other members of your family that you want to include? Other children, dogs, cats, fish, tarantulas…? Bring them to the pregnancy announcement party.
  • Are you known to your loved ones for a particular passion? Are you world travelers, expert chess players, fanatic foodies, or musical theater enthusiasts? How can you incorporate this into your pregnancy announcement?
  • What sort of tone do you want your pregnancy announcement to have? Funny? Sweet? Whacky? Move-to-tears? Outrageous? Or simply gorgeous?

Now that you’ve done your brainstorming, it’s time to find the best pregnancy announcement ideas for you.

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  • Rainbow baby announcement ideas
  • IVF pregnancy announcement ideas
  • Twin pregnancy announcement ideas
  • Funny pregnancy announcement ideas
  • Second baby announcement ideas
  • What is a creative way to announce pregnancy?
  • Nerdy pregnancy announcement ideas
  • Seasonal pregnancy announcement ideas
  • Pregnancy reveal ideas for family
  • Pregnancy announcement ideas to partner
  • How do I announce my pregnancy on social media?
  • Pregnancy announcement FAQs

Simple pregnancy announcement ideas

Maybe you’re like, Are you serious? I have to get together a creative pregnancy announcement while at the same time working a 40+ hour week and taking care of my three-year-old, two dogs, and a houseplant?

The reality is, whether you charter a small plane to write “We’re pregnant” in the sky or tell your loved ones over text message, they are going to be thrilled for you.

You are going to be their good news for the day, regardless.

Quick pregnancy announcement messages

After something super-quick to write in a card or on a social media post?

We’ve got you covered with our top ten quick pregnancy announcement messages:

  1. With love, from the three of us
  2. Loading…
  3. Baby on board
  4. … and then there were three
  5. Bun in the oven
  6. The more the merrier
  7. Look what we made
  8. Downloading baby
  9. Eating for two!
  10. The best is yet to come
  11. Breaking news: I’m pregnant!

12. Baby shoes pregnancy announcement

It’s a classic pregnancy announcement for a reason ‒ all you need is baby shoes (or a romper, pacifier, or teeny-tiny baby socks), and there’s your news.

Simple and beautiful.

13. Ultrasound pregnancy announcement

Another quick and easy pregnancy announcement is sharing a snap of your ultrasound ‒ certainly does the job!

14. Beautiful bump pregnancy announcement

If you’re starting to show, your bump could be a giveaway that you’re expecting, so why not embrace it (literally) with a beautiful bump pregnancy announcement.

15. Scrabble pregnancy announcement

All you need for this simple pregnancy announcement is a Scrabble board ‒ that’s it!

Then lay out the words spelling out your big news, like “Baby [your last name] coming soon”, along with the month they’re due to make their appearance.

16. Beach pregnancy announcement

Choose a sunny day to visit the beach, then write in the sand baby’s due date.

Simple, effective, and beautiful.

17. Pregnancy test announcement

If you’re comfortable, why not share a quick photo of your pregnancy test as your pregnancy announcement?

Or, if you’re surprising friends and family, you could leave the pregnancy test out for them to find.

Pregnancy announcement cake ideas

Who doesn’t love cake? It’s one of the best ways to share any news, and your pregnancy announcement is probably the biggest news to share!

Here are some pregnancy announcement cake ideas to whet your appetite:

18. Gender reveal cake

Why not combine your pregnancy announcement with a gender reveal?

You could bake a cake with pink- or blue-colored candy to come pouring out when your friends and family come over for a slice.

19. Pregnancy announcement slice cake

If you’re a bit of a baking buff, why not recreate this surprise pregnancy announcement cake spelling out your news when you take a slice?

20. Happy birthday, grandma

If your loved one is having a birthday, we love this surprise pregnancy announcement cake idea.

Simply decorate their cake with “Happy birthday” and their relation to baby ‒ so it could read “Happy birthday, grandma/grandpa”, “Happy birthday, auntie/uncle”, or even “Happy birthday, daddy”.

21. Cryptic date

Want to keep your friends and family guessing? Decorate your pregnancy announcement cake with baby’s due date ‒ or, if it falls around a holiday, make it a seasonal cake.

Get your camera ready for everyone’s puzzled faces when you serve up a Christmas cake in July!

Rainbow baby announcement ideas

If you’re expecting your rainbow baby after some difficult times, congratulations, mama.

Here are some beautiful rainbow baby pregnancy announcement ideas for you:

  1. “After every storm, there is a rainbow. Expecting our rainbow baby [due date].”
  2. Have a multicolored rainbow pregnancy announcement photoshoot ‒ complete with rainbow balloons spelling out your news.
  3. Keep it simple and subtle by holding up a baby onesie with a rainbow on it.
  4. Sprinkle rainbow confetti around your ultrasound for a picture-perfect rainbow baby announcement.
  5. Paint a rainbow on your baby bump ‒ don’t forget to use body-safe paints!

IVF pregnancy announcement ideas

If you’ve been trying to conceive via IVF, you may have been waiting a while for your little peanut.

So if you want to make your IVF pregnancy announcement extra special, here are a few ideas:

  1. “Even miracles take a little time.”
  2. “Made with lots of love and a little bit of help.”
  3. “The little embryo that could.”
  4. “Worth every shot.”
  5. Let your IVF treatment needles tell the story with a photo of your ultrasound surrounded by a heart made of your needles.

Twin pregnancy announcement ideas

Want a fun and creative way of telling friends and family you’re expecting twice the miracle?

Check out these two-riffic twin pregnancy announcement ideas:

  1. “Double trouble!”
  2. “Miracles come in pairs!”
  3. “Pink or blue? Either will do. We just know there are two.”
  4. “Plot twist: twins!”
  5. Try any of our other pregnancy announcement ideas, but do it twice.

Funny pregnancy announcement ideas

Nothing pairs better with a good pregnancy announcement than a healthy dose of hilarity.

Yup, comedy can be the best way to release any pressure you may be feeling and announce to the world that you’re not taking yourself (and all that you’re currently facing) too seriously.

You don’t have to spend a fortune or rack your (probably rather pre-occupied) brain to come up with a funny pregnancy announcement that will get your family and friends giggling and overjoyed all at the same time.

Not sure where to start with your funny pregnancy announcement? Here are some ideas:

Funny pregnancy shirts for couples

And of course, the internet is bursting with ready-made and customizable paraphernalia that will take all the hard work out of it. Pregnant AF socks anyone?

We love these funny pregnancy shirts for couples:

  1. “You can stop asking when we’re having a baby now…” and “We’re pregnant, but mostly her” (available on Amazon)
  2. “Waiting for Player 3” ‒ a popular video game pregnancy announcement (available on Amazon)
  3. “I like big bumps, and I cannot lie” and “Oh my gosh, look at this bump” (available on Etsy)
  4. “Baby is coming” and “And now my watch begins” (available on Amazon)
  5. “Soon-to-be daddy” and “Soon-to-be mommy” (available on Amazon)
  6. “Mama bear” and “Papa bear” (available on Amazon)

43. Balloon pregnancy announcement

If you want a pregnancy announcement to blow people away, what about a balloon pregnancy announcement?

Simply get a helium balloon reading “We’re having a baby”, put it in a box, then give it to family for them to open ‒ up comes the balloon, and the word it out!

44. Bun in the oven pregnancy announcement

This is such a cute way to share your pregnancy news!

Invite friends and family around, then ask one of them to check the oven ‒ little do they know, you’ve snuck a little bun in there.

45. Movie poster pregnancy announcement ideas

If you’re a movie buff, this is the pregnancy announcement for you!

Create your very own movie poster that reads: “Coming soon. Opening [baby’s due date]”.

How about a movie pregnancy announcement based on your favorite flick? Here are some of our favorites:

If this is baby number two, why not add “From the makers of…”?

46. Cards Against Humanity pregnancy announcement

Who else loves Cards Against Humanity? If you’re into dark humor and not taking yourself too seriously, this is the perfect pregnancy announcement for you!

Go through your Cards Against Humanity deck and pick a white and a black card to best describe your situation ‒ then post the picture and see who gets the hint!

Or you could go a little different ‒ sit down with family and friends for a game of CAH, but create your own card to break the news.

Second baby announcement ideas

If you’re expecting baby number two (or three, four, five…), you may want to recruit other family members to share your pregnancy announcement.

Here are some of our favorite second baby announcements:

Baby announcement ideas with siblings

Have your child(ren) help out with your second baby announcement ‒ after all, it’s a big deal for them, too!

47. Big sister announcement or big brother announcement

Your little one is getting a promotion!

So why not dress them in a t-shirt that reads “Big sister” or “Big brother” to tell the world their new role in your family.

48. Superhero pregnancy announcement

If your little one loves superheroes, this is the best second baby pregnancy announcement for your family.

Dress them up in their favorite superhero, then add a onesie of that hero’s sidekick, with a lightbox reading “Every hero needs a sidekick”.

49. Best friend pregnancy announcement

Your girl or boy is about to get their very best friend, so why not share the news?

Take a photo of the new big sibling holding your ultrasound, and add the caption “I can’t wait to meet my best friend!”.

50. “Oops, we did it again” pregnancy announcement

This is a fun way to share your second baby announcement ‒ especially if you’re a Britney fan.

Look a little bashful and shrug while you’re holding a sign that says “Oops, we did it again!”.

Bonus points if you dress up as your favorite Britney music video.

Fun ways to tell older siblings about pregnancy

If you’re after creative ways to announce pregnancy to siblings and fun ways to tell your child you’re pregnant, here are a few favorites of our mamas on Peanut:

51. Cookie pregnancy announcement

Not sure how your little one is going to take the news that they’re not an only child anymore?

Sweeten them up with a cookie iced with the words “You’re going to be a big sister/brother” ‒ they’ll love it!

52. Present from baby

This is such a sweet idea ‒ buy a present for your child “from baby”, saying they can’t wait to meet their new best friend.

Not sure what to get them? Here are a few ideas:

What is a creative way to announce pregnancy?

We’ve covered some of the more traditional pregnancy announcement ideas, but how about some unique pregnancy announcements?

Let’s dive in:

Pregnancy announcement riddles

If you want to keep people guessing, try one of these mind-boggling pregnancy announcement riddles:

  1. I’m small but very important and loved already. I’m free to make but expensive over time. You’ll see me very soon but you cannot see me yet. What am I?
  2. My to-do list for the next six months: Buy bigger clothes, decorate a room, get a bigger car, think of names.
  3. OV (bun) EN
  4. I’m as big as a berry at 7 weeks grown, but by [due date], my presence will be known. What am I?
  5. What gets a shower, but doesn’t get wet?

Pet pregnancy announcement ideas

Get your fur-baby involved with your pregnancy announcement!

Whether you’re doing a pregnancy announcement with dogs or pregnancy announcement with cats, here are a few ideas to get your furry friends involved:

  1. “I’m getting a human!” ‒ Draw a speech bubble around your pet voicing their excitement.
  2. Shoes and collars ‒ Use your shoes, baby shoes, and dog or cat collars to show off your happy family.
  3. Baby shoes on pet ‒ If they’ll let you, try putting some baby socks or shoes on your fur-baby, with a note saying “These don’t fit me…”.
  4. Pet reading baby book ‒ Got a pet who will stay still for a photo? Prop one of your baby books in front of them and place a treat in the pages so it looks like they’re reading up on how to be a big brother or sister!
  5. The cat’s out of the bag ‒ If you can get a snap of your cat looking shocked with a picture of your ultrasound, you’ll have one of the best pet pregnancy announcements!

63. Scratchcard pregnancy announcement

This pregnancy announcement is so different, but so easy to do!

Get your hands on some purpose-made scratchcards with “We’re having a baby” as the winning prize, hand them out to friends and family, and watch their faces as they win!

64. Pregnancy announcement games

If you love having a family game night, try out this wholesome pregnancy announcement idea.

Whatever game you’re going to play, try to cheat a little and make one of your answers “I’m pregnant”.

If you’re playing Pictionary, draw an arrow pointing to yourself and a baby, and see how long it takes them to get the hint.

Having a game of Scrabble? You may have to cheat for this one… sneak some letters spelling out “I’m pregnant” and play them whenever you can fit them in.

65. Pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt

Arranging a pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt can be every bit as unique as you are.

You can make it as long as you like, making friends and family search high and low for the next clue to finding out your big news, or you can give them an easy clue so they can find out as soon as they walk through the door.

Nerdy pregnancy announcement ideas

If you’re a Star Wars stan, Friends fan, or a Potterhead, you’ll love these quirky, nerdy pregnancy announcement ideas:

Harry Potter pregnancy announcement

Accio, baby! If you love Harry Potter, you’ll fall head-over-hippogriff for these Harry Potter pregnancy announcement ideas:

  1. “Expecting patronum”
  2. The sorting hat ‒ A snap of the sorting hat, with a choice of Griffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin ‒ which house will baby be sorted into?
  3. “Mischief managed” ‒ A cheeky t-shirt reading “Mischief managed” and an arrow pointing to your bump.
  4. Daily Prophet ‒ A fake edition of the Daily Prophet, the fictional newspaper from the Harry Potter universe, with details of baby’s due date.

Disney pregnancy announcement ideas

Your baby is a huge part of your fairytale story, so why not try one of these oh-so-magical Disney pregnancy announcement ideas:

  1. Toy Story pregnancy announcement ‒ your older child wearing a t-shirt saying “You’ve got a friend in me”.
  2. Beauty and the Beast pregnancy announcement ‒ “There’s something there that wasn’t there before”.
  3. Sleeping Beauty pregnancy announcement ‒ “Make it pink or make it blue?”.
  4. Cinderella pregnancy announcement ‒ “Bibbidi bobbidi bump!”.
  5. Aladdin pregnancy announcement ‒ “A whole new world coming soon”.
  6. Lilo & Stitch pregnancy announcement ‒ “Ohana means family”.

Pokémon pregnancy announcement ideas

Whether you’re a fan of the OG Pokémon card game, video games, TV series, movies, or the Pokémon GO app, you’ll love these cute Pokeémon pregnancy announcement ideas:

  1. Make your own trading card ‒ use your ultrasound as baby’s trading card picture, then add some funny ‘attacks’, like ‘Morning Sickness’ or ‘Kick’.
  2. Pokémon GO egg hatching t-shirt ‒ if you’ve played the app game, you’ll recognize the ‘Oh?’ that appears when an egg is about to hatch.
  3. Egg in an incubator ‒ Part of egg-hatching in the Pokémon GO game, you could add a ‘tracker’ with how far along you are in your pregnancy.
  4. Baby in a Pokéball ‒ Use your ultrasound picture or get a teeny tiny baby toy to put in a plastic Pokéball.
  5. Who’s That Pokémon? ‒ From the Pokémon TV show, use a silhouette of a baby and let the excitement begin!
  6. Wild baby appeared! ‒ From the Pokémon video games, but instead of a wild Pokémon appearing, it’s a wild baby!

Star Wars pregnancy announcement

May the force be with you as you navigate your pregnancy journey. If you love George Lucas’ sci-fi universe, you’ll love these Star Wars pregnancy announcements:

  1. “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?” ‒ The perfect quote for your little padawan.
  2. “… I am your father.” ‒ A funny Star Wars quote for the dad-to-be.
  3. “Welcome, padawan” ‒ Perfect for your young Jedi-in-training.
  4. Opening credits ‒ Why not write your Star Wars pregnancy announcement in the eponymous style of the franchise’s opening credits?
  5. “Pregnant, I am” ‒ Speak like Yoda, why not?

Friends-themed pregnancy announcement

Fan of Friends? Oh. My. God.

Here are a few cute Friends-themed pregnancy announcement ideas:

  1. “The One With the Baby” ‒ Get your hands on a yellow frame (a la Monica’s apartment) and add this text in the middle.
  2. “The One Where We Become Parents” ‒ Pop on a t-shirt to share your news, Friends-style!
  3. “Could I be any cuter?”This super-cute baby onesie makes the perfect way to announce your pregnancy.

Seasonal pregnancy announcement ideas

Adding a seasonal flare can be a really cute way to get everyone excited for your pregnancy announcement.

By combining one celebration with another, you get like a huge insane out-of-this-world exponential celebration (that’s scientifically accurate, right?).

Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas

Keen to share your big news over the festive period?

Here are our merry and bright Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas:

  1. Share your list to Santa ‒ Write a letter to Santa asking for a bundle of joy
  2. Cards from baby ‒ Instead of writing your Christmas cards from you, write them from baby. “I can’t wait to meet you, grandma” is sure to get a double-take!
  3. Add another stocking to your mantlepiece ‒ A small but simple gesture, showing off your growing family.
  4. Wrap up baby boots as a present ‒ If you’re announcing your pregnancy to your partner on Christmas, this makes for a sweet way to break the news.
  5. Christmas bauble ‒ Making your own festive ornament is one of the more popular Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas with our mamas on Peanut. Not only are you sharing your news, but you also have an ornament to commemorate the occasion.

New Year pregnancy announcement ideas

New Year’s is a great time to announce your pregnancy ‒ big changes are coming for your family in the next year, after all!

Get inspired by these New Year pregnancy announcement ideas:

  1. “We’re ‘expecting’ 2023 to be a great year” ‒ The quotation marks around ‘expecting’ are optional, but make the news a little more obvious.
  2. Countdown to the reveal ‒ Wait until the countdown to the new year to share your news ‒ instead of shouting “Happy New Year”, tell everyone you’re pregnant!

Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas

Ah, the day of love. Why not share your lovely news on St Valentine’s Day?

Looking for some inspiration to make your heart go a-flutter? Check out these Valentine’s Day pregnancy ideas:

  1. “Roses are red, violets are blue, and on (due date) our little miracle is due.”
  2. “Cupid’s to blame!”
  3. “Love is in the air and we have big news to share.”
  4. Hands in heart shape over bump.
  5. Write ‘love’, with two baby shoes as the ‘v’.

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas

Looking for a spring pregnancy announcement?

It’s the perfect time to announce your pregnancy ‒ lambs are frolicking in the fields, the Easter bunny is right around the corner… what more could you want?

  1. “Egg-specting at Easter”
  2. Share the news iced on a chocolate egg (bonus: you get to eat the egg after)
  3. “So egg-cited ‒ there’s a new baby on the way!”
  4. “Some-bunny is joining our family soon”

🐣 Check out more egg-cellent ideas here: 15 Ideas for Easter Pregnancy Announcements

Fall pregnancy announcement ideas

How about an October pregnancy announcement?

Whether you opt for spooky or cutesy, here are the perfect Halloween pregnancy announcement ideas:

  1. Pumpkin pregnancy announcement ‒ Carve a pumpkin with a hole in the middle, and add a baby pumpkin to the inside.
  2. Addams Family pregnancy announcement ‒ Dress up as Morticia and Gomez Addams, then get yourself a Wednesday, Pugsley, or Pubert onesie for baby.
  3. “Make mine a decaf” ‒ Go a little cryptic with a snap of a pumpkin-spiced latte.
  4. “We’re adding a pumpkin to our patch” ‒ A sweet Halloween pregnancy announcement that works if you’ve already got kids.
  5. “Don’t eat pumpkin seeds!” ‒ This Halloween pregnancy announcement is fantastic if you’ve already got a big beautiful bump going on.


Pregnancy reveal ideas for family

Telling your family you’re pregnant can be such a beautiful momentous occasion.

So find the perfect pregnancy reveal for family here:

Ways to announce pregnancy to family in person

If you’re able to get your family together to announce your pregnancy, pick one of these unforgettable pregnancy announcement ideas:

111. Pregnancy announcement puzzle

Invite your family over for games night, then give them a puzzle to complete ‒ it’s up to you how tricky it is!

You could choose a super-easy 15-piece puzzle or use your own pregnancy announcement photo for a challenging 1,000-piece jigsaw.

112. Nursery tour pregnancy announcement

Step one: decorate baby’s nursery. Step two: invite family over for dinner. Step three: tell them you’ve done some decorating and give them a tour of the house.

Step four: Happy tears!

113. Baby-themed surprise pregnancy announcement

Host your own family meal, and incorporate as many baby-themed foods as you can.

You could serve up baby-back ribs with baby spinach and baby potatoes, while playing Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ as part of a baby playlist.

See how long it takes them to catch on!

Pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

If you’d like to share your big news just with your parents, here are a few pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents for you to choose from:

  1. “You’ve been promoted…” ‒ To grandparents!
  2. Flowers from baby ‒ Add a note like “I can’t wait to meet you, grandma”, or whatever you want them to be called.
  3. A spot of tea ‒ In a personalized mug with “Gramma” or “Pop-pop”. Don’t tell them and see how long they notice!

How do I tell my big family I’m pregnant?

Got a big family across several states or even different countries?

It can be tricky to get everyone together in one place, so here are a few pregnancy announcement ideas for distant family:

117. Pregnancy announcement cards

A sweet and simple way of announcing your pregnancy ‒ get some pregnancy announcement cards made and send them out to family.

You could use a pregnancy announcement photo to share your news or get some pre-made cards, like these customizable ones from Amazon.

18. Digital pregnancy announcement

We’re all used to Zoom, Teams, and FaceTime by now ‒ lots of families keep in touch via video calls.

So why not have a virtual pregnancy announcement?

Arrange a time when everyone can make the call, then, when everyone’s there, share your news.

You could be wearing a pregnancy announcement t-shirt, hold up a placard saying “We’re pregnant!”, or you could have already sent them their own pregnancy announcement gifts, then have them open them all at the same time.

Pregnancy announcement ideas to partner

If you’re planning to do a surprise pregnancy announcement to your husband, wife, or partner, you’ll love these pregnancy announcement ideas!

119. Father’s Day pregnancy announcement

Or Mother’s Day! If you find out you’re pregnant around either of these holidays, telling them they’re going to be a parent will be such perfect timing!

120. Secret mug message pregnancy announcement

This is one of the best surprise pregnancy announcements ‒ your partner won’t see it coming!

Make them a cup of coffee in a mug with a secret message at the bottom. Then, when they finish their drink, they’ll get the news!

Plus, they can keep the mug as a memento afterward.

121. Pregnancy announcement gift box

You can make this pregnancy announcement to your partner as personalized as you like, by creating your own pregnancy announcement gift box for them.

Or you can get a pre-made pregnancy announcement gift box for dad, like this one on Etsy.

If you’re keen to have a surprise pregnancy announcement, get a label addressed to them so it looks like a parcel that’s been delivered, then hand it over to them saying it arrived for them.

Get your camera ready to record the look on their faces when they open their gift!

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How do I announce my pregnancy on social media?

If you want to tell everyone about your pregnancy announcement, social media is the way to do it!

Our mamas on Peanut tend to make their social media pregnancy announcement after they’ve told family, friends, and their partner, but it’s up to you how and when you share your news with the world.

Here are our top social media pregnancy announcement ideas:

Pregnancy announcement photo ideas for social media

  1. Personalized mugs ‒ You can either be drinking from your personalized mugs (mom, dad, baby) or lay them out as your pregnancy announcement.
  2. Baking a surprise ‒ If you’re a keen baker, set up some ingredients, then have your partner dip their hands in flour and put them around your belly.
  3. Eating ice cream and pickles ‒ Keep people guessing with this secret pregnancy announcement!
  4. Circle the date on a calendar ‒ A subtle but sweet pregnancy announcement for social media.
  5. Bump ahead ‒ Find a ‘Bump ahead’ road sign, then stand next to it, cradling your own baby bump.
  6. Bookworm ‒ Get a stack of your new pregnancy and parenting books, and scatter them in the foreground.
  7. Stocking up ‒ Go to your favorite grocery store, then take a snap of you shopping for baby products.
  8. Bottle of wine ‒ Add a note saying “Do not open until [due date]” for another subtle social media pregnancy announcement.
  9. Baby fruit ‒ Get two normal-sized pieces of fruit and one baby-sized piece of fruit ‒ voilà!
  10. Your little peanut ‒ This one’s adorable (not that we’re biased). If you’re around 8-10 weeks, your little one is probably about the same size as a peanut, so a photo of you cradling a peanut could be a sweet way to announce your pregnancy.
  11. Laundry’s about to get a whole lot cuter ‒ Get a pile of your own laundry (ideally muted colors) and add a brightly-colored baby sock on the top, to stand out.
  12. **Letterboard pregnancy announcement ‒ Choose your favorite pregnancy announcement message, add the letters to the letterboard, take a snap, and share!

Pregnancy announcement FAQs

Got any more questions about how to make your pregnancy announcement? Let’s see if we can ease your mind…

When should you start announcing your pregnancy?

Right. Let’s break this down.

Naturally, there’s a difference between telling your inner circle and making your pregnancy announcement to the wider world.

You might choose to tell your personal cheerleaders (besties, parental figures, siblings) as soon as you have the intel, of course. Or you might not.

Announcing pregnancy to your broader circle and the wider world does feel more delicate, because about 80% of miscarriages occur in the first trimester.

Many women choose to wait until after 12 weeks, so they have more knowledge about the health of their baby, and this is totally fine.

At the same time, we don’t believe the “12-week rule” should be prescriptive – because it means too many women go through miscarriage without the support of their loved ones.

Is 10 weeks too early to announce pregnancy? What about 11 weeks?

Truth: the choice is entirely yours, depending on who you have around you as support, and when you want to release the news.

So that’s the when. What about the how?

🔎 Dig deeper: When to Announce Your Pregnancy: a Guide for Mamas-to-Be

Pregnancy announcement in Spanish

If you’re going to make your pregnancy announcement (or your anuncio de embarazo) to Spanish family or friends, here are a few ways to share your big news:

  • Hola, abuela/abuelo! (Hello, grandma/grandpa!)
  • Vas a ser tio/tia! (You’re going to be an uncle/auntie!)
  • Con amor, de los tres (With love, from the three of us)
  • … Y entonces, había tres (… And then, there were three)
  • Últimas noticias: ¡Estoy embarazada! (Breaking news: I’m pregnant!)
  • Sorpresa! Bebe en camino (Surprise! Baby on the way)

What is the best way to announce pregnancy?

The very best way to share your pregnancy news? Well, that’s up to you.

Choose your favorite pregnancy announcement ideas from our mega-list, and don’t forget to share them with the other mamas-to-be on Peanut!

In your flurry to come up with the perfect pregnancy announcement, don’t forget just how very exciting your news is anyway.

Adding your creativity to the announcement is added sparkle.

Good luck!

Oh, and may we be (at least one of) the first to say: congratulations, mama!

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