13 Pregnancy Sex Tips from Real Mamas

13 Pregnancy Sex Tips from Real Mamas

As you eagerly await the arrival of your little one, there’s still a world of fun to explore.
And we’re not gonna beat around the bush here (pun intended!); according to Peanut mamas, pregnancy sex might just be some of the best sex you ever have. So we’ve rounded up their top pregnancy sex tips… Thank us later!

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Pregnancy sex tips you need to know

1.Pillows are your best friend. They help me find comfortable positions and keep me where I need to be.” - Alix

2.Try it from behind! Or you on top. I find other positions a bit uncomfortable during pregnancy, as my bump can really get in the way.” - Nasia

[3.Find other ways to be intimate. If sex doesn’t feel comfortable to you, don’t have sex! Why not prioritize foreplay? And remember, hormones can make you feel completely different than you usually do. Sex is important but it’s just sex, don’t let it get the better of both of you.” - Rebecca](https://www.peanut-app.io/experts/sex-and-relationships)

4.Enjoy it before the bump gets in the way. And don’t worry about silly myths about pregnancy sex. It’s completely safe and absolutely fine to enjoy unless your Doctor said it’s not!” - Kadri

5.Remember that everyone is different. I was having sex until the day I gave birth. Some don’t have sex past the first trimester. As you get closer to birth your cervix opens and everything gets crazy sensitive. For some, that’s good. For others, it’s not. Do what feels right for you!” - Avi

6.Communication is everything. Open and honest conversations with your partner are key to great pregnancy sex! It’s the ultimate tip anyone can give you.” - Lizzie

7.Embrace yourself. I know it’s not always easy to feel sexy when you’re pregnant. Just remember, confidence and beauty comes from within. Your body is amazing - it’s growing and nourishing a baby. Cut yourself some slack, okay!” - Olivia

8.Lube, lube, and more lube. My pregnancy hormones around halfway through my second trimester made me very dry down there, so we relied on lots of lube to make things more pain-free and pleasurable.” - Molly

9.Try sex toys. Sex toys are guaranteed to spice things up in the bedroom. All I would suggest is to take things slowly and gently, as your cervix is more sensitive during pregnancy.” - Cammy

(PS Our Peanut mamas love the KURVE vibrator during pregnancy, it hits all the right spots!)

10.Listen to your body. Since week 18, sex has been very painful for me so we satisfy each other in different ways - and that’s OK!” - Vanessa

11.Be spontaneous. By overthinking pregnancy sex, you’re only stressing yourself out. Try to catch your partner off guard and just let your bodies do their thing!” - Alaia

12.Try to unwind. During pregnancy I found myself to enjoy sex a lot more when I was relaxed, so I would always light a candle, take a bath, and play some music before getting busy between the sheets.” - Tina

13.Switch up your sex positions. My favorite was spooning, as it helps support your belly in your second and third trimester. It’s comfy and your partner can cuddle you - great for when you’re feeling a bit lazy!” - Linden

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