5 Safe & Fun Pregnancy Sex Toys

5 Safe & Fun Pregnancy Sex Toys

Providers of pleasure; catalysts of climax; suppliers of soothe—welcome to the world of pregnancy sex toys.

Yes, you can find one that works for you.

And yes, you are not only entitled but encouraged to seek pleasure.

And no, that pleasure does not necessarily have to be of the guilty variety.

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  • Are vibrators safe for pregnancy?
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Are vibrators safe for pregnancy?

In most cases, using both vibrating and non-vibrating sex toys while pregnant is safe—and actually pretty damn satisfying.

(A little-known antidote to pregnancy symptoms? The orgasm.)

Read also our article covering everything around vibrators and pregnancy

Plus, your libido may be up (particularly at the end of the first trimester).

Note: don’t worry if this isn’t the case – everybody’s different!

To keep things safe:

  • Chat to your doctor first: If you are being monitored for potential preterm delivery, have health complications, or an infection of any sort, your doctor may advise that you stay away from the sex toys for now.
  • Keep it clean: If it vibrates, soap and water. If it doesn’t, sterilize in boiling water. And then store them in a spot that is as sterile as possible (particularly if they are of the penetrating variety.)
  • If you’re sharing, keep ‘em covered: This is a good rule of thumb when it comes to using sex toys and even more important when you’re pregnant. Because STIs.
  • Be wary of flavored/scented lubes: If they contain any sugar, give them an even wider berth. The aim here is to try to avoid yeast infections.
  • Opt for phthalate-free toys: (No, you’re not supposed to know how to pronounce that.) Phthalates are used in a variety of plastics, detergents, and cosmetics so we’re exposed to them more than we know. The research is still ongoing here but they may have an impact on reproductive health and be carcinogenic. So, if you have the option, steer clear of phthalates.
  • Experiment: If things that used to get you going aren’t revving your engine, or are uncomfortable, try some different positions and techniques.

5 sex toys for pregnancy

Firstly, if you’re wondering, your sex toy won’t harm (or annoy) your baby, the answer is generally no.

Your baby is snug inside layers of fluid and protected by the mucus plug at the entrance to your uterus.

But you can always check with your doctor first to rule out any complications if you’re unsure.

So what should you put on your shopping list?

Well, like all things sexual pleasure, there’s no one-size-fits-all here.

If you have ol’ favorites, you might check in with your healthcare practitioner to see if there are any reasons why you shouldn’t be using them. (No shame. You need the info, and they have it.)

If you’re new to the world of sex toys or feel like diversifying your repertoire, here we go:

pregnancy sex toys

1. The magic wand:

Wand massagers are super versatile. They offer the choice of stimulation or penetration, depending on what you’re up for. They come (terrible pun) in a variety of styles and colors and prices. What’s more, they can be the absolute best when it comes to relieving pregnancy symptoms in other parts of your body. A little shoulder, leg, and lower back massage? Yes, please.

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As for the best wand vibrator during pregnancy?

Well, that’s up to you, mama, we’re all different.

But one that’s a clear winner among our Peanut community is the KURVE, which is curved and has a soft-pressure tip to hit all the right spots.

2. Clitoris stimulator:

While these little wonder-workers may seem as if they only have one job, it turns out that they are more versatile than one might think.

Sure, they’re great at giving your clitoris the attention it deserves, but they are also pretty amazing on your nipples, on your vulva, and really any zones on your body that get you going.

3. Hands-free external vibrator:

This works particularly well if you’re looking for some clitoral stimulation while with a partner—and also great if you’re looking to lie back and enjoy on your own.

You wear it in your vulva, meaning your hands are free to do whatever else they might feel like doing.

4. The vibrating egg

We know.

The only time you’ve heard the word eggs lately is in the context of the ovum variety.

It’s time to flip the egg script. Used with a partner or on your own, the egg is unbeatable in its simplicity and efficiency.

That little thing just did that?!? Yup, it’s gooood. And there are all sorts.

Handheld, remote-controlled, touch-sensored—and even eggs that play music for you.

Everyone has their vibe. Egg yours on.

5. Butt plugs

And sometimes it’s worth seeing things from the other side.

Butt plugs come in vibrating and non-vibrating varieties.

If you’ve been given the all-clear from your doctor, anal sex (butt plugs included) should be safe.

(Of course, if you’re struggling with hemorrhoids and/or constipation, you may not be into this idea. Totally okay.)

Using a condom is not a bad idea as well, so you stave off the risk of infection.

And keep any backend toys away from the frontend, for the same reason.

Also, if you feel any pain, stop. The point is stimulation, satisfaction, and relaxation—if it’s not doing that, try something else.

Enjoy. 💣

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