Pregnancy Test Positive Picture: What To Look For

Pregnancy Test Positive Picture: What To Look For

If you’re searching for an example of a pregnancy test positive picture, you may come up with several different images. That’s because positive tests (like positive thoughts) come in many versions.
Alright. Your pee on that stick is about to tell all.

Except, you may not be so sure of the message it’s trying to give you.

Can we get a translator in here, please?

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  • How do pregnancy tests work for a pregnancy test positive picture?
  • Can you get a false result?
  • How does a pregnancy test look if positive?
  • Positive pregnancy test picture FAQ

How do pregnancy tests work for a pregnancy test positive picture?

Pregnancy tests work by testing for a hormone called hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin is its full name.)

This hormone is released during implantation — that’s when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the lining of your uterus.

So if hCG is present, it’s a sign that pregnancy has kicked off.

Home pregnancy tests test for this hormone in your urine. Hence the whole peeing on a stick situation.

Because they all work differently, it’s important to read the instructions for your specific test.

Some tests require you to pee directly onto a stick.

Others ask you to pee into a cup and then dip the test paper into your pee.

Can you get a false result?

The short answer is yes, it’s possible.

Each day that you are pregnant, the amount of hCG in your system builds up steam.

That means that if you take a test in the very early stages, you might get a false negative, or it might be due to an expired pregnancy test.

That’s why the best time to take a test is the day after your next expected period.

There are also reasons you might get a false positive.

If you’ve recently been pregnant and/or if you experience very early pregnancy loss, there may be hCG in your system which will show up as a positive result on your test.

So, with that in mind, we’ll take you through the various options so that you can get the picture in front of you.

How does a pregnancy test look if positive?

By this point, you’ve peed on the stick. You’ve put it on a clean surface facing upwards.

And you’re waiting (maybe patiently, maybe not) for your results.

It’s important to stick to the wait times that are outlined in the instructions to make sure you get an accurate result.

And now for the moment of truth. But what does a positive pregnancy test look like?

How the result is displayed differs from test to test — so positive pregnancy test pictures don’t all look the same.

We’ll take you through the options:

Walking the line

Several pregnancy tests use lines to show the result.

The first thing you’ll likely see is the results window going darker as your pee passes over it.

Then, one line will appear. This is called a control line. It means that the test is working.

Now it’s time for the waiting game. Set a timer for the amount of time it says on the instruction leaflet. (It’s usually in the region of ten to fifteen minutes.)

The tricky thing is, while you shouldn’t read it too early, reading it too late can also give an inaccurate result. (More on this below.)

After the time is up, check to see if another line has appeared next to the control line. If so, it’s a positive result.

It’s a sign

Some pregnancy tests show a positive or negative sign.

First, a line will appear in the control window.

After the allocated waiting time, the window where your results are displayed (aka the test window) will either form a positive or negative sign.
➕= pregnant
➖= negative

Putting in a good word. Some tests just tell it like it is.


After the wait time, digital pregnancy tests will simply display a word:


And there you have it.

Positive pregnancy test picture FAQ

Is two lines on a pregnancy test positive?

Yes. If you’re taking a test that uses lines to display the result, two lines generally mean it’s a go.

Your next stop is to check in with a healthcare practitioner to confirm your results and figure out next steps.

Is a thin line on a pregnancy test positive?

And just to make things more complicated, there are faint positive pregnancy test pictures.

A thin or faint line on a pregnancy test could mean that you’re pregnant but that your hCG supplies are still building up.

Pregnancy tests have different levels of sensitivity, so if you get a faint line, it’s best to test again and/or consult with your doctor.

Then there’s the issue of the evaporation line. This is a faint line that appears where a positive result should be.

An evaporation line is, as the same suggests, the markings of evaporated pee. It’s colorless, where a positive result would be colorful (usually pink).

And it usually only appears after the waiting time is up. It also usually looks more like a smudge than a line.

What color indicates a positive pregnancy test?

That all depends on the test you take. Tests that display lines usually do so in pink.

(Remember that if it’s colorless, it might be an evaporation line.)

Some tests that use + or - signs do so in blue.

Tests that display words usually do so in black writing against a gray screen.

The bottom line?

Pregnancy tests all work differently.

It’s important to read the instructions as they will tell you exactly what to look out for on the test you are using.

And look after yourself. 💗

Whether you are TTC or not, this can be a rollercoaster time.

If you need support, join us on Peanut. We’re in this together.

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