42 Cute & Funny Pregnant Halloween Costumes for 2024

42 Cute & Funny Pregnant Halloween Costumes for 2024

A pregnant belly shouldn’t mean you miss out on the spooky season. Pregnant Halloween costumes can be some of the most creative around!
Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the fun of dressing up for Halloween.

In fact, your bump can play a part in your Halloween costume ‒ baby’s first Halloween!

And we’ve got a cauldron full of all the best pregnant Halloween costumes to inspire you. 👻

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  • What can I wear for Halloween when pregnant?
  • How do I make a pregnancy costume?
  • What are easy pregnant Halloween costumes?
  • What are cute pregnant Halloween costumes?
  • What are pregnant couple Halloween costumes?
  • How do you announce a pregnancy on Halloween?

What can I wear for Halloween when pregnant?

When it comes to Halloween costumes for pregnant women, we say wear whatever makes you feel good.

If you want to get glammed up into a striking Maleficent, go right ahead!

Or perhaps one of our easy pregnant Halloween costumes might be more what you’re after?

Or keep it classic with Wednesday Adams, a cheeky nurse, or a swashbuckling pirate are all yours for the taking!

And there’s no reason you can’t be Snow White and pregnant.

Perhaps that’s exactly what happened a couple of years after that kiss from the Prince(!)

And if you’re looking for a costume that’s a little quirky and makes active use of your growing belly, we’ve got you covered.

After all, you’ll only ever spend so much of your life pregnant.

And even less in the last part of October.

So, let’s seize the day. (Or the season, rather.)

How do I make a pregnancy costume?

Some are as easy as placing an order online, while others require a little crafting.

A pro tip from our Peanut moms-to-be is to get your hands on craft supplies.

You’ll be using them a lot as your baby grows up, whether for Halloween, parties, or school projects.

What are easy pregnant Halloween costumes?

Let’s start simple.

Even a themed T-shirt can be a great option if you’re far along in your pregnancy or if dressing up is not your thing.

Order one from your favorite website or, if you’re up to it, make one yourself.

So if you’re after last-minute Halloween costumes for pregnant people, you’re in the right place.

1. Avocado pregnant costume 🥑

One of the hottest trends over the last few years has been the pregnant avocado costume.

It’s simple, comfortable, and easy on your budget!

You may already have some of the bits and pieces needed to make it at home.

So how do you make an avocado pregnant costume?

All you need is:

  • A brown fitted shirt (belly accommodating, of course)
  • A piece of thick card.
  • A couple of shades of green paint.
  • A pair of black leggings.
  • Black ribbon or something similar for the straps (optional)
  • Glue, preferably hot (optional)

Trace the outline of the avocado onto the card as well as a hole for the pip/your belly.

Cut it and the belly hole out.

Paint a thin dark greeny brown border for the skin and a more vibrant green for the avo flesh inside.

You can then either leave it at that or make straps to keep your avocado in place, hands-free.

If you’re going for the straps, glue the ribbon in place on the back of the fruit so that you can slip your arms through.

The avocado will then rest on your shoulders. Voilà!

2. Angry bird

Hormones taking you for a wild ride?

A t-shirt with the very angry face of that little red bird over your belly, and you’re done!

3. Snowman

A great Halloween pregnancy costume if you’re feeling on the chilly side.

Pop a woolen hat on your head, a scarf around your neck, and three black “buttons” on a white shirt, and you’re good to go!

4. Magic 8 ball

This can be as simple as a black shirt with a white circle with the number 8 on it.

An alternative? Wear a few layers of shirts you can pull up to reveal various answers.

Q: “Will you be going to bed early tonight?” A: “Signs point to yes.”

5. Gumball machine

Craft with felt circles or small pom poms in all different colors.

Add a 25c price tag if you like!

6. Jack o’ lantern

This is another readily available option online.

But if you want to go the DIY route, you can take a sharpie to that old orange shirt at the back of your cupboard.

An ideal last-minute Halloween costume for pregnant people.

7. Poké ball costume

How perfect for a round belly?

8. Emoji costume

If you want to craft this one yourself, dress in all black with a yellow fabric circle over your belly.

Choose a wink, a kiss, or the crying laughing face — whatever you feel like, mama.

9. Thing 1 (or) Thing 2

A literary option for the Dr. Seuss fans out there.

A great option for a pregnant couple Halloween costume.

10. Baby poking through your shirt

This one’s little more gory but super fun.

All you need is an old baby doll and a black or white shirt.

Remove the arms and legs and cut holes in the shirt for them to poke through.

11. “Don’t eat pumpkin seeds” t-shirt

Does exactly what it says on the box!

12. Fishbowl

This one’s as simple as a black outfit or t-shirt with the image of a bowl of tropical fish over your belly.

13. “Ice, ice”

A shirt with these words printed on it and an arrow pointing to your belly.


14. Star Wars-themed shirts

“Future Jedi” or “Pregnant, I am.”

If you want to involve a partner, how about a t-shirt that says “I am your father” for them with an arrow pointing in your belly’s direction?

15. Saucy shirts

“100% that witch”?

“Witch, please!”?

Or simply “LIFE” and a basket of lemons to hand out.

What are cute pregnant Halloween costumes?

These ones take a little more work and cost a bit more if you buy them in, but they’re super-cute!

So if Halloween is your jam and you want to spend some time crafting the best pregnant Halloween costume, these are the choices for you.

16. Pearl costume

A pink foam shell and your belly as the pearl. So cute!

17. Ursula from The Little Mermaid

One of our favorite Disney villains of all time.

18. Cat with a ball of yarn

A cat outfit with a twist — your belly is done up like a ball of wool.

19. Marge Gunderson from Fargo

This one’s a super comfy maternity Halloween costume.

20. Winnie the Pooh

A red shirt, yellow skirt, a pair of ears, a pot of HUNNY, and you’re done!

21. Devilled egg

Just like the avocado.

But your belly becomes a yellow yolk for this one!

22. Disco ball belly

Dress it up or down as much as you like.

A shiny belly does the job just fine.

Or go all out as a glittery disco diva!

23. Peas in a pod

Perfect if you’re having multiples?

24. Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Transform yourself into a giant blueberry for this one.

And it works great for families too.

A toddler Oompa Loompa is always a winner.

25. A handmaid from The Handmaid’s Tale

A clever if somewhat darker option.

26. A “mummy to be”

Deck yourself in white bandages, and you’re ready!

Made famous by Jessica Simpson, this is a Halloween classic.

27. Wrecking ball costume

Starring your belly as the ball.

All you need now is a chain and a Barbie starring as Miley.

28. Bun in the oven

A boxy costume where you wear a cardboard oven.

Open it up, and what’s inside? A bun. On your tummy.

29. Care Bear

A chance to wear a onesie? Say no more!

30. Mother Earth

A bit of paint to make your belly the world, a sheet to drape in a Grecian style, and a little trailing ivy or a flower crown.

31. Pregnant peppermint candy

A slinky red dress, a swirl of red and white over your bump, then some craftily tied cellophane. Super sweet!

32. Thor

Remember when Thor was packing an extra pound or two around his middle?

Recreate that and delight your friends.

33. Balloon belly

A cut-out fabric balloon sewn to a shirt, dangling a piece of ribbon — and three or four real balloons tied to your wrist.

What are pregnant couple Halloween costumes?

Looking for some fun pregnant couple Halloween costumes?

These options pair well and definitely rank as our top funny pregnant Halloween costumes.

34. Milkman and his wife

Sure, it’s cliche, but funny!

Some vintage costuming will look great here.

35. Glow-in-the-dark x-ray skeleton t-shirts

Give them a little glimpse of the baby in your belly — and the beer and burgers in your partners.

36. Wilson and Tom Hanks from Castaway

Your partner gets to look super scruffy, and your belly gets to be Wilson the volleyball.

37. Tennis player and tennis ball

Andre Agassi, John McEnroe, or Serena Williams for your partner.

A tennis ball belly for you.

38. Basketball player and basketball

Have a tall partner?

This one’s for you and your basketball belly, then.

39. Baseball player and baseball

Think Babe Ruth or A League of Their Own, and you guessed it: a baseball belly.

40. The Golden Snitch and Harry Potter

This one adds a literary twist to the ball-and-player theme.

41. Juno and Paulie from Juno

Another funny option that’s pretty comfy too.

42. Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.:

This one involves the whole family.

You get to be Mike, and they make up the rest of the monster crew.

Caution: green body paint required!

How do you announce a pregnancy on Halloween?

If you’re keeping things under wraps until Halloween, it can be a great time of year to make your pregnancy announcement.

Whether you’re sporting a baby bump or not, here are some cute ideas for a Halloween pregnancy announcement:

  • Pumpkin family: Get your hands on a large pumpkin and a baby pumpkin, then carve the larger one hollow, with Mama written or carved on top, popping the baby pumpkin inside.
  • No tricks, just a treat: Wear a t-shirt with No tricks, just a treat, with some baby footprints.
  • X-ray t-shirt: It’s a bit more morbid, but how about a t-shirt with a mock x-ray of your belly, with a baby skeleton cozy and curled up inside?
  • Pumpkin doppelgangers: If you’re feeling arty, how about carving a pumpkin that looks like you? Then get a smaller pumpkin and carve a small hole in it, putting a pacifier in the hole ‒ voila: pumpkin baby!
  • Double trouble: A perfect Halloween pregnancy announcement for a mom-to-be who’s expecting twins!

So what pregnant Halloween costume are you wearing for Halloween 2024?

Let us know on Peanut and share your snaps!

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