111 Perfect Princess Baby Names With Meanings

111 Perfect Princess Baby Names With Meanings

Preparing your palace for its new arrival? What could be more magical than choosing one of our princess baby names for the latest addition to your queendom?

It’s tempting to tap into regal energy when you’ve a little VIP en route.

(Especially when that energy has a touch of rebellion).

Between fact and fiction, there’s tonnes of badass princesses backed by stories of courage, strength, and defiance.

Who doesn’t appreciate a person who knows their own mind – and honors it?

We’ve gathered princess names from fantasy realms and royal households across the world.

Yes, you’ll even find the meanings of some of your favorite Disney princess names.
And if you’re simply after names that mean princess in different languages – we’ve got them too.

Whatever your choice, we’re sure your journey will have a fairy tale ending.

Ready to get going?

Let’s explore.

In this article: 📝

  • What is a beautiful princess name?
  • What is a pretty princess name?
  • What is a royal name for a girl?
  • What are some fantasy princess names?
  • Which girl names mean princess?
  • What is the best princess name?

What is a beautiful princess name?

Beautiful is generally the rule for princess names, not the exception.

Appreciating that beauty likes in the eyes of the beholder, we figure fairytale princesses beloved worldwide is a pretty solid place to start.

Here’s some top baby names from Disney and beyond:

  1. Alexa: Meaning “defender of man”. From Barbie and the Secret Door, the shy Princess Alexa discovers a world of magic.
  2. Anna: Meaning “grace”. Optimistic, bold, and eternally lovable, Anna is from the ever-popular Frozen.
  3. Anneliese: Meaning “graced with God’s bounty”, this kind Barbie princess is from The Princess and the Pauper.
  4. Annika: A Scandinavian variation of Anna meaning “graceful”. Also from the Barbie movies, Princess Annika is the bright and feisty star of Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus.
  5. Anya: Meaning “gracious”. Before she becomes Princess Anastasia, Anya starts from humble beginnings and later discovers her royalty.
  6. Arete: While she may start off watching the world from a window, Princess Arete’s adventures certainly take a turn. She is the protagonist from the Japanese film that bears her name, based on the story The Clever Princess.
  7. Ariel: This quirky underwater princess continues to steal all our hearts. More than a beautiful mermaid, this name means “lion of God”.
  8. Aurora: Meaning “dawn”. This Sleeping Beauty is also known as Briar Rose.
  9. Belle: The popular Disney princess who finds love with an unlikely character in Beauty and the Beast. No wonder her name means “beautiful”.
  10. Cindy: Meaning “little ashes”. Yep, from Cinderella. This may just be the shoe that fits.
  11. Elsa: Meaning “God is my oath”. Another Frozen favorite, Elsa has magical abilities to make and control ice and snow.
  12. Faline: Bambi’s love interest. ❤️ Faline means “catlike”.
  13. Fiona: A Gaelic name meaning “fair”. This beautiful princess from Shrek looks great in green.
  14. Giselle: This French name means “pledge”. You may know it best as the Enchanted princess who learns a lot about the world and herself through her travels.
  15. Jasmine: A Persian girl’s name meaning “gift from God”. This might just be the perfect fit as you welcome your little one into a whole new world.
  16. Kiara: The daughter of Simba and Nala from The Lion King, this name is sure to be a roaring success. It means “bright”.
  17. Merliah: Meaning “sea beauty”. She’s not only a Barbie princess, she’s also half mermaid. Double the magic.
  18. Mia: Meaning “mine”. She may not start out knowing she’s a princess, but Mia Thermopolis certainly finds her feet as a royal in The Princess Diaries.
  19. Mulan: Meaning “magnolia blossom”. While she’s not technically a princess, we think she deserves a spot on this list. Based on the legendary Chinese figure, Mulan disguises herself to fight for her father.
  20. Nala: Meaning “successful woman”. While technically not a princess, The Lion King heroine does become queen of the Pride Lands.
  21. Natasha: A princess name for December babies meaning “born on Christmas day”. A fun cartoon from the early 2000s, Princess Natasha of Zoravia is both a princess and a spy.
  22. Odette: A German name meaning “wealthy”. She’s the graceful Swan Princess who famously questions, “is beauty all that matters?”
  23. Pocahontas: The movie was far from historically accurate — but that doesn’t make this real-life princess any less extraordinary. Celebrating her inquisitive nature, this name means “playful one”.
  24. Rapunzel: This Tangled star is famous for her golden hair and knowing how to wield a frying pan. Rapunzel means “lambs lettuce”, after her mother’s unusual pregnancy craving. Now you know.
  25. Tiana: Rooted in the Russian name meaning “fairy princess”. She is of course The Frog princess heroine who manages to turn her frog love into a prince.

What is a pretty princess name?

There’s no shortage of pretty princess baby names on our list, but what about one whose beauty lies in their creativity?


  1. Mirabai: Meaning “an ocean of knowledge”, Mirabai – or Meera – is the renowned Hindu mystic poet who defied her royal family for her devotion to the god Krishna. Her name is synonymous with devotional hymns still sung in India today – a unique choice if you long for a pretty princess name intertwined with love and legend. You could also choose the shortened – but no less sweet – Mira.

What is a royal name for a girl?

And here are our favorite princess baby girl names:

  1. Alexandra: A member of the British royal family, her name means “to protect”.
  2. Alice: One of Queen Victoria’s daughters, Princess Alice’s name has a very royal meaning — “noble.” A true Victorian name.
  3. Amelia: A daughter of King George III, her name means “work”.
  4. Anastasia: This famous Russian princess has a name with a powerful meaning — “resurrection”.
  5. Angela: Both a fashion designer and the princess of Liechtenstein, Princess Angela was the first person of African descent to marry into a European royal family.
  6. Anne: The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, her name means “favor” or “grace”.
  7. Archidamia: From its Greek origins, this Spartan queen’s name means, quite appropriately, “master of the people”.
  8. Astrid: The name of princesses of Belgium and Sweden, Astrid means “beautiful goddess”.
  9. Athena: The young princess of Denmark, her name refers way back to the Ancient Greek goddess of wisdom.
  10. Beatrice: The daughter of Prince Andrew, Beatrice bears a name that means “she who makes happy”.
  11. Buppha: She was a Cambodian princess. Her name means “flower”. 🌸
  12. Catherine: Affectionately known as Kate, she’s the wife of Prince William. Her name means “pure”.
  13. Charlene: This Princess of Monaco bears a name that means “free woman”.
  14. Charlotte: She’s the sweet daughter of Prince William.
  15. Chelidonis: This Spartan princess was also a powerful warrior.
  16. Chimi: She’s the princess of Bhutan and the daughter of the kingdom’s fourth king.
  17. Cixi: An empress of the Qing dynasty, her name means “kind and virtuous”.
  18. Clotilde|: Princess Maria Clotilde of Savoy has a name with a strong meaning — “famous in battle”.
  19. Cleopatra: This famous Egyptian queen bears a name that means “father’s glory”. It can be shortened to the sweet Cleo.
  20. Diana: This princess needs no introduction. Her name means “divine”.
  21. Elizabeth: Once a princess, she has been the Queen of the United Kingdom since 1952.
  22. Estelle: This young Swedish princess is the Duchess of Östergötland.
  23. Gabriella: She’s the young Princess of Monaco and has a twin brother called Jacques.
  24. Grace: Grace Kelly was an American actress and a princess of Monaco.
  25. Haya: The daughter of King Hussein of Jordan, her name means “life”.
  26. Ingrid: A Norwegian princess, her name means “beautiful”.
  27. Irene: She’s a princess of the Netherlands and her name means “peace”. 🕊️
  28. Isabella: Princess Isabella of Denmark bears a name that means “God is my oath”.
  29. Jetsun: As the wife of the Bhutanese king, Jetsun Pema is the kingdom’s Queen consort.
  30. Josephine: This young Danish princess has a name that means “God increases”.
  31. Joan: A 14th century English princess, her name means “God is gracious”.
  32. Kalina: She’s the princess of Bulgaria and her name refers to the flowering plant viburnum.
  33. Letizia: A Latin name meaning “joy”. She’s the queen of Spain, but that’s not all. She has also worked as a journalist and news anchor.
  34. Madeleine: This Swedish princess has a name that means “tower” or “elevated”.
  35. Malika: Belonging to Princess Lalla Malika of Morocco, this name actually means “queen”.
  36. Marianne: A 19th-century princess of the Netherlands, her name may mean either “rebellious” or “beloved”.
  37. Margrethe: She’s the queen of Denmark and her name means “pearl”.
  38. Maria: The princess of Greece and Denmark, Princess Maria-Olympia is also a fashion model.
  39. Marie-Chantal: She’s the Crown Princess of Greece.
  40. Mary: The Crown Princess of Denmark, her name means “beloved” or “rebellious”.
  41. Meghan: She’s the Duchess of Sussex and a renowned actor and author.
  42. Mette-Marit: The Crown Princess of Norway, her name is a version of Margaret, meaning “pearl”.
  43. Rania: The Queen of Jordan, her name means “to gaze”.
  44. Salma: The Princess consort of Morocco, Princess Lalla Salma is married to King Mohammed VI.
  45. Sikhanyiso: This Swazi princess has a name that means “light”.
  46. Sirivannavari: She’s the princess of the Kingdom of Thailand. Her name shortens to the sweet Siri.
  47. Sophie: The wife of Prince Edward, she’s the Countess of Wessex.
  48. Stéphanie: This princess of Monaco has the perfect royal name. It means “crown.” 👑
  49. Suiko: She was a Japanese empress who reigned from 593 to 628.
  50. Tatiana: This princess of Denmark and Greece has a very appropriate name — it means “honorable” and “fairy queen.”
  51. Theodora: She’s a Danish princess and her name means “gift of God.”
  52. Victoria: She’s the Crown Princess of Sweden and shares her name with the 19th-century British queen.
  53. Zhao: Princess Zhao of Pingyang was the daughter of the founding emperor of the Tang Dynasty.

What are some fantasy princess names?

Why limit your search for a perfect princess name to one world?

Here’s our top picks from fantasy realms:

  1. Amalthea: The titular character from The Last Unicorn. Her name means “tender goddess.” 🦄
  2. Arwen: Meaning “noble maiden”. Not quite a princess, but this famous Lord of the Rings character is the daughter of the elvish lord of Rivendale – earning her plenty of regal status. 🧝‍♀️
  3. Buttercup: Ok, so this famous name from The Princess Bride may work better as a nickname, but either way, the cuteness factor is high. You’ll be hard-pressed not to reply to baby’s every whim with “as you wish”.
  4. Cirilla: Meaning “masterful”. The Lady of Time and Space from The Witcher saga.
  5. Elena: Meaning “shining light”. She is the strong-minded princess at the heart of LGBTQ+ children’s fairytale The Princes and the Treasure.
  6. Irene: As in Princess Irene from The Princess and the Goblin. Her name means “peace”.
  7. Myrcella: Meaning “warlike” or “strong” – a far cry from the Game of Thrones character.
  8. Nehemia: Meaning “comforted by God”. From the Throne of Glass fantasy series.
  9. San: Also known as Princess Mononoke, San is a special princess who was raised by wolves. 🐺
  10. Xena: Her name may mean “guest”, but fans of the 90s series remember Xena best as both a warrior and a princess. Badassery levels off the chart!

Which girl names mean princess?

And now for some baby girls’ names meaning princess:

  1. Ameera
  2. Amiera
  3. Aricia
  4. Avantika
  5. Bano
  6. Farsiris: According to its Persian etymology, this enticing name means “born to royalty”.
  7. Orla
  8. Putri
  9. Sabrina: Rooted in Welsh folklore, this name means “legendary princess”.
  10. Sadie
  11. Sally
  12. Saina
  13. Sarah: The OG princess. Born first as the Biblical Sarai, this ancient name comes from the Hebrew noun sar and means “princess”.
  14. Sera
  15. Shahzadi
  16. Zarouhi: Armenian in origin.

What is the best princess name?

Our princess baby name list is filled with enchanting wonders that cover fantasy worlds and royal rosters.

But for the best princess names, the pages of Greek mythology is filled with princesses whose beauty is matched by legend.

Your baby’s legacy begins here:

  1. Atalanta: If you like your princess names progressive, Atalanta is definitely a shoo-in. Meaning “equal in weight”, the name celebrates this Greek princess’s condition to only marry a suitor that could beat her in a footrace – and she was gooood.
  2. Andromeda: Meaning “leader of humankind”. No pressure.
  3. Ariadne: The Cretan princess who helped the hero Theseus escape the famous labyrinth. Her name means “most holy”.
  4. Callisto: Forever placed among the stars as the ‘Great Bear’ (Ursa Major), her name means “most beautiful”.
  5. **Aero:” Meaning “to lift up”. The great love of the mythological huntsman Orion.
  6. Medea: Meaning “cunning” or “to ponder”. She is the sorceress princess who aids Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece through magic and, yes, cunning. We applaud.

And there you have it.

111 examples of perfect princess names – from the best-loved to the most inspiring.

What title took your fancy?

The Peanut community are all ears.

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