22 Perfect Push Present Ideas

22 Perfect Push Present Ideas

Whatever your budget, here are 22 unique push present ideas to celebrate the new mama in your life. Read on for inspiration.
Ok, so let’s get this out the way.

The phrase “push present” is, well, a little odd.

Of course, not all births involve pushing.

But the overall idea is a great one!

Typically, push presents are luxury gifts that are given soon after birth to the new mama.

But as you’ll see below, there are many ways to adapt the push present formula to your unique tastes, budget, and family situation.

If you’re searching for push present ideas for that special someone, look no further.

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  • What do you normally get for a push present?
  • What is a push present from your husband?
  • What is the male version of a push present?
  • What should I ask for a push present?
  • When should you give a push present?
  • How much should you spend on a push present?

What is an example of a push present?

So, what is a push present?

It’s a gift generally given to new mamas to celebrate the monumental journey of pregnancy and childbirth.

These presents are given before or soon after the birth, whether a vaginal birth or C-section.

Some families even give push presents in the delivery room!

(Keep reading for more info on ideal timing for push presents.)

Jewelry is a traditional option.

But this doesn’t mean it’s your only choice!

The best push present ideas are meaningful and personalized to the new mama.

And they don’t have to be pricey.

It could even be homemade, like a keepsake album or journal, a body scrub from your own recipe, or the new mama’s favorite chocolate chip cookies.

When did push gifts become popular?

Push presents are a relatively new trend.

They took off in the early 2010s in the US, then gradually spread across the globe.

The popularity of push presents was boosted by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

Shortly after the birth of Saint West, Kardashian proudly displayed the million-dollar diamond necklace gifted by her partner Kanye West.

Topping this, Lopez shared the $2.5 million diamond earrings and ring from her husband, Marc Antony.

But if million-dollar bling is slightly out of your budget (and we’re guessing it might be for most of us!), let’s look at alternative options.

What do you normally get for a push present?

Push present jewelry is one of the most common gifts for a new mama.

But we all know the best presents make us feel special and loved.

Pampering gifts (such as lotions, bath salts, hair care and spa vouchers) are also common.

They’re popular because they encourage a new mama to enjoy some much-deserved me-time.

In the same way, any gifts making the first few weeks extra cozy and a little luxurious (think blankets, silky pajamas, essential oils) are also great options.

Unique push present ideas

  1. Push present jewelry: Birthstone rings, star sign necklaces, engraved bracelets — the personalization is up to you.
  2. Keepsake presents: For instance, baby books with photos of mama throughout the pregnancy, leaving space for when the little one comes.
  3. Personalized art: You could opt for designs featuring names, birth dates, or baby heartbeat art.
  4. Everyday luxury: This could be a designer tote bag, silk pillowcases, slippers or cotton bath robes.
  5. High-tech gifts: Anything that makes daily life that bit easier.
    Think Google Nest, Kindles for bookworms (pre-loaded with a few fave authors) or smartwatches.
  6. TV and media subscriptions: What about a subscription to Audible, Disney+, Netflix or Spotify?
  7. Gourmet food basket: Chocolates, cheeses, gourmet cookies….

These are all bound to brighten a new mama’s day.

What is a push present from your husband?

Push presents are typically thought of as being from a husband to a wife, but we know families come in all different configurations.

Whether you’re married or not, or you and your partner are the same gender, or your situation is something else altogether, here are some push presents to give to your romantic partner who has just given birth to a child.

Push present for wife or partner: ideas

  1. Pampering birth boxes: Either one that’s already made or your own “luxury box.”
    It could include things like tea, postpartum underwear, body butter, jewelry, journals… whatever you want to fill it with!
  2. Matching outfits: Fancy a bit of coordination?
    What about matching t-shirts and onesies for mama and baby?
  3. Charm necklaces and bracelets: As a bonus, you can add meaningful charms as the years go by.
  4. Sleep eye mask: For when mama needs some well-earned shuteye.
  5. Custom baby footprint art: A lovely way to share your joy and decorate your home.
  6. Star map prints: Artwork showing the alignment of the stars, at the time of your baby’s birth.
  7. Spa days: When mama’s ready, let her know you’ll take care of the baby while she enjoys some pampering.
  8. Flower subscriptions: A wonderful way to keep the joy blooming for months to come.

What is the male version of a push present?

If you have a male partner, they’ve hopefully been a major source of love and support throughout your pregnancy.

Or maybe you know a single father or two partnered men who are bringing a child into their family and deserve to be honored.

To welcome a new papa into parenthood, here are a few ideas.

Push present for men: ideas

  1. Coffee machine: You can go as fancy or simple as you like, keeping the caffeine flowing for the weeks ahead.
  2. Snack, beer or wine subscriptions: Whatever their favorite snacks or tipples are.
  3. Scarves and sweatshirts: If it’s winter, they’ll be looking forward to cozy nights and family walks with their little one.
  4. Pajamas and loungewear: For those late nights helping mama with feedings or rocking baby to sleep.
  5. Takeout and food delivery vouchers: Something to take the pressure off for those first few weeks.
  6. Pampering products: From beard oils to moisturizers and hair care, a new dad deserves to feel special too.
  7. Photo gifts: A voucher for a family photo shoot, or an album to store their precious first baby snaps.

What should I ask for a push present?

A new parent’s partner or close family members usually give a push present — and it can be anything you love!

If you want to go traditional, you could ask for jewelry or comfy loungewear.

But why stick to the norm?

You could splurge on all those things you gave up during pregnancy — think bottles of wine, a rare-cooked steak, cured meats or sushi….

It’s up to you.

Whatever you choose, the person buying a gift will no doubt appreciate a creative steer.

Just remember to consider their budget when you’re having a chat.

When should you give a push present?

If you’re wondering when to give a push preset, there are a few things to keep in mind.

You know your significant other or family member best, so do what feels right for you.

Most people give push presents at the hospital when a mama is recovering from labor.

If you’re going for this option, choose a quiet moment when medical professionals aren’t around.

You can also give a push present a few days after the birth, after mama and baby have settled in at home.

Having said this, lots of people also give gifts shortly before birth.

The mama-to-be will undoubtedly love a little present right before her due date to make that last stretch a little more pleasant.

How much should you spend on a push present?

Like so many things to do with pregnancy, this one’s up to you.

Think about how close you are to the person, and what you can comfortably afford.

After all, a new baby is a time for joy and celebration.

So if potential spending causes you any concern, reign it in a little.

As a rule of thumb, a good range is between $50 to $300.

But again, go with what you’re comfortable with.

We hope you’ve found some great inspiration here!

And if not, the Peanut community is bursting with push present success stories and inspo.

Remember, if you give from your heart, you can’t go wrong.

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