The Reframing Revolution: Make Medicine Diverse

The Reframing Revolution: Make Medicine Diverse

The Reframing Revolution Digital Gallery is a series of medical illustrations to encourage representation in women’s healthcare, for all forms of motherhood.

Women have historically been misrepresented in healthcare, portraying all female anatomy as white, slim, hairless, young, and able-bodied.

But the reality is that there is no normal when it comes to body types.

When women don’t fit within a biased image — particularly mothers, BIPOC women, and those who have traditionally fallen outside of commonly portrayed bodies — their representation is eliminated and ultimately, they don’t receive the healthcare they need.

So we’re taking matters into our own hands to reflect the wide spectrum of realities and experiences — from IVF and PCOS to birth, loss, and menopause.

Enter: The Reframing Revolution Digital Gallery.

A collection of medical illustrations that address the lack of representation in women’s healthcare, celebrate all forms of motherhood, and accurately reflect the diversity of women.

The Reframing Revolution was informed by Dr. Somi Javaid, OBGYN and Founder of HerMD, and the team at Biotic Artlab, a visual communications studio specializing in creative solutions for science and medicine.

It features medical illustrations of the following:

We hope that it will serve as an important resource for anyone learning about or discussing women’s health, and be part of creating a more inclusive future.

The full gallery is available, royalty-free for women, media, and the medical community to adapt into practices, journals, and more.

And you can click here to download the individual illustrations in high res.

If you’d like to request a printed copy, click here.

Thank you for being a part of the Reframing Revolution.

Let’s make motherhood, pregnancy, fertility, menopause, and female experiences in medicine diverse.

We’re the ones telling our story.

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