51 Ancient Roman Baby Names

51 Ancient Roman Baby Names

The Romans. They gave the world spectacular architecture, inspired pretty much every European language and culture, and left us with some sweet baby names. From ancient rulers to mythical gods, if you’re looking for a Roman baby name for your peanut, you’re in the right place.
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What is a cool Roman name?

The Roman empire was vast and lasted for centuries.

With all that time and space, the empire provided us with several very cool names.

Here are some of the coolest Roman names for boys along with their meanings:

  1. Atticus. It means “from Attica,” the Greek region that contains Athens. But it’s probably more famous from To Kill a Mockingbird’s Atticus Finch.
  2. Felix. Originally a Roman surname, this name means “happy” and “lucky” – a perfect name for any little peanut.
  3. Cassius. Meaning “hollow” or “vain,” it’s also the name of some notable Ancient Roman figures.
  4. Cyrus. It means “sun” or “one who bestows care.”
  5. Aurelius. A former Roman Emperor, this name means “the golden one.”
  6. Lucius. This sweet name means “light.” It’s a former Roman clan name and first name and appears in several Shakespeare plays.
  7. Titus. Another name associated with a Shakespearean play, Titus comes from the word “Titan” and means “of the giants,” meaning any peanut with this name is surely destined to do great things.
  8. Caius. This name simply means, “a person of the Earth.”
  9. Remus. Derived from the story of the two legendary twins, Romulus and Remus, who founded Rome. Remus means “oar” in Latin but can also mean “twin.”
  10. Rufus. It means “red-headed.”
  11. Thaddeus. This name means “a courageous heart.”
  12. Cato. It would be wise to pick this name, which means “all-knowing.”
  13. Octavius. It means “eighth,” but you certainly don’t have to wait for baby number 8 to use this cool name.
  14. Vitus. This Latin name means “life” or “lively.”
  15. Albus. Probably most famous now for being Dumbledore’s first name, this originally Latin name means “white” or “bright.”

If you’re having a baby girl, a lot of the names listed above have feminine versions, but there are also some unique female names, too. Here are some cool Roman baby girl names and their meanings:

  1. Aelia. This name comes from the Greek “helios,” which means sun. In Ancient Rome, it was also a family name.
  2. Concordia. Concordia is the Roman goddess of harmony and peace, so it’s a perfect name for any little peanut.
  3. Venus. The Roman goddess of love and beauty, of course! And also an amazing pro tennis player.
  4. Minerva. Continuing on the goddess theme, Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and war.
  5. Aurelia. It comes from the Latin word “aureus,” which means golden or gilded. It’s the female version of “Aurelius.”
  6. Caeilia. This name means “heavenly.”
  7. Gratiana. This Latin name means “grace,” “graceful,” “eloquence” and “kindness.” What a little baby that would turn out to be.
  8. Alba. The female version of the name “Albus,” which means “white and bright.”
  9. Hadriana. This name means both “from Hadria” in Latin and also “lucky” or “successful.”
  10. Luna. This adorable name, which you might associate with Harry Potter’s friend Luna Lovegood, means “moon” in Latin.
  11. Aurora. This beautiful name means “dawn” in Latin.
  12. Pomona. Pomona was the Roman goddess of fruitful abundance.
  13. Rhea. Rhea is the mother of the founders of Rome, and the name means “flowing” in Greek.
  14. Felicitas. It’s the female form of “Felix” and it means “lucky” or “good luck” – perfect for your little charm.
  15. Cornelia. This name means “horn,” but it was also considered a name for a person of “womanly virtue” in ancient Rome.

What is a strong Roman name?

We get it. You’re looking at this list because you want your baby to share a name with a badass war hero or inspirational emperor.

Ancient Latin names are just the ticket if you’re looking for a powerful name.

Here are some strong Roman baby boy names:

  1. Magnus. This Latin name means “greatest” and is particularly popular in Scandinavian countries. You don’t get much stronger than being the greatest.
  2. Ignacius or Ignatius. This name means “fiery one,” and it’s perfect for a feisty little peanut.
  3. Tarquin. This old Roman clan name is now also used as a first name, and it means a male sovereign or “ruler of a kingdom.” All hail your little peanut.
  4. Augustus. Augustus means “great,” “magnificent” or “majestic.” It’s also the name of many Roman emperors.
  5. Darius. A name used for several Persian kings, the name means “possessor.”
  6. Aloysius. “Famous warrior”
  7. Marcus. The name derives from Mars, the Roman god of war, so you’re pretty certain to have a strong baby on your hands with this one.
  8. Marius. Another name that derives from Mars, it means “warlike.”
  9. Severus. It means “stern” and is perfect for any no-nonsense baby (or Harry Potter fan parents).
  10. Justus. This name means “right” or “just.”

For a girl, here are some of our favorite strong Roman girl names:

  1. Valentina. This baby girl’s name literally means “strong” and “healthy.”
  2. Maxima. Great babies need great names. Maxima means “the greatest” and “miracle worker.”
  3. Diana. Diana is the Roman goddess of hunting, forestry, the moon, and fertility – so there’s nothing this baby won’t be able to do with a name like that.
  4. Aquila. The name means “eagle” in Latin, but it can also refer to the Aquila star constellation.
  5. Ulpia. From the Latin word for Lupus, meaning “wolf.”
  6. Augusta. It’s the feminine form of “Augustus,” which is the name of many Roman emperors. It means “great” or “magnificent.”
  7. Valeria. Valeria is an ancient Roman name which means “strength.”
  8. Camilla. It was the name of the legendary warrior maiden in Roman mythology. It also means “helper to the priest.”
  9. Marcella. The name originates from the name of Roman god Mars, and means “warlike.”
  10. Bellona. Bellona is the goddess of battle, meaning you probably won’t find a stronger baby name than that.
  11. Victoria. It means “victory,” of course! For a victorious little peanut.

And there you have it: 51 Roman baby names for the strongest, coolest baby in town. We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for your future emperor or empress.

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