162 Russian Baby Girl Names for Your Baby

162 Russian Baby Girl Names for Your Baby

Curious about Russian baby girl names?

Maybe you want to honor your Russian roots.

Or maybe you’re looking for popular European names with a bit of a unique twist.

Whatever’s behind your interest in Russian female names, you’ve landed exactly where you need to be.

Mama – or maybe we mean mamouchka or mamasha – we’ve done all the hard work for you.

We’ve been up and down the internet to find you the ultimate list of female Russian names.

They’re beautiful, they’re pretty unique outside of Russia, and they may make the perfect match for your little daughter.

But, remember, some Russian names for girls might suit boys, too.

So, without further ado, let’s get you the perfect Russian baby girl name.

In this article: 📝

  • Top Russian Baby Girl Names
  • What is a cool Russian name?
  • What is a good Russian girl name?
  • What is the most beautiful Russian girl name?
  • What is the prettiest Russian name?
  • What is the most Russian female name?

Top Russian Baby Girl Names

So you’re seeking a classic Russian name – how about the most popular?

Some of the most popular Russian women’s names are found across the world, but with different spellings.

So Mariya becomes Maria, Sofia becomes Sophia, and Aleksandra becomes Alexandra.

As for what these striking beauties mean, we reveal all down below:

  1. Mariya: Meaning “bitter”, “beloved”, or “rebellious”. The most popular Russian girl name of 2020 was Mariya. It’s a beautiful name – a Russian equivalent of the globally common Maria, Mary, or Marie.
  2. Sofia – София: A common name all over Europe, Sofia means “wisdom”. 📚
  3. Anastasia – Анастасия: A beautiful and distinctly Russian baby girl’s name, Anastasia actually has Greek origins. It means “resurrection”.
  4. Anna – Анна: Anna Karenina is probably the most famous Russian literary character, made all the more vivid by Kiera Knightly. The name means “grace” or “favor”.
  5. Elizabeth – Елизавета: A biblical name that’s spread across Europe and beyond, Elizabeth is one of the most common Russian female names. It means “God is my oath”.
  6. Victoria – Виктория: Call your little daughter Victoria, and she’ll always be a winner. The name, of course, means “victory”. 🏆
  7. Daria – Дарья, Дария: Meaning “maintains possessions well”. We can’t render the differences in the original Cyrillic script in our alphabet, but there are two versions of Daria. It hasn’t yet become popular in the USA, making it a rare Russian girl name by stateside standards.
  8. Polina – Полина: Meaning “little” or “Apollo”. Polina traces its roots all the way back to the Greek god of the sun, music, and poetry. 🎶
  9. Varvara – Варвара: Think Barbara, but with a Russian twist. It means “strange” or “foreign”, and we say there’s nothing wrong with that!
  10. Alice – Алиса: A beautiful name in every language, Alice is the tenth most common girl name in Russia. It means “noble” or “exalted”.

Note: In Russia, given names are often changed up with lots of different variations. That’s because the language uses a whole heap of pet names, or ‘diminutive’ forms of names. So, if your name is Sofia, you might be known among friends as Sonya, Sofyushka, Sofiyanka, Sofka, or Soka.

What is a cool Russian name?

Want an edgy Russian girl name?

Oh mama, we’ve got you covered:

  1. Aleksandra – Александра: Aleksandra needs no introduction. It means “o ward off” or “to protect”. It’s a name with real strength. 💪
  2. Ekaterina – Екатерина: Catherine the Great, as we know the Russian queen in the English-speaking world, was actually more Ekaterina. Still, it’s a great name. It means “innocent” or “pure”.
  3. Ksenia – Ксения: The Greeks used the word xenia to mean “hospitality” and “friendship”. Aspiring qualities in any sociable darling
  4. Arina – Арина: Arina was the Greek goddess of peace. While we don’t have an equivalent in English, we should, because it’s a lovely name.
  5. Veronika – Вероника: They say it means “victory bringer”. It’s a name with a beautiful and noble sound.
  6. Valeriya – Валерия: “To be healthy and strong” is the meaning – and with a name like this, you know your daughter will be.
  7. Milana – Милана: With regional variations including Milena, Milana is a typical Russian name meaning “favored”.
  8. Ulyana – Ульяна: It’s Russian through and through, and it means “youthful”. No matter her age, your daughter will be young at heart.
  9. Eva – Ева: Meaning “life”. A classic Russian name with biblical roots.

What is a good Russian girl name?

We’re not finished yet! Here are 10 more popular Russian women’s names with their meaning:

  1. Kira – Кира” It means “mistress” or “ruler”. Damn straight you can be both.
  2. Vera – Вера: A name of Slavic origin, it means “faith” or “truth”.
  3. Margarita – Маргарита: Also the word for “daisy”, Margarita is a common Russian name. It can be shortened to Margosha, Rita, or Ritunya.
  4. Alyona – Алёна: A Russian girl’s name meaning “bright and shining light”.
  5. Kristina – Кристина: A common name across Europe, Kristina means “follower of Christ”.
  6. Alina – Алина: Its diminutive form is the delightful Alinoshka. Alina means “light”.
  7. Taisiya – Таисия: As well as being the name of a lover of Alexander the Great, Taisiya means “beautiful” or “divine”.
  8. Olga – Ольга: Perhaps one of the better-known Russian names, Olga means “blessed” or “holy”. Its diminutive forms include Lyolya and Olechka.
  9. Diana – Диана: Another name used across Europe, Diana comes from the ancient Roman goddess.
  10. Yulia – Юлия: Meaning “youthful”. The Russian form of Julia, Julie, or Giulia.

What is the most beautiful Russian girl name?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we think these Russian girl names have beautiful meanings and sounds:

  1. Afanasiia – Афанасия: Meaning “immortal”.
  2. Agafya – Агафья: Meaning “good” or “noble”.
  3. Agata – Агата: Meaning “virtuous”.
  4. Aglaya – Плакать: Meaning “good”.
  5. Agrafena – Аграфена: Meaning “born feet-first”.
  6. Agnia – Агния: Meaning “pure”.
  7. Akilina – Акилина: Meaning “eagle”.
  8. Aleksandrevna – Александровна: Meaning “defender of men”.
  9. Alla – Алла: Meaning “ascend”.
  10. Anfisa – Анфиса: Meaning “flowering”.
  11. Angelina – Ангелина: Meaning “angel”.
  12. Anika – Аника: Meaning “grace”.
  13. Anitchka – Аничка: Meaning “grace”.
  14. Anoushka – Анушка: Meaning “grace”.
  15. Antonina – Антонина: Meaning “beyond praise”.
  16. Anzhelika – Анжелика: Meaning “angel”.
  17. Avdotya – Авдотья: Meaning “good”.
  18. Bronya – Броня: Meaning “armor”.
  19. Dariya – Дария: Meaning “one who is good”.
  20. Dina – Дина: Meaning “judgment”.
  21. Dominika – Доминика: Meaning “born on Sunday”.
  22. Elena – Елена: Meaning “shining light”.
  23. Emma – Эмма: Meaning “whole”.
  24. Esfir – эсфирь: Meaning “star”.
  25. Evelina – Эвелина: Meaning “life”.
  26. Evgeniya – Евгения: Meaning “noble”.
  27. Faina – Фаина: Meaning “shining”.
  28. Galina – Галина: Meaning “healer”.
  29. Grusha – Груша: Meaning “majestic”.
  30. Helina – Хелина: Meaning “light of the sun”.
  31. Iskra – искра: Meaning “spark”.
  32. Inessa – Инесса: Meaning “pure”.
  33. Inna – Инна: Meaning “stream”.
  34. Isabel – Изабель: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  35. Ivanevna – Иваньевна: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  36. Izolda – Изолда: Meaning “ice battle”.
  37. Jelena – Елена: Meaning “deer”.
  38. Kapitolina – Капитоли́на: Meaning “big-headed”.
  39. Katia – Катя: Meaning “pure”.
  40. Katjusha – Катюша: Meaning “little pure one”.
  41. Katya – Ка́тя: Meaning “perfect” or “pure”.
  42. Kavya – Кавья: Meaning “poem”.
  43. Klara – Клара: Meaning “light”.
  44. Klavdiya – Кла́вдия: Meaning “lame”.
  45. Klementina – Клементина: Meaning “merciful”.
  46. Kristina – Кристина: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  47. Ksana – Ксана: Meaning “praise to God”.
  48. Kseniya – Ксения: Meaning “foreigner”.
  49. Lada – Лада: Meaning “love”.
  50. Larisa – Лариса: Meaning “citadel”.
  51. Lelyah – Лелия: Meaning “holy”.
  52. Lena – Лена: Meaning “ray of light”.
  53. Lia – Лия: Meaning “weary”.
  54. Lidiya – Лидия: Meaning “woman from Lydia”.
  55. Liliya – Лилия: Meaning “lily”.
  56. Lucya – Люся: Meaning “light”.
  57. Luda – Люда: Meaning “love of the people”.
  58. Ludmila – Людмила: Meaning “love of the people”.
  59. Lyubov – Любовь: Meaning “love”.
  60. Manya – Маня: Meaning “rebellious”.
  61. Margarita – Маргарита: Meaning “pearl”.
  62. Margosha – Маргоша: Meaning “pearl”.
  63. Marina – Марина: Meaning “from the sea”.
  64. Marinochka – Мариночка: Meaning “from the sea”.
  65. Marta – Марта: Meaning “lady”.
  66. Matrona – Матрона: Meaning “lady”.
  67. Maya – Майя: Meaning “gracious”.
  68. Mikhailevna – Михайловна: Meaning “who is like God”.
  69. Mila – Мила: Meaning “gracious”.
  70. Mischa – Миша: Meaning “who is like God”.
  71. Natalya – Наталья: Meaning “birthday”.
  72. Natasha – Наташа: Meaning “born on Christmas Day”.
  73. Nika – Ника: Meaning “victory”.
  74. Nikita – Никита: Meaning “victory”.
  75. Nina – Нина: Meaning “grace”.
  76. Nikolaevna – Николаевна: meaning “belonging to God”.
  77. Ninotchka – Ниночка: Meaning “favor”.
  78. Oksana – Оксана: Meaning “praise to God”.
  79. Olegevna – Олегевна: Meaning “holy”.
  80. Olien – Олиен: Meaning “ dear one”.
  81. Olya – Оля: Meaning “follower of God”.
  82. Rada – Рада: Meaning “happy”.
  83. Radinka – Радинка: Meaning “counsel”.
  84. Raisa – Раи́са: Meaning “relaxed”.
  85. Renata – Рената: Meaning “born again”.
  86. Roksana – Роксана: Meaning “dawn”.
  87. Roza – Роза: Meaning “rose”.
  88. Rozaliya – Розалия: Meaning “rose”.
  89. Rufina – Руфина: Meaning “red hair”,
  90. Sabina – Сабина: Meaning “of the Sabine people”.
  91. Samara – Сама́ра: Meaning “guardian”.
  92. Sanvi – Санви: Meaning “knowledge”.
  93. Sanya – Санья: Meaning “dream”.
  94. Sasha – Саша: Meaning “defender”.
  95. Sonechka – Сонечка: Meaning “wisdom”.
  96. Sonya – Со́ня: Meaning “wisdom”.
  97. Sveta – Света: Meaning “holy” or “bright”.
  98. Svetlana – Светлана: Meaning “light”.
  99. Tatiana – Татьяна: Meaning “fairy queen”.
  100. Tavisha – Тавиша: Meaning “heavenly”.
  101. Ulyana – Ульяна: Meaning “youthful”.
  102. Valentina – Валентина: Meaning “healthy” or “strong”.
  103. Vanka – Ва̑нка: Meaning “grace”.
  104. Viktoria – Виктория: Meaning “victory”.
  105. Vladimirevna – Владимиревна: Meaning “of great power”.
  106. Vladlena – Владлена: Meaning “rule with greatness”.
  107. Yana/Jana – Яна: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  108. Yelizaveta – Елизавета: Meaning “consecrated to God”.
  109. Yevdokiya – Евдокия: Meaning “appear well”.
  110. Yuliya – Юлия: Meaning “youthful”.
  111. Zhanna – Жана: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  112. Zinaida – Зинаида: Meaning “like God”.
  113. Zlata – Злата: Meaning “golden”.
  114. Zoya – Зоя: Meaning “life”.
  115. Zoyechka – Зоечка: Meaning “life”.

What is the prettiest Russian name?

It depends on the qualities and meanings you deem as appealing.
We’ve tapped into the most arresting forms of inspiration and moving muses
to help you find a darling name befitting your babe:

What Russian name means princess?

What can be prettier than a princess?

OK, so these may not all be princess names, but they definitely have a royal feel:

  1. Cyzarine – Цизарин: Meaning “royalty”.
  2. Koroleva – Королева: Meaning “queen”.
  3. Printsessa – принцесса: Meaning “princess”.
  4. Vasilisa – Василиса. It means ‘queen’ or ‘empress’, and it’s a classic Russian name.

What Russian name means moon?

After something with a lunar feel?

The moon is possibly the most romantic symbol of them all, and these women’s Russian names express it beautifully:

  1. Calina – Калина: Meaning “moon”.
  2. Luna – луна: Meaning “moon”.

What Russian name means peace?

Picturing serene waters and calming zen vibes?

There are a few Russian girl names that mean peace:

  1. Inga – И́нга: Meaning “peace” or “prosperity”.
  2. Irina – Ирина: Meaning “peace”.
  3. Mir – мир: Meaning “peace”.
  4. Miroslava – Мирослава: Meaning “celebrator of peace”.

What Russian name means gift of God?

Because your little malyshka is the best present you could ask for!

  1. Dasha – Даша: Meaning “gift from God”.
  2. Doroteya – Доротея: Meaning “gift from God”.
  3. Feodora – Феодора: Meaning “gift from God”.
  4. Yasemin – Жасмин: Meaning “gift from God”.

What name means hope in Russian?

If it’s taken a while for your little one to arrive, but you’ve never lost hope, these could be lovely Russian girl names to choose from:

  1. Nadezhda – Надежда: Meaning “hope”.
  2. Nadeyatsya – надеяться: Meaning “hope”.
  3. Nadia – Надя: Meaning “hope”.

What is the most Russian female name?

Lots of these beautiful Russian girl names have a Slavic sound, but as for the most Russian name?

Well, it’s not really a Russian girl name, more the name of the motherland:

  1. Rossiya – Россия: Meaning “Russia”.

Which of our Russian baby girl names is your favorite?

Share your top picks with the other mamas of Peanut!

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