50 Bold Names for Sagittarius Babies

50 Bold Names for Sagittarius Babies

Looking for the perfect names for Sagittarius babies? We’ve got you covered. Read on for options that cover the adventurous, bold spirit of the archer.
If you’re looking for names for Sagittarius babies, the names on this list may just hit the mark. (Little astrology pun there, since Sagittarius is the archer sign!)

Governing from November 22 to December 21, this fire sign is associated with the pursuit of the hunt.

Sagittarians are said to be bold, adventurous, and intelligent, both intellectually and emotionally.

So if you’re keen to explore that exciting terrain, let’s dive in. But first:

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  • Mythological Sagittarius boy names
  • More Sagittarius boy names

What symbol is Sagittarius?

The word Sagittarius is Latin for “archer.” And this is expressed in the Sagitarrius symbol: an archer’s arrow. ♐

Sagittarius is also sometimes represented as a centaur—a character from Greek mythology that has the upper body of a man and the lower half of a horse.

In sticking with the theme of the hunt, the centaur also has a bow and arrow.

The names on this list include those that speak to the thrill of the hunt, a spirit of adventure, and the love of horses that is such an important part of this zodiac sign.

Mythological Sagittarius girl names

Because of its relationship to hunting and the centaur, Sagittarius can be associated with many fierce female mythological warriors.

If you’re looking for a Sagittarius goddess name, here are some great options:

  1. Artemis. She was the Greek goddess of hunting and the wilderness.
  2. Devana. In Polish mythology, she’s the goddess of the hunt, nature and the moon.
  3. Diana. And if you’re looking for the Roman version, this goddess was in charge of wild animals and the hunt.
  4. Epona. From Celtic mythology, Epona is the goddess of mares and foals, making this a perfect Sagittarius name to honor the centaur.
  5. Neith. She was the goddess of war and the hunt in Egyptian mythology.
  6. Rhiannon. In Welsh mythology, Rhiannon is a horse goddess.

More Sagittarius girl names

And here are some other girl names associated with Sagittarius, from the classic to the very unique:

  1. Ascella. This name comes from the Latin name Axilla—and has a rather interesting meaning. It refers to the armpit of the centaur of Sagittarius.
  2. Beatrix. This adventurous name means “voyager” or “traveler,” an ideal name for a bold little wanderer.
  3. Beryl. With its Greek origins, Beryl refers to the light green gemstone that is one of the birthstones for Sagittarius.
  4. Caroline. A name that is popular in various parts of the world, Caroline means “free woman,” making it a great name to give to the curious Sagittarius spirit.
  5. Cyrene. This Thessalian princess from Greek mythology was a fierce hunter.
  6. Dali. Don’t let the sweet simplicity of this name fool you—Dali is the hunting goddess from Georgian mythology.
  7. Eachna. This name of Irish origin means “horse.” Yep, perfect for the other half of the powerful centaur.
  8. Fernanda. This name refers to someone who is adventurous or on a bold journey.
  9. Merida. For Disney fans, we don’t need to tell you how Brave this character is. And, befitting the Sagittarius vibe, she knows her way around a bow and arrow. The meaning of her name? “One who has achieved a high honor.”
  10. Philippa. This beautiful name means “lover of horses” or “horse’s friend.”
  11. Rosalind. From German roots, Rosalind means “gentle horse.” Fun fact? She’s also the heroine in Shakespeare’s As You Like It.
  12. Rosamund. Meaning “horse protection,” Rosamund is a good fit for a Sagittarius name. But it also has another lovely meaning—”pure rose.”
  13. Topaz. This name makes the list because the blue version of this gem is a Sagittarius birthstone.
  14. Wanda. Just as it sounds, this popular name means “wanderer.”
  15. Yvonne. This name has an interesting connection to the Sagittarian archer. It means “yew tree,” the wood of which was used to make bows.
  16. Xanthippe. Hailing back to ancient Greek times, Xanthippe was the wife of Socrates. Her name means “yellow horse.”
  17. Zarola. This Arabic name means “hunter.”

Mythological Sagittarius boy names

And if you’re looking for Sagittarius boy names associated with mythological characters, here are some great options:

  1. Achilles. You may know him for his heel, but this great hero of the Trojan war was also a mighty warrior from Homer’s Iliad. In many representations of him, he is seen with a shield and arrow.
  2. Acteon. This interesting name from Greek mythology belonged to a hunter punished for seeing Artemis in the bath.
  3. Apollo. This mighty name belonged to the Greek god of archery. He was also the god of music, dance, poetry and healing.
  4. Arawn. This name belonged to the Welsh god of hunting.
  5. Orion. The great huntsman from Greek mythology. He also sits amongst the stars as the constellation of Orion.

More Sagittarius boy names

Here are some boy Sagittarius names, from classic to contemporary, but all with that hunter spirit.

  1. Archer. It’s not hard to see the link with this bow-and-arrow-wielding name.
  2. Archibald. This powerful name means “bold” and “genuine.” It can also be shortened to the sweet Archie, the name of the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
  3. Baylor. From its English roots, Baylor means “horse trainer.”
  4. Bowman. As it sounds, this name of English and Scottish roots refers to an archer.
  5. Chase. This name means “huntsman” from the French word chacier, which means “to catch.”
  6. Colt. “Young horse”
  7. Destry. This mighty name means “war horse.”
  8. Fernando. Like the feminine version Fernanda, Fernando refers to someone adventurous or on a bold journey.
  9. Fletcher. Commonly used as a surname, Fletcher also makes for a lovely first name. It means “arrowsmith.”
  10. Gahiji. This Egyptian name means “hunter.”
  11. Grosvenor. Also a surname of French origin, Grosvenor means “master horseman.”
  12. Hearne. “Mythical hunter”
  13. Hunter. It’s no secret why this name makes the Sagittarian list.
  14. Ivor. This Old Norse name means “archer” or “bow warrior.”
  15. Marshall. Also a Scottish surname, Marshall means “love of horses.”
  16. Philip. This popular name means “horse-loving.”
  17. Robin. While this name means the combination of “fame” and “bright,” it makes this list because of Robin Hood, the famous archer who split an arrow in two with another arrow shot from his bow.
  18. Ryder. As it sounds, this name of Old English roots means “rider” or “horseman.”
  19. Todd. This sweet name means “fox” from its Middle English roots. It can refer to the attributes of a fox, like slyness and cunning, or a fox hunter.
  20. Wendelin. With its Germanic roots, Wendelin means “wanderer.”
  21. Yves. Referring to the yew tree, Yves is the source of the archer’s bow.

Finally, are you wondering if you could name your child:

  1. Sagittarius

It’s extremely uncommon, but if you like it, go for it!

What is the nickname of Sagittarius? Terry comes to mind. Or maybe Darius. Or Gigi!

If you think of any other good ones, feel free to share in the Peanut community.

With so many inspired name choices, your little Sagittarius is sure to stand out from the pack.

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