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150+ Sanskrit Baby Names and Their Meanings

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Sanskrit baby names are powerful and deeply meaningful. This list offers names for boys and girls, along with their beautiful meanings.

Sanskrit baby names

Sanskrit is an ancient and sacred language. It’s the basis of the texts of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, and was a common language among different peoples right across ancient and medieval South Asia.

While literature written in Vedic Sanskrit deals only with religion, Classical Sanskrit can be found in everything from poems, epics and dramas, to law, medicine and mathematics.

Sanskrit names are also beautiful.

As you look for names for your little one, try saying these options for both boys and girls out loud, too.

You’re sure to find something both beautiful and meaningful for your little peanut.

In this article: 📝

  • 20 of the most popular Sanskrit Names
  • 20 cool Sanskrit names
  • More ideas for baby girl names in Sanskrit
  • More ideas for Sanskrit names for baby boys

20 of the most popular Sanskrit Names

  1. Aditya: Meaning the sun, Aditya is a boys’ name.
  2. Ambaara: In Sanskrit, Ambaara means the sky, but it’s inspired the name Amber, for the orange-gold mineral.
  3. Arjun: A boys’ name, Arjun means bright or shining in Sanskrit.
  4. Avi: Meaning sun and air. While it’s not traditionally a Sanskrit name, we love the sound of it.
  5. Kali: A girls’ name, Kali is a force in Hindu mythology. The goddess of both destruction and enlightenment, she’s as likely to cause chaos as she is to lead the ignorant towards wisdom. The word means black in Sanskrit.
  6. Karka: The Sanskrit word for May.
  7. Karma: This word is widely used and known in the west. It means fate or destiny and refers to the Hindu and Buddhist belief that your intention and actions influence your future. It’s a girls’ name.
  8. Kashmir: A state in India, Kashmir can also be used as a girls’ name.
  9. Kiran: Kiran means sunshine or a beam of light and is a boys’ name.
  10. Milan: A boys’ name in many parts of the world, Milan is a popular girls’ name in the US. In Sanskrit it means coming together or unification.
  11. Mukuta: Meaning crown, Mukuta is a boys’ name.
  12. Nirvana: In Buddhism, nirvana refers to a state in which there is no suffering, desire or sense of self. In Sanskrit, it means bliss or liberation and can be found around the world as a boys’ and girls’ name.
  13. Priya: Priya means “beloved”, and is a girls’ name. In Hinduism, Priya is the name of the creator god, Daksha.
  14. Raine: Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “she is singing” or “queen”, Raine can be used as a girls’ or boys’ name.
  15. Rohan: Meaning red-haired, red, or even “ascending”, Rohan is a boys’ name that has both Sanskrit and Irish roots.
  16. Samir: Samir is a boys’ name that means gentle breeze or wind.
  17. Tara: In Sanskrit, Tara means hill or star, and in Hindu mythology, the wife of Shiva is sometimes called Tara. Usually a girls’ name, it can be a boys’ name, too.
  18. Uma: Uma is one of the names of the Indian goddess Parvati, wife of Shiva. It means splendor or tranquility in Sanskrit.
  19. Upala: Known as a gemstone with its many internal colors, Opal is also a Sanskrit girls’ name that means gem or jewel.
  20. Veda: The Vedas are the Hindus’ four sacred texts, so giving your daughter this name carries great weight. It means knowledge or wisdom.

20 cool Sanskrit names

  1. Adhira: A girls’ name meaning quick
  2. Avni: The earth
  3. Dakini: A girls’ name meaning witch or sky-walker
  4. Daivik: God’s grace
  5. Dishaa: A girls’ name meaning direction
  6. Ekta: A girls’ name meaning unity
  7. Esha: A wish
  8. Harit: A boys’ name meaning green
  9. Ila: A girls’ name meaning light, or woman from earth
  10. Ipsit: Desired
  11. Kalyani: Auspicious and prosperous
  12. Laran: A boys’ name meaning psychic powers and abilities
  13. Leila: A girls’ name meaning black beauty
  14. Maya: A girls’ name meaning illusion
  15. Nayak: Guide
  16. Rana: A boys’ name meaning king
  17. Ritvika: Priestess, or one who recites the Rigveda
  18. Tarak: A boys’ name meaning protector
  19. Tarush: Conqueror
  20. Yuvan: A boys’ name meaning strong

More ideas for baby girl names in Sanskrit

  1. Aadrika: The Sanskrit name of a celestial being
  2. Antara: The second note in Hindustani music
  3. Bhanavi: Belonging to the sun
  4. Bhavika: Full of emotion and expression
  5. Bhavabhuti: Prosperity
  6. Charvi: A beautiful woman
  7. Daksha: Competent, Shiva’s wife and the earth
  8. Devaki: Divine
  9. Devika: Little goddess
  10. Eni: A river or stream
  11. Gitika: A short song or hymn
  12. Gunadya: Full of virtues
  13. Hansika: A little swan
  14. Harshita: Joy and delight
  15. Iditri: One worthy of praise
  16. Iha: Request or desire
  17. Iksha: Sight
  18. Ishani: Another name for the goddess Durga
  19. Jiti: Victory
  20. Kalhana: Knowing
  21. Kalidasa: Servant of Kali
  22. Kaveri: A sacred river of India
  23. Lavani: Grace and beauty
  24. Lavanya: Charming
  25. Malavika: A Himalayan plant
  26. Mananya: Praiseworthy
  27. Manya: Worthy of respect and honor
  28. Nalini: Sacred lotus
  29. Navya: Newness or fresh
  30. Neelakantha: Blue throat
  31. Nitya: Eternal
  32. Omana: Protector and helper
  33. Rasika: Graceful and elegant, or the juice of sugarcane
  34. Revati: Royal jasmine
  35. Riddhi: Good fortune and prosperity
  36. Shri: Wealth
  37. Sukanya: A beautiful woman
  38. Swara: Music or a musical tone
  39. Talika: The palm of the hand, or a medicinal plant
  40. Tarini: A form of the goddess Durga
  41. Tavishi: Courage or a heavenly virgin
  42. Tatvika: Real and true
  43. Udita: One who has risen, or lofty and luminous
  44. Varnini: A woman of repute and honor
  45. Vilhana: Sunrise
  46. Vyasa: Arranger or separation
  47. Yamini: Nocturnal or night
  48. Yashtika: A string of pearls

More ideas for Sanskrit names for baby boys

  1. Aadi or Adi: Superior one or firstborn
  2. Adikavi: First poet
  3. Aloka: Vision, splendor, or luster
  4. Amit: Boundless
  5. Arit: One worthy of praise
  6. Arjuna: White or silver
  7. Atri: Voyager through life
  8. Ashvaghasha or Ashvaghosha: Horse’s voice
  9. Bhānumati: Shining like the sun
  10. Bharat: Fire
  11. Bharavi: Luster of the sun
  12. Bhasa: Speech
  13. Daman: The controlling one
  14. Damodara: Rope around the belly
  15. Dandi: Porter
  16. Darsh: Another name for the god, Krishna
  17. Deva: Angel or divine being
  18. Dilip: An ancestor of Rama
  19. Gritsamada: After the Rigvedic sage
  20. Hari: Belongs to God, or remover of pain
  21. Harsha: Joy or delight
  22. Harshavardhana: Creator of joy
  23. Hemchandra: Golden moon
  24. Itish: Another name for the god, Shiva
  25. Jaideva: Divine victory
  26. Jaivant: Victorious
  27. Lalit: Beautiful
  28. Lekhit: Written
  29. Lokesh: King of the world
  30. Karan: An instrument
  31. Kshemendra: Lord of welfare
  32. Kumar: Child
  33. Maharishi: Great saint
  34. Manan: Thoughtful
  35. Manav: Man or youthful
  36. Manik: Jewel or gem
  37. Merutunga: Tall person
  38. Mohan: Wonderful and enchanting
  39. Murari: One who holds a flute
  40. Nandish: Another name for the god, Shiva
  41. Narayan: Water resting place
  42. Nilay: Resting place or refuge
  43. Oman: Protector
  44. Pāṇini: Descendant of Paṇi
  45. Parth: Prince
  46. Patanjali: Flying beauty
  47. Punnasseri: After the Sanskrit scholar
  48. Raghunatha: Brave man of the Raghu clan
  49. Rajashekhara: Crown of a king
  50. Ratan: Precious stone
  51. Rathin: A charioteer
  52. Saket: A place of pilgrimage
  53. Samarth: Able and efficient
  54. Sanjit: Victorious
  55. Savar: Another name for the god, Shiva
  56. Tanay: Son
  57. Valmiki: Born of an ant hill
  58. Vasishtha: Most excellent
  59. Vatsa: Son
  60. Vinay: Good-mannered and humble
  61. Vipin: Sharp and talented
  62. Vishnu: All pervasive
  63. Yash: Fame, honor or respect
  64. Yuvan: Young king or heir apparent

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