170 Powerful Sanskrit Baby Names and Their Meanings

170 Powerful Sanskrit Baby Names and Their Meanings

Sanskrit is an ancient and sacred language.

It’s the basis of the texts of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism and was a common language among different peoples right across ancient and medieval South Asia.

While literature written in Vedic Sanskrit deals only with religion, Classical Sanskrit can be found in everything from poems, epics and dramas, to law, medicine and mathematics.

Little wonder that Sanskrit baby names are so beautiful.

As you look for names for your little one, try saying these options for both boys and girls out loud, too.

You’re sure to find something both powerful and deeply meaningful for your little peanut.

In this article: 📝

  • 20 of the most popular Sanskrit Names
  • What is the Sanskrit name for unique?
  • What is the Sanskrit name for a powerful girl?
  • What is the Sanskrit boy name meaning king?
  • 20 cool Sanskrit names
  • Unique Sanskrit names for girls with meanings
  • Unique Sanskrit names for boys with meanings

20 of the most popular Sanskrit Names

In Hinduism, it’s common to name baby after a divine entity, ensuring they enjoy spiritual benefit every time their name is uttered.

Other muses for unique Sanskrit names include nature, their place of birth, constellations, luck stars, and beloved qualities or virtues.

And, of course, avoiding negative words or connotations is a must.

With these guidelines in mind, here are some of the most popular Sanskrit names for girls and boys:

  1. Aditya: Meaning “the sun”, Aditya is a boy’s name. ☀️
  2. Aditi: Inspired by the revered Vedic goddess, Aditi means “limitless”.
  3. Ambaara: In Sanskrit, Ambaara means “the sky”. It’s also inspired by the French girl’s name Amber, for the orange-gold mineral.
  4. Arjun: A boy’s name, Arjun means “bright” or “shining” in Sanskrit.
  5. Avi: Meaning “sun and air”, Avi is related to Surya—the Hindu god of the sun. As a Hebrew boy’s name, it also means “father”.
  6. Kali: A Sanskrit girl’s name, Kali is a force in Hindu mythology. The goddess of both destruction and enlightenment, she’s as likely to cause chaos as she is to lead the ignorant towards wisdom. The word means “the black one” or “time” in Sanskrit.
  7. Jaya: The Sanskrit word for “victory”.
  8. Karma: This word is widely used and well-known in the West. It means “fate” or “destiny” and refers to the Hindu and Buddhist belief that your intention and actions influence your future.
  9. Kiran: Kiran means “sunshine” or “beam of light” and is a boy’s name.
  10. Milan: A boy’s name in many parts of the world, Milan is a popular girl’s name in the US. Maybe it’s to do with the title’s connection to the fashion capital of Italy? But don’t let the masses sway you, Milan has far more substance than designer labels. In Sanskrit, it means “coming together” or “unification”.
  11. Mukuta: A Sanskrit term meaning “crown”, Mukuta is a boys’ name. 👑
  12. Nirvana: In Buddhism, nirvana refers to a state in which there is no suffering, desire, or sense of self. In Sanskrit, it means “bliss” or “liberation” and can be found around the world as a gender-neutral name.
  13. Priya: Priya means “beloved”, and is a Sanskrit name for girls. In Hinduism, Priya is the name of the creator god, Daksha.
  14. Raine: Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “she is singing” or “queen”, Raine can be used as a girl’s or boy’s name.
  15. Rohan: Meaning “red-haired”, “red”, or even “ascending”, Rohan is a boy’s name that has both Sanskrit and Irish roots.
  16. Samir: Samir is a Sanskrit name for boys that means “gentle breeze” or “wind”. A sweet weather baby name.
  17. Tara: In Sanskrit, Tara means “star”, and in Hindu mythology, the wife of Shiva is sometimes called Tara. As an Irish girl’s name, Tara means “hill” or “elevated place”, from the Gaelic word teamhair.
  18. Uma: Uma is one of the names of the Indian goddess Parvati, wife of Shiva. It means “splendor” or “tranquility” in Sanskrit.
  19. Upala: Known as a gemstone with its many internal colors, Opal is also a Sanskrit girl’s name that means “gem” or “jewel”.
  20. Veda: The Vedas are the Hindus’ four sacred texts, so giving your daughter this name carries great weight. It means “knowledge” or “wisdom”.

What is the Sanskrit name for unique?

In search of a name that embodies the essence of distinction and significance?

Any one of these Sanskrit names is more than capable of showcasing your new babe’s total individuality:

  1. Adwitiyah: Meaning “matchless”. ♂︎
  2. Apoorva: From the Sanskrit word Apūrva, meaning “one of a kind” or “extraordinary”. ♀︎
  3. Ananya: This unisex name means “unique” or “different from others”. ♀︎♂︎
  4. Advaita: Meaning “having no duplicate”. An epithet of the Hindu god Vishnu. ♂︎
  5. Anupama: Meaning “incomparable”.

What is the Sanskrit name for a powerful girl?

It depends on where you believe your daughter’s power will grow.

Will it be her mind, her charm, her strong character, or her lightning-quick wit?

To help inspire you, here’s our favorite Sanskrit names for influential minds in the making:

  1. Avyanna: We kick it off with a Sanskrit girl’s name that literally means “strong’, “powerful”, and “beautiful”. Your move world.
  2. Ajna: Meaning “command” or “beyond wisdom”.
  3. Chetana: Meaning “power of intellect” or “perceptive”.
  4. Lakshmi: Meaning “good omen”. Don’t just take it as a sign, these popular Sanskrit name stems from the famous Hindu goddess of wealth, beauty, fertility, power, and prosperity. Phew!
  5. Nandini: Meaning “woman who brings joy”. No doubt, a happy soul can sway a room to anyone’s favor.
  6. Thitiksha: Meaning “forgiveness” or “tolerance”. A title forever teaching the power of endurance.
  7. Tavishi: Meaning “courage” or “brave”.
  8. Devi: Meaning “goddess”. What can be more powerful than a divine entity embodying “anything of excellence”?

What is the Sanskrit boy name meaning king?

It’s early days, but you can feel it: your baby boy will be a born leader.

Sure, they may have doubts, but these mighty monikers will ensure their sense of self never comes into question:

  1. Raj: Meaning “king”.
  2. Iravan: Meaning “king of the ocean”. 🧜🏼‍♂️
  3. Alagarasu: Meaning “handsome king”.
  4. Rajashekhara: Meaning “crown of a king”. 🤴🏽
  5. Akhilesh: As one of the many names for Lord Shiva, Akhilesh means “Lord of the Universe”.
  6. Akhil: Meaning “king” or “whole”. A popular Indian boy’s name.
  7. Lokesh: Meaning “king of the world”.
  8. Sarvajit: Meaning “champion” or “all-conquering”. Challenge accepted. 🏆

20 cool Sanskrit names

If any name will define your babe, make sure it’s one of these unique Sanskrit names:

  1. Adhira: A girl’s name meaning “lightning”. ♀︎
  2. Dakini: Meaning “walking in the sky”. ♀︎
  3. Daivik: Meaning “of God” or “divine”. ♀︎
  4. Dishaa: Meaning “direction”. Perfect for a lady keen to blaze their own trail. ♀︎
  5. Ekta: Meaning “unity”. ♀︎
  6. Garima: Meaning “honor”, “strength”, and “prowess”. ♀︎
  7. Harit: Meaning “green” or “lion”. ♂︎
  8. Ipsit: Meaning “desired”. ♂︎
  9. Kalyani: Meaning “beautiful”, “blessed”, or “blissful”. Associated with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. ♀︎
  10. Laran: Meaning “psychic powers and abilities”. ♂︎ 🔮
  11. Jyoti: Meaning “flame” or “divine light”. ♀︎
  12. Maya: Meaning “illusion”. ♀︎
  13. Medha: Meaning “wit” or “intelligence”. ♀︎ 🧐
  14. Nayak: Meaning “the guide” or “hero”. ♂︎
  15. Priyanka: Meaning “loved one”. ♀︎
  16. Ritvika: Meaning “priestess” or “one who recites the Rigveda”. ♀︎
  17. Tarak: Meaning “protector” or “star”. ♂︎ 🌠
  18. Taj: Meaning “crown”. ♂︎
  19. Virendra: Meaning “warrior” or “brave, noble person”. ♂︎
  20. Yuvan: Meaning “strong”. ♂︎

Unique Sanskrit names for girls with meanings

There’s no shortage of ideas for Sanskrit names for girls.

This ancient language is well stocked with titles for the elegant, the beautiful, and the wise.

Take your pick mama:

  1. Aadrika: Meaning “celestial being”.
  2. Antara: The second note in Hindustani music, Antara also means “beauty”.
  3. Avni: Meaning “the earth”.
  4. Bhānumati: Meaning “shining like the sun” from the Sanskrit word Bhānu.
  5. Bhavika: Meaning “righteous”.
  6. Charvi: Meaning “beautiful and intelligent”.
  7. Daksha: Meaning “expert” or “skillful”.
  8. Devaki: Meaning “divine”.
  9. Devika: Meaning “little goddess”.
  10. Eravati: Meaning “daughter of the ocean”. 🌊
  11. Gitika: Meaning “little song”. A cute girl’s name for one of your greatest creations.
  12. Hansika: Meaning “swan”. 🦢
  13. Harshita: Meaning “full of joy and delight”.
  14. Iditri: Meaning “complementary”.
  15. Iha: Meaning “wish” or “desire”.
  16. Iksha: Meaning “sight” or “working of the senses”. Nothing will get past this little one.
  17. Ishani: Meaning “desire”. Another name for the goddess Durga.
  18. Jiti: Meaning “to obtain victory”.
  19. Kalhana: Meaning “knower of meaning”.
  20. Kalidasa: Meaning “servant of Kali”.
  21. Karan: A gender-neutral Sanskrit name meaning “clever” or “skillful”.
  22. Kaveri: A sacred river of India.
  23. Lavani: Meaning “grace”.
  24. Lavanya: Meaning “grace” or “beauty”.
  25. Malavika: Meaning “princess of Malawa”.
  26. Mananya: Meaning “deserving praise”.
  27. Manisha: Meaning “wisdom” or “desire”.
  28. Nalini: Meaning “sweet lotus”. 🪷
  29. Nitya: Meaning “always” or “eternal”.
  30. Opaline: Meaning “jewel”.
  31. Omana: Meaning “woman”.
  32. Rasika: Meaning “full of passion”, “discerning”, and “elegant”. Rooted in the Sanskrit word rasa.
  33. Rohini: Meaning “star” or “cow”–the revered symbol of life. 🐄
  34. Riddhi: Meaning “good fortune and prosperity”.
  35. Shri: Meaning “resplendence” or “prosperity”.
  36. Sukanya: Meaning “beautiful woman”.
  37. Swara: Meaning “musical tone”.
  38. Tajanee: Meaning “crown”.
  39. Tarala: Meaning “honeybee”. 🐝
  40. Tarini: A form of the goddess Durga meaning “she who saves”.
  41. Udita: Meaning “one who has risen”.
  42. Varnini: Meaning “woman” or “turmeric”.
  43. Vilhana: Meaning “early morning” or “dawn” from the Sanskrit word vihan.
  44. Vilina: Meaning “dedicated”.
  45. Yamini: Meaning “starry night”. 🌌
  46. Yashtika: Meaning “string of pearls”.

Unique Sanskrit names for boys with meanings

Sanskrit names for baby boys are magnetic.
And it’s not just the names meaning warrior and protector.

Oh no, Sanskrit boy names hold a far greater depth for your growing son.

Check out these unique picks:

  1. Aadi or Adi: Meaning “beginning” or “first”.
  2. Aarav: Meaning “peaceful” or “calm sound”.
  3. Aryan: Meaning “noble” or “civilized”.
  4. Adikavi: Meaning “first poet”. ✍🏼
  5. Aloka: Meaning “vision”, “splendor”, or “luster”.
  6. Amit: Meaning “boundless” or “infinite”. As a Hebrew boy’s name, Amit means “friend”.
  7. Arit: Meaning “one worthy of praise”.
  8. Arjuna: Meaning “white’ or “clear”.
  9. Atri: Meaning “voyager through life”.
  10. Ashvaghasha or Ashvaghosha: Meaning “horse’s neigh”. 🐴
  11. Baru: Meaning “brave”.
  12. Bhavabhuti: Meaning “prosperity”.
  13. Bharat: Meaning “fire”.
  14. Bharavi: Meaning “radiant sun”. 🌄
  15. Bhasa: Meaning “language”.
  16. **Daman:**Meaning “one who tames”.
  17. Damodara: Meaning “roped around the belly”, in reference to the Hindu god Vishnu.
  18. Darsh: Meaning “sight” or “handsome”. Another name for the god, Krishna
  19. Deva: Meaning “divine” or “God-like”.
  20. Dilip: Meaning “protector”.
  21. Gritsamada: After the Rigvedic sage.
  22. Gunadhya: Meaning “full of virtues”. Gunadhya is the name of the 6th-century author of the ancient Indian epic, Bṛhatkathā–the Great Narrative in Sanskrit.
  23. Hari: Meaning “one who takes away sins” or “lion”. 🦁 An intriguing name for a little Leo.
  24. Harsha: Meaning “joy” or “delight”
  25. Harshavardhana: Meaning “creator of joy”.
  26. Hemchandra: Meaning “golden moon”.
  27. Itish: Meaning “such a ruler”.
  28. Jaideva: Meaning “divine victory”.
  29. Jaivant: meaning “victorious”.
  30. Lalit: Meaning “beautiful”.
  31. Lekhit: Meaning “written”.
  32. Kshemendra: Meaning “Lord of welfare”.
  33. Kumar: Meaning “prince”.
  34. Maharishi: Meaning “great saint”.
  35. Manav: Meaning “youth”.
  36. Manik: Meaning “ruby”.
  37. Merutunga: Meaning “tall person”.
  38. Mohan: Meaning “wonderful and enchanting”.
  39. Murari: Meaning “one who holds a flute” or “Lord Krishna”.
  40. Nandish: Another name for the god, Shiva
  41. Narayan: Meaning “eternal man”.
  42. Neelakantha: Meaning “the one with the blue color throat”. Another name for Lord Shiva.
  43. Oman: Meaning “helper” or “giver” in Sanskrit.
  44. Pāṇini: Meaning “descendant of Paṇi”.
  45. Parth: Meaning “archer who never misses his target”. 🏹
  46. Patanjali: A compound Sanskrit name meaning “flying beauty”.
  47. Pujit: Meaning “worshipped”.
  48. Raghunatha: Meaning “Lord of the raghavas”.
  49. Ratan: Meaning “jewel” or “precious stone”.
  50. Rathin: Meaning “chariot rider”.
  51. Saket: Meaning “a place of pilgrimage”.
  52. Samarth: Meaning “one who has power”. 💪🏽
  53. Sanjit: Meaning “one who is always victorious”.
  54. Savar: Another name for Lord Shiva
  55. Tanay: Meaning “son”.
  56. Valmiki: The name of legendary poet and author of the first Sanskrit epic poem Ramayana.
  57. Vasishtha: Meaning “most excellent”.
  58. Vatsa: Meaning “son”.
  59. Vinay: Meaning “modesty”, “good behavior”, and “smart” in Sanskrit.
  60. Vipin: Meaning “forest”. 🌳🌳🌳
  61. Veejay: Meaning “victorious”.
  62. Yash: From the Sanskrit word for “fame”, “success”, and “majesty”.
  63. Yuvan: Meaning “healthy” or “young”.

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Believe us, there’s so many more fascinating names to discover.

Happy exploring, parents-to-be!

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