228 Scandinavian Baby Names and Their Meanings

228 Scandinavian Baby Names and Their Meanings

Combining beautiful simplicity with Viking vibes, it’s not difficult to see why Scandinavian names are in.

Here, we’re bringing you some of the most popular Scandinavian names from across the region.

Technically, that should just mean Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, the three old Scandinavian kingdoms.

But often Finland and Iceland are included too – and so we’ll be doing the same.

So, from country to country, what are some beautiful Scandinavian names for boys and girls?

Let’s find out.

In this article 📝

  • Top Scandinavian names
  • Scandinavian baby names from Norway
  • Scandinavian names from Denmark
  • Scandinavian baby names from Sweden
  • Finnish baby names
  • Icelandic names

Top Scandinavian names

When searching for the perfect Scandinavian name, you may be struck by the eclectic mix of cultures.

What unifies them is a shared history bursting with mythology, art, and literature.

So, before we break down our list by each enchanting country, here’s a stepping stone into the diverse world of Scandinavian baby names:

Top Scandinavian boy names

Some you may recognize as variations of popular names like John, Micheal, and Oscar, others may well give you Viking vibes.

There’s plenty more to come…

  1. Johannes: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  2. Einar: Meaning “battle leader”.
  3. Brynjar: Meaning “protection” or “army”.
  4. Lars: Meaning “crowned with laurel”.
  5. Per: Meaning “rock”.
  6. Oskar: An Old Norse name meaning “God’s Spear”.
  7. Joakim: Meaning “lifted by Jehovah”.
  8. ​​Ulf: Meaning “wolf”. 🐺
  9. Håkan: Meaning “noble” or “exalted son”.
  10. Rolf: Meaning “famous wolf”.
  11. Lennart: Meaning “lion strength”. 🦁
  12. Stig: From the Old Norse word stígr, meaning “wanderer”.
  13. Rasmus: Meaning “beloved”.
  14. Olav: From the Old Norse name Olaf, meaning “relic”.
  15. Erik: An Old Norse name meaning “eternal ruler”.
  16. Mikael: Meaning “who resembles God?”
  17. Iver: From the Old Norse name Ívarr meaning “archer”. 🏹
  18. Viljami: Meaning “with gilded helmet”.
  19. Håkon or Haakon: Meaning “high son”.
  20. Bodie: Meaning “shelter” or “one who brings news”.
  21. Odin: As in the ancient Norse god of wisdom and death. Odin means “god of frenzy” or “raging”, but his reputation covers everything from poetry to sorcery to royalty. This is a name that knows no limits, and your little one won’t either.

Top Scandinavian girl names

Scandinavian girl names are both wild and gentle, ancient and edgy. And we’re not mad!

Here’s some of our favorite Nordic names for girls:

  1. Gunnel: Meaning “battle-maid”
  2. Elli: Meaning “old age”.
  3. Iida: Meaning “industrious”.
  4. Anneli: Meaning “grace”.
  5. Helga: Meaning “holy” or “sacred”.
  6. Elín: Meaning “light”.
  7. Hulda: Meaning “sweet” or “lovable”.
  8. Rakel: Meaning “ewe”. 🐑
  9. Erna: Meaning “earnest”.
  10. Edda: Meaning “great-grandmother”. Another potential translation is “poetry”.
  11. Sky: From the Old Norse word ský, meaning “cloud”.
  12. Embla: Meaning “elm tree”.
  13. Hlín: Meaning “protector”. One of the handmaidens of the Norse goddess Frigga, Hlín is the goddess of protection and consolation.
  14. Orsola: Meaning “little she-bear”.
  15. Rayna: Meaning “counsel” or “song”. 🎶
  16. Urd: Another Norse goddess name, Urd means “fate”.
  17. Ashild: Meaning “God fighting”.
  18. Dagmar: Meaning “day”.
  19. Lisbeth: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  20. Randgrid: Meaning “shield demolisher”. No stopping this fierce little lady.

Scandinavian baby names from Norway

Ah Norway, the famous land of Vikings and fjords.

It’s also home to the friluftsliv way of life – the love of “open-air living” – which is not hard when you consider that Norway is a giant campsite filled with incredible natural beauty.

It’s also a treasure chest of enchanting Scandinavian names.

We’ve divided these by boys and girls, but if there’s a name you love, that’s right, you go for it, whatever the gender:

Top Norwegian names for boys

Some of these Nordic male names you’ll know, but wait until you feast your eyes on the cool Norwegian names we’ve found:

  1. Filip: Meaning “lover of horses”. 🐎
  2. Bjarki: Meaning “birch tree”.
  3. Henrik: Meaning “ruler of the home”.
  4. Tómas: Meaning “twin”.
  5. Torbjörn: Meaning “thunder bear”. 🌩️
  6. Elias: Meaning “my God”.
  7. Aksel or Axel: Rooted in the Old Norse word asketill, meaning “helmet of God”.
  8. Theodor or Teodor: Meaning “gift from God”.
  9. Elias: Meaning “the lord is my God”.
  10. Jörgen: Meaning “farmer”.
  11. Kasper: Meaning “bringer of treasurer”.
  12. Magnus: Meaning “powerhouse” or “greatest”.
  13. Nils: Meaning “people of victory”.
  14. Isak: Rooted in the Hebrew boy’s name Isaac meaning “he will laugh”.
  15. Mathias or Matias: Meaning “gift of God”.
  16. Hugo: From the Old German word hugu, meaning “mind”.
  17. Sander: Meaning “defender of men”.
  18. Ludvig or Ludvik: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  19. Alf: Meaning “elf”.
  20. Markus: Meaning “of Mars” or “warlike”.
  21. Ulrik: Meaning “rich and noble heritage”.
  22. Johan or Johann: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  23. Nikolai or Nikolay: Meaning “victory of the people”.
  24. Even: From the Old Norse Eivindr meaning “gift”, “winner”, or “warrior”.
  25. Kristian: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  26. Mikkel: Meaning “who is like God?”
  27. Gustav: An Old Swedish name meaning “staff of the Geats”.
  28. Felix: Meaning “happy” or “lucky”.
  29. Sverre: Meaning “wild” or “swinging”.

Norwegian names for girls

With meanings like “mighty in battle” and “divinely beauty”, Norway’[s take on Scandinavian girl names hits different.

Here are Norway’s favorites:

  1. Alva: Meaning “elf”. A variation of Alf.
  2. Freya: Meaning “noble woman” from the Old Norse name Freya.
  3. Maja: Meaning “splendid”.
  4. Moa: Meaning “mother”.
  5. Ingrid: Meaning “fair” or “Ing’s beauty”.
  6. Fríða: Meaning “peace”.
  7. Tirilil: A fantasy name rooted in the fictitious character Tirilil Tove from the Norwegian poem Lokkende Toner.
  8. Selma: An Old German name popular in Scandinavia, Selma means “God’s helmet”.
  9. Ada: Meaning “noble”.
  10. Hedda: Meaning “war”.
  11. Mia: A Scandinavian variation of Marie meaning “beloved”, “bitter”, “rebel”, or “mine”.
  12. Thea: Meaning “gift of God”.
  13. Live: Meaning “protection” from the Old Norse word hlíf.
  14. Astri: Meaning “divinely beautiful”.
  15. Ellinor: Inspired by the Old French name Eleanor meaning “shining light”.
  16. Vilde: A short form of Alvilde meaning “elf battle”. 🧝‍♀️
  17. Berit: Meaning “exalted”.
  18. Iben: This gender-neutral Scandinavian name means “ebony”.
  19. Aurora: Originally a Latin name meaning “dawn”.
  20. Mathilde or Matilde: Meaning “mighty in battle”.
  21. Tuva: Meaning “beautiful”.
  22. Sigrid: Meaning “beautiful victory”.
  23. Hedvig: Meaning “strife” or “duel”.
  24. Josefine: Meaning “Jehovah increases”.
  25. Solveig: Meaning “the strong house”.
  26. Saga: Meaning “seeing one” or “prophet”.
  27. Eline: A Scandinavian variation of Helen meaning “torch of light”.
  28. Oline: A feminine take on Olaf meaning “ancestors heritage”.

Scandinavian names from Denmark

Now to Denmark.

A country filled with folklore, music, dance, and egalitarianism.

Respect, social trust, and inclusivity are all part of the Danish way of life.

Even their language is primarily gender-neutral.

So, while we’ve divided these Danish baby names by gender, the floor is open for you to choose what feels right for your peanut.

Danish boy names

Let’s take Scandinavian baby boy names from Denmark first.

You’ll see many familiar names to those in Norway, alongside some unique to Denmark.

  1. Aksel: Meaning “father of Peace”.
  2. Kjell: Meaning “cauldron”.
  3. Valdemar: The name of four kings of Denmark, this Scandinavian form of Waldemar meaning “power” and “fame”.
  4. Malthe: Used in Denmark since the 13th century, Malthe meaning “power”.
  5. Tage: An Old Danish name meaning “to take” or “to capture”.
  6. Viggo: Meaning “war”.
  7. Nohr: Meaning “north”.
  8. Lauge: Meaning “fellow” or “partner”.
  9. Frederik: Meaning “peaceful warrior”.
  10. Anker: Meaning “anchor”.
  11. Loui: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  12. Storm: Rooted in the Old Norse word stormr meaning “tempest”.
  13. Konrad: Meaning “bold counselor”.
  14. Villads: Meaning “desiring battle”.
  15. Pelle: Meaning “stone”. The Scandinavian version of Peter.
  16. Asger: Meaning “spear of God”.
  17. Villum: The Danish variation of Wilhelm. It means “resolute protection”.
  18. Bjørn: Meaning “bear”. 🐻

Danish girl names

Now for some more Scandinavian baby girl names – Denmark style.

Are there any that could suit your little one?

  1. Alma: One of the most popular girl names in Denmark, Alma has Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew roots. Our favorite meaning? “Kind”, “fostering”, or “nourishing”. It’s hard to pick one!
  2. Agnete: From the Greek name Hagnē meaning “pure” or “chaste”.
  3. Karla: Meaning “free person”.
  4. Alberte: Meaning “noble and bright”.
  5. Aste: A diminutive of Astrid meaning “divine strength”.
  6. Astrid: Meaning “divinely beautiful”.
  7. Lærke: The Danish word for “lark”.
  8. Liva: Rooted in the Old Norse name Lif which means “life”.
  9. Vilma: Meaning “determined protector”.
  10. Mille: Meaning “helper to the priest”. Related to the French name Camille.
  11. Liv: Rooted in the Old Norse word hlíf, meaning “protection” or “shelter”.
  12. Gry: Meaning “dawn”.
  13. Johanne: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  14. Ásta: Meaning “divine strength”.
  15. Nanna: Meaning “courageous”.
  16. Lulla: Meaning “female warrior”.
  17. Runa: Meaning “secret lore”. Mysterious…
  18. Thyra: Meaning “thunder warrior”.

Scandinavian baby names from Sweden

And across the fjords and snowy hills to Sweden.

Yes, the Swedish equally love the great outdoors (and who can blame them), but they also appreciate the value of authentic connection.

In the spirit of fika, Swedish names capture friendship and togetherness beautifully – alongside some pretty Viking-worthy titles.

Swedish boy names

Among Scandinavian baby boy names from Sweden, you’ll notice a theme of community, gratitude, and nods to nature.

Plus, a few influences from overseas.

Which name speaks to you?

  1. Niklas: Meaning “victory of the people”.
  2. Åke: Meaning “ancestor”.
  3. Emil: A Swedish variation of the Latin name Aemilius, meaning “rival”.
  4. Bengt: Meaning “blessed”.
  5. Tobias: Meaning “God is good”.
  6. Mats: Meaning “gift of God”.
  7. Anton: Meaning “praiseworthy”.
  8. Claes: Meaning “victory of the people”.
  9. Walter: Meaning “commander of the army”.
  10. Arvid: Meaning “eagle tree”. 🦅
  11. Göran: Meaning “farmer”.
  12. Frans: Meaning “free person”.
  13. Otto: Meaning “wealthy”.
  14. Adran: Meaning “son of Adria”.
  15. Malte: Meaning “helmet rule”.
  16. Josef: Meaning “Jehovah increases”.
  17. Ebbe: An Old Norse name meaning “brave boar” and “strong”.
  18. Olle: Linked to Olaf, Ollie means “ancestors relic”.
  19. Melvin: Meaning “friend of the counsel”.
  20. Edvin: Meaning “wealthy friend”. Related to Edwin.
  21. Albin: Meaning “white” or “bright”.

Swedish girl names

Swedish girl names are among the most badass titles.

You’ve got everything from “heroine” and “power” to “battle noise”.

Boasting may be taboo in Swedish culture, so we’ll let their brand of Scandinavian names speak for themselves:

  1. Rut: Meaning “companion”.
  2. Elsa: Meaning “pledged to God”.
  3. Wilma: Meaning “resolute protection”.
  4. Freja: Inspired by the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, Freja means “noble lady”.
  5. Johanna: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  6. Signe: Meaning “new victory”.
  7. Vera: Meaning “truth” or “victory”.
  8. Ines: Meaning “pure” or “chaste”
  9. Ebba: Meaning “strong” or “brave boar”.
  10. Merle: Meaning “blackbird” or “bright sea”.
  11. Andreas: Meaning “man”.
  12. Åsa: Meaning “goddess” from the Old Norse word Æsir.
  13. Lo: Stemming from the Spanish name Dolores, meaning “sorrow”.
  14. Nova: A popular name in Sweden, Nova comes from the Latin word novus meaning “new”.
  15. Hallie: This Scandinavian name means “heroine”.
  16. Linnea or Linea: Meaning “lime tree”.
  17. Lova: Meaning “battle noise”.
  18. Juni: Meaning “June”.
  19. Edith: Meaning “riches” or “blessed”.
  20. Meja: From the Old Norse word mäghin, meaning “power”, “force”, or “strength”.
  21. Livia: Meaning “life”.
  22. Elise: Meaning “promise of God”.

What names are illegal in Sweden?

Yes, you might have heard about this.

According to the notorious Swedish naming law, any name given to a child has to be approved by the local authorities.

But they won’t be approved if those names “can cause offense or can be supposed to cause discomfort for the one using it”.

So, yep, some names are illegal in Sweden.

The most famous?

  • Ikea
  • Metallica
  • Ford
  • Superman
  • Veranda
  • Elvis
  • Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116: Seriously. It’s apparently pronounced “Albin”. Two parents named their child this in protest against the naming law.

(Did someone ask What is the rarest baby name? Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 could well be it.)

Finnish baby names

Now, it doesn’t quite count as Scandinavia.

But Finland is definitely considered a Nordic country.

And for that reason, you’ll forgive us for including them.

Here are the most popular Finnish names for boys and girls thanks to the Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Finnish boy names

Finland is closely intertwined with other Scandinavian countries in history, culture, and social welfare, but it’s their language that sets them apart – as does their baby names.

But Swedish does have a status as an official minority language, giving some Finnish names that distinctive Scandinavian flavor so many parents love:

  1. Juhani: A variation of John, meaning “God is Gracious”.
  2. Olavi: Meaning “family descendant”.
  3. Ilmari: The short form of the Finnish name IImarinen meaning “air”.
  4. Onni: Meaning “happiness” or “luck”.
  5. Eino: Meaning “one”.
  6. Toivo: Meaning “hope”.
  7. Antero: Meaning “strong” or “manly”. The Finnish version of Andrew.
  8. Tapani: As the Finnish variation of Stephen, Tapani means “crown” or “garland”. 👑
  9. Väinö: Meaning “wide river”.
  10. Tapio: As in the Finnish god of forests, animals, and hunting. 🌳🦌
  11. Aatos: Meaning “thought” or “idea”.
  12. Veikko: Meaning “brother”.
  13. Arma: Meaning “dear” or “beloved”.
  14. Eemeli: Meaning “rival”.
  15. Alvar: Meaning “elf warrior”.
  16. Oskari: Meaning “leaping warrior”.
  17. Vilho: Meaning “resolute protector”.
  18. Kalevi: Meaning “ancestor of the Finns”.
  19. Oiva: Meaning “splendid”.
  20. Aleksi: Meaning “defender of man”.
  21. Valtteri: Meaning “ruler of the army”.
  22. Matti: Meaning “gift of God”.
  23. Akseli: The Finnish variation of Axel, meaning “father of peace”.
  24. Leevi: Meaning “attached”.
  25. Aleksanteri: Meaning “man’s defender”.
  26. Otso: Meaning “bear”.
  27. Eetu: Meaning “wealthy guard”.

Finnish girl names

Kind and open-minded – that’s the Finnish state of mind.

So how does this influence their style of Nordic girl names?

Have a look:

  1. Aino: Meaning “the only one”.
  2. Helmi: Meaning “pearl”.
  3. Ilona: Meaning “as a joy” from the Finnish word ilo.
  4. Lilja: Meaning “lily”.
  5. Aada: Meaning “noble-natured”.
  6. Aava: Meaning “wide open”.
  7. Eveliina: Meaning “life”.
  8. Kerttu: Meaning “strength of a spear”.
  9. Eevi: Meaning “life”.
  10. Kristiina: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  11. Pihla: Meaning “Rowan tree”.
  12. Inkeri: Meaning “beautiful goddess”.
  13. Hilla: Meaning “cloudberry”.
  14. Elina: Meaning “light”.
  15. Kaarina: Meaning “chaste” or “pure”.
  16. Minea: Meaning “king”.
  17. Venla: Meaning “wanderer”.
  18. Katariina: Meaning “pure”.
  19. Lumi: Meaning “light-bringer”.
  20. Orvokki: Meaning “pansy flower”.

Icelandic names

Icelandic names are, again, not strictly Scandinavian but there are some similarities.

As in Sweden, babies in Iceland can’t be given names that could “cause the bearer embarrassment”, but they are blessed with spectacularly Viking-esque names.

But you’ll need to know a couple of things before we get started.

The alphabet has some surprises – most importantly, ð and Þ.

These are similar to the English “th” sound. Not exactly the same, but close enough.

So, without further ado, here are the most popular baby boy and baby girl names in Iceland:

Icelandic boy name

Iceland is forever linked to Vikings – especially when you consider it has no written history before the Viking age.

So if you’re seeking cool Scandinavian names, the land of ice and fire is an interesting place to start:

  1. Jón: Meaning “God has given”.
  2. Sigurður: Meaning “guardian of victory”.
  3. Guðmundur: Meaning “protection of God”.
  4. Gunnar: Meaning “warrior”.
  5. Ólafur or Olav: Meaning “ancestor’s relic”.
  6. Kristján: Meaning “Christ-bearer”.
  7. Magnús: Meaning “greatest”.
  8. Jóhann: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  9. Arnar: Meaning “eagle warrior”.
  10. Árni: Meaning “eagle”.
  11. Bjarni: Meaning “bear”.
  12. Helgi: Meaning “happy” or “lucky”.
  13. Halldór: Meaning “Thor’s stone”.
  14. Pétur or Pjetur: Meaning “rock”.
  15. Kristinn: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  16. Ragnar: Meaning “warrior” or “judgment”.
  17. Gísli: Meaning “ray of sunshine”. ☀️
  18. Þorsteinn: Meaning “thunder stone”.
  19. Guðjón: Meaning “god”.
  20. Sveinn or Svend: Meaning “young warrior”.
  21. Róbert: Meaning “bright fame”.
  22. Páll: Meaning “humnble”.
  23. Birgir: Meaning “helper”.
  24. Davið: Meaning “beloved”.
  25. Andri: Meaning “snow shoe”. ❄️
  26. Haukur: Meaning “hawk”.
  27. Ásgeir: Meaning “spear of the Gods”.
  28. Benedikt: Meaning “blessed”.
  29. Haraldur: Meaning “army leader”.
  30. Atli: Meaning “little father”.
  31. Kjartan: Meaning “sea warrior”. 🔱
  32. Friðrik: Meaning “peace-keeper”.
  33. Baldur: Meaning “prince”.
  34. Hilmar: Meaning “notorious noble”.

Icelandic girl names

Iceland has a strong literary and arts culture which makes its way into a rich selection of Nordic girl names.

Sure, you’ll see influences from overseas, but what of those distinctive Iceland names like Ingibjörg, Ragnheiður, and Hrafnhildur?

Read on to discover their enriching meanings:

  1. Alisa: Meaning “of noble king”.
  2. Kristín: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  3. Sigríður: Meaning “beautiful victory”.
  4. Margrét or Margrjet: Meaning “pearl”.
  5. Sigrún: Meaning “victory”.
  6. Ingibjörg: Meaning “the help of Ing”.
  7. Katrín: Meaning “pure”.
  8. Ragnheiður: Meaning “brilliant counsel”.
  9. Guðbjörg: Meaning “helped by God”.
  10. Elísabet: Meaning “my God is my oath”.
  11. Erla: Meaning “wagtale bird”.
  12. Guðný: Meaning “unspoiled”.
  13. Ólöf: Meaning “ancestor’s relic”.
  14. Steinunn: Meaning “waving stone”.
  15. Auður: Meaning “prospertity” or “fortune”.
  16. Kolbrún: Meaning “black eyebrows”.
  17. Bryndís: Meaning “armored goddess”.
  18. Inga: Meaning “guarded by Ing”.
  19. Berglind: A possible meeting of the Scandinavian names Borg (meaning “castle” or “stronghold”) and Lind (meaning “lime tree”).
  20. Ásdís: Meaning “goddess”.
  21. Þórunn: Meaning “mother of Bishop Bjorn”.
  22. Unnur: Meaning “wave”.
  23. Hrafnhildur: Meaning “battle bird”.
  24. Þóra: Meaning “thunder”.
  25. Birna: Meaning “bear”.
  26. Þórdís: Meaning “thunder goddess”. ⚡️
  27. Jóna: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  28. Halldóra: Meaning “thunder”.
  29. Telma: Meaning “will”.
  30. Harpa: Meaning “harp”. It’s also the first day of summer in the old Icelandic calendar.

Our list of Scandinavian names has come to an end, but your tour doesn’t end here.

There’s a whole world of Scandinavian baby boy names and Scandinavian baby girl names to explore.

Did any catch your eye?

Share your new discoveries with the Peanut community – they love to hear it!

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