110 Scorpio Baby Names

110 Scorpio Baby Names

Looking for the perfect Scorpio baby names for your new arrival? Water, scorpions, colors, and mysteries abound! Read on to see what we’re on about.
Are you expecting a baby between 23 October and 21 November?

First of all, YAY! The Peanut community is so excited for you.

Secondly, that means they’ll be born under the astrological sign of Scorpio—and these Scorpio baby names might just be perfect for them.

In this article 📝

  • What does it mean to be a Scorpio?
  • What are some Scorpio names?
  • Scorpio baby names by element
  • Scorpio baby names by symbol
  • Scorpio baby names by color
  • What are some gender-neutral Scorpio names?
  • So does that mean Scorpio babies are easy?

What does it mean to be a Scorpio?

Scorpios are said to have all sorts of important traits.

They’re believed to be honest, brave, independent, driven, private, bold, strong, and make for dedicated friends.

Someone you’d want in your corner, for sure!

Emotional people with a lot bubbling under the surface, revealing little on the outside, Scorpios are known to be a little mysterious.

But that’s not necessarily a negative thing.

They’re also good at keeping the secrets of those they love.

What are some Scorpio names?

While names that literally mean Scorpio or scorpion are pretty tricky to come by, we’ve got some great ideas on how you can draw inspiration from this sign.

Let’s dive in.

Our favorite Scorpio baby names by personality trait


  1. Alethea. This Greek name means “truthful one.”
  2. Ameen. This name means honest, faithful, and trustworthy and is Arabic in origin.


  1. Mathilda. A German name, Mathilda means “battle mighty.”
  2. Everett. Also of German origin, this name means “brave as a wild boar.”


  1. Saoirse. This gorgeous Irish name means “freedom and independence.”
  2. Maverick. One for the Top Gun fans, this American name is synonymous with independence and non-conformity.


  1. Hensley. This strong name means “one who is ambitious” and is American in origin.
  2. Kelvis. This unusual name is also American and means the same as Hensley.


  1. Bian. A Vietnamese name meaning secretive, Bian is perfect for a trustworthy little Scorpio.
  2. Darrall. This English name means “a secret that is well kept.”


  1. Brianna. This stunning Celtic name simply means “strong.”
  2. Griffin. Meaning “strong lord,” this name is Welsh.


  1. Tibelda. German in origin, this name means “boldest.”
  2. Gunnar. This is a Teutonic name meaning “bold warrior.”


  1. Winnie. Short for the English name Winifred. Winnie means “gentle friend.”
  2. Sadik. A short and sweet Swahili name, Sadik also means “friend.”

Scorpio baby names by element

Scorpio is a water sign.

People born under this sign are considered sensitive, highly intuitive, and deep-thinking.

Here are some of our favorite names meaning water in all its forms.

What are Scorpio girl names that mean water?

  1. Amaya. Of Spanish origin, this gorgeous name means “night rain.”
  2. Anahita. She’s the ancient Persian goddess of the water.
  3. Avonlea. “River by the field”
  4. Brooke or Brook. Like the babbling kind😉.
  5. Chantara. This name of Thai origin means “moon water.”
  6. Delta. Like the kind that divides a river.
  7. Jennifer. This is a goodie if you’re looking for a versatile name with many variations. Jennifer means “white wave.”
  8. Kendall. A river valley in Kent, England.
  9. Kendra. Elegant and strong, this Old English name means “water.”
  10. Lynn. This Welsh name means “lake.”
  11. Narelle. This is originally from Australia and means “little river.”
  12. Nimue. The Lady of the Lake from the Legends of King Arthur.
  13. Nixie. This feisty name is of German origin and means “water sprite.”
  14. Rain. Super simple, super pretty.
  15. Ren. This sweet name means “water lily.”
  16. Serena. Like a serene calm body of water.
  17. Shannon. “Wise old river.”
  18. Talia. “Dew of Heaven”
  19. Tarni. This name is very popular in Australia, where it means “wave.”
  20. Vanora. This unusual name means “white wave.”
  21. Yara. From its Brazilian origins, it means “water lady.” But it also has Arabic and Persian roots, where it means “small butterfly” and “strength” respectively.
  22. Zarya. Zarya is a name with Arabic, Nigerian, and Slavic roots, meaning “water priestess.”

And what about Scorpio boys’ names meaning water?

  1. Alon. Short and sweet, Alon means “wave.”
  2. Banks. Like the banks of the river.
  3. Beckett or Beck. These names mean “little brook.”
  4. Beckham. This peaceful name means “home by the stream.”
  5. Bourne. Someone who lives beside a stream.
  6. Callan or Kallan. This Scandinavian name means “running water”.
  7. Clyde. This classic name is also the name of a Scottish River.
  8. Douglas. “Black stream”
  9. Indra. This Sanskrit name means “possessing raindrops.” He was also a god of the rain and sky.
  10. Irving.Green, fresh water”
  11. Jordan. This popular, totally gender-neutral Hebrew name means “flow down.”
  12. Kano. With origins in both Africa and Japan, this name means “God of the Water.”
  13. Malek or Malik. This name can mean “wave” but also “king.”
  14. Maxwell. “A great stream”
  15. Moses. This biblical name means “to draw out of the water.”
  16. Rio. The Spanish and Portuguese name for “river.”
  17. River. A classic requiring no explanation.

Scorpio baby names by symbol

Scorpio unsurprisingly goes by the zodiac symbol of a Scorpion.

But it’s also connected to snakes and eagles.

Nature-themed baby shower, anyone?

Actual names meaning “scorpion” are thin on the ground, but there’s nothing to stop you from going with the most obvious option:

  1. Scorpio

Otherwise, check out these eagle and snake names.

Girl names meaning eagle or snake

  1. Aquila. “Eagle”
  2. Arnelle. “Eagle,” “power”
  3. Belinda. “Bright snake”
  4. Donelle. “Serpent”
  5. Lynda. “Snake”
  6. Tanith. “Serpent”

Boy names meaning eagle or snake

  1. Adler. “Eagle”
  2. Ahendra. “King of snakes”
  3. Akzam. “Snake”
  4. Draco. “Dragon,” “snake”
  5. Drake. “Dragon,” “snake”
  6. Ezio. “Eagle”

Scorpio baby names by color

There are also specific colors associated with the sign of Scorpio.

According to the Astrology Bible, by Judy Hall, red, scarlet, maroon, brown, and black are Scorpio’s colors.

Girl color Scorpio names

  1. Adrienne. This gorgeous name means “dark lady from the sea.”
  2. Auburn. Of English origin, meaning “deep reddish brown.”
  3. Cherry. Another English name, this one refers to the red fruit.
  4. Kamala. Of Sanskrit origin, Kamala means “lotus” or “pale red.”
  5. Kieryn. This strong name means “black” or “dark”
  6. Merlina. Ever so pretty, Merlina means “blackbird”
  7. Omaira. A beautiful Arabic name, meaning long life or red.
  8. Poppy. Recalling the gorgeous red flower and increasingly popular.
  9. Rossa. Italian origin, this one refers to the color red.
  10. Roux. A pretty French name meaning “russet.”
  11. Rubina. Portuguese and Italian in origin, this one means “ruby.”
  12. Ruby. Referring to both the deep red color and the precious stone
  13. Scarlett. This one needs no introduction.
  14. Shani. Of Hebrew origin, Shani means “scarlet.”
  15. Sienna. A pretty name of Italian origin, Sienna refers to a reddish shade of brown.

Boy color Scorpio names

  1. Adam. Of Hebrew origin, Adam refers to the “son of the red earth.”
  2. Altan. A Turkish name, this one means “red dawn.”
  3. Blaze. With English roots, Blaze unsurprisingly means “fire.”
  4. Bruno. I know we don’t talk about Bruno but, whispers with German, Portuguese and Italian roots, the name means “brown”.
  5. Edom. A Hebrew name, Edom means “red.”
  6. Flynn. This classic Irish name means “son of the red-haired one.”
  7. Jett. This cool name meaning “black” needs no introduction.
  8. Radley. Meaning “red meadow,” this name is English.

What are some gender-neutral Scorpio names?

Gender-neutral color names

  1. Baize. This French name means “dark brown”
  2. Blake. Form the Old English, this name means “black.”
  3. Carey. This is an Irish name meaning “dark” or “black.”
  4. Carmine. Of Latin origin, Carmine is a vivid red.
  5. Phoenix. This Greek mythological name also means “dark red.”
  6. Rory. An Irish name with many spellings, it means “red king.”
  7. Rowan. Of Gaelic origin, it refers to the rowan tree or means “little redhead.” It’s also spelled Roan or Rowen.
  8. Sorrell. Of French origin, Sorrel means reddish-brown.

Gender-neutral options meaning eagle and snake

  1. Arden. “Valley of the eagle,” “high.”
  2. Amaru. “Large Snake”
  3. Nyoka. “Snake”
  4. Vega. “Swooping eagle”

Gender-neutral Scorpio names by trait.

  1. Dakota. From the Dakota people of North America, this name means “friend.”
  2. Emmerson. While traditionally male, this name is seeing more widespread use and means “powerful and brave.”
  3. Finley. This strong Irish name means “battle warrior.”
  4. Kahuna. This Hawaiian name means “the hidden secret.”
  5. Oakley. This name is English in origin and means “strong and sturdy,” like the tree of the same name.
  6. Reese. Meaning “having great passion and enthusiasm,” this Welsh name is perfect for the driven Scorpio.
  7. Sasha. This Russian name means “defender of humankind.”

So does that mean Scorpio babies are easy?

Considering they’re quiet and mysterious, often keeping to themselves, does that mean that Scorpio babies are easy?

This is the dream, right?

A baby who gently arrives earthside and sleeps a full eight hours immediately, only pausing to coo and smile.

No colic, no diaper rash, and most certainly no spit-up.

Is this what we can hope for from a Scorpio baby?

We hate to be a party pooper, but there are no guarantees for what makes an easy-going baby.

There are so many new things to learn about being outside of the belly, and those can be tricky regardless of what star sign your baby is born under.

The 4th trimester is real, folks.

It’s only as baby starts to come into their own and find their personality that you might be able to spot some of those traditional Scorpio traits.

But one thing is for sure.

With all these cool connections, there are tons of options for Scorpio baby names.

Happy picking!

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