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The Best 159 Scottish Baby Boy Names

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Scottish baby boy names are among the boldest and most memorable around.

Some are rooted in the country’s proud history, language, and mythology, while others give a loving nod to the people and places that make Scotland so special.

Scottish Baby Boy Names

Whether you visited once and fell in love, or you simply want to honor your family’s Scottish heritage, choosing a Scottish boy name for your little lad is a great way to show your appreciation.

Here we’ve compiled the ultimate list of Scottish baby boy names to help in your baby-naming quest.

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  • What is the most popular boy’s name in Scotland?
  • What is a good Scottish name for a boy?
  • What is a cool Scottish name?
  • What is a rare Scottish name?
  • What is the most Scottish name?
  • How about Scottish Gaelic boy names?

What is the most popular boy’s name in Scotland?

According to the National Records of Scotland, the top 5 boys’ names in Scotland for 2020 were Jack, Noah, James, Leo, and Oliver. Very on-trend, these are popular boy’s names just about anywhere.

However, rounding out the top 10, we’ve got more traditional Scottish boy names with links to Scotland’s history and geography:

  1. Harris: If you’re smitten with the idea of honoring your Scottish roots, Harris is a wonderful choice. It means, simply, “son of Harry,” but it’s also the name of a beautiful Scottish island in the Outer Hebrides – a group of islands off the west coast of Scotland. Home to sandy beaches, rugged mountains, and a whiskey distillery, you’d be channeling the very essence of Caledonia with this name.
  2. Rory: A classic Gaelic name, Rory is tailor-made for fiery-haired little guys with Celtic connections. It means “red-haired king.”
  3. Alexander: A common name the world over, Alexander (“defender of men”) is often shortened to “Alec” or “Alex” in Scotland.
  4. Finlay: A name of both Irish and Scottish origin, Finlay means “fair-haired hero.” Once an ancient Scots royal name (Macbeth’s father was Findlaech mac Ruaidri), today it’s making a modern comeback, with its alternative spelling “Finley” proving to be a popular gender-neutral choice.
  5. Archie: The short (and adorable) version of “Archibald,” Archie means “truly brave.” In the States, the name is associated with the comics, but thanks to Harry and Meghan’s royal baby, it’s taken on a more regal tone of late.

So, we’re off to a good start – but we hear you. You want even more Scottish baby names!

What is a good Scottish name for a boy?

The options are almost endless when it comes to choosing a Scottish name for your baby boy.

So we’ve broken down the most popular Scottish name meanings for you to peruse:

What Scottish name means warrior?

How about some Scottish boy names for your wee warrior?

  1. Duncan: Meaning “dark warrior”.
  2. Errol: Meaning “warrior”.
  3. Murdo: Meaning “sea warrior”.
  4. Murdoch: Meaning “sea warrior”.

Is Ewan Scottish for Ian?

Not typically ‒ Iain is the Scottish equivalent of John, but Ewan is actually derived from the Welsh name Owen.

There are also a few Scottish variations of the spelling:

  1. Eòghann: Meaning “warrior”.
  2. Euan: Meaning “warrior”.
  3. Ewan: Meaning “warrior”.

What is the Scottish name for John?

You’ve likely heard of the Scottish boy’s name that’s similar to John, but did you know there’s more than one way to spell it?

  1. Iain: The Gaelic form of the English name “John,” Iain means “God is gracious”.
  2. Ian: Meaning “God is gracious”.

Is Eoin Irish or Scottish?

  1. Eòin is another spelling for Iain, meaning “God is gracious”.

It’s similar to the Irish Eoin, but with a different accent over the ò.

Is Kai a Scottish name?

Yes, along with origins in Hawaii, Japan, and Africa (and even more places!), Kai is also a Scottish boys’ name:

  1. Kai: Meaning “fire”.

What is a cool Scottish name?

If you’re after an edgier, more badass Scottish boys’ name, how about these monikers?

Here’s a choice of cool-sounding Scottish names for boys and Scottish male names with cool meanings:

  1. Alastair: Meaning “defender of men”.
  2. Arran: Meaning “mountain of strength”.
  3. Athol: Meaning “new Ireland”.
  4. Blaine: Meaning “yellow”.
  5. Blair: Meaning “meadow”.
  6. Boyd: Meaning “yellow”.
  7. Braden: Meaning “wise”.
  8. Brodie: Meaning “little ridge”.
  9. Bryson: Meaning “child of nobility”.
  10. Calan: Meaning “slender”.
  11. Cameron: Meaning “crooked nose”.
  12. Clyde: The Clyde is a river running through the heart of Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city.
  13. Cory: Meaning “from the hollow”.
  14. Dalziel: Meaning “small field”.
  15. Donald: Meaning “power”.
  16. Elliot: Meaning “the Lord is my God”.
  17. Evander: Meaning “good man”.
  18. Finlay: Meaning “fair and courageous”.
  19. Finn: Meaning “fair”.
  20. Fletcher: Meaning “arrowsmith”.
  21. Forbes: Meaning “prosperous”.
  22. Fraser: Meaning “forest men”.
  23. Gavan: Like the more common spelling “Gavin,” this one also means “white hawk”.
  24. Hamilton: Fan of the musical? Hamilton is also a town in Scotland.
  25. Irving: Meaning “freshwater”.
  26. Kameron: Meaning “crooked nose”.
  27. Kennedy: Meaning “chieftain’s helmet”.
  28. Kenzie: Meaning “fair”.
  29. Keir: Meaning “dark”.
  30. Kester: Meaning “bearer of Christ”.
  31. Kinney: Meaning “fire-born”.
  32. Knox: Meaning “round-topped hill”.
  33. Lachlan: Meaning “from the land of lochs,” does it get any more Scottish than that?
  34. Laith: Meaning “lion”.
  35. Lennox: Meaning “elm grove”.
  36. Logan: Meaning “little hollow”.
  37. Maxwell: Meaning “Mack’s stream”.
  38. Munro: Meaning “man from the River Roe”.
  39. Niall: Meaning “champion”.
  40. Payton: Meaning “royal”.
  41. Quinn: Meaning “descendant of the chief”.
  42. Roban: Meaning “person from Peeblesshire”.
  43. Ruairi: Meaning “king”.
  44. Sholto: Meaning “sower”.
  45. Sloan: Meaning “military leader”.
  46. Tate: Meaning “joyous”.
  47. Tavish: A Scottish version of “Thomas,” which means “twin”.
  48. Thane: Meaning “landholder”.

What is a rare Scottish name?

If you want your little one to have a name that stands out from the rest, check out these unique Scottish boy names:

  1. Auley: Meaning “ancestor’s descendant”.
  2. Bac: Meaning “bank”.
  3. Balloch: Meaning “hamlet”.
  4. Baird: Meaning “poet”.
  5. Balfour: Meaning “farmhouse with grass”.
  6. Calder: Meaning “rough water”.
  7. Caley: Meaning “slim”.
  8. Chalmer: Meaning “lord of the home”.
  9. Erskine: Meaning “high cliff”.
  10. Farlan: Meaning “son of the furrows”.
  11. Gowan: Meaning “descendant of the smith”.
  12. Irvin: Meaning “freshwater”.
  13. Kelso: Meaning “chalk ridge”.
  14. Kerr: Meaning “marsh”.
  15. Lamont: Meaning “law man”.
  16. Leith: A port in Edinburgh, Leith could also be a unique boy’s name.
  17. Lyall: Meaning “loyal”.
  18. Macaulay: Meaning “son of righteousness”.
  19. Mingus: Meaning “tenants of a manor”.
  20. Mungo: Meaning “my pet”.
  21. Nairn: Meaning “river with alder trees”.
  22. Ness: After the famous Loch. Beware of monsters!
  23. Nicol: Meaning “victorious”.
  24. Niven: Meaning “little saint”.
  25. Ogilvy: Meaning “high place”.
  26. Paton: Meaning “royal”.
  27. Quarrie: Meaning “proud”.
  28. Rab: Meaning “bright”.
  29. Ruskin: Meaning “from a family of tanners”.
  30. Seumas: Meaning “supplanter”.
  31. Shaw: Meaning “thicket”.
  32. Tor: Meaning “from the craggy hills”.
  33. Torquil: Meaning “Thor’s cauldron”.
  34. Urquhart: Meaning “thicket”.
  35. Wiley: Meaning “resolute protector”.

What is the most Scottish name?

Now for some of the most Scottish-sounding male names we could find.

Lots of these are traditional, old Scottish boy names, for a true feel of the Alba spirit.

  1. Alasdair: Meaning “defender of men”.
  2. Alastaire: Meaning “defender of men”.
  3. Alistair: Meaning “defender of men”.
  4. Alister: FYI, this and the above are all Scots versions of “Alexander”, meaning “defender of men”.
  5. Avery: Meaning “ruler of elves”.
  6. Bairn: Meaning “child”.
  7. Barclay: Meaning “birch tree meadow”.
  8. Bartley: Meaning “birch tree meadow”.
  9. Bean: Meaning “fair-skinned”.
  10. Bearnard: Meaning “brave bear”.
  11. Bram: Meaning “father of many”.
  12. Bretton: Meaning “from Brittany”.
  13. Brochan: Meaning “porridge”.
  14. Brodrick: Meaning “descendant of Bruadar”.
  15. Bruce: Meaning “willow lands”.
  16. Bryce: Meaning “freckled”.
  17. Cairn: Meaning “mound of rocks”.
  18. Callum: Meaning “dove”.
  19. Cam: Meaning “crooked nose”.
  20. Camden: Meaning “winding valley”.
  21. Campbell: Meaning “crooked mouth”.
  22. Camron: Meaning “crooked nose”.
  23. Carmichael: Meaning “fort of Michael”.
  24. Cawley: Meaning “relic”.
  25. Christie: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  26. Colin: Meaning “cub”.
  27. Cormac: Meaning “son of the charioteer”.
  28. Davis: Meaning “beloved”.
  29. Donal: Meaning “mighty”.
  30. Dougal: Meaning “dark imposter”.
  31. Douglas: Meaning “dark”.
  32. Drummond: Meaning “ridge”.
  33. Dunn: Meaning “dark”.
  34. Ellair: Meaning “steward”.
  35. Eunan: Meaning “youthful”.
  36. Evan: Meaning “the Lord is gracious”.
  37. Fergus: Meaning “strong”.
  38. Ferguson: Meaning “son of the strong one”.
  39. Fyfe: A variation on “Fife,” one of Scotland’s most historical regions.
  40. Fyn: Meaning “fair”.
  41. Gil: Meaning “joy”.
  42. Gilmore: Meaning “servant of (the virgin) Mary”.
  43. Gilroy: Meaning “king’s servant”.
  44. Gordan: Meaning “great hill”.
  45. Gordon: Meaning “great hill”.
  46. Graeme: Meaning “gray homestead”.
  47. Graham: Meaning “gray homestead”.
  48. Grant: Meaning “tall”.
  49. Gregor: Meaning “on the watch”.
  50. Gunn: Meaning “battle”.
  51. Hamish: Meaning “supplanter”.
  52. Hay: Meaning “lives by an enclosure”.
  53. Haye: Meaning “lives by an enclosure”.
  54. Hector: Meaning “to have”.
  55. Henderson: Meaning “son of Henry”.
  56. Houston: Meaning “town village”.
  57. Iagan: Meaning “little fire”.
  58. Iver: Meaning “archer”.
  59. Jackie: Meaning “God has been gracious”.
  60. Jamie: Meaning “supplanter
  61. Jamieson: Meaning “son the supplanter”.
  62. Jock: A Scottish variation of the name “Jack”.
  63. Keith: Meaning “woodland”.
  64. Kendrick: Meaning “royal ruler
  65. Kendrix: Meaning “royal ruler”.
  66. Kenneth: Meaning “handsome”.
  67. Kin: Meaning “top of the cliff”.
  68. Kirk: Meaning “church”.
  69. Laurence: Meaning “laurel”.
  70. Laurie: Meaning “crafty”.
  71. Leathan: Meaning “river”.
  72. Lewis: Along with Harris, Lewis forms the main island of the Outer Hebrides.
  73. Lockie: Meaning “from the fjord”.
  74. Lindsay: Meaning “lake”.
  75. Lyle: Meaning “island”.
  76. Mac: Meaning “child”.
  77. Mack: Meaning “child”.
  78. Magnus: Meaning “great”.
  79. Malcolm: Meaning “devotee of Saint Columba”.
  80. Mitchell: Meaning “big man”.
  81. Murray: Meaning “sea settlement”.
  82. Naughton: Meaning “pure”.
  83. Neilan: Meaning “champion”.
  84. Ossian: Meaing “stag”.
  85. Rae: Meaning “shy”.
  86. Ramsay: After the ancient Scottish city of Hramsa.
  87. Ray: Meaning “grace”.
  88. Reed: Meaning “red”.
  89. Ritchie: Meaning “power”.
  90. Robert: Meaning “bright”.
  91. Robertson: Meaning “son of the bright one”.
  92. Rodrick: Meaning “famed ruler”.
  93. Ronald: Meaning “wise ruler”.
  94. Ross: Meaning “peninsula”.
  95. Rosston: Meaning “red”.
  96. Roy: Meaning “red”.
  97. Sandy: Another name that’s short for Alexander.
  98. Scott: Meaning “from Scotland”.
  99. Sinclair: Meaning “renowned”.
  100. Stewart: Meaning “household guardian”.
  101. Teigue: Meaning “poet”.
  102. Todd: Meaning “fox”.
  103. Torion: Meaning “from the craggy hills”.
  104. Torrence: Meaning “little hills”.
  105. Tyree: Meaning “carpenter”.
  106. Wallace: This could be a nod to Scottish hero William Wallace.

How about Scottish Gaelic boy names?

Scottish Gaelic is a Celtic language native to Scotland.

Although it’s not as widely spoken as it once was (only 57,000 out of 5 million are fluent), it’s still a hugely important part of Scottish culture, particularly in the Highlands and Islands.

Gaelic’s influence can also be seen across a variety of popular Scottish names.

Here are a few Scottish Gaelic boy names we think you’ll like:

  1. Angus: Meaning “one strength,” Angus is the English version of the Gaelic name Aonghus. A trendy choice, it can be shortened to the infinitely cute “Gus.” And if you have more general Celtic roots, Angus pops up in Irish mythology – Aonghus was the god of love and youth.
  2. Callen: Solid, dependable, strong, this one simply means “rock.”
  3. Innes: A variation on the Gaelic spelling of the word “Innis,” meaning “island,” the name Innes means “from the river island.” It was initially a clan name long before it became a first name. It’s not a well-known name in the US, so if you’re looking for a truly unique name, this could be it.
  4. Struan: A name growing in popularity in Scotland, Struan (“stream”) is another that’s little known in the States. We think it’s time that changed.

There you have it! Some of the best Scottish boy names for your bonnie little lad.

Or, if you want a second, third, or fourth opinion, share your current favorite names with your fellow mamas-to-be on Peanut.

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