A Long List of Short Baby Girl Names and Meanings

A Long List of Short Baby Girl Names and Meanings

When you become a mama, one of your first (of many) responsibilities is to choose your little one’s name. Why not keep it simple with a timeless pick from our collection of short baby girl names.

Short baby girl names are always popular with parents, especially if your last name is long or you want a name that’s going to be easy for your new baby’s sibling to pronounce.

And as a bonus, short names are easier to learn how to spell, so your child might be writing their name in no time.

We’ve got 151 names on our list.

They’re snappy, memorable, full of meaning, and represent countries from around the world.

Take a look and see if any of these catch your eye.

Blink, and you might miss them entirely. 😉

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  • What is a good short girl name?
  • What are some special short baby names?
  • What is a cool 2 letter name?
  • What is a 3 letter name for a girl?
  • What is a 4 letter cute name for a girl?
  • What are some simple names for girls?

What is a good short girl name?

What short names lack in syllables, they more than make up for in style.

Short baby girl names carry chic minimalist energy in spades.

From Cara to Tora, these popular short names for girls are a shining example that sometimes less truly is more:

  1. Abby: Of Hebrew origin meaning “my father’s joy”.
  2. Alice: Meaning “noble and kind”.
  3. Amy: A Latin girl’s name meaning “beloved”.
  4. Ann or Anna: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “gracious” or “God has favored me”.
  5. Cara: Meaning “dear” or “friend”.
  6. Cindy: A Greek name for “moon”.
  7. Claire: A Latin name meaning “bright”.
  8. Ella: Of Hebrew origin meaning “other Goddess”.
  9. Elsa: A form of Elisabeth meaning “consecrated to God”.
  10. Emma: A German girl’s name meaning “whole or universal”.
  11. Jenna: Of English origin meaning “fair spirit”.
  12. Jolie: Meaning “pretty”. Of French origin.
  13. Kate or Katy: Of English origin meaning “pure”.
  14. Kelly: A German name meaning “farm by the spring”.
  15. Kerry: Meaning “free person”. The Celtic form of Carol.
  16. Liv: A Scandinavian name meaning “defense”.
  17. Mila: Slavic for “gracious”.
  18. Mina: A German name meaning “love”.
  19. Misha: A Russian form of Michelle meaning “who is like God?”.
  20. Nika: A Greek name meaning “victory”.
  21. Olga: A Scandinavian name meaning “blessed”.
  22. Rio: A Spanish name meaning “river”.
  23. Sandy: Of Greek origin meaning “protector”.
  24. Sol: A Spanish name for the “sun”.
  25. Tara: A Celtic girl’s name meaning “tower or crag”.
  26. Tora: This Japanese name means “tiger”. 🐯
  27. Vera: A Latin name meaning “true”.
  28. Xing: A Chinese name meaning “star”. ⭐️
  29. Xiu: A Chinese name meaning “elegant”.
  30. Zofi: Of Greek origin meaning “wisdom”.

What are some special short baby names?

In search of short unique girl names that capture the soul of your little peanut in less than two syllables?

Not only do these names standout from the crowd; they’re fun to say and easy to remember.

Plus their meanings are pretty special too…

  1. Lux: Meaning “light”.
  2. Enid: A Welsh name for “soul” or “life”.
  3. Devi: An Indian girl’s name meaning “goddess”.
  4. Juno: Of Latin origin meaning “queen of heaven”. Juno was the Roman mythology equivalent of Hera, wife of Zeus.
  5. Ari: An Arabic name meaning “brings rain”.
  6. Rhea: A Greek name meaning “river”.
  7. Sana: An Arabic name meaning “brilliance”.
  8. Maya: A Sanskrit name for “illusion”.
  9. Noe: A Polonysian name meaning “mist of heaven”.
  10. Luz: Of Spanish origin meaning “light”.
  11. Ura: An Indian name meaning “the heart”. ❤️
  12. Nava: Meaning “lovely”.
  13. Risa: Of Latin origin meaning “laughter”.
  14. Aila: Meaning “blessed”.
  15. Hera: A Greek mythological name meaning “queen”.
  16. Rumi: Meaning “beauty”.
  17. Yuna: A Japanese name meaning “kindness”.
  18. Vida: Meaning “life”.
  19. Tiva: A Native American name meaning “dance”.

What is a cool 2 letter name?

Just because a name is to the point doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch.

Though often the (super) shortform of popular girl names, our chosen 12 mini monikers stand strong on their own two, erm, letters:

  1. Jo: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  2. Meaning “good” or “muse” in Irish.
  3. Di: A shortform of Diana meaning “divine”.
  4. Ab: Originally an Arabic boy’s name, we think any woman is capable of pulling off its baddass meaning of “lion”. 🦁
  5. Fe: Meaning “faith” in Spanish.
  6. Cy: Meaning “sun”.
  7. Bo: A gender-neutral Scandinavian name meaning “to live”.
  8. Ye: A Ghanian girl’s name meaning “the first born of twins”.
  9. Ai: Meaning “love” or “affection”. Japanese in origin.
  10. Ty: Meaning “to cover” or “earth”.
  11. Ro: Meaning “red-haired”.
  12. Ji: Korean in origin, Ji means “intellectual” or “wise”.

What is a 3 letter name for a girl?

Three-letter girl names carry the sleek appeal of the svelt two-letter name with the pleasing two-syllable sound of a four-letter title.

Not only is three a magic number, it’s a happy medium in short name circles.

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Ava: A Latin name meaning “to live”.
  2. Liz: Of Hebrew origin meaning “God is my oath”.
  3. Oti: Meaning “wealth”.
  4. Pia: A Latin name meaning “pious or reverent”.
  5. Eva: Of Hebrew origin meaning “life”.
  6. Uma: Of Hebrew origin meaning “nation”.
  7. Ivy: Like the ivy plant. This name is also great for Christmas babies.
  8. Aya: Meaning “colorful” or “miracle”.
  9. Joy: Of Latin origin meaning “happiness”.
  10. Asa: Meaning “healer”.
  11. Gia: Of Italian origin meaning “God is gracious”.
  12. Ada: A German girl’s name meaning “noble one”.
  13. Sky: For a little one who’s going to have her head in the clouds.
  14. Mia: A Scandinavian name meaning “dear”.
  15. Ila: Meaning “from the island”.
  16. Una: Of Latin origin meaning “one”.
  17. Fay: Meaning “fairy”. French in origin.
  18. Jia: A Chinese name meaning “family or kin”.
  19. Zoe: Of Greek origin meaning “life”.

What is a 4 letter cute name for a girl?

Sweet, neat, and utterly cute – four-letter girl names boast surprisingly powerful meanings.

Don’t let their petit demeanor fool you, these short baby girl names are pretty and strong:

  1. Ally: Of Greek origin, meaning “noble”, “bright”, or “famous”.
  2. Anya: This Russian form of Anna means “gracious”.
  3. Asia: Of Greek origin, meaning “east”.
  4. Bree: Of Irish origin meaning “noble”.
  5. Dawn: The start of a new day.
  6. Mara: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “bitter”.
  7. Eden: Meaning “paradise”.
  8. Hana: A Japanese name meaning “flower”.
  9. Gwen: Meaning “holy” or “blessed”.
  10. Isla: A Scottish girl’ls name meaning “island”.
  11. Jana: Of Slavic origin meaning “God’s gracious gift”.
  12. Kodi: An American name meaning “helpful”.
  13. Kuri: A Japanese name meaning “chestnut”.
  14. Lexi: Meaning “defender of man”.
  15. Liza: Meaning “God’s oath”.
  16. Lola: Of Spanish origin, meaning “strong woman”. 💪
  17. Luna: This is Latin for “moon”.
  18. Myla: Of English origin, Myla means “soldier”.
  19. Nala: Of African origin, meaning “successful”.
  20. Nova: A Latin name meaning “new”.
  21. Rain: An English weather name.
  22. Raya: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “friend”.
  23. Shae: A Gaelic name meaning “admirable”.
  24. Sora: A Japanese name meaning “sky”.
  25. Suki: A Japanese name meaning “beloved”.
  26. Suri: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “princess”.
  27. Vida: A Spanish name meaning “life”.
  28. Viva: A Latin name meaning “alive”.
  29. Yoko: A Japanese name meaning “good and positive”.
  30. Zara: Of English origin referring to “a blooming flower”.
  31. Zuma: Of Arabic origin meaning “peace”.

What are some simple names for girls?

Even the simplest short female names have beautiful meanings behind them.

  1. Ziv: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “brilliance” or “light of God”.
  2. Alma: A modern name meaning “nourished and kind”.
  3. Bay: An Old English name meaning “bathe”.
  4. Raven: A classic gothic baby name meaning “dark-haired”.
  5. Brooke: Of English origin, meaning “stream”.
  6. Becca, Becky: A Hebrew form of Rebecca meaning “tied”.
  7. Beth: A form of Elizabeth meaning “consecrated to God”.
  8. Della: Of German origin, meaning “nobility”.
  9. Dora: Of Greek origin, meaning “gift”.
  10. Eve, Evie: Of English origin “life”.
  11. Faith: Along with Hope, this is one of the most common virtue names.
  12. Grace: A Latin name meaning “God’s grace”.
  13. Iris: Of Greek origin meaning “rainbow”, and also a beautiful flower.
  14. Jade: Of English origin, referring to the precious stone.
  15. Daisy: An English flower name.
  16. Jill: Of Latin origin, meaning “girl”.
  17. Julie: A Latin name meaning “youthful”.
  18. June: Relating to the sixth month of the year.
  19. Kim: Of English origin, meaning “royal fortress”.
  20. Kitty: Of Greek origin, meaning “little cat”. 🐈‍
  21. Lily: Of Greek origin referencing the flower.
  22. Lisa: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “consecrated to God”.
  23. Lucy: Of English origin, meaning “of the light”.
  24. Maggie: Meaning “child of light”.
  25. Molly: An old nickname for Mary meaning “of the sea”.
  26. Nell: Of Greek origin, meaning ‘light’.
  27. Nora: Meaning “honorable one”.
  28. Oona: Meaning “one”.
  29. Oria: A Greek name meaning “from the Orient”.
  30. Paige: A French name meaning “assistant”.
  31. Rosa or Rose: Named for the most famous flower in the world. 🌹
  32. Ruth: Meaning “friend”.
  33. Sarah: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “princess”.
  34. Sasha: Of Greek origin, meaning “protector”.
  35. Tess: A short version of Teresa or Esther, meaning “summer”.
  36. Thea: Meaning “gift from God”.
  37. Tori: A Japanese name meaning “bird”. 🦅
  38. Vicky: Of Latin origin meaning “victory”
  39. Yori: A Japanese name meaning “reliable”.
  40. Zadie: Of Arabic origin, meaning “prosperous”.

They say that good things come in small packages, and names are no exception.

The simplicity, rhythm, and tone of these short baby girl names might be perfect for your little one.

And why not check out our long list of short boy names as well?

Or better yet, tap in with the Peanut community – there’s always a baby name brainstorm in session.

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