Signs You're Having a Boy: Bona Fide or Baloney?

Signs You're Having a Boy: Bona Fide or Baloney?

The moment people find out you’re pregnant, their first question is often, “Do you know what you’re having?”

(Well, hopefully, a baby. 😉)

Even if you’re choosing to keep the sex of your baby a surprise, you might be curious if there are any signs you’re having a boy, like old wives’ tales about predicting baby’s sex.

Are any of them reliable?

Let’s find out. 🔎

In this article: 📝

  • Signs you’re pregnant with a boy: Old wives’ tales
  • Are there other signs you’re having a baby boy?
  • Signs you are pregnant with a boy: What the science says.
  • How do you find out baby’s sex?

Signs you’re pregnant with a boy: Old wives’ tales

There are a bunch of old wives’ tales about how to guess the sex of your baby.

So don’t be surprised if you find people staring at your bump, trying to make predictions based on its shape.

(Yep, that’s a popular one.)

Read about this theory and more in our list of “signs” you’re having a boy.

Not a lot of science, but definitely a lot of fun!

1. Asking a-round?

Is your baby bump particularly round?

Party in front and nothing happening at the back?

Well, supposedly, this means you’re carrying a baby boy.

Actually, the shape of your bump is more likely down to the size and position of your baby and the unique make-up of your own particular body.

2. The nipple test

Darker nipples are also said to be one of the symptoms you’re having a boy.

But really, most nipples get larger and darker in pregnancy.

But it’s not usually permanent, reassures embryologist Navya Muralidhar: “nipple darkening is often temporary and tend to lighten after pregnancy and breastfeeding”.

Why? Well, as with many aspects of pregnancy (and, let’s face it, womanhood), it’s hormones at work here.

It’s also suggested that darker nipples are easier for your baby to see when it’s time to breastfeed.

Evolution in action!

3. Take this one with a grain of salt.

If you’re craving salty foods and more protein, you may hear that means you’re having a baby boy.

Apparently, being pregnant with a girl means you’ll crave sweet things.

Now while we can’t find any real science to back this up, you’re welcome to use it as an excuse to order those extra fries. 🍟

Navya explains that there could be another reason for your cravings: “this could just be your body’s way of indicating any nutritional needs”.

4. Your partner’s bump

If your partner doesn’t gain any weight during your pregnancy — hey! — you’re carrying a boy.

(And, you guessed it, if they do, it’s a girl.)

But nope.

It’s just probably more likely that they, too, have a craving for fries 😉.

5. You’re glowing!

You’re basking in that pregnancy glow everyone always talks about, with lush hair and clear, radiant skin.

So you must be having a boy!

The myth goes that girl babies steal their mama’s beauty.

This one is baloney for sure — and not very kind.

We suggest it goes the way of the phrase “geriatric pregnancy.”

Check out our #renamingrevolution to see why the words we use matter.

6. You’ve escaped the worst of the pregnancy nausea!

It’s often said that one of the early signs you’re having a boy is that you don’t have to suffer bad bouts of pregnancy nausea.

Interestingly, some studies suggest this may be true (read more below).

7. The slower beating of your little one’s heart.

Is your baby’s heart rate under 140 beats per minute?

The knitting circles love to claim this is a sign to expect a boy.

But this one has been shown to be baloney.

8. You can puzzle it out.

You get an even number when combining your age at conception with the number of the month you conceived.

While it may be a fun way to pass the time, unfortunately, this is not a calculation that will yield trustworthy results.

9. Skull theory

This is the idea that, when measured on scans, your baby’s skull shape and size can tell you their sex.

Larger, blockier skulls belong to boy babies.

Many mamas swear by it, but science does not, with no evidence to back this one up.

10. A head start?

If you find yourself having more headaches during pregnancy, the thought is that this is the boy hormones fighting with your own.

Pregnancy headaches can certainly result from all that is going on in your body right now — but they’re not about your baby’s sex.

11. Your hair is getting ambitious.

Do you find yourself shaving more than usual?

Some believe faster-growing leg hair is a sign of a boy.

Probably because men are assumed to be hairier than women 🤷‍♀️.

But again, science is not a believer.

12. Right breast bigger than the left?

Supposedly if one of your boobs is a different size from the other, it can tell you your baby’s sex.

A melon on the right and a peach on the left?

You’re supposedly having a boy.

We’re afraid this one’s a bit of a (booby) trap.

Many women have different-sized breasts, and pregnancy can make this more obvious.

Are there other signs you’re having a baby boy?

Then there are some really odd ones.

Bright yellow urine, a pillow that faces north, and sleeping on your left side are all noted as signs you’re having a boy.

But doctors think not.

There are also a whole lot of “tests” you can apparently do at home to predict the sex of your babe.

(Spoiler alert: they involve everything from red cabbage to baking soda.)

And while they leave a lot to be desired in terms of scientific accuracy, on a slow afternoon at home, they could be a good laugh — not to mention the baby shower games they could inspire!

Read all about them here.

Signs you are pregnant with a boy: What the science says.

When it comes to what science tells us, there are some studies that have some interesting things to say.

This 2017 study suggests that mamas who are pregnant with girls show a heightened inflammatory response to some gut bacteria.

This may be a reason why girl mamas are thought to have more severe pregnancy nausea than those carrying boys.

Another study suggests the same.

It showed that Hyperemesis Gravidarum — severe nausea and vomiting — is more common amongst girl mamas.

Super interesting food for thought, but more research is needed to be sure.

It’s also believed that how stressed you are before you get pregnant may impact the sex of the baby.

This 2012 study suggests that if you’re super chilled, you’re more likely to have a boy.

If this is what you’re hoping for, it’s as good an excuse as any to take a vacation. 😉

How do you find out baby’s sex?

Most experts recommend that if you’re wanting to find out the sex of your baby, an IVF gender test (if you’re undergoing IVF) or the 20-week anatomy scan is your best bet.

If you’re having NIPT (noninvasive prenatal testing) or CVS (chorionic villus sampling) for certain genetic differences, you’ll also be able to ask about your baby’s sex.

Otherwise, have some fun with guessing!

Whatever the sex, you’re about to meet one of the great loves of your life. 💜

And if you want to share your news with other moms-to-be or find your Bump Buddy, you’re always welcome to join our Peanut Community.

We know you’ll fit right in.


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