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100 Space Baby Names for Boys & Girls

2 years ago8 min read
Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Sometimes you want a name that’s a little different. Space baby names – inspired by the moon and stars, galaxies and planets – could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Space Baby Names

Here, we’re taking you on an intergalactic journey through awesome, inspiring, and cool space names for girls and boys. Let’s find you a baby name that’s as unique as your little one.

Fasten up! It’s time for take-off.

In this article 📝

  • What are some cool space names?
  • What are good moon names?
  • Space names for girls from stars and constellations
  • Other space names for girls
  • Star names for boys
  • More space baby names for any gender

What are some cool space names?

Any space name is pretty cool. Here are some of our favorites – inspired by everything in our solar system and beyond.

Let’s start close to home, with moon names.

What are good moon names?

The Moon has long provided inspiration for cultures all over the Earth. A good Moon name could be exactly what you’re looking for for your little one.

  1. Selene – The ancient Greek god of the Moon. Selena is a popular variation, or you could try Celena for something a little more unique.
  2. Luna – The Roman goddess of the Moon. Her name makes a beautiful name today.
  3. Diana – This Roman goddess became associated with Luna. Diana is an elegant name meaning moon.
  4. Jericho – The ancient city in Palestine, its name comes from the Hebrew word yareakh, meaning moon.
  5. Aylin – A Turkish name meaning moon halo. We love it.
  6. Jacira – It comes from two words from the Brazilian Tupi language, meaning honey and moon. A beautiful combination.
  7. Moon – Obvious, but not to be overlooked! It could be the perfect unique name for a baby of any gender.

And from the Moon to the moons, here are some more moon names for inspiration:

  1. Callisto – One of the moons of Jupiter, it means most beautiful.
  2. Helene – A moon of Saturn, and a classic girl name.
  3. Portia – A moon of Uranus and a character from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.
  4. Calypso – Another of Saturn’s moons.
  5. Titan – The largest of Saturn’s 82 moons. It means one that is gigantic in size or power, and it’s the name of the family of early gods in Greek mythology.
  6. Elara – One of Jupiter’s moons, and a unique space name for girls.
  7. Atlas – Another moon of Saturn.

Space names for girls from stars and constellations

Let’s continue our journey through space baby names. We say these are for girls, but space knows no distinctions between genders. If a name feels right, it’s right – whatever the gender.

  1. Alya – The name comes from the Arabic meaning fat tail of a sheep. Ignoring that, it’s the beautiful name of a star.
  2. Andromeda – A constellation and an ancient Greek name.
  3. Bianca – Meaning white.
  4. Cassiopeia – Both a constellation and an ancient Greek queen. Elegant and unique.
  5. Ceres – A baby planet and a Roman goddess of corn. A lovely gentle name.
  6. Columba – Noah’s dove.
  7. Cordelia – From Welsh meaning jewel of the sea, Cordelia is a moon of Uranus.
  8. Cressida – A mythical literary lover and a moon of Uranus.
  9. Europa – A moon of Jupiter.
  10. Faye – A crater on the Moon, and a sweet and simple name.
  11. Juliet – A space name for girls? Yep, a satellite of Uranus.
  12. Larissa – A Greek nymph.
  13. Leda – A character from Greek mythology.
  14. Libra – Star sign and constellation. Check out more Libra baby names here.
  15. Lyra – A constellation representing the lyre, a musical instrument.
  16. Maia – The goddess of spring in ancient Rome.
  17. Miranda – Worthy of admiration.
  18. Nova – An exploding star.
  19. Ophelia – A beautiful ancient English name.
  20. Pandora – All gifted. The mythical figure with a famous box and a teeny-tiny moon of Saturn.
  21. Phoebe – Bright, shining.
  22. Rhea – Meaning flowing, Rhea was the mother of Zeus.
  23. Titania – A feminine version of Titan, she’s the Queen of the Fairies – and a moon of Uranus.
  24. Venus – She probably needs no introduction, Venus is our planetary neighbor.
  25. Vesta – The Roman goddess of the home.

Other space names for girls

  1. Alula – From the Celtic meaning embodied with celestial wisdom.
  2. Astra – From the Latin meaning star. It could be perfect.
  3. Astrid – Not actually a space name, but it recalls ‘astra’ above. It’s really a Scandinavian baby name meaning divinely beautiful.
  4. Aurora – The Roman goddess of dawn.
  5. Celeste – A name meaning celestial.
  6. Estella – Meaning star in Latin, it’s one of the most elegant space names for girls out there.
  7. Esther – A Persian girl name meaning star.
  8. Gaia – A spaceship and the Greek goddess of the Earth.
  9. Juno – The queen of the Greek gods, and a spacecraft.
  10. Leia – The princess from Star Wars. Why not? It’s a lovely name.
  11. Nevaeh – Heaven spelt backwards.
  12. Sally – Fun fact: Sally Ride was the first woman in space.
  13. Sidra – An Arabic word meaning goddess of the stars.
  14. Sitara – From Sanskrit meaning morning star.
  15. Soleil – A French word meaning the sun.
  16. Starling – Not strictly a space name, but it sounds like one. It’s the English name of a bird.
  17. Stella – From the Latin meaning star.
  18. Sunshine – My only sunshine.

Star names for boys

Now for some boy names inspired by the stars. We hope you find a name that’s just perfect!

  1. Aldrin – From an Old English word meaning old and wise ruler. Or from Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon. A name for real explorers.
  2. Apollo – The Greek god of sunlight – and one of the world’s most famous space rockets.
  3. Armstrong – Neil Armstrong needs no introduction. He’s got a last name that makes a wonderful star name for boys.
  4. Astro – Like the girls’ equivalent, Astra, Astro means star.
  5. Buzz – Lightyear and Aldrin. Name your little one after the legends of space.
  6. Galileo – History’s most important astronomer. We’re surprised this name’s not used more!
  7. Glenn – An astronaut and a spacecraft – and a simple, one-syllable name.
  8. Hercules – Greek hero and star. Could you get a stronger name?
  9. Jupiter – The biggest planet in our solar system.
  10. Leo – A constellation and a cute name.
  11. Meteor – Tiny things zooming through space. The perfect name for a baby boy!
  12. Neil – A great Scottish boy name. Oh, and the first man on the Moon.
  13. Oberon – The King of the Fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and a moon of Uranus.
  14. Orion – A constellation.
  15. Pallas – One of the biggest asteroids out there.
  16. Perseus – Greek legend and constellation.
  17. Pluto – Does it count as a planet? Does it matter? It’s a wonderfully original name for a boy.
  18. Pollux – A star in the sky.
  19. Sirius – Everyone’s favorite Harry Potter character? That’s a debate for another day. A great name for a little star.
  20. Spock – A name for a baby with the best eyebrows in the universe.
  21. Vulcan – Another nod to Star Trek, but also a Greek god of volcanoes.

More space baby names for any gender

And to wrap things up, here are some names that are great for a baby of any gender.

  1. Ariel
  2. Aries
  3. Cielo
  4. Comet
  5. Cosmo
  6. Eclipse
  7. Eden
  8. Galaxy
  9. Halley
  10. Halo
  11. Infinity
  12. Meridian
  13. Neptune
  14. Rocket
  15. Sky
  16. Solar
  17. Solstice
  18. Starr
  19. Trek
  20. Vega
  21. Virgo
  22. Zenith

That’s our list of space baby names! We hope you’ve found the perfect fit for your little star. 🌟

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