100 Spanish Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings

100 Spanish Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings

We’ll start with an apology. We’re about to make your life very difficult by showing you these Spanish girl names.

Let us explain.

Choosing a baby name is hard work.

Namely narrowing the names down to ✨ the one. ✨

You’ll mull them over, say them out loud, run them past your loved ones, decide, undecide.

And then we come along with 100 more gems packed with meaning and beauty.

But there are so many beautiful Spanish names for girls.

We know.

So, we apologize.

But also, you’re welcome.

Because once you see the cute, unique, and badass names we’ve gathered, you’ll thank us later.

Challenge excepted?

Let’s get into it!

In this article: 📝

  • What is the most popular female name in Spain?
  • What are some badass Spanish girl names?
  • What is a cute Spanish name?
  • What is the best Spanish name for a girl?

What is the most popular female name in Spain?

There are 21 countries in the world that have Spanish as their official language — and it is spoken in many more.

The Hispanic population is spread throughout the world.

And whether you’re part of this community or simply have a sincere appreciation for it, Spanish girl names are steeped in history, twinkling with musicality, and power-packed with meaning.

In the interest of keeping our list concise — we have 200 more — we’ll kick off in Spain.

Note: While not all of these names are of Spanish origin, they are popular in Spain at the moment.

  1. Alyson: Related to Alice and Alison, it means “noble”.
  2. Amelie: From Germanic roots, it means “work” but in Urdu, Amelia means “princess”. Balance is always best!
  3. Andrea: This name evolved from Alexandria and means “virile”.
  4. Anna: Meaning “grace”, “beauty”, or “favor”. Leave your little lady in no doubt of your adoration.
  5. Arya: Before becoming the favorite GOT heroine, Arya boasted strictly Indian and Persian origins and means “noble one”. But we know, she will be so much more.
  6. Bianca: Meaning “pure”.
  7. Calie: Meaning “beautiful”.
  8. Carolina: Meaning “song of joy”. 🎶
  9. Clara: Meaning “clear” or “bright”.
  10. Cloe: Meaning “blooming”. 🌼
  11. Dani: Meaning “God is my judge”.
  12. Elëa: A shortened form of Eleanore, which means “sun ray”.
  13. Elena: Meaning “shining light”. 🌟
  14. Ella: Meaning “young girl”.
  15. Elyana: Meaning “God has answered”.
  16. Émie: Meaning “universal” or “whole”.
  17. Emilie: This name sounds so beautiful and has a rather interesting meaning—”rival”. A name for a young activist ready to take on the world perhaps?
  18. Eva: Meaning “life”. 🌱
  19. Freddi: Gaining in popularity as a girl’s name, Freddi means “the peaceful ruler”. 👑
  20. Hanna: Meaning “happiness” or “flower”. 💐
  21. Isabella: The Spanish version of Elizabeth, this ever-popular name means “devoted to God”.
  22. Julia: This name appears everywhere from Shakespeare to the saints. Of Roman origin, it comes from descendants of the house of Julius. And if that’s too far back to contemplate, the name also has connotations of “youthfulness”.
  23. Kelia: Meaning “chapel”.
  24. Lara: Meaning “protection”.
  25. Lea: From the Hebrew Leah, this name has a bunch of meanings: “pasture”, “delicate”, and “weary”.
  26. Léana: Meaning “to wrap yourself around something”.
  27. Lily: Meaning “purity and innocence”.
  28. Lina: Meaning “a ray of sunshine”. ☀️
  29. Luna: Meaning “moon”. 🌙
  30. Lyana: Meaning “God has answered”.
  31. Maëlle: Meaning “princess”. 👸🏽
  32. Maliah: Meaning “star of the sea”. ⭐🌊 (Maliah also means “rebellious”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)
  33. Maya: Of Hebrew origin, Maya means “water”.
  34. Mia: Meaning “my” or “mine”. For a girl who belongs only to herself.
  35. Mila: Short for the Spanish name Milagros, meaning “miracles”. In Slavic languages, Mila means “dear”.
  36. Noa: Meaning “my love”.
  37. Nora: Meaning “honor”.
  38. Olivia: A name that never seems to go out of style, Olivia means “olive”. 🫒
  39. Robin: Meaning “fame” or “bright”.
  40. Ryan: Becoming increasingly popular as a girl’s name, Ryan translates as little king. 👑
  41. Sierra: Meaning “strength”—and the Spanish words for “saw” and “mountain range”.
  42. Sofía: Meaning “wisdom”.
  43. Talya: Meaning “heaven’s dew”.
  44. Zoe: Meaning “life”.

Spanish names don’t just reign in Spain.

Make sure you check out our list of 101 gorgeous Mexican names

What are some badass Spanish girl names?

There’s popular and then there’s edgy.

And we’re all for unapologetic and fearless at Peanut.

Pave the way for a future leader with one of these baddass Spanish gurl names – ahem, girl names (sorry):

  1. Alejandra: Meaning “defender of mankind”. No pressure, little one.
  2. Alysia: Meaning “entrancing”.
  3. Antonella: Meaning “first born”. Setting the bar.
  4. Fernanda: Meaning “adventurous and bold”.
  5. Francisca: Meaning “truthful”.
  6. Gabriela: Meaning “God is my strength”.
  7. Gloria: Quite simply: “glory”.
  8. Guadalupe. A title of the virgin Mary is “Our Lady of Guadalupe”—and Guadalupe translates as “valley of wolves”. Badassery abound!
  9. Jazmin: A contemporary Spanish version of Jasmine. It also means “Gift from God” in Arabic.
  10. Lucía: Meaning “light”. 💡
  11. Luisa: Meaning “famous warrior”. Go forth little one!
  12. Margarita: Yes, this name means more than the cocktail. In fact, in Spanish, it means “daisy”. Tequila on the other hand…
  13. Maria: A very popular name for “a wished-for child”.
  14. Martina: Meaning “warlike”.
  15. Regina: Meaning “Queen”. 👑 Feel free to call her Rey.
  16. Renata: Meaning “rebirth”.
  17. Rosa: Sweet as a “rose” but watch for those torns.🌹
  18. Silvia: Meaning “from the woods”.
  19. Teresa: Meaning “harvester”.
  20. Valeria: Meaning “strong and brave”. 💪🏽
  21. Veronica. This name comes with a range of powerful meanings: truth, purity, bringer of victory.
  22. Victoria: Meaning “success”. 🙌🏽

What is a cute Spanish name?

There’s no denying it, Spanish names for females are amongst the most beautiful.

Strong even.

And just the right amount of cool.

But what about the cuteness factor?


  1. Adelina: Meaning “noble”.
  2. Aurora: Meaning “the dawn”. 🌅
  3. Ava: Meaning “like a bird”, “voice” and “life”.
  4. Camila: Meaning “helper”. Also a legendary warrior from Virgil’s Aeneid.
  5. Catalina: Meaning “pure”.
  6. Esmeralda: Meaning “emerald”.
  7. Juana: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  8. Julieta: Meaning “little Julia” or “Jove’s child”. A name that keeps its sweetness through the ages.
  9. Leticia: Meaning “joy”. ✨
  10. Lola: From the Spanish name Dolores meaning “Lady of Sorrows” in honor of the Virgin Mary.
  11. Natalia: Meaning “Christmas day”. 🎄
  12. Paula: Meaning “humble” or “little”.
  13. Sara: Meaning “princess”. 👸🏽
  14. Stella: Meaning “star”. 🌟 Derived from Estrellita. Cute no?
  15. Yara. Meaning “small butterfly”. 🦋

And if you’re looking for Spanish baby girl names that are out of the ordinary, check out below.

What is the best Spanish name for a girl?

Correct us if we’re wrong but we think the best names are the most unique.

The ones that walk their own path, dance to their own drum, leave people wondering what does it mean?

Think baby will have the energy to take one of these in their stride?

  1. Aitana: Meaning “glory”.
  2. Alondra: Meaning “lark”.
  3. Eulalia: Of Greek origin, Eulalia means “well-spoken”.
  4. Hilaria: The Spanish version of Hilary, it means “cheerful”.
  5. Itzel: Meaning “star of the aurora sky”. 🌠 Well, that’s magnificent.
  6. Jimena: Meaning “heard”. 👂
  7. Malena: Meaning “woman of Magdala”.
  8. Triana: Meaning “third”.
  9. Vega: Meaning “swooping eagle”.
  10. Vera: Meaning “faith”.
  11. Yaël: Meaning “mountain goat”. 🐐 It also means “God’s strength”. Baby’s choice!
  12. Ximena: Meaning “one who hears”.

If you want the best of the best, you could always pop two Spanish girl names together for double the beauty and strength:

  1. Ana Paula
  2. Ana Sofia
  3. Maria Alejandra
  4. Maria Camila
  5. Maria Christina
  6. Maria Fernanda
  7. Maria Paula

And if you’re looking for Spanish names for boys, head here.

So what do you think?

One step closer to nailing down the perfect name.

You can always get a second opinion on Peanut.

Or a dozen more promising candidates!

It’s all part of the journey.

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