33 Meaningful Spiritual Baby Names

33 Meaningful Spiritual Baby Names

If you’re looking for a soulful name for your baby, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of spiritual baby names from around the world.
Did you know that many of the most popular names in the U.S. today have religious or spiritual significance?

Many of these names are inspired by Bible stories — like Noah for a boy or Abigail for a girl.

There are also lots of amazing options from other faiths and spiritual practices that might just be perfect for your little one.

If you want your peanut to have a name with a strong meaning, check out these spiritual names.

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  • Gender-neutral spiritual names
  • What name means soul?

Popular spiritual baby names

Most of the most popular spiritual baby names in the U.S. come from Hebrew words and famous figures from Jewish and Christian traditions.

  1. Noah: The name Noah comes from the Hebrew word “Noach,” meaning rest. It’s the name of the Biblical figure tasked with building the Ark. It’s a very popular name for little boys.
  2. Elijah: Meaning “Jehovah is my God” in Hebrew, this masculine name comes from a prophet in the Old Testament.
  3. Michael: This Hebrew boy’s name means “He who is like God.” Michael is one of the archangels in the Hebrew bible.
  4. Daniel: This biblical name can be traced back to the Old Testament, most notably the Book of Daniel. In this story, Daniel is known for continuing to hold onto his faith despite many hardships.
  5. Jacob: Jacob is an important Biblical figure from the Book of Genesis. His twelve sons gave their names to the twelve tribes of Israel.
  6. Levi: In the Old Testament, Levi was the son of Jacob and gave his name to one of the tribes of Israel, called the Levites. In Hebrew, Levi means “united,” “joined” or sometimes “joined in harmony.” (If you want to go in a strictly Biblical direction for your name, make sure to take a look at our massive list of Biblical names.)
  7. Olivia: This very popular name references the classic biblical metaphor of the olive branch, meaning peace.
  8. Abigail: This girl’s name means “cause of joy” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Abigail was a beautiful, intelligent woman.
  9. Sophia: Sophia is a Greek name meaning “wisdom.” It also calls to mind the Hagia Sophia, a Byzantine building in Turkey that is now a mosque but was previously a Greek Orthodox cathedral.
  10. Ava: This girl’s name is a variation on Eve or Eva — relating to the first woman created in the Bible.

What is a good spiritual name for a girl?

There are some beautiful spiritual girl names out there with a range of origins in Greek, Arabic and many other languages.

Or you might choose to name your little girl after a virtue you hope she might embody.

  1. Aisha: Aisha Mohammed was the third wife of the Prophet Mohammed. In Arabic, her name means “life.”
  2. Damaris: This Greek name means “calf” or “gentle.” In the Bible’s New Testament, Damaris was a woman from Athens known for her charitable nature.
  3. Grace: In the sixteenth century, the virtue name Grace was adopted by Puritan Christians to relate to divine grace and the love and kindness of God.
  4. Talitha: This lovely name comes from the Arabic/Aramaic word for “young girl.” In the Bible’s New Testament, Jesus raised a girl called Talitha from the dead.
  5. Fatimah: Fatimah is a popular name and one of the daughters of the prophet Mohammed.
  6. Pema: This Hindu name means lotus flower, and relates to the more familiar name Padma. It’s the name of a Buddhist nun Pema Chodron and the Dalai Lama’s sister, Jetsun Pema.

What is a good spiritual name for a boy?

Look no further for a unique spiritual boy name.

Whether it’s a Biblical place name or the name of a renowned saint, you’ll find something to suit your little one.

  1. Salem: This is a popular Arabic first name, meaning “safe.” It’s also a Biblical place name, and also the name of the town in Massachusetts known for its witch trials.
  2. Bardo: An interesting name with origins in Tibet, Germany, and Aboriginal cultures, Bardo means “water” and was also the name of Saint Bardo, a German Bishop.
  3. Gabriel: God’s messenger in the Bible is the angel Gabriel. The name means “God is my strength” in Hebrew.
  4. Loyal: “Loyal” is one of the few virtue names commonly used for boys.
  5. Tao: This is a Chinese word for the underlying spirituality of the universe, and makes a lovely spiritual name for a little boy.
  6. Deacon: Occupational names like Deacon, Bishop, and even Priest — related to Christian clergy roles — are gaining popularity.

Gender-neutral spiritual names

There are a lot of spiritual baby names that could be used for any gender.

Perhaps the name of a famous pope, one of Shakespeare’s sprites, or a Hindu god might inspire you?

  1. Clement: This Latin name means “mild” and “merciful,” and has been the name of fourteen popes and several Christian saints. It could be used for a boy or a girl, or you could try Clementine for a more feminine version.
  2. Ariel: Ariel is a male name in the Bible, meaning “lion of God.” Shakespeare also used it as the name of a male sprite in the Tempest. But it’s also the name of the main character in The Little Mermaid, so we think it could be used for any gender. (BTW, if this name takes you in an aquatic direction, have a look at our list of water names.)
  3. Krishna: While Krishna has long been popular as a boy’s name (it’s the name of the Hindu god), it can be used for any gender.
  4. Saint: This gender-neutral name comes from the Latin word sanctus, meaning “holy” or “sacred.” It’s also the name of Kim Kardashian’s second child.
  5. Christmas: While a little more popular for girls, you could choose this for a little boy born during the holidays.
  6. Eden: The enchanted garden where Adam and Eve were created by the hand of God, according to the Bible.

What name means soul?

Perhaps you’re looking for a name that relates to what makes us spiritual — our souls.

Here are a number of names meaning soul in different languages.

  1. Janan: “Soul” in Arabic.
  2. Aatma: “Soul” and “light of the lord” in Hindi.
  3. Can: “Spirit,” “life” and “soul” in Turkish.
  4. Enid: From the Welsh word enaid, which means “soul” and “life.”
  5. Ling: “Spirit” and “soul” in Chinese.

Whether you’re looking for a name related to a particular religion, or maybe something more broadly spiritual, we hope you’ve found lots of inspiration here.

Happy choosing!

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