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80 Strong Baby Boy Names (with Meanings)

2 years ago13 min read
Last updated: Jan 20 2023

On the hunt for the perfect strong baby boy name for your little man? Find your inspiration from our mega-list of 80 strong boy names.

80 Strong Baby Boy Names (with Meanings)

Your baby boy is your warrior, your protector ‒ kind, fearless, and perhaps a little rebellious.

So you need a name just as strong as your fierce little peanut.

In this article 📝

  • Top strong boy names for babies
  • What’s a badass name for a boy?
  • What is a unique name for a boy?
  • What names mean fearless for boys?
  • What are boy names that mean warrior?

Top strong boy names for babies

Whether you’ve just found out you’re having a boy, or you’re holding your newborn baby boy in your arms, you need a strong male name to inspire your little man for life.

We’ve got 80 powerful boy names so you can choose something strong and bold for your baby-to-be.

  1. Abelardo: (Ah-bell-arr-doh) A Spanish boy’s name meaning ‘noble’ and ‘strong’. Can also be shortened to the sweet nickname Abe.
  2. Ajax: (Ay-jacks) One of our favorite powerful boy names with Grecian roots meaning ‘eagle’.
  3. Aldric: (Awl-drik) One of many German masculine boy names, Aldric means ‘strong, mighty ruler’, and has roots in Old French.
  4. Alexander: A popular name meaning defender of the people in ancient Greek. Can be shortened to a myriad of strong baby boy names such as Zander, Xander, Xan, Lex, or Alex.
  5. Ande: (Ahn-deh) This baby boy will be a pillar of the community! A strong African boy’s name meaning ‘pillar’, Ande also means ‘manly and virile’ in Greek.
  6. Anders: A Scandinavian name that means ‘strong’, popular in Denmark and Sweden. Another variation would be Anderson. Can be shortened to Andy.
  7. Angus: Originally spelled Aonghus or Aenghus, Angus is one of the more popular Gaelic names that mean ‘strength’, as well as ‘force’ and ‘energy’. Angus also means ‘one choice’ ‒ perfect for the strong-willed baby boy.
  8. Armstrong: A more common surname that’s recently found its way as a masculine first name, Armstrong means (literally) ‘strong arms’. Who’d have thunk it?
  9. Arsenio: (Ahr-sen-ee-oh) A well-known Spanish and Italian boy’s name, Arsenio actually has roots in Greek, from the original name Arsenios, meaning ‘strong’ or ‘virile’.
  10. Aziel: (Ah-zee-el) or (Ay-zee-el) A powerful Biblical boy’s name meaning ‘God is my strength’ in Hebrew.
  11. Azim: A short but unforgettable boy’s name meaning ‘protector’ or ‘defender’ in Arabic.
  12. Barlas: A name we’re not so familiar with in our neck of the woods, but a popular boy’s name in Turkey. Barlas means ‘brave hero’ and ‘chivalrous’ in Turkey ‒ an inspirational name for your little peanut.
  13. Barrett: Another surname that’s transformed into a popular boy’s name, Barrett is a name that means ‘strength of a bear’ in Old German. Perfect for mama bear’s little cub!
  14. Bertrand: A strong but beautiful baby boy’s name meaning ‘shield’ or ‘bright shield’ in German.
  15. Chasin: (Chah-son) One of our top unique strong baby boy names, Chasin means ‘strong’ or ‘mighty’ in ancient Hebrew. Can also be shortened to the popular name Chase.
  16. Chidike: (Chee-dee-kay) A popular name in Nigeria, meaning ‘God is strong’ in Igbo.
  17. Conrad: A rugged German boy’s name meaning ‘brave, bold ruler’. For the baby boy who’s destined for great things!
  18. Conall: One of our top Irish baby names meaning ‘strong as a wolf’ ‒ perfect if your little peanut has a penchant for howling at the moon.
  19. Denzel: An Old English boy’s name from Cornwall, meaning ‘stronghold’. For the baby boy who you know will be steadfast (dare we say stubborn?).
  20. Duron: An interesting name with roots in French, meaning ‘strong’.
  21. Ebert: (ee-bert or eh-bert) A short-but-sweet baby boy name meaning ‘brave’ or ‘strong boar’ in Old German.
  22. Eric: One of the more well-known baby boy names that mean ‘strong’, this is a bold Norse name meaning ‘ever mighty’. Your baby-to-be will join the likes of famous Erics like Eric Clapton, Eric Bana, and Eric Idle.
  23. Ethan: (ee-than or eh-tan) A well-known boy’s name from the ancient Hebrew meaning ‘enduring’ and ‘strong’.
  24. Farrell: A heroic boy’s name meaning ‘courage’ or ‘courageous man’ in Irish.
  25. Farris: An Old English name meaning ‘strong as iron’. Or you could go for the slightly different spelling, Faris, meaning ‘knight’ in Arabic.
  26. Fergus or Ferguson: A strong Scottish boy’s name meaning ‘supreme man’ ‒ for the baby boy you hold in the highest esteem.
  27. Gabriel: A Biblical Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my strength’, an angelic name for the perfect bouncing baby boy.
  28. Garrett: An Irish name meaning ‘spear strength’ that once reigned at the top of the baby name charts, but has since dipped ‒ we think it’s due for a revival!
  29. Gibor or Gibbor: (gih-bohr or jhi-bohr) A courageous Hebrew name meaning ‘strong one’.
  30. Godric: Calling all Harry Potter fans! Godric is an old Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘power of God’, as well as the name of one of the fabled founders of Hogwarts, the ever-brave Godric Griffindor.
  31. Haile: (hi-lee) An unusual Amharic name from Ethiopia, meaning ‘power’ or ‘might’.
  32. Henrick: A bold English name meaning ‘strong ruler’, for the baby boy who you know will always take charge!
  33. Idris: A poetic, powerful Welsh name meaning ‘fiery leader’ or ‘prophet’. This strong baby boy name has been climbing the charts ever since a certain Idris Elba graced our screens. Easily one of our favorite boy names that mean ‘leader’.
  34. Imre: (ihm-ray) Popular in Hungary, this is one of the more bold boy’s names that mean ‘strength’.
  35. Jarek: (ya-rek or ja-rek) A tough Slavic boy’s name meaning ‘fierce’ or ‘strong’.
  36. Kawan: A confident boy’s name meaning ‘strong’ in Korean. Kawan also means ‘friend’ in Swahili ‒ ideal for a baby boy you know will be a loyal friend to all.
  37. Kendrick: An Old English name meaning ‘royal power’ or ‘fiery’, perfect for a baby boy with a shocking flame of bright red hair.
  38. Liam: Ideal for families with a Celtic or Gaelic background, this strong Irish name means ‘unwavering protector’.
  39. Limbani: A name most popular in Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia, this Chewa moniker means ‘be strong’, so your baby boy never forgets his inner strength.
  40. Makin: (mah-kin) A Muslim and Arabic baby boy name meaning ‘strong’ or ‘firm’.
  41. Maynard or Mainard: A name with roots in English, French and German meaning ‘strength’ and ‘bravery’.
  42. Nero: Sure, the Roman emperor Nero may not have the best steps for your baby boy to follow, but he’s certainly got one of the more strong Roman names, literally meaning ‘strong’ in Latin.
  43. Njord: (n-yor-d) If your baby boy is born into a sea-faring family, or by the sea, Njord is the perfect strong name. From the Norse word meaning ‘strong’, Njord was also the Norse god of the sea.
  44. Oswald: This name hasn’t appeared on our charts of the top baby boy names recently, but we think it’s due to soon. Oswald means ‘divine power’ in Old English, and can be shortened to Oz, which is super-cute!
  45. Pruitt: (prew-it) This gender-neutral name comes from the Old French word ‘proux’ meaning ‘brave’ and ‘valiant’. Plus, Pru (or Prew) is a lovely nickname.
  46. Quinlan: Another name for both baby boys and girls, Quinlan is an Irish name meaning ‘strong’ and ‘fit’. Can be shortened to Quin.
  47. Richard: If you’re after a popular strong boy’s name, Richard is perfect! From the Old German word for ‘brave ruler’, Richard can also be shortened to Rick or Rich.
  48. Sasha: From the Greek word for protector, this gender-neutral name works for boys, girls, and they-bies!
  49. Sisu: A popular name in Finland meaning ‘strength’, ‘willpower’ and ‘tenacity’, so your baby boy knows they have all the determination they’ll ever need.
  50. Stark: The Starks were the steadfast rulers of Winterfell in the hit series Game of Thrones, and with no surprise: Stark means ‘strong’ in German and ‘unyielding’ in Scottish and English.
  51. Tedmond or Tedmund: One of our favorite boy’s names meaning ‘protector’, Tedmond is an Old English name meaning ‘protector of the land’. Strong nicknames include Ted, Teddy, and even Mondo.
  52. Uzziah: (oo-zye-ah) The tenth King of Judea, Uzziah is also an ancient Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my strength’ or ‘God is my power’.
  53. Valentine: Not only a romantic name (perfect for babies born on or around St Valentine’s Day), Valentine comes from the Roman family name Valentinus, meaning ‘strong’.
  54. Valerian: (vah-lehr-ee-un) Another bold Latin name, Valerian means ‘strong’ or ‘healthy’. Valerian is also a tall plant that can help people sleep ‒ here’s hoping your baby boy is a good sleeper!
  55. Warrick: An Old German baby boy name meaning ‘defending leader’ or ‘strong ruler’. Can also be spelled as the Old English Warwick, which means ‘buildings by the weir’ or ‘from the county of Warwickshire’.
  56. William: There’s a whole host of famous Williams to inspire your baby boy. William is a strong German name meaning ‘protector who is willing’ or ‘fierce warrior’. There’s also lots of great nicknames for William: Will, Bill, Billy, and Liam.
  57. Xabat: (zah-bat) A Spanish name meaning ‘savior’, for the baby boy that changed your life.
  58. Yashvir or Yashveer: An Indian baby boy name meaning ‘brave’ and ‘glorious’, for the baby who’s a shining light.
  59. Zale: A name for babies born by the sea, Zale means ‘strength of the sea’ in Greek.

What’s a badass name for a boy?

If you’re looking for badass boy names, we’ve got you covered!

Give your baby boy the edge with one of our rugged boy’s names and bold names for boys:

  1. Amell: (ah-mel) A Germanic name meaning ‘power of the eagle’, if you’re looking for badass names, you can’t do much better.
  2. Griffin: For something with a little more mythical meaning, Griffin is a Welsh name (also spelled Gruffudd), meaning ‘strong prince’. The griffin is also the legendary half-eagle, half-lion beast, known for fiercely guarding prized possessions.
  3. Kenzo: A Japanese name meaning ‘strong’ and ‘healthy’, Kenzo is also a fashion brand admired by the likes of Jay Z, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Lorde.
  4. Leonard or Leonidas: Who can forget the Spartan king and all-round badass, Leonidas, from the film 300? Not only are Leonidas and Leonard rooted in strong Greek history, but they also mean ‘strength of the lion’ in German.
  5. Thor: One of the most badass names in the Marvel Universe! Grant your baby boy the gift of the strongest name in Norse mythology, along with the power to wield the mighty hammer, Mjölnir. Thor means ‘thunderous’ in ancient Norse, so this name would be perfect for a baby with an impressive set of lungs!

What is a unique name for a boy?

Want your baby boy to stand out from the crowd with one of our strong boy names?

Here are our favorite unique boy’s names meaning strength and courage:

  1. Power: This has to be top of our list for unique but strong boy names. With a name like Power, you know your baby boy will achieve amazing things.
  2. Olis: Similar to the more popular name Ellis, Olis is a different version, taking inspiration from the German word for ‘powerful’ or ‘strong’.
  3. Quillon: A quirky Latin name, meaning ‘strong’ or ‘crossing swords’. Can be shortened to Quill.
  4. Wayan: One of our top powerful male names, from the Sanskrit word meaning ’strength’ and ‘energy’. Traditionally, Wayan is a name given to the first-born child.
  5. Zubery or Zuberi: A bold Swahili name meaning ‘strong’. Perfect if you’re looking for a strong baby boy’s name beginning with ‘z’.

What names mean fearless for boys?

On the hunt for some tough-sounding boy names?

Here are our top names meaning fearless and tough boy’s names for your brave little boy:

  1. Chase: One of the more popular American-English names that mean ‘fearless hunter’. Perfect for a tenacious baby boy who knows what he wants and won’t stop until he gets it.
  2. Cliff, Clifford, or Clifton: An Old English name meaning ‘brave, daring, and bold’. Certainly a fearless name for a baby boy.
  3. Einarr: (eye-nar) An old Norse name meaning ‘lone warrior’, linked to the warriors in Valhalla.
  4. Koa: (koh-ah) One of our favorite boy names that mean ‘brave’, ‘bold’, and ‘fearless’. Also a strong nickname for the names Kekoa, Kainoa, and Nakoa.
  5. Mel: A powerful English name meaning ‘he who is daring’, perfect for a risk-taker with a lot of confidence.

What are boy names that mean warrior?

Not all birth journeys are the same.

Sometimes, your little peanut has to fight a little to get here.

Or maybe you want to give your baby boy a courageous headstart in life with one of our fierce warrior names.

  1. Andrew: One of the more popular names meaning ‘warrior’, this English name means ‘strong warrior’. Can be shortened to Andy or Drew.
  2. Evander: A Scottish name meaning ‘warrior of the bow’, from the Norse name Eivor or Ivor.
  3. Ewan: Another Scottish name that means ‘warrior who is young’.
  4. Dustin: One of our favorite boy names meaning warrior, this is an Old English name for boys and, more recently, girls, meaning ‘brave warrior’ or ‘fighter’. For the baby that might not have had an easy journey to get here.
  5. Kamau: (kah-maw) A soft but strong boy’s name meaning ‘quiet warrior’ in Bantu in Kenya.
  6. Malin: An Old English name meaning ‘little strong warrior’, perfect for boys and girls.

There you have it! Our top strong baby boy names for your baby-to-be.

Don’t forget to share your favorite warrior names, badass names, and strong boy names with our community on Peanut!

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