90 Strong Baby Girl Names & Meanings

90 Strong Baby Girl Names & Meanings

Give your baby girl the gift of strength, perseverance, and fierce independence with one of our strong girl names. Badassery guaranteed.

You just know your baby-to-be is going to make herself known.

Determination and fire are hereditary right?

No matter if they’re kicking up a storm or throwing caution to the wind, you want your warrior princess to have a title that matches their fighting spirit.

As home to over 3 million powerful women swapping stories and taking (baby) names, we feel that energy.

We applaud it, mama! 👏

So best believe, we’ve collected the most powerful girl names from around the world to aid your quest for the perfect moniker for your independent woman-to-be!

And because strong women come in many shapes and sizes, you’ll find everything from girl names that mean warrior to edgy and badass female names.

Read on for space-claiming, earth-shaking, strong girl names. 💪

In this article 📝

  • What are strong female names?
  • What is a badass female name?
  • What is a warrior girl’s name?
  • What is a legendary name for a girl?
  • What is a edgy girl name?
  • What girl names are fearless?

What are strong female names?

We thought you’d never ask. 😉

Strong girl names are more than their meanings.

They capture the very essence of being an independent, self-confidant, unapologetic individual.

Woman power is a diverse thing and being strong can mean very different things to different people.

Let’s hope you find the defining characteristics among this fearless group:

  1. Aila: (ay-luh or eye-luh) Meaning “from the strong place” in Gaelic, as well as “light bringer” in Finland.
  2. Atonia: (uh-tone-ee-ah) Meaning “strong as an oak tree” in Hebrew, Atonia can also be shortened to the cute nickname, Toni.
  3. Akeeva or Akiva: Meaning “protect” or “shelter” in Hebrew. Delicate but powerful.
  4. Alexandra: Meaning “protector” or “defender of men”. There’s also Alessandra and Alexandria and a host of solid nicknames like Lexi, Alex, Xandra, and Ali.
  5. Audelia: A traditionally English girl’s name with lots of different versions from around the world, Audelia means “noble strength”. Opt for the classical Audrey if you want something with a more vintage feel.
  6. Briana or Brianna: Meaning “high”, “noble”, and “honorable” in Old English.
  7. Honovi: Hopi Native American for “strong as a deer”.
  8. Colette: Perfect for families with a rich French history, this Old French name means “people of victory”. Praise to the women who have walked before.
  9. Gabriella: An Italian girl’s name meaning “God is my strength”.
  10. Hera: Meaning “queen”. Hera was the wife of the ancient Greek god, Zeus, referred to as the queen of heaven and goddess of marriage.
  11. Avyanna or Avianna: From old Sanskrit words meaning “strong, powerful woman”. Beautiful nicknames include Avie and Anna. The ultimate feminist name for your baby girl!
  12. Mildred: Meaning “gentle strength”, Mildred was a very popular name in the early 1900s, but has since dipped in popularity. Millie makes a sweet nickname.
  13. Kana: In Hawai’ian culture, Kana is a Maui demigod who connected two islands. In Japanese, Kana means “powerful”.
  14. Kendra: A powerful girl’s name that’s not nearly as popular as it should be! Its Welsh roots inspire the meaning “wise ruler” or “enthusiastic power”. The preffix ken also has roots in Irish Gaelic and mean “fire”.
  15. Leola or Leona: A Latin girl’s name meaning “loyal as a lion”.
  16. Maajida: (mah-zhee-dah) Meaning “powerful”.
  17. Neilina: Gaelic Scottish name meaning “champion”.
  18. Nyathera: (nye-ah-theer-a) Perfect for the baby girl who hasn’t had the easiest journey to get into your arms, Nyathera means “she survived” in Kenya. Easily our favorite girl’s name meaning “survivor” on this list. Nya makes for a lovely nickname.
  19. Oma: Meaning “leader” and “thriving” in Arabic. Also a popular name for “grandmother” around the world. An old soul.
  20. Philomena: Meaning “lover of strength”.
  21. Qadira: (kah-deer-ah) Meaning “powerful” or “capable”.
  22. Irie: A Jamaican gender-neutral name meaning “positive and powerful” Taken from the Rastafarian term irie used to mean positive vibrations. No messing with that energy. 🧘‍♀️
  23. Sayida: (sigh-ee-dah) Meaning “huntress” or “fortunate one”. Also means “happy”, which let’s face it, we would be too.
  24. Sigrid: A powerful girl’s name in Scandinavian culture, meaning “beautiful victory” or “beautiful wisdom”.
  25. Velda: Meaning “ruler” or “power”.
  26. Victoria: From the Latin word for “victory”. One of the most common strong female names around today and one that inspires royalty. 👑
  27. Wilma: While this name makes us first think of the matriarch of The Flintstones, this German name actually means “helmet of will” or “protection”.
  28. Zaila: (zah-ee-lah or zay-lah) Meaning “might” or “power”.
  29. Zenevieva: (zeh-neh-vee-vah) A Slavic name similar to the German-Celtic name Genevieve, meaning “woman of the people”. A future activist, perhaps?

What is a badass female name?

Give your baby girl the gift of the wild and a few healthy helpings of confidence with our top fierce girl names that mean strong:

  1. Artemis: A strong gender-neutral name steeped in Greek mythology. Artemis was the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon. This badass girl’s name also means ‘butcher’ ‒ don’t cross this fierce little peanut!
  2. Wyetta: Meaning “war strength” in Old English.
  3. Bryndis: Meaning “adorned in strong armor” or “armored goddess”. Scandinavian in origin.
  4. Matilda: How adorable was Mara Wilson in the 1996 film Matilda? Not only will your baby draw some serious inspiration from this strong female character, the name Matilda also means “strong battle maiden” and “mighty in battle” in Old German.
  5. Arnia: (ar-nee-ah) Meaning “strong as an eagle”. Fly baby fly!
  6. Kainda: (kye-in-da) Popular in Kenya, Kainda means “hunter’s daughter”. That’s one way to follow in your badass footsteps mama.
  7. Imiza: (ihm-ee-zah) An ethereal-sounding name, Imiza means “universal strength”.
  8. Athena: A Grecian goddess, Athena was the revered goddess of war and wisdom, and her name means the very same.
  9. Fallon: Meaning “leader” or “descended from a ruler”. For the baby girl who you know will take charge.
  10. Reika: (rye-kah) One of the most badass girl’s names we’ve ever heard, Reika is a German name meaning “power of the wolf” or “power of the home”.

What is a warrior girl’s name?

Naturally, you want your little peanut to be able to overcome any adversity they face in life, and rise up to become the best versions of themselves.

So what better way to get your baby-to-be ready for the world than with one of our powerful girl names that mean strong from around the globe?

  1. Adira or Edira: (ah-deer-ah or eh-deer-ah) A sweet Hebrew girl’s name meaning “strong” or “mighty”.
  2. Amira or Ameera: A lilting Arabic girl’s name meaning “commander” or “princess”. Perfect for your warrior princess.
  3. Andrea: Related to Andrew, meaning “strong”.
  4. Kinley: Meaning “warrior” or “daughter of the white warrior”.
  5. Bree: Another Irish name from the Celtic word brígh, Bree means “strength” or “exalted one” ‒ a breezy name for a happy baby.
  6. Chasina: (chah-seen-ah) Meaning “strong” or “mighty”.
  7. Erryn: Meaning “strong” or “exalted one”. Not to be confused with the Celtic name Erin, which means “Ireland”.
  8. Gertrude: A powerful girl’s name with meaning in English, Dutch, French, and German, meaning “spear of strength”. We haven’t seen the name Gertrude recently, but we think it’s due a resurgence!.
  9. Jaiyana: (jah-yan-ah) An elegant girl’s name meaning “strength” in Arabic and Urdu. Can be shortened to Jay or Ana.
  10. Kemena: An upbeat Spanish girl’s name meaning “strong”. Cute nicknames would be Mina or Kemmy.
  11. Keren: Meaning “power” or “strength”. Hebrew in origin.
  12. Matina: Meaning “strong” and “solid” in Greek.
  13. Nalda: A beautiful and bright Spanish girl’s name meaning “strong”.
  14. Valentina: Meaning “strong” and “powerful” in Latin. Can be shortened to Val or Tina.
  15. Valda: Meaning “powerful ruler” and “battle heroine or warrior”.

What is a legendary name for a girl?

A legendary girl’s name evokes a sense of quiet, confident power.

It may be beautiful but dive deeper and you’ll see an abundance of wisdom, self-assurance, and strength.

We’re taking inspo from ancient goddesses and nature to find you titles of resilience worthy for a legend:

  1. Rhiannon: (ree-ann-on) One of our favorite regal names. Meaning “great queen” or “goddess”, Rhiannon was the Welsh goddess of horses and the inspo for that famous witchy Fleetwood Mac song.
  2. Meredith: Meaning “great ruler” or “protector of the sea”. 🧜‍♀️
  3. Diana: Meaning “divine”. The Roman goddess of the hunt and the moon, as well as childbirth.
  4. Elaheh: (elah-hey) Meaning “like a goddess” in Persian.
  5. Ronnae: Meaning “strong counsel”. Also linked to the Greek name Veronica, meaning “bringer of victory”.
  6. Bridget: A popular Irish girl’s name meaning “power”, “vigor”, or “exalted one”. Related to Brighid, the Celtic goddess of wisdom, poetry, and fire.
  7. Bernadette: Meaning “strong as a bear”. Challenge if you dare.
  8. Tyra: Meaning “thunder warrior” or “Thor’s warrior”. For the baby with a thunderous roar!
  9. Lenna: Another fierce name for your baby girl, this Old German name means “strength of a lion”.
  10. Fianna: Meaning “warrior” or “she who fights for freedom”.
  11. Bidu: From the Celtic word brígh, meaning “fire”, “power”, “strength”, and “goddess”. Bidu also means “calm” and “earth” in Sanskrit – a perfectly balanced strong girl’s name for your baby-to-be.

What is a edgy girl name?

Looking for a killer girl’s name?

As they say well-behaved women seldom make history.

If you’re happy to encourage your daughter to live on the edge in pursuit of great things, take some inspiration from these rebels:

  1. Annemarie: Sure, at first glance, Annemarie might not look all that menacing, but did you know that part of it can be traced to the Hebrew word for “rebellious woman”? Pretty badass, in our opinion.
  2. Moxie: As in “that girl’s got a lot of moxie!” This attention-grabbing American girl’s name means “strength of character” or “rebellious”.
  3. Ebba: Meaning “strength of an animal”. Which one remains to be seen.
  4. Bellatrix: Dare to name baby after one of the big baddies in Harry Potter? Meaning “female warrior”, Bellatrix is also one of the stars of Orion. Fierce and celestial.
  5. Bellona: From the Latin word bellare meaning “to fight”. The name of the Roman goddess of war.
  6. Tiaret: (tee-ah-reht) A unique Algerian name meaning “lioness”, for the baby girl who comes into the world with a roar!
  7. Nikita: Meaning “she who is unconquered”, so your baby never loses a battle of wits!
  8. Myla: Meaning “soldier” in Latin.
  9. Jasira: Meaning “bold” or “courageous”. Can be shortened to Jas for a sweet nickname. Swahili in origin.
  10. Ragnilda: (rang-yil-dah) Popular in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, Ragnilda means “all-knowing power”.
  11. Karleen: An Old German name meaning “strength of a woman”. I am woman, hear me roar!

What girl names are fearless?

A fierce girl’s name can help your little peanut to grow up without taking any 💩 from anyone.

Take your pick from our rare strong girl names and find the one that suits your fearless warrior best:

  1. Aoife: (ee-fuh) Meaning “beauty”, Aoife was a legendary warrior princess in Irish mythology.
  2. Bali: An Indian name meaning “mighty warrior”.
  3. Brenda: A Norse name meaning “sword”.
  4. Cassandra: Meaning “she who shines and excels over men”. Who run the world indeed.
  5. Hildegarde: One of the more traditional strong baby girl names meaning “battle woman” or “battle ready” in Old German.
  6. Fortney or Fortnea: One of our top strong unique girl names, Fortney comes from the Latin word for “strong” ‒ think fortitude. Certainly a force of nature!
  7. Isa: Meaning “strong-willed”. Isa can also be added to a few other strong girl’s names to add that extra sprinkling of fierceness ‒ think Isobel or Isolde.
  8. Louisa: Meaning “warrior” or “famous warrior”. Name for the author of the highly influential Little Women perhaps?
  9. Marcella: Meaning “strong” and “warlike”. Marcie makes for a cute nickname, too!
  10. Maude: Meaning “powerful battler” or “fierce warrior”. An alternative spelling would be the Welsh name Mawd.
  11. Minka: Hear us out: this name might sound adorable, but it’s actually a Polish girl’s name meaning “strong-willed warrior”.
  12. Sasha: Meaning “defending warrior”. Russian in origin.
  13. Shamra: Meaning “battle-ready”.
  14. Imara: A fierce Swahili girl’s name meaning “strong” and “strong-willed”.

A strong baby girl name can do wonders for helping baby find their inner power when the going gets tough.

Of course, any name can give your baby girl strength – it lies within them after all – but you’ll know when you find the right one.

And if not, just call on one of the most badass communities around.

You’ll have your fearless title (and so much more) in no time.


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