90 Sunny Summer Baby Names With Meanings

90 Sunny Summer Baby Names With Meanings

Looking for the perfect fit for the ray of sunshine that’s entering your life? Check out this list of our favorite summer baby names.
Sandals, sea, and swimming; sandcastles, solstice, and seemingly endless sunshine — if these are all music to your ears, then maybe summer baby names are your ideal starting place for baby name inspiration.

Opt for the name of a deity of summer, like Apollo or Helios.

Or why not a name that reminds you of the bright summer sun, like Soleil?

There are also month names — June, August — or names of favorite summer flowers, like Daisy.

Whether your baby was born with summer sun pouring through the window, or you simply love the feel of the rays on your skin, these summer names are the first step to a bright future.

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Which name means summer?

We’ll start with the most summery name out there:

  1. Summer

How popular is the baby name summer?

According to the Social Security Administration, the name Summer was in the Top 200 baby names in the United States for both the 2000s and the 2010s.

This name rose to Hollywood stardom in 2009 with the movie (500) Days of Summer.

But its reach has extended further than that, appearing in various series including The Mentalist, The O.C., and, quite appropriately, Baywatch.

Actress Summer Joy Phoenix, former wife of Casey Affleck, is a proud holder of this name, and you can even look to singer-songwriter Donna Summer as inspiration.

“Summer” is a great name, but maybe you’re looking for something less on-the-nose?

Check out these other names that either mean or are inspired by the summer season.

What are some cute summer names?

We’ll start with names that mean summer or belong to the gods and goddesses of it.

  1. Aestas. This is the Latin word for “summer.”
  2. Áine. She’s the Irish goddess of summer, as well as of wealth and independence.
  3. Amaterasu. The goddess of the sun in Japanese mythology, her name means “shining over the heavens.”
  4. Anyanwu. Meaning “eye of the sun,” Anyanwu is the Igbo deity of the sun.
  5. Apollo. This ancient Greek god brought the sun across the sky in his fiery chariot.
  6. Arun. This Hindu god is the charioteer of the sun.
  7. Aten. A powerful Egyptian sun god, Aten is said to be the creator of the universe.
  8. Damia. The Horae were the ancient Greek goddesses of the seasons, and Damia is the one associated with summer.
  9. Helios. This ancient Greek god is the personification of the sun.
  10. Magec. In ancient Berber mythology, Magec is the god of the sun and the light.
  11. Mawu. This west African creator goddess is associated with the sun and the moon.
  12. Nanaka. A sweet name of Japanese origin, Nananka means “summer” or “sun.”
  13. Sulien. The name of a Celtic solar deity, Sulien means “sun born.”
  14. Suvi. With its Finnish roots, Suvi simply means “summer.”
  15. Theros. This Old Greek name means — you guessed it — “summer.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Here are some of our favorite summer-themed names:

Summer baby girl names

  1. Aelia. From its ancient Greek origins, Aelia means “sunshine” — and is one of our favorite summer names for girls.
  2. Apple. An ever-popular summer fruit, an admired tech brand, and a long-held English surname, Apple has become popular as a first name, too. One particularly well-known Apple? The daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.
  3. Arpina. This Nepalese name means “the rising of the sun.”
  4. Aura. In Greek mythology, she’s the goddess of breezes — perfect for a hot summer’s day.
  5. Bea. As a short form of Beatrice (meaning “blessed”), this summer name has a certain buzz to it.
  6. Birdie. This name comes with a built-in chirp. It means “little bird” but also “bright” and “famous.”
  7. Blossom. 🌼
  8. Coral. Referring to the magnificent gardens of the sea, Coral is packed with summer freshness.
  9. Daisy. From its Old English roots, the name of this sweet summer flower means “day’s eye.”
  10. Eleodora. “Gift of the sun”
  11. Florence. This classic name means “blossoming” or “flourishing.”
  12. Golden. The color of summer light, Goldie makes for a popular alternative.
  13. Helena. “Shining light”
  14. Iliana. “Ray of light”
  15. Jasmine. From its Persian roots, Jasmine means “gift from God.” It’s also the name of a fragrant flower that blooms in the summer.
  16. Julia. This name comes from the Roman name Julius, which in turn comes from the Roman god, Jupiter. And this is the same origin as the name of the summer month, July.
  17. Juliet. And this one simply means “little Julia.”
  18. June. Meaning “young,” this name belongs to the first of the summer months.
  19. Kalinda. This Sanskrit name means “the sun.”
  20. Kauwela. Meaning “summer” in Hawaiian.
  21. Kesä. Meaning “summer” in Finnish.
  22. Kira. With its Persian origins, Kira means “sun” and “light.”
  23. Leonora. This one has Greek roots and means both “light” and “compassion.”
  24. Lieta. Meaning “summer” in Belarusian.
  25. Lily. A gorgeous flower that blooms in summer, the lily signifies purity and innocence.
  26. Lucy. “Light”
  27. Luz. With its Latin roots, Luz means “light.”
  28. Marina. Meaning “from the sea,” this name is dripping in summer delights.
  29. Meadow. Summer picnic, anyone?
  30. Mehri. This Persian name means both “sunny” and “lovable.”
  31. Muriel. “Of the bright sea”
  32. Natsu. Japanese for “summer”.
  33. Neridal. This Greek name refers to mythological nymphs of the sea.
  34. Nyári. Meaning “summer” in Hungarian.
  35. Ondine. “Water wave”
  36. Pearl. This precious object is the birthstone for the summer month of June.
  37. Peridot. And this gorgeous stone belongs to August.
  38. Posy. “A small bunch of flowers”
  39. Rosa. 🌹
  40. Skye. This one’s a tribute to the clear blue of a sunny day.
  41. Soleil. This French name means “sun.”
  42. Souline. A name with Spanish roots, Souline means both “sun” and “solemn.”
  43. Solstice. Why not celebrate the longest of the summer days?
  44. Sunny. ☀️
  45. Susana. This name of Hebrew origins means “lily,” the fragrant flower that blooms in the summer.
  46. Udara. Meaning “summer” in Basque.
  47. Vasara. “Summer” in Latvian.

Summer baby boy names

  1. August. The name of this hottest of summer months means “to increase.”
  2. Bay. Nothing quite like staring out at a calm body of water while whiling away the summer days.
  3. Capri. It’s hard not to think of summer scenes when bringing this Italian island to mind.
  4. Cyrus. With its Persian roots, Cyrus means “sun.”
  5. Daystar. A poetic reference to the sun, Daystar means “light bringer.”
  6. Dayton. “Sunny town”
  7. Dune. This name belongs to the warm beauty of both the desert and the beach.
  8. Dylan. A popular gender-neutral name that makes a splash, Dylan means “born from the ocean.”
  9. Gardner. This is the perfect option for a green-thumbed baby who is destined to spend the summer months tending to the garden.
  10. Helio. “Sun”
  11. Kai. From Hawaiian roots, Kai means “sea.”
  12. Kir. From Persian roots, Kir means “sun.”
  13. Julio. When you’re thinking up ideal summer names for boys, this one’s a perfect tribute to the midsummer month.
  14. Leo. If you’re born in the heart of summer, this roaring name might just be your astrological sign too.
  15. Luca. “Bringer of Light”
  16. Mirri. “The sun”
  17. Ocean. 🌊
  18. Parker. A perfect name for summer picnic lovers, Parker means “keeper of the parks.”
  19. Ray. While this name means “wise protector,” it’s hard not to think of its sunshiney connotations.
  20. Sampson. With its Hebrew roots, Sampson means “sun.”
  21. Solaris. This name has Latin roots and means “of the sun.”
  22. Somerset. This sophisticated name works as both a surname and a first name and means “summer settlement.”
  23. Sonny. Meaning “son” rather than “sun,” this name still gives off a warm feeling.
  24. Sorley. “Summer wanderer”
  25. Taiyō. “Sun” in Japanese.
  26. Verão. Portuguese for “summer”.
  27. Verës. Meaning “summer” in Albanian.

Happy summer searching! ⛱️🦩🐚🌴

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