220 Cute & Sweet Baby Girl Names

220 Cute & Sweet Baby Girl Names

Looking for cute, sweet baby girl names for your little peanut? Tuck in!
With so many names to choose from, it’s often hard to know where to start.

Picking from a list of names that are as sweet as your newborn-to-be (almost!) can make the choice a lot easier.

Whether you want something cute, elegant, or unusual, these sweet baby girl names offer a world of choice.

Ready? Here are 220 sweet and cute girl names to choose from.

In this article: 📝

  • The latest list of cute baby girl names
  • What are the top 10 prettiest girl names?
  • What is the cutest name for a girl?
  • What are sweet names?
  • What is a unique girl name?

The latest list of cute baby girl names

According to SSA, these are the most popular baby girl names right now, so take your pick of these cuties:

  1. Olivia: The most popular baby girl name in 2020, Olivia means “olive tree” in Latin. With its sweet sound, it’s not hard to see why so many people find it adorable.
  2. Ava: If you’re looking for short and sweet baby girl names, this one tops our list. Ava is a Latin origin name and means “bird”.
  3. Sophia or Sofia: This beautiful name is of Greek origin and means “wisdom”.
  4. Amelia: This name means “work”, and comes packed with so many cute diminutives — Amy, Emma, and Emily, to name a few.
  5. Isabella: This lovely girl’s name means “God is my oath” and has really grown in popularity over the years. It can also be shortened to Bella, which means “beautiful” in Italian. Does it get any prettier than that?!
  6. Mia: Another short and sweet name, Mia means “mine” in Italian. But that’s not all. From its Egyptian origins, it means ‘beloved’.
  7. Harper: Originally used as a surname, this fairly new first name is already pretty popular. It simply means “one who plays a harp” — and may be a particular hit with those who are fans of the famous novelist, Ms. Lee.
  8. Luna: Short, sweet, and makes your daughter feel like the goddess she is? Check, check and check. Luna was the Roman moon goddess and it’s no surprise this celestial name is topping name lists right now.
  9. Ella: A simple, feminine name, Ella literally means “she” or “her” in Spanish.
  10. Avery: This beautiful-sounding name also has a pretty cool meaning. It derives from old English and French and means “ruler with elf-wisdom”. So if you’re looking for something both adorable and magical, you may have found the one.

What are the top 10 prettiest girl names?

Linguists have been trying to find out for some time why some words just sound more beautiful to human ears.

It turns out we tend to like short vowel sounds, certain consonant sounds (like ‘L’ and ‘S’), and a first syllable emphasis.

We’re also fans of words with three syllables.

And then, of course, the definition of “sweet girl’s name” differs from mama to mama.

It’s all a matter of personal taste.

If a name has a special meaning to you, that can play a part in how pretty it sounds to your ears.

With all that in mind, let’s start with names that are that our Peanut mamas think are the prettiest:

  1. Addison or Addie: Meaning “child of Adam” in Old English.
  2. Angelica: Meaning “angelic” in Latin.
  3. Aurelia: Meaning “golden one” in Latin, from the Roman name, Aurelius.
  4. Cassandra: Meaning “shining upon man” in Greek.
  5. Clementine: Meaning “merciful” in French.
  6. Daisy: After the cute flower.
  7. Emmeline: Meaning “hardworking” in German.
  8. Florence: Meaning “blossoming” in Latin.
  9. Imogen: Meaning “maiden” in Celtic.
  10. Jasmine: Meaning “gift from God” in Persian.
  11. Juliette: Meaning “youthful” in Latin.
  12. Layla: Meaning “night” in Arabic.
  13. Madison: Meaning “child of Matthew” in English.
  14. Maisie: Meaning “pearl” in Scottish.
  15. Paloma: Meaning “dove” in Mexican.
  16. Sadie: Meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  17. Serena: Meaning “peaceful” in Latin.
  18. Zara: Meaning “blooming flower” in Arabic.

What is the cutest name for a girl?

Because what makes a name ‘cute’ is subjective, it’s hard to pick just one.

So we’ve included a full menu of cute names so that every mama can find their perfect match.

Here are some of our favorite cute girl names:

  1. Abby: Meaning “father’s joy” in Hebrew.
  2. Ada: Meaning “noble” in German.
  3. Adele: Meaning “noble” in German.
  4. Adeline: Meaning “noble” in German.
  5. Adriana: Meaning “dark” in Italian and Spanish.
  6. Aisha: Meaning “alive and well” in Arabic.
  7. Alexis: Meaning “defender” in Greek.
  8. Alice: Meaning “noble” in Old French.
  9. Amara: Meaning “bitter” in Igbo or “immortal” in Sanskrit.
  10. Amirah: Meaning “princess” in Arabic and Hebrew.
  11. Anna or Ana: Meaning “grace” in Hebrew.
  12. Ariana: Meaning “most holy” in Greek.
  13. Astrid: Meaning “divinely beautiful” in Scandinavian.
  14. Aubrey: Meaning “elf ruler” in German.
  15. Audrey: Meaning “noble strength” in English.
  16. Belle: Meaning “beautiful” in French.
  17. Bethany: Meaning “house of figs” in Hebrew.
  18. Bianca: Meaning “white” in Italian.
  19. Blake: Meaning “dark” in Old English.
  20. Briar: Meaning “thorns” in English.
  21. Bryn: Meaning “hill” in Welsh.
  22. Camila: Meaning “priest’s helper” in Portuguese.
  23. Casey: Meaning “brave” in Irish and Scottish Gaelic.
  24. Cassidy: Meaning “curly-haired” in Irish.
  25. Catalina: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  26. Cece: Meaning “blind one” in Latin.
  27. Celine: Meaning “heavenly” in French.
  28. Charlotte, or Charlie or Lottie: Meaning “free man” in French.
  29. Clara: Meaning “bright” in Latin.
  30. Colette: Meaning “people of victory” in French.
  31. Cora: Meaning “maiden” in Latin.
  32. Corey: Meaning “in a cauldron” in Greek.
  33. Cosette: Meaning “little thing” in French.
  34. Daphne: Meaning “”laurel tree” in Greek.
  35. Delilah: Meaning “delicate” in Hebrew and Arabic.
  36. Diana: Meaning “divine” in Greek.
  37. Dorothy or Dot: Meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
  38. Eden: Meaning “paradise” in Hebrew.
  39. Eleanor or Ellie: Meaning “light-hearted” in Greek.
  40. Elise: Meaning “God’s promise” in Latin.
  41. Eloise: Meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  42. Emerald: Meaning “green gemstone” in English.
  43. Erin: Meaning “Ireland” or “green water” in Irish Gaelic.
  44. Estelle: Meaning “star” in Latin.
  45. Faith: Because you’ll never lose faith in your little one.
  46. Faye: Meaning “loyalty” in French.
  47. Francesca or Frankie: Meaning “free” in Italian.
  48. Freya: Meaning “noble woman” in Norse.
  49. Georgia: Meaning “earth-worker” in Greek.
  50. Grace: To inspire tempered, balanced grace in your daughter.
  51. Gwen: Meaning “fair” in Welsh.
  52. Hayden: Meaning “hay field” in Old English.
  53. Heidi: Meaning “noble” in German.
  54. Holly: Perfect for the cutest Christmas baby!
  55. Hope: A meaningful, sweet girl’s name after a long or challenging TTC journey.
  56. Iris: Meaning “rainbow” in Greek.
  57. Isla or Ayla: Meaning “island” in Scottish.
  58. Ivy: Another sweet Christmas baby name.
  59. Jade: The jade gemstone is said to bring luck and good fortune in Chinese cultures. Good luck, little one!
  60. Jolene: Meaning “pretty” in French.
  61. Josie: Meaning “God will add or increase” in Hebrew.
  62. Joy: Since your little girl will bring so much joy into your life.
  63. Joyce: Meaning “lord” in Latin.
  64. Kayla: Meaning “fair” in Yiddish.
  65. Kelly: Meaning “bright-headed” in Gaelic.
  66. Kelsey: Meaning “ship’s victory” in Old English.
  67. Lacey: Meaning “cheerful and unbridled” French.
  68. Lana: Meaning “shining” in Slavic.
  69. Lara: Meaning “cheerful” in Latin.
  70. Leah: Meaning “delicate” in Hebrew.
  71. Leona or Leonie: Meaning “lioness” in Latin.
  72. Lily: The sweet flower signifying innocence.
  73. Lola: Meaning “sorrows” in Spanish.
  74. Lucy or Lucia: Meaning “light” in Latin.
  75. Luisa: Meaning “renowned warrior” in Spanish.
  76. Mabel: Meaning “lovable” in Latin.
  77. Macey: Meaning “weapon” in French.
  78. Marina: Meaning “sea” in Spanish.
  79. Matilda or Tilly: Meaning “battle-mighty” in German.
  80. Maya: Meaning “dream” in Sanskrit.
  81. Meadow: A cute girls’ name full of freedom.
  82. Melody: For a musical baby girl.
  83. Mila: Meaning “beloved” in Russian.
  84. Minnie: Meaning “rebellion” in Hebrew.
  85. Molly: Meaning “star of the sea” in Irish.
  86. Morgan: Meaning “sea-circle” in Welsh.
  87. Nadine: Meaning “hope” in French.
  88. Natalie: Meaning “birth” in French.
  89. Nora: Meaning “light” in Arabic.
  90. Paige: Meaning “servant” in English.
  91. Parker: Meaning “park attendant” in English.
  92. Penny: Meaning “weaver” in Old English.
  93. Pia: Meaning “reverent” in Latin.
  94. Piper: Meaning “flute player” in English.
  95. Pippa: Meaning “lover of horses” in Greek.
  96. Polly: Meaning “star of the sea” in Latin.
  97. Poppy: After the red flower of remembrance.
  98. Quinn: Meaning “wise” in Irish.
  99. Riley: Meaning “valiant” in Gaelic.
  100. River: For a baby who goes with the flow.
  101. Robin: Another sweet Christmas name after the red-breasted bird.
  102. Rosa or Rosie: Meaning “rose” in English.
  103. Ruby: Meaning “red gemstone” in English.
  104. Ruth: Meaning “compassionate friend” in Hebrew.
  105. Sara: Meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  106. Savannah: Meaning “treeless plain” in Spanish.
  107. Scarlett: Meaning “red” in English.
  108. Sienna: Meaning “burnt orange” in Spanish.
  109. Sierra: Meaning “jagged” in Latin.
  110. Skylar: Meaning “scholar” in Dutch.
  111. Sky: For a baby sent from heaven.
  112. Susie: Meaning “lily” in Hebrew.
  113. Tabitha: Meaning “gracious” in Aramaic.
  114. Talia: Meaning “dew of God” in Hebrew.
  115. Tess or Tessa: Meaning “late summer” in Greek.
  116. Valerie: Meaning “healthy” in French.
  117. Violet: Meaning “light purple” in English.
  118. Willow: After the graceful tree.
  119. Zadie: Meaning “prosperous abundance” in Arabic.
  120. Zoe: Meaning “life” in Greek.

What are sweet names?

We can’t have a list of sweet baby girl names without including some that actually mean “sweet”.

Here are our picks from around the world:

  1. Dulcie: This name comes from the Latin word, dulcis, which means — you guessed it — “sweet”.
  2. Honey: Because there’s nothing really sweeter than honey, is there?
  3. Maple: A tribute to that deliciously sweet sap, this modern name has been gaining popularity in the last couple of decades.
  4. Zusa: This name of Yiddish origin literally means “sweet”.
  5. Pamela or Pam: This Greek origin name derives from the words pan, meaning “all”, and meli, meaning “sweet” or “honey”. Any baby with this name is a 100% sweetie.
  6. Helwa: It means “sweet” and also “beautiful” in Arabic.
  7. Amai: This super cute Japanese origin name also means “sweet”.

What is a unique girl name?

There are plenty of adorable girl names that are a little more unusual.

If you’re looking for something that’s both sweet and unique, why not try one of these names?

  1. Alma: Meaning “soul” in Italian.
  2. Apple: A celebrity baby name made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.
  3. April: A cute spring baby name.
  4. Ariel: Meaning “lion of God” in Hebrew.
  5. Arlette: Meaning “honor” in French.
  6. Astra: Meaning “star” in Latin.
  7. Aurora: Meaning “dawn” in Latin.
  8. Ausha: Meaning “God is generous” in Hebrew.
  9. Bellarose: Meaning “beautiful rose” in Italian.
  10. Bertie: Meaning “bright raven” in Old German.
  11. Bexley: Meaning “baker” in Old English.
  12. Birdie: Meaning “famous bright one” in German.
  13. Bryar: Meaning “thorns” in Old English.
  14. Cadence: Meaning “rhythm” in English.
  15. Celia: Meaning “blind” in Greek.
  16. Cleo: Meaning “glory” in Greek.
  17. Colby: Meaning “coal settlement” in Norse.
  18. Coral: A cute name for a baby born by the sea.
  19. Dora: Meaning “gift” in Greek.
  20. Ember: Meaning “small flames” in English.
  21. Etta: Meaning “little one” in German. At last…
  22. Fable: Meaning “story” in English.
  23. Farrah: Meaning “joy” in German.
  24. Fawn: Meaning “baby deer” in English.
  25. Ginger: For a red-headed baby girl.
  26. Goldie: For a blond-haired baby girl.
  27. Hattie: Meaning “ruler of the house” in German.
  28. Hazel: Meaning “brown-green” in English.
  29. Ibby: Meaning “devoted to God” in Spanish.
  30. Irie: Meaning “positive and powerful” in Rastafarian.
  31. Jovie: Meaning “joyous” in American.
  32. Juniper: Meaning “youthful” in Latin.
  33. Juno: Meaning “queen of heaven” in Latin.
  34. Kinley: Meaning “fair-haired viking” in Irish.
  35. Lyra: Meaning “lyre” in Latin.
  36. Magnolia: After the sweet-smelling flower.
  37. Mercy: Meaning “compassion” in English.
  38. Myla: Meaning “merciful” in French.
  39. Nia: Meaning “bright” in Welsh.
  40. Noa: Meaning “motion” in Hebrew.
  41. Noel: Meaning “Christmas” in French.
  42. Nola: Meaning “white shoulder” in Irish.
  43. Oaklee: Meaning “meadow of oak trees” in English.
  44. Odelia: Meaning “wealthy one” in Hebrew.
  45. Odette: Meaning “wealthy” in German.
  46. Opal: After the pearlescent precious gemstone.
  47. Perla: Meaning “pearl” in Latin.
  48. Phoenix: After the mythological bird who rose from the flames.
  49. Pixie: Meaning “little fairy” in English.
  50. Raine: Perfect for a cute baby girl born on a rainy day.
  51. Raven: After the black bird-messenger.
  52. Raya: Meaning “friend” in Hebrew.
  53. Remi: Meaning “cure” in French.
  54. Rory: Meaning “red king” in Irish.
  55. Rosabel: Meaning “beautiful rose” in Spanish.
  56. Summer: For a baby born in the summer months.
  57. Tallulah: Meaning “leaping water” in Choctaw.
  58. Tova: Meaning “beautiful Thor” in Swedish.
  59. True: So you’ll always have faith in your little one.
  60. Willoughby: Meaning “willow farm” in Old English.
  61. Winter: Baby born in the chillier months? Why not Winter?
  62. Wren: For your little songbird.
  63. Yara: Meaning “small butterfly” in Brazilian.
  64. Zephyr: Meaning “west wind” in Greek.
  65. Zuri: Meaning “beautiful” in Swahili.

So there you have it — 220 sweet baby girl names.

We hope you’ve found the perfect name for your perfect peanut.

Not sure which of our cute girl names is your favorite?

Share your top picks with the other mamas of Peanut!

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