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What is a “Parasitic Twin” & Why Don’t We Say This Anymore?

Time to change up the language.

Team Peanut8 days ago

124 German Baby Boy Names With Their Meanings

From Adam to Yannick…

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90 Portuguese Baby Girl Names

From Agueda to Vitória

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Can You Ski While Pregnant?

Or is it best to hit the slopes next year?

Team Peanut13 days ago

What to Do About Early Pregnancy Headaches

Keep a headache diary to spot any triggers. 📙

Team Peanut15 days ago

1,500 Most Popular Baby Names of 2021 on Peanut

Which is number 1? 👀

Team Peanut18 days ago

What is a Glucose Test During Pregnancy?

Let’s look at those sugar levels

Team Peanut21 days ago

4 Tasty Smoothies for Pregnancy

Bottoms up!

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100 African Baby Names and Their Meanings

Our favorite names from all over the continent

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Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar During Pregnancy: What to Know

The lowdown on ACV 🍎

Team Peanut28 days ago

Using Sunscreen While Pregnant: Is it Safe?

Here comes the sun 🌞

Team Peanut28 days ago

Can You (and Should You) Orgasm While Pregnant?

Is the Big “O” a go?

Team Peanut28 days ago