22 Timeless Thigh Tattoos for Women

22 Timeless Thigh Tattoos for Women

Thinking of getting some new ink but wondering what and where? Read on. We’re talking thigh tattoos for women.
When it comes to tattoos, thighs offer a lot.

And thigh tattoos for women are rapidly gaining popularity.

But are thigh tattoos painful?

Do they age well?

What are some of the best designs for thighs?


Read on. We’re answering these and other questions.

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  • Why the thigh?
  • Are thigh tattoos painful?
  • Do thigh tattoos age well?
  • Do upper thigh tattoos stretch?
  • How much would a thigh tattoo cost?
  • How many hours does a thigh tattoo take?
  • 22 Thigh tattoos for women
  • Thigh tattoos for women: the final word

Why the thigh?

Traditionally not a typical tattoo placement area for women, thighs are great for many reasons.

Firstly, they can be easily covered up for more professional settings.

Or they can be selectively shown off.

Because the thigh is one of the largest areas on the body, it gives a big canvas to work with.

Which means you can go BIG if you want to.

Or you could have multiple tattoos on the same thigh.

Thighs also offer many options when it comes to placement — upper thigh, inner thigh, side, front, back, or all the way round.

Before we take a closer look at these areas and some great design options, let’s tackle some pragmatics.

Are thigh tattoos painful?

We all experience pain differently, but thighs, as far as tattoo-pain goes, are generally on the lower end of the pain spectrum.

This is because this area has a high muscle and fat content and fewer nerve endings.

Front and outer thighs are usually less painful than inner thighs.

Do thigh tattoos age well?

Thigh tattoos tend to age well because they’re on a flatter part of your body and they don’t get as much exposure to the sun.

High-exposure zones like the hands and feet often fade faster.

Do upper thigh tattoos stretch?

Thigh tattoos usually don’t stretch much.

That said, if you gain or lose a significant amount of weight — enough to really change the size of your thigh — then it’s possible that your tattoo will distort.

This would be a reason to postpone your thigh tattoo appointment if you’re pregnant or nursing.

Our bodies go through so many changes during these times, including in the hip and thigh area, so you might want to wait til your body has settled down a little postpartum before embarking on your thigh tattoo.

How much would a thigh tattoo cost?

This really depends on the size of the tattoo.

The cost estimate for a simple tattoo that’s about one foot in length is likely to start at about $500 for the outline only, and up to about $2000 for more complex, color tattoos.

Besides size, there are other factors that affect the price of a thigh tattoo.

These are the design complexity and color choice.

A black and white tattoo will take less time (and therefore cost less) that a full color tattoo.

Another thing to consider is the tattoo artist’s experience and popularity.

And if they’re designing a bespoke piece for you.

Their design time will also be added on to the cost.

How many hours does a thigh tattoo take?

Like pricing, the time it’ll take to get your thigh tattoo depends on many factors.

A simple, black ink tattoo that’s about the size of your palm might take a little less than an hour.

The same size tattoo but with a more complex design and with detail and shading could take two to three hours.

For larger thigh tattoos, it might take three hours to outline the design, more if there’s color involved.

The more detail and technique involved, the longer it takes.

Some large thigh tattoos might require two or three sessions to complete.

22 Thigh tattoos for women

When it comes to thigh tattoos for women, the options are (almost) endless.

There are some designs that work better than others.

When you think thigh tattoos, often you think big.

But just because there’s a large area, doesn’t mean you have to choose a big design.

There are hundreds of gorgeous small thigh tattoos for women.

Small thigh tattoos for women

1. Single flower tattoo

Roses have stood the test of time and remain a favorite classic tattoo.

Symbolizing timeless love and beauty, the rose is a beautiful choice, but we love this lavender one, too.

2. Block flower bouquet

As a symbol of natural beauty and life, flower tattoos have endless options.

Instead of choosing just one flower, a whole bouquet is not only beautiful but can include all sorts of symbolism.

3. Minimalist figure tattoos

Minimalist tattoos with fine line work and negative spaces are a great choice if you’re looking for something simple and effective.

4. Bird tattoos

Birds in general symbolize freedom and independence.

And different birds each symbolize something different.

Whether it’s an eagle, an owl, or a swallow (or two), bird tattoos are a versatile choice.

5. Single word tattoo

Single-word or short-phrase tattoos really stand out.

They’re a subtle statement.

Upper thigh tattoos for women

6. Floral tattoos

Large floral designs are some of the most prominent designs in tattoo history and are definitely a firm favorite for thighs.

7. Goldfish tattoos

Goldfish are often used to represent good luck, prosperity, and wealth.

Side thigh tattoos for women

The side thigh area is perfect if you’re after a really big tattoo.

8. Jellyfish thigh tattoos

As well as being delicate and beautiful, jellyfish are powerful and dangerous.

They’re also often used to symbolize adaptability.

9. Solar system

We’re loving this line drawing version of the solar system, a reminder of how big the universe is.

You can also choose to place them vertically, horizontally, or even in a circle.

10. Whale thigh tattoos

There aren’t many creatures more majestic than the whale.

They exude calm and power, and it’s no wonder whales are a popular choice as a thigh tattoo.

11. Tiger tattoos

Fierce and fearless, tigers are often used to represent freedom and independence.

They’re also a popular choice for the side thigh because the area lends itself to big pieces.

12. Snake tattoos

Snakes are ever-popular.

Not only are they a versatile shape, but symbolically they represent a multitude of positive characteristics, such a fertility, wisdom, rebirth, and transformation.

Front thigh tattoos for women

Like side thigh tattoos, front thigh tattoos are great for big, bold ink.

13. Mandalas thigh tattoos

Mandala tattoos are a good choice for the front thigh.

(They’re also really popular for the upper side thigh.)

These don’t need to be fully symmetrical, and could extend down, following the natural tapering of the thigh.

14. Sun and moon thigh tattoos

Symbolic of opposing forces, sun and moon tattoos are often used to represent balance.

15. Big quote tattoos

You could choose quote tattoos to affirm your favorite phrases, lines from books, poems, or movies, or a mantra you live by.

Quote tattoos work in many places, but for a larger, longer piece of verse, you can’t beat a front thigh.

16. Butterfly tattoos

Besides being beautiful, butterflies symbolize joy, vitality, and new beginnings.

17. Skull with flowers

Symbolizing life and death, a skull and flower combination continues to be a firm favorite.

Inner thigh tattoos for women

18. Mirrored mandala tattoos

Symmetrical, mirrored mandalas are a great choice if you want something big for the inner thigh.

19. Delicate flower tattoos

The inner thigh — being such an intimate area — is a great spot for a delicate flower tattoo.

20. Tiny detail tattoos

How about some simple but beautiful patterns?

We’re loving this dot work above.

21. Tarot card tattoo

Pick your favorite Tarot card, choose a design, and go for it!

22. Garter tattoos

Garter tattoos can be thin and intricate, or big and bold. Or something in between.

Thigh tattoos for women: the final word

Even though thighs aren’t a traditional placement area for women, they’ve grown in popularity. And for good reason.

If you’re looking for other ink ideas, take a look at some shoulder, inner arm, foot or wrist tattoo ideas.

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