8 Things You Don't Need to Buy for Your Baby

8 Things You Don't Need to Buy for Your Baby

It’s easy to get carried away when preparing for the arrival of your little one. There’s just so much excitement. You’re constantly on the hunt for mama must-haves and continuously bombarded with recommendations from friends and family. And suddenly, you find yourself swiping your credit card like there’s no tomorrow.

But don’t worry, you don’t actually have to buy everything. There are things that you just really don’t need, so put that tired credit card away and get reading, because we’ve gathered top tips and recommendations from the mamas of Peanut.

1. Millions of newborn outfits

Yes, your little one needs clothes. But turns out, they don’t need all that many. Your newborn is a fast grower - we’re talking real speed. Spending all of your money on an outfit your baby will wear once, or never (gasp!) is frustrating. And we bet that nearly everyone that comes to visit you after your little one’s arrival will bring along an adorable outfit as a gift. So, trust us, there’s no need to buy too many yourself.

Instead, focus on getting 8-10 basic onesies.

2. Button up onesies

You wake up bleary-eyed to the cry of your newborn and glance at the alarm clock: it’s 4:32 am, great. And then it hits you, the smell. Crap (pun intended!). Time to change their diaper. But, to your great despair, your little one is wearing those onesies you bought last week, which are nicely fastened with teeny tiny, uber-fiddly snaps to tackle in the middle of the night.

Moral of the story: always go for zippers - especially around bedtime.

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3. A diaper pail

For some people, diaper pails (aka diaper genies), are indispensable. But, to be honest, they really aren’t that crucial; diaper pails are just mini-trash cans with great PR and branding. Throwing diapers in your regular trash can works just fine. As long as you take the trash out regularly, you’re good to go. If you’re undecided on buying a diaper pail or settling for the regular trash, you might want to simply opt for a separate bin just for diapers - no need for a fancy, high-tech diaper pail.

4. Hundreds of baby washcloths or baby towels

Depending on your situation, you don’t really need to buy that many baby washcloths or baby towels. Like all things in life, you tend to gravitate towards your favorite ones - it’s like choosing your favorite mug every single morning, or always writing with your favorite pen. So, resist the urge of buying every single cute towel and baby cloth you come across. That said, if you don’t have a convenient place to do laundry, you’ll be happy to have lots lying around.

5. Bottle warmer and sterilizer

It might be a shocker to a tech-savvy 21st century mama but warming and sterilizing a baby bottle can indeed be done the old-school way. To heat up bottles, put them in a warm water bath. To sterilize bottles and other baby accessories, place them in boiling water. There’s really no need for a luxurious state-of-the art bottle sterilizer and warmer. If you want to save a couple dollars and some space in your kitchen, this is definitely a good way.

6. Lots of newborn diapers

Skip stockpiling newborn diapers! Instead, grab a few at the hospital (they usually give you some) because by the time you go home, you’ll probably be up to the next size - that’s just how quickly these little ones grow. Plus, people love to gift diapers at baby showers: they’re practical, guaranteed to be used, and gender neutral. So by the time you’re heading to the hospital, you should have a neat stash at home.

7. Shoes for newborns

Time for some real talk. Yes, shoes on a newborn baby look absolutely adorable. We’ll admit it. But, the truth is, they don’t really have much of a purpose. It’s not like your baby is gonna start walking freshly out of the womb, right?! So why spend money on something they won’t wear or appreciate! Instead, treat yourself to a new pair. You deserve it, mama.

8. Dedicated changing tables

These are definitely not an essential. If you ask any parent, you know that you can change a diaper any place, any time. Let’s just say, it’s kind of a mama-superpower. So, no need to invest in an expensive changing table and invest in new furniture, just find a clean and comfy nook where you can do it.

Want more tips from mamas who have been there? Join Peanut.

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