Toddler Bed Rails: Everything You Need to Know

Toddler Bed Rails: Everything You Need to Know

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Toddler bed rails keep restless sleepers safely in their bed.

So your babe is ready for a big-kid bed but tends to toss and turn themselves onto the floor.

A toddler bed rail can give you some peace of mind — and even a more peaceful night’s sleep.

The best bed rails for toddlers are safe, easy to install, and versatile.

Here’s everything you need to know about toddler bed rails.

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  • How do I stop my baby from falling out of the toddler bed?
  • Does a 2 year old need bed rails?
  • What are the best bed rails for toddlers?

How do I stop my baby from falling out of the toddler bed?

Bed rails stop little kids from falling out of bed.

They won’t keep your mini Houdini from escaping, but they will save them from tumbling out by accident when they’re wriggling in their sleep.

Many families start using a bed rail when their little one is too much of a climber for the crib but still young enough to enjoy the security of an extra wall or two on their bed.

Does a 2 year old need bed rails?

Kids come with a lot of stuff.

If your home already feels full, it’s natural to wonder whether a bed rail is really essential.

So how important are bed rails for your growing toddler?

The short answer is: it depends on their bed.

On the one hand, if your little one’s bed is low, the worst that’ll happen if they fall out is that they’ll wake up.

Most converted cribs and toddler beds are only a few inches off the ground.

What’s more, while bed rails keep toddlers in bed, they can also make it tricky for parents to get in and out.

If you like to snuggle up together for story time or if your little one needs cuddles after a bad dream, the bed rail can make it tricky for you to sneak back to your own bed when they drop off.

On the other hand, bed rails can be helpful if your toddler goes straight from their crib to a regular twin bed because these are usually much higher off the floor.

Bed rails are also a good temporary option for holidays or sleeping over with family who may not have a dedicated kids’ room with a low bed.

Finally, bed rails can help smooth your toddler’s transition from crib to big-kid bed.

This is perfect if other big changes are going on in their lives.

If they’re moving to a new bed because you’re moving house or because their new baby sibling is evicting them from the crib, a rail can make them feel safe in an unfamiliar sleeping space.

Basically, if a bed rail is going to give you or your little one peace of mind at bedtime, it’s worth finding one that works for you.

What are the best bed rails for toddlers?

You have three main options when it comes to toddler bed rails.

What you choose depends on your budget, your nursery’s aesthetic, and how often you’re going to be using it.

A toddler bed with rails

Some kids’ beds have built-in rails.

The downside?

This is usually the most expensive option since you’re buying a whole new piece of furniture.

If you don’t want to buy a new bed, there are also separate guard rails that you can easily bolt onto their existing frames.

An inflatable rail

Foam or inflatable toddler bed rails are usually designed to go under their sheet.

It’s essentially a bumper to stop them from falling out of bed.

These are a great option for traveling since they’re much easier to assemble than traditional rails.

The downside is that they’re the least breathable option, so they pose more risk of suffocation.

That’s why even the inflatable bed bumpers that pass stringent safety checks aren’t recommended for kids under two years old.

A foldable rail

Foldable bed rails are usually made of metal poles, mesh, and straps that run underneath your child’s mattress.

They come in different lengths and some of them fold down so that you can easily get your child in and out of bed if they like to be carried.

As ever, make sure to go for a bed rail that’s been rigorously safety tested.

You can do this by looking for a certification sticker from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

Sweet dreams, little one!

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